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just circled back on something and it felt fucking amazing. later today I’m gonna touch base. this feeling is what we’re all chasing.
Retweeted by Ashley Willis (McNamara) @markwragg Nope. There is no trick. 🤷‍♀️ @nearwood You did.The most proud I’ve ever been is when I lost a hundred pounds and didn’t become a diet and exercise expert on the Internet. @sdmouton @girlsnamewillis Luckily he’s the chillest most helpful person I know 💁‍♀️ @sdmouton Turns out it’s a pretty common diagnoses. Just trying to gather all the data points possible 😞 @sdmouton Oh, I read that as born at 32 weeks not diagnosed. Did she go on bed rest? @sdmouton How long was the NICU stay? 😌I spent so much of my life wanting to be grown, to be taken seriously, but now I just wish y’all would let me eat m… no in-person conferences this year ME: eh that's ok PANDEMIC: so you'll have to buy your own socks ME: excuse me what the fuck
Retweeted by Ashley Willis (McNamara) @Gary_Barclay Yes, I’m *very* intolerant of people who don’t believe certain groups should have basic human rights. @JK_Dynamic_D Yeah, that was the worst @jengates @LilyNicholsRDN I’m not sure that’s helpful to me at this point but maybe it’ll help someone else in reading the thread. @EricaJoy For a baby not complications 😭 @EricaJoy I cannot wait!!! 😍 @EricaJoy I was so cocky thinking I could be 40 and pregnant with no problems 😅 @juliaferraioli Yep! Those were for friends. My parents still got collect 💁‍♀️😬 @jdooley_clt 15 mins later I’d see that green dodge caravan.Some of you never had to make collect calls and it shows.Before cell phones I would collect call my mom and when they said, “state your name at the tone” I would just say, “bus stop” and hang up.
@melissawm I’m only 32 weeks so I’d like to keep her in there another 4 if possible 😬Preeclampsia. Not ideal. 😭 @phlatphrog @matryer and I will work on it and by we I mean mostly Mat 😂 @cdr Yes, but this is different. I'm talking about allowing intolerant people around my children, during those inte… isn't political anymore and your "politics" matter now more than ever. It's not about left vs right it'… thread has been interesting. Some folks agree and some folks want their children to "form their own opinions"… many problems in tech are related to mismanagement. Train your managers. Make sure inclusion and anti-racism are…
Retweeted by Ashley Willis (McNamara) @editingemily @greshock @QuinnyPig VERY interesting social experiment 🤔 @CoreyDMcCarty Well, she won’t be around people anytime soon anyway. 😬
@nicolefv I think you have to believe your problematic to not be problematic 🤔 @polotek To answer you more clearly, it’s more justification of beliefs/“opinions” than self awareness. @polotek I’ve had conversations about why I don’t want them in my life anymore, but when it comes to my child there… @anjuan @bryanl It’s definitely still worth fighting for. I’m not giving up — I’m just spending more time in areas… @ElleArmageddon @GuenP In this house racism isn’t politics. @RMGirlUK All he has is a married sister but I’ll let you know if she comes on the market again 😅I’ve been craving strawberries so my angel husband made it happen. I want to marry this man all over again. @taraw People get real entitled when it comes to babies for some reason. @jonjohns65 This being my 3rd baby I’m very familiar with this. 😬 @bryanl Sadly agree. When you don’t care enough about the people around you to simply cover your gaping face holes… @abbyfuller I need something 😅🙄Like, I don’t need you saying dumb shit to my baby like, “All lives matter”The closer I get to my due date the more I hear from problematic people I’ve cut out of my life, how it’s unfair th…
Just remembered I have a vitamix @stephenaugustus @bitandbang @freeCodeCamp @Codecademy I really need to update that repo 😳
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y @EricaJoy!!! (I can’t find a gif good enough for your TL ❤️❤️❤️)
I have a joke about En Vogue, but you're never gonna get it.
Retweeted by Ashley Willis (McNamara) @storming Once you hit 30 weeks it’s a completely different beast. I’m exhausted physically, mentally, and socially… @tlberglund @texmandie Exactly the same feelings here! I’m not due until Sept 25th but I’m taking leave starting Sept 1st... sh… @fdevillamil Oh, he’s already in the know. We’ve had long conversations about this and he’s very intuitive. I have zero worries. @fdevillamil Your pregnancy sleep deprivation isn’t the same. At all. 😂 @jessica_schalz It overheats me 😂 @jessica_schalz You may, but if it’s a pillow or a wedge I can guarantee I’ve tried all of them 😅 @jfug_ I’m definitely anemic and have been on iron for months. @MelyssaMinto I’ve been without my ADD meds for 8 months now and I’m struggling. 😭Especially dads because y’all been sleeping until the baby gets here. 😂Third trimester exhaustion is debilitating and let me stop you before you say, “Just wait until the baby gets here”… @film_girl ❤️❤️
@RedRoxProjects Yayyyyy! Look at that sweet face!!
@boinkofscience Yeah, that’s better. I got too distracted doing my own tweet @bitandbang I almost said, “but I have to do the dishes first” because it’s always something boring like that @bitandbang Me too. Ohhh shiny things 😩 It’s not ever shiny things 😂I have a joke about ADD. I’ll tell you later.Thank you, plant twitter. Your enthusiasm in the comment section was overwhelming and also confusing. 😂 @voldemortensen @electrifying Too soon. 😂What I’ve learned 🌱 Too much sun is bad 🌱 Not enough sun is bad 🌱 Too much water is bad 🌱 Not enough water is b…
@b0rk I just bought a meter! 🤞 @ceeoreo_ That is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen 😍 @voldemortensen It’s not. I’ll try moving it to see if it helps @kylie_robison I’ve asked you about this plant! I’m beyond help. @RSWestmoreland Good lord. 😅 No idea, tap water, it’s usually cold, and I use superthrive supplement. @asgardener Plants with docs?! Yes. That’s what I need. @TheAmyCode JFC I might not be ready to be a plant mom. Come take and save this plant. 😂 @shelbyspees @TristanLombard2 This plant is like 50lbs and I’m very pregnant so it stays where it is @badapprentice It’s dry because I gave up. lol @lmcarter621 I don’t know?! I water it on the same schedule as the other one but obviously give it more water. The… @resource11 this one. It’s dying and I can’t save it. I have a smaller one in my kitchen that is doing well and I can’t fi… @techgirl1908 I just... I love them. I want them. I water them. I kill them.People who are good at plants. How? @andrewwatson @bketelsen @flowchartsman @azureadvocates @erikstmartin @arschles @sigje @bitandbang @robconery @bketelsen @flowchartsman @azureadvocates @erikstmartin @arschles @sigje @bitandbang @robconery @ryan_levick @as_w cute 💁‍♀️
@CecilyWillis4 Can’t wait to see yours!Floyd is a very iconic figure and If you're looking for something interesting to watch while on quarantine then che… @techgirl1908 @floydnorman I met him and Adrienne at a Flickr mixer in 2005. Neither of them introduced themselves… @rothgar @floydnorman The coolest, most interesting, and humble person I've ever met.It's not every day that an actual DISNEY LEGEND paints art for your nursery. 😭😍 @shanselman @film_girl just bought this. 😳
@EricaJoy OMG SO CUUUUUTE! @GarthGilmour It depends. Lately she’s been mad that the hallucinations are always hungry and think she’s God. @PaigeCWilley She has all of this but the shaking. She has a hard time with motor skills for sure, but I don’t thin… @GarthGilmour She gets very mad at her hallucinations 😬 @PaigeCWilley My mom hasn't been officially diagnosed yet, but she has declined rapidly. Just don't know what to expect. @GarthGilmour My mom is having hallucinations now. Her decline has been rapid to say the least.
@sparkycollier @jilljubs @sogrady @RandyRainbow I've never felt fancierToday will go down as the day I got drawn into an epic Twitter battle between a Microsoft employee and a "cheese" c…
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@colpclark I was clean and organized while on food stamps. Being in poverty doesn’t mean you’re not clean.
@anildash Exactly. 👏