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Retweeted by Ashley Feinberg @bypatrickgeorge @johnvoelcker thats not what urban dictionary says
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberguhhhh yeah same, me as well—also emails and texts Times piece on the right-wing "local news" network made me finally write up my unpopular (among media people)…
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberg @ebplais The fact that Toobin accidentally livestreamed himself shamshing his dick into a pancake shape after getti… @ebplais So let's suppose Jeffrey Toobin had been caught slipping on a banana peel only to land in the path of a fa… @ashleyfeinberg suppose mr toobin had accidentally left his zoom call open and then tried to chase a baby across a…
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberghard to imagine a world where this isn't objectively funnier is mainly just an expression of contempt for the Senate process.
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberg @tomscocca look at this picture of Mitch McConnell's hands that @lizzyratner found on AP
Retweeted by Ashley Feinbergthis is the future liberals want
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberg @libbycwatson i want cori bush on the stream firstHell is too kind for Stephen Miller and the thousands of brutes who enabled or enacted his policies
Retweeted by Ashley FeinbergCelebrity legit rots your brain
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberggiant-ass whiteboard with "INTERNET" written at the top and arrows pointing from stick figures labeled "AOC" and "I… imagining an entire team of aides trying to explain to nancy pelosi what's currently happening @kevinroose blocked @Biedersam it's been a big week @ashleyfeinberg *Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer desperately trying to figure out how to set up a GameCube only for Di…
Retweeted by Ashley Feinbergthis stream is doing more to foster positive feelings towards the democratic party for me than anything that's happ… @barry i don't think the definition of sociopathic is "passionate about what they do" but go off i guess @barry sorry it's illegal for me not to reply with this's me again @IlhanMN declining to vote to eject AOC despite a preponderance of evidence, this is why our government is broken @AOC i'm screaming "DEFEND YOURSELF" at my computer but she's not doing itcannot emphasize enough how much of a delight it is to watch @AOC murder her constituents the bright side, i thought maybe the second-day "is this really who we are" takes would ruin it for me but i'm d…
Retweeted by Ashley Feinbergwaiting for that raw 60 minutes footage PLEASE do it @BrandyLJensen my king @samfbiddle go to hell!!! @caseyjohnston solidarity, friendone thing i would like to see is a supercut of all the uncomfortable jokes made at the start of various media outle… @pbump i alrayd subscribe to the la timeswhat else can we get mad about today @caityweaver thank you keep em comingwhy the fuck is every story on the front page of the new york times either a liveblog or a bunch of bullet points—i…, too, am voting for an authoritarian because a magazine wrote a post i don't like @david_j_roth @timmarchman feels like seeing an old friendI explained why everyone's brain is broken and why going to therapy isn't enough to fix it
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberg @barry nasa's not gonna fuck you
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberg
we're all gonna wake up with cataracts and our tweeting fingers mysteriously sawed offeverything this story touches is cursed's incredible about this is that it will be impossible for anyone to use zoom now without thinking about jeffrey toobin's dickalarmed and confused every time i see a tweet on here that isn't about the zoom dick @BobbyBigWheel he's allowed to sit behind the desk on the condition that the desk will be randomly pulled away peri… the Defector election simulation Zoom call out of an abundance of caution
Retweeted by Ashley Feinbergi'm in a fugue state, i can't handle thihssomeone gotta keep a close eye on john roberts on election nightoh my fucking god love a chotiner interview about this, frankly @cd_hooks this is honestly so importantfor the greatest generation, sex scandals involved secret families. for boomers, extramarital bone downs. gen xers…
Retweeted by Ashley Feinbergslack servers everywhere just spontaneously bursting into flames for the rest of the dayone question i have is, is it possible this was just an absent-minded sort of thing like when you reach for a fidget spinnerhonestly i can't believe it took this long before we got a zoom dick incident except it's your whole body good! light of the NY Post thing, thinking about how particularly fortunate it is that the high-quality fake of the pe…
Retweeted by Ashley Feinbergnothing worse than Comedy Explaining but this works better than SNL because Trump's style is both exhausting and ab…
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberg
@BrandyLJensen @j_zimms Thank you guys so much for reading my piece ❤️ @turnerwingo disgustingdan scavino's movements in the first 1.5 seconds of this video are incredibly alarming, not even remotely aligned w…
@crulge akjflksdlk @Patrick_Wyman don jr googling "adult adoption how to"this is one of the more blatant and egregious campaign finance violations I can remember, and that's a sky-high bar
Retweeted by Ashley Feinbergthis is incredible because 1) it makes me feel a little better about my biden vote and 2) there's no way this doesn…
Every Babylon Bee article is like "Liberal Says He Would Think Church Is Good If God Was In A Freaking Gay Wheelcha…
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberg @kathbarbadoro prometheus ruled @pareene can we do this for waterworld instead
as someone who has close family members with horrible politics, this is real fantasy scenario hours for meone of my absolute favorite genres is "family members begging you not to vote their monster relatives into office" is entrapment @barry it was sort of self-ejection, in a way @HeerJeet really wanna know how he got started on casting a christmas caroleverything else aside, he appears to be having at least two distiinct conversations with absolutely no one but hims…
this is just so delightful and good
Retweeted by Ashley Feinbergone million scolds are currently cracking their knuckles and getting ready to dunk on even the most vaguely indeco… congrats to the navy on once again beating out tiff for a coveted spot on the tl's has exactly 62 minutes left to wish tiffany a happy birthday, prayers upwho the fuck is this supposed to appeal to @emmaroller you rang
here's me to focus on something unrelated but have accidentally typed "playing fingers" into google twice now @GalaxyPeaBrain i decided to fill in the holes in my understanding and i'm so unhappythis is our rosetta stone seems to be doing wellMy originalist view is that if you somehow showed the Founders 10 minutes of Ted Cruz shouting into a webcam they w…
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberg @caseyjohnston let me know if you have any more Qs!Thinking about making a joke about seven kids being too many kids but terrified of inciting the wrath of some corne… @caseyjohnston No I don'twhy will no one stand up and defend this great catholicfrankly, it's racist against italians to hold a supreme court hearing on columbus day @MairavZ christ dont they have literally anything else to whine about
"Then on Friday, January 3, 2020 at 6:15 p.m., an auspicious time for any gubernatorial announcement, Governor Cuom…
Retweeted by Ashley FeinbergAmy Thorn, the registered nurse from West Virginia who recently spoke at the Republican National Convention to defe…
Retweeted by Ashley Feinberg