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COVID-19: just dangerous enough to block abortion but not dangerous enough to hold elections by mail.
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@rvobrien @lilyvaron @glossier @forrester Hi Lily! 👋.@helena is a force of nature. @drinkhaus is now working with restaurants across America to co-create apéritifs, wi… @dickc Tell that the the red cabbageAnd on the 25th day of quarantine, they invented pink pad thai @robertdall What a cutie ❤️
@adamnash @WearAtoms Ooh I dig these colors 🙌I am alarmed by the reported increase in domestic violence incidents. NYS wants you to know: You are not trapped b…
Retweeted by Ashley MayerDay 13 of #lockdown
Retweeted by Ashley Mayer @hels The Magpie Murders is delightful! @ayirpelle 🙏 @sachinrekhi Happy birthday, Dexter!! You are a lucky pup. @roost91 Happy birthday!! @IsisCasalduc Agreed!
@robertdall She knows the answer to that one!Tawny, when I ask her if she knows what day it is. (It’s her birthday 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪) @jnmacdnld Of course not. But now no one has to pretend!Tawny has been her normal, happy self during isolation with one exception: she’s obsessed with chewing sticks (on h… you feel like your pain doesn’t count because you have it good relative to others right now (you’re still employ… the bright side, all our (non-loungewear) clothes are going to feel SO NEW. @arenda Hope you’re still getting your chai lattes!! @julieverhage Finally, some decisive leadership @aekonrath1 Honestly this is the first thing the government has gotten rightNever thought it would come to this, but they just announced that diets have been cancelled through the remainder of 2020!! @SarahKatyal Whatever it takes! @SarahKatyal Very much although feels less relevant now (that I don’t leave my house) @micah @maiab @aviel Wow this totally made my day 🥰 @annabeljfay Thanks! @osgOlivia Thank you! @OrchidBertelsen 🥰 @osgOlivia Very easy! @dhchait I’m clapping for YOU tomorrow at 7pm @ekmcdona Totally! But in this case, it didn’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @caro Wine is not a dumb luxury! It’s essential.I used the dyson airwrap for the first time in quarantine because I thought it might feel nice to look nice but ins…
@spencerlindsay @alexqgb Indeed. I’m not going more than a few blocks beyond my house, so can’t speak to all of NYC. @Michelle_RJones @alexqgb Maybe bows and curtsies next?Bill Gates is setting up factories to manufacture 7 leading vaccine candidates before we know which is best & safes…
Retweeted by Ashley Mayer @buggeroaf Thanks, we’re being very careful. @alexqgb Love it! I’m digging the nod. It’s very respectful.I think people imagine NYC to be rather dystopian right now (the texts I’m getting from friends and family would ce… the girl downstairs tonight banging pots out the window for healthcare workers. Told her to hold out her wine g…
Retweeted by Ashley MayerI love my neighborhood. Walking my dog outside is a constant game of chicken in reverse—to be the first to cede the… can’t tell you how happy eating this blt and carrot soup outside has made me. The little things. @leahchernikoff Shhhhh it’s an unknowable mystery of the universe there’s nothing more we could be doing @sallyshin He’s one of those freaks who buys yeast in non-pandemic times 🙄Ah, the luxuries of competent leadership. thing I’ve been quite good about is doing sit-ups but I’ve also been quite good at eating so I’ll never actuall… @emmett_j Here ya go! @aapltwits This is a famous quote (Fred Rogers) with some tweaks. But hey, thanks for being supportive regardless! @benjamingauthey I'm reading The Stand right now (the long version) and it is intense! But oddly makes me feel bett… @Larakate @FrontlineFoods 🙌 And you can direct your donation to your city! @frankba @FrontlineFoods Wish I could do more rn, but I can cheer and I can donate ❤️100% of your donation goes to local restaurants and feeding healthcare workers on the frontlines. The group behind… @FrontlineFoods is nationwide...they’re probably already in your city! By donating, you support your local heal… a text message exchange between @frankba and an emergency room nurse to $700K raised and more than 7000 delici… @brian_sajdak It’s a famous quote, with some tweaks. @waqasali I see what you did there 😏Seriously though 🤯🤯 (Helpers, I love you.)When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the opportunists. Y… @ccs648 😂😂I married well @MichaelCarusi You only regret the cake you don’t eat @jamietomasello 👏👏 @lolitataub The only good thing tbh @thats_a_moret Sounds pretty perfect to me tbh 🍔 🍸 @jasoncoxADD Oh yes!
I’ve never felt less guilty about indulging in the foods that bring me comfort. (I’ve also never felt more grateful.)Tawny trying to tell me that weekends start early when you’re under quarantine @Noraecohen @MikeIsaac Oh gosh how do I tell Tawny?? 😢 @MikeIsaac Oh wow this makes me really sad @polinchock Hah, that’s one of the things that makes it so compelling to me! @CaseyNewton @tconrad Oh wow this sounds like west coast privilege 😒 @tconrad 🤯 @tconrad It’s definitely Thursday!! What kind of power do you have and how do I get it?? @sippey I lost touch with west world a season ago, but 🤔 @CurtisDuggan Ahhhh haven’t watched! @CurtisDuggan What’s that? @mg Oh yes @asilbs It creates some sense of structure! @CaseyNewton 🤓🤓
The days of the week are pretty much meaningless at this point with the exception of Thursday because DEVS. Who’s with me?!I thought Harvey Weinstein getting coronavirus was the most 2020 story of all time but NOPE @mattlynley I was and it was TERRIFYING. @CFair1 Haha wow! Eerily similar!I see a lot of jokes about how today is “March 32nd” but it’s really November 1248th, 2016
Retweeted by Ashley MayerI guess I live upstairs now @dangreene @ImpossibleFoods Haven't tried the Impossible Burger in a few years! @beeks_gregory Fried! 😈 @naynerz This time: American @the_bmusic Nope! The chef improvises. 👨‍🍳 @ajcohndc These are from Brooklyn Fare in Downtown Brooklyn @uking3 It tasted even better 😭 @arenda @MaziarFarivar Whoa! I don’t think I ever tried that! Next time in Georgetown... @vinceromanelli 👋 🍔 @scotthickle Here ya go! @MathewSheeran They are! @aripap Tada! @suzywillow @rrhoover They can be yours! @the_bmusic I am merely the dishwasher (and I help assemble the burger)