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Ashok Lalla @ashoklalla Bangalore, India

Digital Business Advisor to brands, PE/VC firms, agencies•Keynote Speaker•Startup Mentor• Ex Digital Head Infosys/Mindshare/Havas/Taj Hotels•Food/fitness/travel

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Touché. #FridayThoughts interesting, Apple pulls down customer reviews from online Apple store Of course, you c…
A client guesthouse that's quite unlike your everyday kinda hotel. @RahulWelde Condolences, Rahul. Sad to hear of your bereavement.Trump is perhaps the first world leader to have a font inspired by their handwriting Achievement unlocked?!A global restaurant & hospitality biz veteran & bestselling author is looking for 2 #interns to help w/ research on… tells me that Huffpost in India is soon going to be huffing and puffing to survive. @sm63 @anaggh I meant "lie" in the context of *place*, not *untruths*! I purposely chose the word though :) @anaggh Where do the facts lie!?
@aparnaswarup Good luck for your India innings. I'm hoping you'll continue to share nuggets of your life and times… for all the parents here, courtesy Dennis. @twinsighter @Unbelted You mean you're not the pasha, but the pasha pehelwaan of poor puns?! @parthodasgupta Interesting. Strangely for mine, it showed data "last updated 4 years ago" but with the current fol… @anaggh Didn't Twinkle Khanna do those? @Unbelted @twinsighter Now Narayan is a curious guy and is always uncovering insights and stuff (when he's not runn… with wheels, anyone? Goes well with the business of the brand. @PWNeha Vichare. @TarotQueeen Yaaaaay! Good to know. @TarotQueeen What does that mean will start or stop happening? @Unbelted Please meet @twinsighter, the uncrowned Pasha of the poor pun!
You said it, Snoopy., men don't need #MensDay. Happy hours are sufficient. @amithpr Sirji, you're now embarrassing me! You have speakers and sponsors and an eager audience all waiting for to… @amithpr I'm not in Bangalore tomorrow. @amithpr @shreyakrishnan_ @UshyMohanDas @frdahsan @sidharthrao @Vishal_Cocktail @EchoGunjan @Im_KarthikB in white. @priyankasehgal7 Took me aback, especially since it was followed by the name of a room we were meeting in. And the… @priyankasehgal7 Meanwhile, I received an email addressed as *Ashton*. Autocorrect has such a mindless mind of its own.
@KiranManral @DrPragyaAgarwal There you go, Kiran! Another 10 books and a double PhD coming up for you now :) @Oinx_roy Your pal @agentgreenglass will probably love this hipster creation too! Hain na, Shormistha? @piyushpankaj @ShephaliBhatt You certainly get a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at things more easily as Piyush just showed! @SunshineOnRent @ViolentVeggy Have them connect with @mysti. She's worked there and is even setting up her own vent… received a work email that addressed me as *Ashton*. Took me a minute to realise that autocorrect was at work! An… v/s convenience, which will you choose? @KiranManral He's got the *essentials*! @KiranManral @rucsb The Manrals seem to have *modesty* in their blood! @nehaguptade Not sure if it was an award-worthy execution though. But yeah, I get your point about the 360 campaign… @beastoftraal We perhaps came to accept oversized Amazon cartons filled with air bubbles as *normal* packaging. Til…'s burning a lot of money on its *story on the box* campaign. This, an airport installation. @beastoftraal Amazon has done it for the longest time! Look at the free advertising value for it through all those… @bhogleharsha The Sourav da effect!? The city just adores its favourite son. @KiranManral You can get that too if you decide to! And then publish it as #11 or 12 :) @twinsighter You're rather good at these as you would know! @KiranManral Lovely! And you wrote 10 books yourself while bringing up junior. So awe-inspiring itself. @RamanujamSri Along with his art partner, Naved? Geniuses, both. @RamanujamSri The very best when it came to copywriting. Mohammed Khan clarified that this campaign was in fact wri…
Meanwhile, I came across these 2 classic ads that launched @TheLeelaHotels Fiorella, in 1992. Done by Enterprise Ad… @hvgoenka And Harsh Goenka? @jasuja @sachin_rt @CSIAMumbai Well deserved, as he's first a Mumbai cha mulga, before he became the darling of a b… of the guard in sport is great and expected. But till the young 'uns can outgun Roger, Rafa, Novak over 5… @TarotQueeen Thank you!
@TarotQueeen #FreeTarotReading What's the one thing that I should embrace and the thing I should guard against?The prince who wants to be king is lording it over the emperor of the tennis court. #Tsitsipas at #ATPFinalsThe creative approach of this Shoppers Stop campaign on 25 years of its First Citizen programme seems inspired by t… @ashishbhasin1 @twinsighter You said it! He's plumbing newer depths with these punster tweets everyday!
@glbIndia @afaqs @sreekantafaqs Unusual activity apparently. @writetopiyush I'll be happiest if Roger wins the #ATPFinals. His good friend Rafa already has his big prize, year-end #1 ranking.How to hack your way to the #Bestseller lists. @KChakravarty @gokulr You seem to have it all nicely sorted, KC. @priyankasehgal7 These folks are, even if it only helps those who stay within its walls. @gokulr @KChakravarty Delete social media apps from the phone & multiply your focus and mindfulness another 100x! D… @bhatnaturally With budget hotels, you need to be very lucky to find ones that you want to go back. Comforts are no… @priyankasehgal7 But are you coming back?! You'll soon need a visa to visit here! @KiranManral So that ensures the Oberoi will be the choice of diplomats, visiting dignitaries and CEOs, and the cap… @priyankasehgal7 You're spending too much time in that neck of the woods! @priyankasehgal7 You are not supposed to ask such raw questions! @KiranManral Yes, apparently this clean air tech was built into newly reconstructed hotel keeping in mind Delhi's deteriorating air quality. @KiranManral Meanwhile, at The Oberoi, Delhi, which claims to have the cleanest air in the city. @yoursvivek @ProsaicView @enricomariariva Not his first ATP match, but this table refers to his first *ATP Finals*,…! These are telling numbers about Roger Federer's longevity. (Via @enricomariariva)
@ShernaKhambatta No more mailers from Jet Privilege. Now we'll get those from Intermiles!Finally, the rebranding has happened, and the last vestige of Jet Airways has been laid to rest. @NutAshes Hats off to Bikki Oberoi's vision. When he rebuilt the Oberoi Delhi, he's incorporated the best clean air… @NutAshes He'll probably stay at & work from the Oberoi which his family part owns now, and also has the cleanest a… @RahulWelde One of my early bosses in advertising, M Raghunath, used to say: 'Advertising is applied common sense,… @siminpatel What a lovely story. A bit like the story of Malibu rum. Alcohol and cigarette… then I came across this fascinating quote by Connors on Rafa: 'Nadal plays like he's broke.' That's made him o… @NakulShenoy Ssshhh. It won't be for much longer if you spill 'em beans here. @sm63 At 130 am. I wish they played at a more sane hour! @theothermallya @ViolentVeggy Connect with @SheetalMehta and @NanhiKali. They may have roles and be able to help. @sm63 Would go nicely in your abode, na? @sunderks Something we should chat about over kaapi sometime perhaps (but not over a messenger convo please!) @jasuja Et tu, MJ!
@armano They are even awe-inspiring sometimes! Bravo, David, brave!Rafa Nadal's on-court tenacity and fighting spirit reminds me of that all-time great from another era: Jimmy Connors. @sunderks Maybe rebranding it LinkedIn Messenger will help. Also, since there aren't notifications, conversation ge… @beastoftraal To create a greater feeling of space. It's a terrible idea though, curtains notwithstanding. The Hyat… will people stop mistaking LinkedIn messages as a messenger app? It isn't. So sending a 'Hi' message isn't lik… my ideal kind of sundowner. But it's curative and that's what matters. @madversity @SuksGhosh @hvgoenka And so is Madhavan! And Hello, Sukanya! It's been a while :) @rohini_sgh Wonder what the best in business @PrannoyRoyNDTV @sardesairajdeep @ravishndtv @vikramchandra have to say to that!The interesting story of how Park Hotels' Priya Paul has consistently reimagined food and beverage offerings over t… @spignal In most conferences in India, you're lucky if the first panelist starts speaking within 10 minutes! @vaitheek Yeah! Papery sugary boats at that! @mysti Tech minus the right user experience certainly isn't the answer. This seems a case of expecting a certain le… @bhatnaturally Tagging @parthodasgupta, @VikramSakhuja and @BipinRPandit who I'm sure will be able to help. @amithpr @shreyakrishnan_ @TweetsAnup Your guests can have kaapi I'm sure, while you sip on water and nibble on sugar-free chocolates. @bhatnaturally Wow! That's some loyalty and devotion! I'm impressed. Hope Tim knows. @bhatnaturally Very nice. Do you still run it? You've been an Apple fanboy for a long time I see :) @amithpr More likely that Coffee with Amith will have plenty of takers!