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22 | blm | dm for dog pics | venmo/$ashleyj1004

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@mediocremeatman gm meat man! @drowsygirl_ gm danica! @mharaguc gm smoosh! @vwhoreb gm sweet vib! have a happy day! @Nike thinking about these shoeshe’s growling because he saw trump on the tv
Retweeted by woahh mannstop dehumanizing the homeless, stop pretending you don’t spend money on alcohol and drugs, and stop defending a sy…
Retweeted by woahh mannI want a cowboy but don’t want a republican do you see my issue
Retweeted by woahh mann @trackinggtime @goooeydisk kath i like ur new hair @goooeydisk u are perfectreactivated my twitter account just to post this
Retweeted by woahh mann @drivingmemadi making 500 alts rn @bvttermilkjesus bro i’m so sorry for ur loss @AshyMalik bring it onmaking up a lame excuse to bail on plans - transparent - not cool dude - you always do this “i can’t go... becau…
Retweeted by woahh mann @HotMulligan if u wanna get spooky in chicago dm for airbnb @meeeeeriem moving to texas rn @meeeeeriem no im from virginia @slumpism this is comforting thanks @Righteousindif1 @vwhoreb i mean they arent wrongi’ve actually never told a joke in my entire lifeif u keep flirting with me i’ll have no choice but to send assbell say gm and to have a good cry today bc u deserve it @Hanarchy4theUK who is serotonin and where can i find hershit he kinda right tho guys don’t know it yet but i’m not just funny and hot i’m also emotionally unstablean escape room for dogs is just a blanket over their head
Retweeted by woahh manni think about this meme daily
Retweeted by woahh mann @porter_potty_ damn stop looking at me like that before i book a flight to ny @fukinbuzzin @FIU @FIU how embarrassing.....I don't understand how yall post such terrible opinions on this app like my opinions are always 100% correct that's crazy
Retweeted by woahh mannNo offense im kinda glad we only live once cuz i cannot do this shit again
Retweeted by woahh mann @kissprivately yes @joshbestill thank godif u have my voodoo doll can u tuck me inmentally i’m here last few brain cells clinging on for dear life
Retweeted by woahh mann @justseekheIp self deprecation wbu😌😌😌❤️
Retweeted by woahh mann @bigsoupslut u are perfect!!i wanna be a halloween mouse so bad 😐
Retweeted by woahh mann @okiecorri @nocontextamngus are we about to kiss rneating a bag full of just croutons in case you’re wondering how little i’m lying to myself these days
Retweeted by woahh mannwould u look at that it’s just about time to think about everything i’ve done wrong in the last 8 years @milkygoddess u are stunning!!!when my ex’s new girl kinda looks like me
Retweeted by woahh mann @exgirlfrnd sold @pepperonicowboi she cute!! @CMRabbitt96 war eagle dolce :,) @CMRabbitt96 we could never forget ab u christian!! gm sweet friend!! @manonarunner don’t be greedy u only get 1 @desukidesu aha dm ;) @pepperonicowboi gm kels!! we are going to make it happen asap!! @_Butterboy_ maybe u will have better luck for a gm tomorrow @intragnizent gm matt!!! @unstabledyke gm gm!! @egirlrespecter gm corporate cowboy 🤠 @JohnnyBoySezer gm!! @jfcblades gm!!! @manonarunner gm sweet friend @yingdark gm!!! @mharaguc gm smoosh @Parrfection8 gm nick!! @MR_No_Hoes gm daddyit’s a great day to have a great day simply flirt with everyone so that nobody feels left out @MR_No_Hoes i know what i’m doing today @MR_No_Hoes wait THIS IS A THING?bell says gm but only to mutuals and men over 6’ @pepperonicowboi @Parrfection8 @bootycollins_2 @goooeydisk @helloitmeagin @onlyfronds @kisstina_ @trackinggtime @helloitmeagin omg im ab to go to bed 😳 have a good day being a productive member of society tho @helloitmeagin oh no did u just wake upme ghosting all of my friends because of my mental health, only to make it worse
Retweeted by woahh mann @mortisSexci oh i’d love this @WhatsAGreenhorn i try my best @momappreciator @sydney_sweeney vouch @cujoknows i think that maybe he saw one too many of my pegging tweetsdo u think this is why my brother unfollowed me @RizE_TrIKz u can do it! i believe in u @soyweak i know y’all missed my 3am tweets @undercoverloon1 just rip the bandaid off it would hurt lesshonestly tarzan could hit it @HotPaperComics just tag me next time @cupssoftherose discord knows bestkiss my forehead while we listen to mac miller
Retweeted by woahh mannthings I am hanging by: a thread
Retweeted by woahh mannnvm he still lives w his parents @beckylaflor she looks hot doing it i must say @justseekheIp can i clean ur fan for u i’m begging @viiiictoriiaa @helloitmeagin omfg who is asking eddy for money 💀 💀 @parallelbark what an honorwhen someone i know in real life finds my twitter
Retweeted by woahh mannand for my next trick i’ll cry myself to sleep @sherrysworld he has potential i believe in him @Kateness8 i have anxiety i try my best @thedrummerben HI VIOLET I LOVE U @Parrfection8 we LOVE U @vwhoreb good luck homieare u going out to the bars tonight or are u a responsible adult that is doing their part to end a global pandemic