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Storyboard artist/revisionist at Disney TVA! Proud Canadian🇨🇦♠️ || Rat Mom || Tweets do not reflect my employers || she/her || English/Français ||

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Good morning :) Some days will feel harder than others to plow through. You can make it. I'm rooting for you 💗 @eternalglitch probably the bully next door who stole their party pizza XPthey're planning a murderdorks
@KassandraHeller Omigod these are great XDDGood morning :) Take care of yourself this week. Do something nice for yourself today 💗 @charlestan I mean, the color looks WAY darker than what Google gave me, but it's basically a near-black blue, with… @charlestan yeah, only the PS is a light blue @VoidInkedPen I hate twitter algorithm so much, I didn't see you post this 💖💖💖 I still love the posing and the litt… @charlestan It looks exactly like PS now, how is this a good idea? @charlestan how did it change?I'll draw a second as a bonus of Rottmnt Leo because I said I would XPMy piano teacher commissioned me to draw Leo for a little friend of hers (his bday is coming up), but never said WH… @VoidInkedPen Yes please!!
@assassyart Thanks! @Seth_Brower @pastel_pixels @MancLibraries @librarylivemcr @archivesplus Haha well thank you! I appreciate it! Sorr… drop shadow was SO difficult to properly place so it's the only thing probably not right with the light direction XDAnother ToonzIRL commision! This one is for @pastel_pixels (they also took the photo!). Felt kinda nice drawing th… more commission for today, then two rat cages to clean, one apartment to sweep and clean, two zine pieces to sk… @95Jezzica I've heard of it! My friends and I were actually talking about it on Friday. I do have CSP though, which…, I'm pretty much done with PS I'm so done with these program crashingThis bugger new discord servers is so nerve-wracking sometimes Like, the only thing that goes through my head is "Don…
Did some writing today and will now complete some commissions that are long overdue. This month has been crazy busy… @SavvyArtz @rejectedjokes @OmarMiller @1023dve @jj_conway @bauzilla @TMNT XDDDD Yes, Mikey as big brother all the way lololol @TSKArchived Your animations have been so much fun to look at! All the work you put into them for this month is SO inspirational 💗💗💗Managed to make her eat it by mixing it in with apple sauce, but it was a lot of applesauce. She only gets like, 0… @ZlaydO Definitely still need tips! I haven't given her meds yet @ZlaydO Thanks!! 😀 @bakedbananners1 :DDD @tiramisu_art Thanks Tiramisu!! :DFritz is not taking her meds whatsoever. I can't hold her still enough to take anything and the vet said not to mix… @Hope_Magznet :DDDDD Thank youuu! 💗💗💗 Turtle Tots are always so fun to draw tooDays 22 and 23 are Monster(s) and Turtle Tots! I'm sure raising four mutant turtle boys was quite a challenge for S… @lorri_ling ahh thanks! XD I do like to make characters squishy XD
@VoidInkedPen Hopefully I will have dessert served tonight xD Thanks Pen! @SavvyArtz YAS @Hope_Magznet Thanks!! :D @eternalglitch Thanks Glitch! @SavvyArtz Lmao I can't wait xDDTurtle tots pics for Risetober coming up tonight :) #rottmnt #TMNT #RiseOfTheTMNT @Hug_bees Sending prayers and positive vibes his way! You're such a loving and supportive friend to be by his side… OC comic will go up before this one, but I finally got the hang of most of CSP now. AND found a fun, simple way…
@VoidInkedPen Very welcome! :D @VoidInkedPen Mikey makes the cutest of bleps! :D Also glad you like it! Here's a bonus @wafflesYESplz :) I'm glad you do. thank youuu ^^ @sladestrife Thanks!Good morning :) Deep breaths. Everything will be alright.🌙🧡
@Kihorri @IMPmurderpros I am literally grinning from ear to ear right now, you SO deserve this! I know how hard you work! 💗💖💗💖💗💖💗 @Kihorri @IMPmurderpros YAYYY!! CONGRATS KIHORI!!Definitely skipping a few of the non interesting RiseTober subjects, but for now, here's a Mikey. #RiseOfTheTMNT morning :) Everyone deserves a day off. Please take care of yourself 💗It feels like it's always one step forward, three steps back with Doodles. She's either not interested in the babie… & Doodles don't like being in the bathtub with the babies anymore. It stresses them out. Gonna try just exchan…
I hope all of my friends have a good day today
@SophiesPlushies I'm still so excited to see the other plushies you'll be making! @lorri_ling Yeaaahh, it was definitely a bummer finding out! Rewrote it and made it a little longer, but still wish… @Cybertoothcubs Yep! I managed to rewrite it, but I still wish I could remember some of the dialogue I wrote. THere… @95Jezzica That's okay! I mostly rewrote the whole thing and was able to add new parts to it. I still appreciate the suggestions! @VoidInkedPen Thanks Pen! : D @VoidInkedPen Don Ferb That is Closed Eyes Donnie's new name God I love these so muchToday's on of my two days off so I'm just focusing on my comic and doing fun stuff @95Jezzica I do appreciate the suggestions though :) Thanks again! @95Jezzica I did that as well. Trust me, I have tried all the avenues and have not found it, so I am in the process… @95Jezzica Trust me, I wouldn't make a post if I hadn't done this already. But thank you anyway :) @silkward 😭😭😭😭😭I can't recover it at all, it's like it never existed, which makes no sense. I have to rewrite it but I was so pro… most frustrating thing is when you wrote something, read it to your roommate, and then while you were half asle… @lorri_ling Thank you! @tiramisu_art Thaaanks!I might skip one or two days or RiseTober this week, Prompt 17 in particular, because I just have no time to do it…
@AGuyWhoDraws The 1996 dalmatian toys! The Flood of the Century in Manitoba, Canada, hit in 97, and I was obsessed…'ve finished playing but Serina is still going :) @NUVno4gggwn46Qk @_Serinaaa_ We saw that, so sorry! It was great playing with you for a bit tho! @Rubiki5301 Dude! It was fun lol @jkmnew Ye! Thanks for joining! @NUVno4gggwn46Qk @_Serinaaa_ Odd Keep trying! WMEOXQ @NUVno4gggwn46Qk @_Serinaaa_ Hang on, new code! @wafflesYESplz @_Serinaaa_ Keep trying! :DNew code!! Cuz @_Serinaaa_ can't host with her ping xD @SavvyArtz Thanks Girl! :DDid this for funzies! IMO, I think Donnie's the oldest of the two. I could have sworn I read that he was, and I kin… 2 :) - Part 1 #RiseOfTheTMNT #rottmnt #saverottmnt #TMNT
@dapperhat Thanks!I'm going to wait at least until she's six weeks old before they get introduced to the main cage. I want her to be a little stronger.Blurry pics but Poppy was cuddling with her sister this morning! She hasn't done that since Tuesday cuz she's been… @VoidInkedPen Thanks Pen! My best friend suggested Raph with the pumpkins, but once I finished it she said "I was e… morning You can still care about someone and wish for good for them, but still move on without them 💗☀️ @carlybella_ I MISS YOU TOO COME BACK <3 I need your hugs and your beautiful FACE <3333I like bouncing from one fandom to the next sometimes. You find new people and new artists and writers who are so t… @SavvyArtz thaaanks! :D @lorri_ling That sucks! DX I didn't know there was a crash @Hope_Magznet Thank youu! :) It's a relief I could get three done at least. This week has been a bit crazyDays 12, 13 and 14 of #Risetober :) As usual, work backed up so much that I could not finish today's, but it will h…
Good morning :) Listen to some music to help calm yourself 💗Day got pushed back again due to Poppy's vet visit. Expect four pieces tomorrow evening :) I kinda like posting stu…