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that fangirl you knew in high school. always tired. never sleeps. next up: BOOKISH AND THE BEAST and AMONG THE BEASTS & BRIARS // Rep'd by @hroot 🌈 she/her

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i have written 5k words today so tomorrow i'm going to ice my wrists and play animal crossing i deserve this @thelindsayellis In YA, The 5th Wave is considered dystopian, not sci-fi. It's a weird distinction, but it's there.… @jmariewritest @BlumJen Aaaaah it might not be on Netgalley just yet, but it's definitely on edelweiss @UtopiaMind AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!You know what you need on your bookshelf right now? Some fluffy YA rom-coms. You know what I think it's time to do…
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @LA_Knight89 @NotLikeFreddy @ChuckWendig I hope so. He was just gorgeous, and my lizard brain translated that to "Your pores are nice." @NotLikeFreddy @ChuckWendig thank god @sblackmoore @ChuckWendig Well, the look on his face was... questionable at best. @AlternativeKT YES. @sosaidvictoria 💜💜💜💜💜 igotchu @ChuckWendig I met Castiel from Supernatural aka Misha Collins at London MCM and when he shook my hand I blurted, "… @sosaidvictoria what i'll fight them (aka send you a copy myself) @sosaidvictoria IF YOU HATE IT PLS LEAVE A MESSAGE AFTER THE BEEP @callmebecks 😂 WHOOPS!! @MikalebRoehrig HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY!! @callmebecks 😂😂😂😂 OMG I DIDN'T MEAN TO SEND THAT ONE I MEANT TO SEND -- @Gwenda i'm just gonna hide forever @recitrachel @knoxdiver @callmebecks @KBM_books I hope to keep the streak going! 💜😂 @KBM_books @AlternativeKT i just need someone to pet my hair and tell me Fox is sexy okay @abbythecleric IT'S JUST SWEET AND HORRIFYING, OKAY @glitzandshadows, i get it, not everyone is gonna enjoy a book about two idiots on a hike through a cursed eldrich wood while t… @glitzandshadows emily this is the WORST also HAPPY PUB DAAAAYYYYYY @Caitlin_Renata moment you're scared to go on twitter because a book you love so very f*cking much is now up on netgalley/edel… @AshleySchu AND MAPS!! @CodyRoecker Happy reading!!
This is true. Also I now have way too many WEBTOONs to read because of @AshleySchu. @JessDayGeorge @alexalovesbooks I am also screaming, but from Panic.Go read one of my favorite 2020 releases right now
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @AngrygirLcomics @JoametteGil @suzusaur @OniPress @lionforge YAY!!!!!!! @the13thmagpie HAPPY READING!! @allonsyjeni I'M NOT NERVOUS AT ALL @theLasagna"A thrilling, fun forest fantasy perfect for fans of ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS and WINTERWOOD." - @nebrinkley"Imagine a mash-up of Wilder Girls and Beauty and the Beast: that's what you're getting from this novel." -… @knoxdiver i am dead*heavy breathing* iT's HeRe @DailyJulianne AJ;K ADJGKLA JKLAJGKL;DJSGKADJKGJALDKSJGLASDFGJADS MY NERVES ARE GONE, THEY ARE SHOT, I AM DEAD @theelvenqueen @EpicReads DEAR GOD IT'S ON EDELWEISS WHAT UHHHHHHH UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAARHKF AEKJGAEROGJEKJGKA;… @tuoirt TOMOE IS MY FAVVVVVVVVTune in for content from these authors and more! We can't wait to see you there! 💘💌⁠
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @skrutskie it's gonna be an AWESOME day! 💜*breathes in* @ShaelynCherie I mean, that and North & South!6 shows, 6 friends ... anime counts, right? My Hero Academia Kamisama Kiss Yu-Gi-Oh! (Abridged) Inuyasha Goblin S…
@ChangingChanne1 I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it!Pleased to present book covers as all of the blue sweatshirts/pullovers I own. Why do I have so many of these, you…
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨Heck yes time to read!'t you love surprises?! We thought you'd need a reading pick-me-up while you #stayhome 💫
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨Millennials living through their 2nd “once in a generation” economic collapse
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @bexlewis361 Sorta! The version in the U.K. is a little different—there isn’t a hardback version, I don’t think. Bu… Paperback is available today, obviously it’s already been out almost year — wow how time flies!!)✨ SURPRISE!! ✨ THE PRINCESS AND THE FANGIRL is available TODAY! (And it has an excerpt of BOOKISH AND THE BEAST in… leave your phone near a Fox
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨Tune in for content from these authors, and more TBA! We can't wait to see you there! 💘💌⁠
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @recitrachel You truly are and you are brilliant 💜
classic Family Moves Into A Clearly Haunted House except the wife is an eldritch horror herself and refuses to let…
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @allonsyjeni I HATEi just... got trash island in #acnh. TRASH. ISLAND. EVERYTHING I CAUGHT IN THE WATER WAS TRASH. I WANT A REFUN… @hermitlibrarian yup! felicia day is also in the last few episodes!i always forget that nathan fillion is in the last handful of episodes of buffy as a Big Bad and it tickles me every time🌙💖✨
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Audiobooks are likely to be delayed during the pandemic, because some narrators don't have a home studio. Books a…
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @LadyHawkins Agreed. I'm not sure if my emotional bandwidth can handle that right now -- and my dad's still alive! @LadyHawkins i... was... going to watch this tonight but now i am not so sure. @EachStarAWorld Same. I’ve gotten very good at trimming my bangs too! @thelindsayellis @LindsayRibar Oh, that's so ominous. Like the Other Mother, but you never know which is the Other. @LindsayRibar @thelindsayellis (a) ....I *definitely* missed the chance to pluralize Lindsays. Lindsies? Lindsii? W… @SarahTolcser we both are 😂 @LindsayRibar @thelindsayellis but Lindsay, where can I pitch my Rebel Queen fighting with The Metal People in the… @SarahTolcser okay the karaoke scene sold me @AshleySchu When I was a kid, I NEVER missed a block of Toonami and I think I turned out okay? Maybe a weeb, but th…
@ashposton's GEEKERELLA is our favorite con story! 💞
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨We love this audiobook list from @buzzfeed! The Unhoneymooners is here, along with some of our favorites!…
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Retweeted by ashley poston ✨Dreams do come true...✨🐸🐸✨
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @candiceamanda I ONLY STATE THE TRUTH CAM AND THE TRUTH IS GOLIATH IS DADDYSesshomaru walked so Itachi could run. Don’t do this.
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @candiceamanda Goliath could get itWell I just sobbed my eyes out thanks @RosieeThor YES @allonsyjeni I can’t I am reeling it’s so perfectWHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THE BALLROOM DANCING SCENE IN THE VIOLET EVERGARDEN MOVIE IS HELLA GAY YALL ARE FIRED
do you love geeky things? do you love talking about geeky things? join us each week for #5FandomFriday!…
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @LadyHawkins this is fabulous. A new online platform, Bookshop, has created a centralized online shopping platform for indepe…
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨just something to remember when you're buying books during this scary and uncertain time: the midlist
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨Tune in for content from these authors, and more TBA! We can't wait to see you there! 💘💌⁠
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @EGTitsworth @ericsmithrocks @State_Champs I looooove Astoria! Also both Ever After and Masterpiece Theater are *chef's kiss*🚨 THE PRINCESS AND THE FANGIRL paperback is here!!! 🚨🥺🥺🥺🥺 (there’s a BOOKISH AND THE BEAST preview in the back an…
Retweeted by ashley poston ✨ @_rachel_britain I am also falling down the rabbit hole of online plantsthat's because someone filled our pristine waters with fucking easter eggs, poppy.
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