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AshValeCommuter @AshValeCommuter Stuck in the daily congestion

Ash Vale to Aldgate. Aldgate to Ash Vale. Repeat.

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Train arrived 9 minutes late at Waterloo. Not a word from the guard. Absolutely nothing. Why was the 07:39 from… @hottuberrol No, I've checked and that setting is switched off. It's possible to switch off all messages, but I wa…
Does anyone know if it is possible to switch off emails from recruiters on LinkedIn? I'm getting so many irrelevant jobs being sent to me. @wroberts291 @fathorseharry @RMTunion The same can happen when there is a guard dispatching the train:… @wroberts291 @fathorseharry @RMTunion If driver only trains are so unsafe, why aren't the union pressing the govern… @SteveBreave Card charges are now normally a percent of the sale amount. That's the reason lots of smaller stores… @SteveBreave Can't remember. Think it was about three years ago when a tradesman insisted on cash after initially… to see #ProtectCash trending. I actually can't remember the last time I used cash to pay for anything… @GeorgiaLeish @WhichUK @hmtreasury You can make withdrawals from most bank accounts at Post Office branches. So he… @SW_unHELPful @networkrail I use these things quite regularly when I do non-commuting journeys. They have a small…
Colleague: "yay, we get an extra day this year, isn't that great" Me: "you have to work an extra day compared to la… @Tone_h2 @Annalouise_T @WHS_Carpet @Morrisons Because the bus fare / petrol / parking / whatever probably costs mor… @RockysNerdSpace @SarumWest I didn't take this photo, hence the link rather than uploading it to Twitter
@ShellyBelly5001 It's still there, but you need to be a member of the passenger action group to see itFor anyone who wants photographic proof of the contempt some railway staff have for their paying customers, check o… @David_Hingley 😂 @kg_se10 Raffles in Chelsea @ASimpleProgram1 @SW_Help Broken down train at Vauxhall
@LongSiberia Raffles in Chelsea @sw_bingo It's a shame you didn't have "rail replacement bus pulled over by police" on this week's card 😆 @PaulBRoberts @SarumWest You're basically paying to hang out with so called celebrities and avoid the riff raff @SarumWest £320 is literally just for Grey Goose vodka (I'm assuming that's a bottle). Cheapest champagne is about… going to decline. This ain't the place for me. I'm *a lot* more comfortable down 'spoons with a two quid pint of Doom Bar."In principle, if you don't feel like you could be in the pages of a fashion magazine, you probably aren't polished…'ve been invited to an event at a nightclub in London where the cheapest alcoholic drink is £320. Considering remortgaging my home 🤨
@Jack46562503 @WAeonghus @mac123_m It's not a case of "if". That will be the case. We revert to the same agreemen… @WAeonghus @Catheri22274003 @mac123_m Access will be on exactly the same basis as Irish citizens. Same arrangement… @Catheri22274003 @WAeonghus @mac123_m Of course you can't get an Irish passport unless you are Irish, but British c… @WAeonghus @mac123_m Yes, they will. The Republic of Ireland does not treat British Citizens as foreign. They hav… @Phill143 @_nancymartin @SW_Help It doesn't even need to be a SWR journey. I think the cheapest season ticket is b…
@cmccrudden @dhughesmusician Or use a dirty one from the cupboard. Previously owned by someone who left the civil service in 1974. @cmccrudden @dhughesmusician "Mismatched mugs". Have you ever been to a government office? Mugs aren't provided,… @DarthGore @swtrains_watch I read that paragraph as them trying to say you won't even get a full day's refund on so…'ve just noticed this little gem on the SWR December compo page: "Depending on the origin, destination and route… @SW_Help @BTPSurrey The staircase at Ash Vale stinks of weed (makes a change from urine). Any chance of an evening… @2nd_place I just took a very long time to find my ticket. You could see the levels of frustration on his face inc…'s guard had the audacity to check tickets whilst crawling at snails pace between Vauxhall and Waterloo. No m…
@hammerdivone @PaulCliftonBBC Looking forward to there being no seats left at Ash Vale and Brookwood each morning.…'t you just love it when railway staff refer to customers as "you lot" in a passenger oriented Facebook group?… @SWRstrike Me (photos only though)! I photograph every ticket immediately after buying it. Then there's no need t… @astronought @SW_Help @swtrains_watch Presumably they are looking for something in particular, e.g. those without t… @ASimpleProgram1 @swtrains_watch I'm impressed. Very, very impressed. Normally they'd just try to ensure the trai… @ASimpleProgram1 @swtrains_watch Be wary of this. When they've done that before, the signaller still put us on the…
@ChrisGrose2 @swtrains_watch @SW_Help @railandroad @TransportFocus @GrumpNow @SWRants3 @chrisloder @AJRichardsonMP's free Baxter's soup being given out on the concourse at Waterloo. Near platforms 9 and 10.
If you travelled on Oyster (pay as you go or season ticket), download your travel history NOW. The TfL website onl… @charliejoseph24 @SW_Help Especially when someone who bought 3/4 weeklies, or a monthly, or has an annual season ti… @sw_bingo I've found similar in the past. Flew from Stansted to Edinburgh/Glasgow several times for £60 return. C… @SW_Help @nforcerrdc Your ticket machines and ticket offices don't give a receipt by default for cash purchases. W… on compensation (refunds) for the December strikes is now available: TLDR: up…
@TheWazzock @TheeBlip @20Rothmans @kylethomaswest Nevertheless, ITV don't see a penny of the licence fee @TheWazzock @TheeBlip @20Rothmans @kylethomaswest That's merely a quirk in the system. BBC collects the money, han… @TheWazzock @TheeBlip @20Rothmans @kylethomaswest The licence fee goes solely towards the BBC services, so why shou… @TheWazzock @TheeBlip @20Rothmans @kylethomaswest Nothing I said was incorrect. If you want to watch ITV on a TV a… @TheWazzock @TheeBlip @20Rothmans @kylethomaswest But you have to pay to watch any TV channel that isn't the BBC.… @NetworkRailLBG @Se_Railway Thank you for the detailed reply 👍 @SW_Help 07:39 from Ash Vale to Waterloo had no heating again today. Different unit from last week. Why are so ma…
@NetflixUK Tried on a fifth email address. Second credit card worked. Finally. @NetflixUK Even PayPal comes up with the same error. @NetflixUK Tried a third email address. Now getting this error, regardless of card. @NetflixUK I've been trying to restart my subscription since yesterday afternoon. Keep getting this error. Tried…
@British_Airways Do you still allow hand baggage only passengers to check in their hand baggage before security at Heathrow and Gatwick? @SW_unHELPful @SW_Help I've got my calendar set to auto-decline anything before 9:30am due to SWR. Fortunately fle…
@SWFailway It's up. Two floors up. 😁Turns out I've been to 27 countries (most in the last six years). Still not been to every EU country yet though.… holiday blues, so checked my calendar. Going on holiday (yes, again 😆) in less than four weeks time. That's… I've found them on the "South Western Railway Passenger Action Group" Facebook page. Definitely not a passenge… you discover one of your neighbours is a SWR guard and RMT union member... 🙊Who schedules meetings for 4pm on a Friday? 🤬
@SW_Help @SouthernRailUK Is it acceptable to use an Ash Vale to Brighton ticket (routed not via London) via Havant… on Valentine’s Day cards at Asda. Assuming you are planning to send more than one....
Retweeted by AshValeCommuter @Se_Railway a large number of new CCTV cameras (I think they are facial recognition) have been installed at London… Ash Vale to Waterloo had no heating on such a cold day. Everyone wearing outdoor coats, several wearing glov…
@mrno1r @StuartMahoney1 @swtrains_watch @SW_Help You can signup for ADR and still make additional manual claims for… @sw_bingo @SW_Help It's not the first time that one of these events has been short formed. Almost like they make a habit of it.Because they went to the wrong station? Looks more like Guildford than the advertised Woking!
@AuditorsReality @swtrains_watch @SW_Help I have the opposite problem. Several times they've suggested I can aligh… your consideration; What to do, if you're a wheelchair user on a train, it's your stop, your ramp has not sho…
Retweeted by AshValeCommuter @sw_bingo Because someone was offered that job in the Victorian era and the RMT won't accept modernisation?
@NSE_Latchmere I've very quickly learnt that's just how Czech beer is served. At £1.50 per pint(ish), I can't really complain.Cheers 🍻 (Back on my travels again after being back home for less than three weeks)
When you're on a conference call and all you can hear is someone crunching salad 😤
@DiggerPup @swtrains_watch @SW_Help Someone I know who works for SWR told me it was a SPAD (signal passed at danger… @SW_Help @Se_Railway That's what she tried blaming me for not doing. The brightness was as high as it will go.Moral of the story: don't use e-tickets, stick with paper. They're a lot of hassle and Southeastern don't even hav… e-ticket isn't working the barriers today. Really rude woman at the Waterloo @SW_Help gateline tries blaming me…
@SW_Help announcer at Waterloo says delays were due to "an earlier incident on the railway network which has caused…
@SlimController @swtrains_watch Both 15-30 minutes. I know they cap the "compensation" at the cost of the ticket,… anyone else made two delay repay claims on a return ticket (once for each direction), but had one of them rejec… @ASimpleProgram1 They mixed things around in the December timetable change. That train previously sat in the depot… @JollyGood02 Yeah, I'm hoping their franchise will end sooner than 38 years time. @TheRangeUK staff in your Aldershot store mentioned they'd be selling Iceland food soon. Do you have a date when this will start?Apparently Mark Hopward/Hopwood is on an apprenticeship at @SW_Help, according to his LinkedIn 🤔 @ASimpleProgram1 So glad I'm sat in bed. Seem to have been quite lucky recently. @lovepeterlove Yes, you can. Southeastern have their own scheme, so you have to claim from them directly. Starts at 15 minutes delay.Looks like a good day to WFH again. Multiple track circuit failures at Wimbledon, and no trains at Waterloo East.
@sw_bingo It all looks a bit 70s in there. No wonder everything is going wrong all the time. @kevinlamouchi @Xennia79 @FensiveOlly I do and I have a TV Licence. There have been times in the past when I haven… @kevinlamouchi @Xennia79 @FensiveOlly What hassle? If you don't watch live TV, then why buy a licence that you don't need? @Xennia79 @FensiveOlly You get a threatening letter every month if you don't pay. They don't actually take any act…