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Ashok Lalla @ashoklalla Bangalore, India

Digital Business Advisor to brands, PE/VC firms, agencies•Keynote Speaker•Startup Mentor• Ex Digital Head Infosys/Mindshare/Havas/Taj Hotels•Food/fitness/travel

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Love this one! #TuesdayThoughts @arunpatre If you follow me, I'll send you contact details. @nadhiyamali I guess it helps with the interactions. Not all clients like to have these over calls. Do you know som… you want a boss who's a runner, foodie and the Emperor of bad puns AND also one of the best advertising minds AN… client of mine is looking for a freelance content writer with experience in HEALTHCARE. Bangalore-based. Ping me… for 1. What's on your plate? @muralwrites @Madhuribanerjee There's just one 11.6 inch convertible model as far as I know. @sm63 Shouldn't all these records now be online? Digital India, kithe? @Madhuribanerjee I use the HP Pavilion 11.6 inch convertible. You can flip the screen around and convert it to a touch tablet too.Because the best is yet to come. #TuesdayThoughts
Loved this interview with @KapilChopra72 on how luxury hotels are changing and how @PostcardHotel offers a new kind… @priya_thyag @LemonTreeHotels Meet @AradhanaLal, the wonderful lady whose tireless commitment to the cause has ener… fabulous story of how @LemonTreeHotels enable the differently abled to rise and achieve their potential, and ho… @sunderks @priyankasehgal7 Ms. Sehgal is the content queen herself and won't need any help from me or anyone else t… @random_walker That's what IT companies teach their recruits in their first 6 months on the job in their *universit… @agentgreenglass Once a week? That's torture?! @priyankasehgal7 That's the universe's way of drawing you back to NYC maybe :) @anaggh @SanjoyGupta Here's all about Sanjoy's coffee venture @priyankasehgal7 That hot?! It's still just February! @anaggh Maybe @SanjoyGupta who owns a coffee brand can help. @jessie_paul Speaking of Scrabble, say Hello to @SanjoyGupta, a champion Scrabbler who rarely scrambles after fligh… @NikhithaPrasad Exactly!
@TarotQueeen What will be the highlight of the next couple of months for me? #FreeTarotReading @TarotQueeen What will be the highlight of the next couple of months for me? #FreeTarotReading @Mittermaniac @sermoninstone Zinger! Well said. @manoj_naandi @iamsrk Inspiring and very impressive, Manoj. Kudos to you and team @arakucoffeein.The inspiring story of how @arakucoffeein transformed the lives of a remote tribal community in India & created a w… @virsanghvi The details are not very legible. Would you have a higher resolution version of the flyer? @manoj_naandi This tweet reminded me of this poem by Sarojini Naidu that I remember studying in school @KiranManral Anil Chopra was an innovator back then, and did wonders for Lakme. Did you have the opportunity to work with him then? @sunderks @parrysingh Sunder, meet @twinsighter, the King of the bad pun! Narayan, looks your title is under serious threat :) @parrysingh You said it, Parry! @KapilChopra72 @PostcardHotel Wow, Postcard is going places and literally making waves, if the picture is anything to go by :) @priyankasehgal7 Ah, thank you, I learnt something new today! Though I'm sure the developer community would resonate with your initial ask. @sunderks @priyankasehgal7 Not based on formal research, but here's something based on my perspective around the 'T… don't think the ask here has to do anything with ammo and explosives, so if you're are the said designer or devel… @richarddesouza Is that you behind the camera, Richard?! @priyankasehgal7 You have 2 revenue streams right there! An acad course, and a web series. As a content queen, crea… @priyankasehgal7 You may find this interesting in the context of your app @sm63 Indeed! Such simple life truths, really. Greatness isn't the result of a grand plan, but a lot of simple, mos… @anaggh Meanwhile, micro niches abound too! @kapoor_riddhi I'm just me, Riddhi. I do the little I can.Women making a mark in STEM... since the 1940s. How cool is that? @kapoor_riddhi Really? I find it otherwise :)I just came across a Meme Manager at a... meme marketing agency. So in 6 months he'll be Director - Memes and in a… takes the same moment to be kind as it takes to be indifferent or to be an a#&hole. So be kind. @KChakravarty Someone should tell abusive Twitter that! @priyankasehgal7 @thesatbir Eggstrphobia coming up, served sunny side up by Chef Satbir! @priyankasehgal7 What's the opposite of eggstacy? Maybe our foodie Thinkstr @thesatbir can help! @priyankasehgal7 Aha! So have you launched the app yet? @NutAshes Wonder what @KiritManral has to say about this, given that his better half @KiranManral is a bestselling author! @priyankasehgal7 Wow! That's some research! How did you get around to doing such a comprehensive study?The issues with swiping right on dating apps and just seeking something casual. @joybhattacharj Indeed, Joy. The words are more vivid that even the video would be.Where @joybhattacharj draws vivid pictures with just words about Michael Holding, aptly nicknamed Whispering Death… @jasuja @AshishVid The last few words of this lovely piece capture its essence well: 'Picture abhi baaki hai!' Play on.A diplomat on how the #coronovirus is yet another example of how a contagion has impacted and even changed geopolit… Harley Davidson smartly rides the scroll-click-repeat habitual behaviour of people to urge them to breathe th… @mmsimply What's meant to be, will be. What's meant to stay, will. What's meant to end, will. What's meant to come,… done by Marriott, 'Let your mind travel'. A nice idea in a category, travel, that's intrinsically social.
@thesatbir @Thinkstr Lage raho, Satbir! @thesatbir @Thinkstr From Bajate raho to Chabbate raho! What's next, Sri Sri Satbir? Peete raho, pyaar karte raho, khelte raho?Good to look at, great to taste. @mohitoz Lowercase o in okay note kiya jaye! @rahul610 What hospitals and healthcare needs is a big dose of hospitality. I'm glad to have the opportunity to hel… @Jasbirtweets @amazon Maybe Amazon's algorithm knows something that you don't know yet! @mohitoz @AnantRangaswami @MahindraRise @eastbengal @DuttaAnirudha @anaggh @Anirban007 Hey! There's probably a mill… @bhatnaturally 🙌🏼 @j_bindra I'm assuming all 5 dozen jugs will be overflowing with gin in your case! @ShipraKapoor5 Bilkul! @KiranManral Is that the secret of the Kiran-Kirit love story too? :) @jasuja I'm sure there are many, many people who wish they could be you... one day.
@priyankasehgal7 I've heard good things about the place but haven't been there. Juhu is a little away from my usual Bombay beat. @priyankasehgal7 Super! Looks like it went just the way you'd like it to have been. @Trishulsinha @priyankac19 Yes, true. ET seems to have got the balance right, don't you think? with wading through a 35 page MSA for a new client. What's your #ValentinesDay been like so far? @SassyShweta_ Yours is a lot more interesting though!Why you may need to be scared, very scared Meanwhile, think before you post the next selfie you take. @SassyShweta_ And me a hungry scientist!Uber joins the advertising bandwagon as a source of revenue for itself Expect to be targete… @priyankac19 Actually, if he didn't have this India connection would a ministerial appointment in England even be n… @ShreyosiRaha Wowwww! Who knew there was so much in a glass of plain water! @priyankasehgal7 The cold coffees nicely balanced out the many cups of kadak masala chai that I had.Bracing for a stream of much mush here. #Valentines
@thesatbir Indeed! It was wonderful catching up with Sri Sri Satbir. Cheers from the 'luru. @jasuja @thesatbir No chai pe charcha. I met the star Thinkstr at Starbucks. @priyankasehgal7 I had 2 cold coffees this morning! @pramodpratap And to remind you to book an Ola, not Uber when you go to see the Queen!What's in your glass this evening?'s good advertising, there's bad advertising and then there's Pearl Granexpo advertising. a meat feast at dinner last night, this for lunch today. That's what I call a balanced diet 😋😋 probably has more users than these editions of the Times of India have readers. But doing an app and text notif… @SheetalMehta @NanhiKali @mahindrablues @anandmahindra A team of Nanhi Kalis getting basketball coaching from the W… @DelshadIraniET Very nice. When is the awards function, Delshad? @parthavs I like the your choice of glass and beverage, Sir! 🍷 🥂 @simi1411 I don't either! @dabiajsd @mkvenu1 True. But the 97k is almost 50x the *mis*quoted number! @AnantRangaswami @Twitter Yes, maybe. More twits here too than elsewhere :) @priyankasehgal7 Like mummy, like beta.Did you know that people on #TikTok are known as TikTokers? #TIL