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Ash Vale to Aldgate. Aldgate to Ash Vale. Repeat.

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When did "defiantly" become the new way of spelling "definitely" online? @karlbooton Someone with 12 years service is entitled to 12 weeks notice (and to get paid for it):
Out for my usual 4 mile evening power walk. Got to town and needed a drink to rehydrate. Didn't have a face cover… over the footbridge at Aldershot station I heard #SeeItSayItSorted for the first time in five months. Defi… @gmcd3 @simondolan Coronavirus isn't a single virus - it is a group of related viruses. SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID-19.
Walked past a local takeaway earlier. Owner shouted at a customer without a mask. He told them to stuff the food an… @Weezi @whatmegandid @swtrains_watch @SW_Help Probably because anyone can print an exemption card off the internet,…'m not sure "will be burned" is a statement that belongs on a "British Standard" product. More Chinese crap on… @MrDavidFoxley @simondolan @Morrisons Looks like it says West Yorkshire Police on the logo when I've zoomed in. Wo… @MrDavidFoxley @simondolan @Morrisons On the back on the van, it says "Operated by WM Morrisons plc", so presumably…
@asda I've got a George parcel for click and collect from the Havant store. Can I get it from the drive through co… I posted this, I didn't think that 15 weeks later the media would still be peddling the same level of fear and… @DecathlonUK Can someone else collect my click and collect order from your stores (we've got the same surname)? What ID will they need?
Are we just going to ignore the fact that Sweden never issued stay-at-home orders, kept schools open, didn't close…
Retweeted by AshValeCommuter @loiskaraninalee Yeah, I can't see how anyone would be enjoying it, especially when redundancy is a real possibility for many.Placed an online grocery order for tonight. The only things I'm buying: 2 crates (36 cans) of cider 4 crates (36… is sat outside with his friend drinking. Keep hearing them talk about how great furlough is. Whilst I'm… @PaulDenbigh I found the same last time I stopped commuting to London. 4 years with very few colds, then loads of… on Facebook (has a science PhD): "Family all got really awful colds, going to go for a Covid test." "Covi… @silas_trace @tinaC1111 @JohnDalton6011 Yet still 10,000 to 30,000 die every year in the UK because of fluI see people on Facebook are calling for this landlord to be charged with manslaughter. Two issues: 1. No-one died… the peak there were around 3000 Coronavirus patients a day admitted to hospital in England. That number is now a…
Retweeted by AshValeCommuter @lanky83 @Worthy_Driver My colleagues are so antisocial anyway so won't miss that! I will miss being able to catch…
@heathrowsnowman @DavidKite2 @Terry93115461 @SimonCalder Jet2 mainly fly people on holiday from the UK to other cou… @swtrains_watch @TigerDonald2000 @theworstbill @SW_Help Similar experience for me about 18 months ago. Z1-6 annual… @NTravel76 @ProfKarolSikora @joshuaethan1 The UK has no way of checking this, especially since there are no border… @andosheepy @Worthy_Driver Not sure it'd pay much money .... but then you know how people have YouTube channels whe… is 3 minutes walk from my office. Had no idea they are there. Must've walked past hundreds of times. 🤷‍♂️ @loiskaraninalee There seems to be some big concern about hospitality businesses in cities all of a sudden. But I'… @Worthy_Driver Probably! There are definitely negatives though: lack of social interaction with colleagues and the… did all the hate for working from home come from in the last few days? Seeing a lot of negativity towards it… @mollypolly1066 @KirstieMAllsopp You're saying I should spend £5,000 per year to sit on a train for 4 hours each da… of those "only in Aldershot" moments"Cases" strike again: If cases are going up, but hospitalisations and deaths are going dow…
People on Facebook boasting about #EatOutToHelpOut savings who can easily afford to not take the deal: I will judge… @DarthGore They can't do that, but I know places like Greene King aren't offering their usual daily deal discounts… @DarthGore Since the money comes from the government, small businesses are getting the same amount of money regardl… @DarthGore Automatic. Either restaurants have it set up in their till, or the staff will manually calculate the di…
What a fun evening I'm having 🤓. I still never found out if Norway was quarantine exempt 😂.I love internet rabbit holes. Started looking to see if Norway is quarantine exempt. Then ended up reading about… @DarthGore Yeah, she posted it in a Facebook group (as did someone else who found the same in their nuggets from th… face mask with every McNugget 🤮 @greenekingcares But still charging the government more than you should be? Doesn't seem very ethical. @yamesh 😂 That's so true. I always ask them to cut out the BS and tell me which company and how much. Two most important things to know.Best one so far this week: lead developer role paying half my current senior developer salary, with no worthwhile p… a four month respite, the LinkedIn recruiter emails have started trickling in again 😔 @McDonaldsUK Sent. As a different question, I've got a few £1.99 Big Mac & fries vouchers from your receipts. How… @yamesh Apparently my parents found this with me. A drive round Fratton would send me to sleep. Didn't like the b… @greenekingcares Not sure what there is to DM about. This is advertised as £6 on Tuesdays, so should be £3 paid by… everything about "feeling safe" now, rather than actually being safe? Seen several reviews of restaurants where… are and @McDonaldsUK There's two different people on a local Facebook group reporting finding pieces of blue face mask insi… @greeneking ripping off the taxpayer with #EatOutToHelpOut? My local offers some meals for £6 on Tuesday. But t… @JimRoache @kylej95 @ProfKarolSikora Cases are influenced by testing (e.g. if you test 100 people in a hotspot you'… @yamesh 😂Swiping through Bumble during my lunch break ... spotted one of my Twitter followers 👋. So far proving much better than Tinder. @london_rider @Francis_Hoar I guess all the support for vulnerable people has just organised and delivered itself then 🙄 @london_rider @Francis_Hoar I doubt they work in Whitehall, rather your local council. Many staff in local authori… @london_rider @Francis_Hoar Like a permanent holiday where the civil servants are working harder than ever. Delive…
@gordonhotchkiss The "lockdown" in Manchester isn't law. It is just guidelines, so the police cannot do anything.Although this is nowhere near as awful as British Columbia's suggestion to use a glory hole: you thought you'd heard everything.... 🙄 @notsohumble_sam @backthenwaswhen @SkyNews @TrussellTrust @magic_breakfast @RishiSunak Having a minimum wage job wi… @marionste @swtrains_watch @Anothergreen @SW_Help But then we could argue this about any contagious disease (of whi… @Anothergreen @swtrains_watch @SW_Help No, because you can't prove where or when someone got infected @AS332L @UKblockhead @mbadtempers @wendywoo6089 "Certified notes" are not required by law in England, nor do GPs issue them.In England, the number of people in hospital with the virus continues to drop. It's now 769, a month ago it was ove…
Retweeted by AshValeCommuter @backthenwaswhen @SkyNews @TrussellTrust @magic_breakfast @RishiSunak They're not eating out because either they've… @backthenwaswhen @SkyNews @TrussellTrust @magic_breakfast @RishiSunak A one-off meal will help once, then restauran… @backthenwaswhen @SkyNews @TrussellTrust @magic_breakfast @RishiSunak Surely it's helping the minimum wage staff wo…
Do BBC journalists know the difference between "cases" and "deaths"? Hearing a report about cases in Victoria havi… @yamesh Yeah, I noticed that. I've had deliveries from Sainsbury's when I was a student (they were the only shop d… @yamesh Was that Tesco? My baguette was broken in half, but they refunded and let me keep it (which isn't bad sinc… no legislation to support this. Note the word "should" rather than "must" in the linked guidance. It's all… @casinoroyalepb Same. Shopping has become so unpleasant recently (rules that are different in every shop, rude staf… my first two click and collect grocery orders this week. Starting to wonder why I've been walking round shops f… @Paul1971EFC @Georgeant8 @ProfKarolSikora PHE is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care (i…
@jondt79 @LauraJaneNairn @BBCNews Yet, even without the social distancing as you claim, the number of hospital admi…"Pubs may need to shut to allow schools to reopen" All those kids, drinking in the pub every lunchtime, spreading their germs. Tut tut. 🙄 @legars_92 @NicolaJLewis @UKCovid19Stats Targeted testing of hotspot areas means we will be picking up cases that w…
@aoifenimorain You're back in the office already? 😳Sweden, which never had lockdown, sees COVID-19 cases plummet as rest of Europe suffers spike
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Hyndburn 4 cases per day and already on the way down.
Retweeted by AshValeCommuterPendle: average of 4.3 cases per day, 50% down on 2 weeks ago.
Retweeted by AshValeCommuterSeriously @MattHancock ?! Rossendale 7-day average new cases is 0.6 per day (as of 25 July). Max 3 cases on any da…
Retweeted by AshValeCommuterOh FFS 🙄 @DrainedByTrains @SW_Help Definitely! I'm currently waking up one hour later, but starting work 30 minutes earlier… @tvlicensing Sent DM and document requested. Still no sign of my refund. @simondolan I'm yet to see any statistics on how many lives lockdown has saved in the UK. Comparing to Sweden, I'd…
@jonwells99 Yeah, it's supposed to be for long term now too. POF (as they rebranded it) went downhill and has so few people on there now.Uninstalled Tinder for the millionth time. This time round, I had: three fake accounts wanting bitcoin, two wantin… my God.
Retweeted by AshValeCommuterAnd within 40 minutes, I've been contacted by a BBC journo who clearly doesn't know the area requesting photo or vi… @SW_unHELPful @SW_Help I'm definitely in need of a new handle now! Although I will be going to the office once eve… @journo_andre The only Tesco in Aldershot @PaulBRoberts Oh 😔Went to get my shopping from Tesco in Aldershot earlier. Lots of police cars around the town, especially near Burg… @MattPalmer79 @William93674222 @DavidDavisMP The test looks for presence of the virus. You either have it or you d… Tuesday, Sweden reported *two* new deaths, bringing the total to 5,702. Tegnell also broached the subject of fa…
Retweeted by AshValeCommuterOMG OMG OMG I'm now a home worker (well, for a 6 month trial period anyway). And I'll still be paid my full Londo…