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Game Maker. Technical designer @Naughty_Dog. LA🐻LDN🇬🇧. #TheLastOfUsPartII, #Uncharted

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@ziyangwen It's really cool!I believe in the separation of art and artist. These are tables.
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Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵Key Animation: ??? Series: Fog Hill of Five Elements (雾山五行) (2020)
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Every ball is moving in straight line
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵this game occupies every corner of my brain now #TheLastofUsPartII
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵It's been a long time Abs. 💖 #inktober2020 #Inktober #Inktoberday14 #day14 #armor #TheLastofUsPartII #TLOU2
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵 @madewithstring @OlivierAwards ‘Smacks all round!’ as they used to say...
@emissaryofwind Definitely @OmenD4 beyond* @OmenD4 why it can’t be an online service in 2020 is behind meDiscovery 30257 #gif #abstract #design #geometry #generative #retro #digitalart (via eightninea)
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I voted! And my 2 year old didn’t want to be left out so we had a home election between our cats. Alfie won by a na…
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@madewithstring @iamalexf So millennialIllustrations for Blink All Star Callenge (MK11). #mk11 #mortalkombat #digitalart
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵the cartographer
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The lighting is so nice in this is the blockmesh, blending into the final art, for "Eastbrook Elementary"; the level where you first fight hum…
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵Hey look, spiderman’s in the movie of our vidyagame
By far the best feature of an iPad is being able to sign and send back documents with the apple pencil, without eve… new Siri UI is so pretty @FreyaHolmer Oh my god amazing!! @FreyaHolmer Is your maths library open source by any chance?Whoa.. new Atari console. That was unexpected! It looks so cool and retro! Atari VCS: Game, Stream, Connect Like N…⚠️URGENT CRISIS: PLEASE SHARE THIS TO GET HELP NOW!⚠️ Here’s an update on this potentially devastating environmenta…
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵AOC is streaming vidyogames.
Daniel Kaluuya is being cool in a cool xbox trailer for cool people. Xbox Series X|S Launch Trailer – Us Dreamers –… Shapes / 201019 #processing #creativecoding #everyday
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵 @BBCollinsworth @RealAlexStewart Is that why she's so sad? @iamalexf Oh oops! Yes it is!
Game developers - add to this list! @iamalexf I mean... you could always ask Father Christmas for one. @iamalexf And this channel I love, he delves into the underlying systems of games at a very low level. @iamalexf This channel can be a bit overly-academic, but is another great resource to just absorb the various thoug… @iamalexf This is my favourite GDC talk for technical game design, it's about the camera in Journey. I think it's f… @iamalexf Thirty Flights of Loving - a 3 minute game that shows some film conventions like jump cuts translated int… @iamalexf Dishonored 1 + 2 for a really brilliant execution of a lot of these things, but fit into a more linear ga… @iamalexf Zelda Ocarina for a still unbeaten mix of open world and linear game design Journey for a story told bet… @iamalexf In terms of a must-play-for-education... The latest 3D mario for character controller things Portal 1 fo… @iamalexf Personally I think playing Hearthstone is second to none in thinking about core game mechanics for tradit… @iamalexf I think Gamasutra is also a great read when you're getting into all this, as you will probably also disag… @iamalexf Steve Swink's Game Feel and Thinking in Systems are Donella H Meadows are great for technical game design. @iamalexf Raph Kosters A Theory of Fun and Jesse Schell's The Art of Game Design are interesting and largely consid… @Rainmaker1973 @iamalexf
@madewithstring @idgnicholson @chrishaydon99 I also named my car cool running’s. I’m waiting for someone to ask me…
no idea why youtube recommended me this, but it’s a really fun watch. Load of lovely CGI and musing on the possibil…
This is so weird, I love it.
@thatjenokid It's worth it... *tries to play guitar* No I'm just kidding it really is worth it!! 😃
@jimmiemyers I just angrily knocked on my neighbours wall which seems like a dick move, but how many times do I hav… @OmenD4 What's wrong with Spiderman? He's a spider AND a man.Portal 1 convinced me to quit film school to learn game development, #UNCHARTED2 convinced me I had to work at Naug… Shining 🔪❄️
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵How it started How it's going
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵 @Mike_Yosh Forever, Dark Knight... ummm... not sure on the other one? @biggestjoel I do have a silly theory that people who say cats are judging them are just very insecure. They're not…
@Michaelekesiob1 @RodroEq Ah that’s so kind, there’s not really anything to sign up for yet but seeing as how the r… @Tear1115 one is how you design the game, and one is how you make it @RodroEq They're on youtube 😬 @RodroEq Oh they’re really not good, they’re super old and just on how to use the AI components in UE4How many people would be interested in game design and game dev tutorials if I started creating them again?I spent so much time rotating while painting this that I’m not even sure which way is up. #SpiderVerse #MilesMorales
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Vasili Zorin
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Finally finished the re-recording of the last part of my 3-part talk on game physics during a Unity meetup in Taiwa…
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵🎺KINE is launching on Steam October 19th 🎺 Move to the beat of your own drum (or accordion) in this deceptively cu…
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@Kodishtv dude look at the gif, it’s brutal. @Katastrophe1986 @JoeMiller101 greed, egotism. FUDGE.Uh ok so based on the comments i’m seeing this joke didn’t quite land. See how the gif is someone being incinerated… @Katastrophe1986 @JoeMiller101 what is fud?
why can't latinum be replicated
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵 @DarkGuidry You’re partaking in the great puertorrican tradition of plantain obsession.This was also the funniest accidental picture taken during #TheLastOfUs2 production. This was not a posed photo. LE… @direGoldfish there’s only a distinction between programming and scripting if there is both a scripter and a progr…
Long chains of inheritance is almost always a bad idea, but sometimes it’s just so fun to write. It’s the code equivalent of picking scabs. @PeteEllisGames @sebasdesjardins Fun fact: Pete based that feeling of loneliness on my sad-ass life. @victoria_glass @madewithstring same. deliberate zanyness that is also really annoyingly selfish.
This is the blockmesh I made for the opening streets of "Seattle Day 2: The Seraphites" in #TheLastofUsPart2 blende…
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Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵Dreamy John Sweeney at it again
Trump is reading documents during his hospital stay.
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵 @MotleyGrue 😢 😔
Seems so unjust that we blobbified this fish which i’m sure wasn’t very pleasant and then went “HAHA YOU LOOK LIKE… the blobfish isn’t really a blob, it’s just suffered massive tissue damage from being brought up and exploded. P… is here! Odd one for me this year. I left ND midway through TLoU2 (then I came back), so all my work wa…
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵Thanks to TikTok I just learned this is a thing you can do with Procreate!!!!!
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵 @t3knomanzer Providence town, Cape Cod, New England, America, Earth, Sol Galaxy, The Milky Way, Virgo Supercluster, Prime Universe
It’s going to be whale before I see this again day has been whaley amazing @codeMazed I think it’s like learning a real language, you just pick it slowly bit by bit, and every passing month… @codeMazed I remember being SO confused as to how other programmers could search code for the answer to something.… @codeMazed what makes you think you’re bad?
@OmenD4 does it not?
@Tear1115 that’s too personal of a question, I cannot reveal such things. Peter preference is a deeply taboo subjec…’s been hollandified Sunset
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵 @gameplayAnim @Naughty_Dog wait so does this mean I can annoy you... more....? more.
Found the original sketch for the Alyx key art. I believe this is also the first instance of the thing that eventua…
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵Continue to update the couple of characters in The Whaler Girl who weren't quite up to snuff. Ayomi was one, her co…
Retweeted by Asher Einhorn🥵 @concinnus I can’t help but notice that you never tag the creators. @iamalexf @kieran_hurley @madewithstring