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• Non-binary Black Femme • Queer • they/them • antifa + decolonial • 26 • changeling • #ActuallyAutistic • PG bane of ALRA North.

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Been a really difficult day in terms of OCD + rumination. Talked a bit abt why with my girlfriend but ended up diss… Z simultaneously holding a cannibis company and a ankle monitor company in his portfolio is a textbook example…
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeThe "B" in Black should always be capitalized. The "w" in white should never be capitalized. You're welcome.
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeStill, something in the coming dusk whispers not to fret. Doesn't matter that we'll lose today. It's not tomorrow yet. - Kae Tempest @Liophora I'm sorry you're going thru it too. It's so fatiguing. I hope you're getting some time to unwind from all of it 😔 @EvieBelievie @doodlebeth @ParlourTalk @glitterpunkjewl Hehehehe come for my brand, I am willing to share! 😋 @allisonwilens This made me laugh so much ahahaha @barisanhantu @doodlebeth @ParlourTalk @glitterpunkjewl They're so solid and sparkly too! 🥳 @MI_Edwards @mal_skinner @KaydenStockwell @helenrottier I love that so many people are interested in my dissertatio… @A_Silent_Child Pin twins!! 🥳
Been listening to Toni Morrison’s book Playing in the Dark: whiteness and the literary imagination, and would like…
Retweeted by Angry Black Femme @doodlebeth Oh it's beautiful! I bet they'd definitely sell if you went in that direction, but still remain beautiful even if not ✨"Autistic" pin from @doodlebeth Red umbrella pin from @ParlourTalk & "Witches Brew" pin from @glitterpunkjewl All on Etsy! ☂️🍵✨Thinking about when I was doing my psych dissertation on the impact of disclosing an autism diagnosis to an autisti… @doodlebeth These are gorgeous!! 🥰 Do you sell them as art at all? Thinking about how my girlfriend would Big Stim… it comes to Black radical politics I don't particularly feel well versed (I've got more to learn) but put me i…"iF oNlY sOmEoNe hAd wArNeD uS" ...oh wait 👇🏽
Retweeted by Angry Black Femme| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | PAY ME | | 4 MY | | LABOUR | | _____| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づOne conversation & it had to be addressed (by me) that context is important for non-violent communication lest it b… way those with some access to privilege can decide that privilege is not an effective framework, and express th… really feel in my soul that white academics have absolutely no comprehension of the gaslighting and hostility Bla…
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to be in a rage almost all the time.
My energy has been taken up with reacting to a month of being misgendered almost daily, & overwhelmed as an autisti…'m being asked to articulate boundaries in a situation I've never experienced How am I supposed to do that successfully?How tiring how tiring how tiring
@paz_fey Lmao 😂
One of the funniest things about Wigan is the way people just walk thru town center smoking joints like ??? Lmaooo
@weegingercpunk Hehehe feel free! ✨
Stop waiting for permission to be the person you were always meant to beSTRESST !!!!Here's a recap of what's happening in Nigeria and what #EndSARS is about
I got ahold of a balancing gym ball thing & took it into lesson with me to see if it helped my fidgetting as I was…"So if I tell you quietly that We have a little problem here. And you don't call the fire department, Don't be surp… @thehauntedboy Yeah go ahead! 😊✨Anyways, I am on grindr to scout out the talent but it's hit me that over here people could have sneaky scouse acce… so often I get asked to speak on LGBTQ panels, which I love to do. But I'm also asked to highlight my favour… @kaylaaa24 @thesapphictwink Noted (😭😭😭)
I do think this is something that people both #ActuallyAutistic and in #NDsquad should talk abt more y'know 🙏🏾✨To know when to reign in excitement when you've only got hints of who that person might truly be & how that's at w…, if I'm speaking honestly (+I try to), sometimes my ND mind gets stuck on one person and I don't always ex… not for whom the pussy pops, it pops for theeBegging adhd folk to engage with disability theory
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeThis is so funny to me
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeSleeping with someone you work with, with clear boundaries & expectationss set:TURNS OUT that if you're "allergic" to bananas, plantain might also give you "allergies" !! Banana mouth is the worst mouth @arenfox3 Ahahahahah Aren 😂 I will keep leaving tidbits of information. Like a cat might leave tidbits of prey 😌Dude looks like he just reached the final boss of a decolonization rpg.
Retweeted by Angry Black Femme @triniteeny The fact that it's not strawberry jam is confusing enough •́ ‿ ,•̀ @triniteeny This is uuuuummmm,,,. Not Ok @triniteeny W O T !!Sometimes u just want to bite a boy 2 see how they react y'know. Bottom moods in the AM my friendsGood morning I'm thinking about recovered memories as a concept. I, of course, hate the concept. So I'm just speaki… are always white and we should have a conversation about how whiteness feels the need to control others exp…
Retweeted by Angry Black Femmecrackhead, and how addiction and drug use is viewed and discussed broadly, is racialized and always has been. there…
Retweeted by Angry Black Femmeanyways katara and sokka without blue eyes
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A Pumpkin for Fall!
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeExpressing revolutionary politics online doesn't mean a person must act according to those beliefs irl. The intern… people quote my tweet saying they'd rather not know disabled people have sex is so funny to me. Get over ya…
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeNothing pisses me off more than to see seemingly solid radicals rally around someone u personally know has behaved like a trash person. LmaoEternal mood is the way Steven says "sure" to Peridot saying, "Devoid of substance or purpose, a hypothetical patte… macfadyen and his nokia phone on the set of pride & prejudice (2005)
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeJerking off to the thought of other girls jerking off because I’m an empath
Retweeted by Angry Black Femme @KeahHenry hmmm. so a couple years ago, i interviewed this woman about police reform. she was a unicorn: she was…
Retweeted by Angry Black Femmeplssss
Retweeted by Angry Black Femme @triniteeny "this is our cishet and we allow them" 😂😂😂 @naomiblueriver @capritran @EnbyDare @allpronouns @ohheykiri You're such a love, love 💕
I love correcting my bf with my reasoning followed by, "you're just straight" His sigh is like music to my ears 😌
Not me coming home to rest for the weekend and forgetting my CPAP machine!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!! F U C K !!!! 🤡Oh no, I've only gone and done another travel show! This'un is out TOMORROW on the @Channel4 YouTube Channel and by…
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeAlas, poor Eric bless Percy Long Prong and all gigilos of yore
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeDeep down you know you weren't built for fighting but that doesn't mean you're not prepared to try! 💎 @triniteeny Thank you for your anger and support. My frustration is often closed off to me after initial upset so l… explaining that there's no point fostering trans inclusivity when tutors are still using female & male over…'m just a non-binary student, standing in front of my statistics professors, asking them to use any other example…
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeBaking stuff I don't personally like = best partner award goes to me ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ🏆
It’s OCD awareness week and one tiny thing you can do to fight stigma is simply stop using “ocd” as an adjective
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeHaving to do Gender 101 with people really makes me miss my found family and partners. Hearing how harrowing it is…
I'm ??baby @awesomebrandi Sending you virtuAl hugs n stuff 😭💕 @EvieBelievie 💜🤍🖤 @triniteeny Just unfamiliar territory for them but also, sadness 😝 Ahhhhh. Y'know when people ask you questions yo… best answer I’ve ever read @dollyalderton
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeADHD rly be having me in its grip today I'm exhausted and I want to talk to my friends instead of tweet but I can… @triniteeny Time for you to come stomp some kneecaps. I am tiiiiired 😭💕 @triniteeny It took me a good few days to work up the courage but I did it 🥺 thank you so much 😭💕People who don't take stickers off their stationary shouldn't be trusted. How you gunna purchase something and le… up and want sticky toffee pudding tbfI wanna write about why Lovecraft Country took risks at the expense of its Black audience and made collective Black…
Retweeted by Angry Black Femme @TheLexGabrielle @BreadDominator Breath Control the reason something like this can take from 1 to 20+ takes lol
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeSee how he know everything she got going on? How he can give you a description on every product? How he reminds her…
Retweeted by Angry Black Femme @TheLexGabrielle Somebody said Breath Control?
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeThe importance of breath control in rap >
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@kat_kumar_actor It can feel so difficult at times so thank you for this 😭💜 in week 2 of irl teaching now and still…, as a Capricorn, I don't experience emotions 😌I sent my MA group a very polite group fb message asking them to avoid gendered terms for me & she/her pronouns & l… stop traveling to the Caribbean during the pandemic. please.
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Tories watching Billy Elliot like 'what a waste of a good coal miner'
Retweeted by Angry Black FemmeI miss my girlfriend and I miss my bf and I miss my cat and I want to have naps with all of them around me 🥺