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"fuck you fucking idiot all you do is random chewcks yo udon't evne kon wehow to checkmeat and thea" this is how i… feel like I'm letting down the people that believe in me :/
Retweeted by natalie 💞 @giraffley @vaoozle i went to solo to spam pugs so that i lose elo so i can be where i belong and people will stop calling me…
@vaoozle i have the game uninstalled right now and it’s still living in my head @oofpezz not yet!! we could only handle 6 episodes in one sitting with a break between 3 @nat_bambi 😂 on the money @nat_bambi i’ve never seen it before it’s a wild time loolroleplaying in aco as crazy woman that knocks ppl out and puts them on her horse until I find a suitable replacement trophy @oofpezz I cannot believe 90% of this lmfaoooo @abbyy_cs D: I sorry @nbgee12 this is the demographicswitching to anime pic and uwu cat girl speak to appeal to a new demographic @cbass_csgo sry bb that’s just how it’s gotta be (: @abbyy_cs EattttttRoommates showed me Nathan for you and I cannot stop watching even though I also cannot watch it @jesscas_csgo @Mitsuki_BOW I’m lending it rn because I ain’t any my skins :) butterflies are sick tho you go girl @abbyy_cs Getting there but not quiet @jesscas_csgo @Mitsuki_BOW My mistake then because I never love myself 🤷‍♀️ @Atheking_ That game is just as bad if not worse 🙃 @Mitsuki_BOW 😢 @owenposts I am waiting. You know where I live. @nbgee12 Blockedpeople that play csgo every day; how do you not hate yourself at all times because i'm struggling really hard w that (: @cbass_csgo hmm @cbass_csgo teach me sometime how to be good @cbass_csgo So talented 😭
@toastedskies I’m v sleepy 😭 @toastedskies @toastedskies HI @Atheking_ 🙃=^~^= @giraffley Poppin off 😂 @giraffley @onevoltage Lolll
@zionxiv ily 🥺I’m done for a while I’ll probably be back but for my own good I gotta stop it’s actually killing meCS is unique in what it does because it matches you up with up to 4 mentally unstable individuals who you then have…
Retweeted by natalie 💞 @stubsCS @toastedskies You know I will whether I want to or not 😭 @stubsCS @toastedskies laying in my bed contemplating lifeExhausted @toastedskies This is gonna be me in about an hour
@ChandlerThomasJ yes @cbass_csgo HIII @cbass_csgo HEYYYYYY
@sophfri I used (: when im being sarcastic
Retweeted by natalie 💞i miss living in precedented times
Retweeted by natalie 💞everything in the world is about sex, except Uno. Uno is about power
Retweeted by natalie 💞 @abbyy_cs B3%Only fans at 50k followers @zionxiv ❤️❤️❤️😃 @zionxiv HELLOI am manifesting electricity. @snik1e Mkay I will remember this one @topan9a 🙃 @graphitecs bangrz @graphitecs My skill is gaining a bunch of followers and immediately losing them by tweeting weird shit @graphitecs Oh please 🌨Can’t sleeeeeeeeeeeeep 😞 @FeedaleeCS uwu 🥺 @graphitecs I’m gonna steal your clout @graphitecs So... explain to a boomer what clout chasing isI am conditioned to live a technology reliant lifestyle.Excuse me power guy how long please 🥺 @zionxiv New age money making strat @graphitecs Wym? you’re popular!! you have swag 😎Meow @Slugycs Oooo okie i understand sorry >.< @revSZU Yes @owenposts Yes.***vibe. @zionxiv It’s not thievery, I am asking politely. @zionxiv You owe me $200. @nbgee12 I can’t game, I have no power. And that never made me popular before it just got me a lot of haters 😎How do you be popular. What kind of shit posting so I have to do.I’m off of briefcase twitter and not looking to make any more enemies if your drama is with other people please lea…
manipulative people really be like oh so now i'm the bad guy for being the bad guy
Retweeted by natalie 💞I don’t wanna get up from the one warm place which is in my bed snuggling with my dogCold cold cold @lil_luvly_ O_o @nat_bambi 🥺😢 @chloe_hime7 Obs is god @owenposts Adapt and overcome. I’ll see you on the other side. @Slugycs ? @Slugycs you don’t wanna use nvencsalutations.
@homerhpc rip ggs
if i had a therapist they’d probably tell me to find a healthier way to play csthere is gigantic clumps of ice falling out of the trees and it’s so loud it sounds like the whole tree is falling @cbass_csgo go walk out into the cold and lay face down into the snow until i freeze to death or suffocate whichever comes firstgoodnight.
@awhnutss 🙃to all of my edaters, i hope your esex is super kreygasm tonight! poggiewoggies! 🥰❤️
Retweeted by natalie 💞a bf that top frags and a gf who yells "SHEEEEEEESH" from the bottom of the leaderboard
Retweeted by natalie 💞 @Nepriix @CarbynVAL @zionxiv @KP_fps @JerkTBE @ethoz onion @Nepriix @KP_fps @JerkTBE @ethoz onion
Gf who thinks she is annoying and bf who literally adores her
Retweeted by natalie 💞takes away my twitter bf drunk tweeting gf
Retweeted by natalie 💞 @JonathanLevitee :0