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Founder - PipeCandy (helping companies make sense of fast changing ecommerce / D2C landscapes). Previously founded ContractIQ. Startups and lazy jokes mostly.

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Happy Deepavali! @alexpaulmenon I totally dig that name.In a strange turn of events, I am now in a Jewish community mailing list. Therefore with the newfound access to my… @naval 1/ I think we both mutually admire @KapilGuptaMD who said "There are no coincidences." I'm starting to think…
Retweeted by Ashwin Ramasamy @peterpham @GeneralClark What’s the idea? We track about quarter million eCommerce companies across the country and… @Runjhunsharmas If these numbers are real and there is a donor to foot the bills I can check with our sources for both supply and logistics. @julianerbil I will look up and come back with ideas. Thanks again!#siliconvalleystrong If you are looking to import PPE but can only commit to small quantities reach out to me. If y… say country-first for masks. But Taiwan is rationing masks domestically while exporting/donating. Argument m… in my network who can point to the right supply source?
Got a sneak peek into cross border now. A charter 747 cargo carrying masks goes at $1.5M now. Looking to pool dem… @SparklinGuy Yet to publish. Will post the link here tomorrow. @vivekk Powdered chocofudge and banana! @vivekk Here, take some goodness! @mtrajan @prasanna_says @RyanHoliday Thanks. Just curious about how the name of Upekkha the accelerator came to be. Maybe when we catchup! @arvindax Bookmarking. Never say never! @arvindax I hear journalism doesn’t pay. Suggest another career saar :p. I will ghostwrite for you when you become like bezos. @prasanna_says If I remember right it came from Greek and talks about indifference and surrender to suffering. I co… @prasanna_says What’s the equivalent of stoicism in our hindu/dharmic tradition?The covid crisis and the age of Vairagya. I wrote this for our audience of retail and D2C operators. #DTC platform focused on providing today's essentials🎉🎉
Retweeted by Ashwin Ramasamy @julianerbil Thank you, Julian!This directory of essentials product suppliers from @PipeCandyHQ might be useful for some.
Retweeted by Ashwin RamasamyHelp us get the word around. Will appreciate your RTs of my pinned tweet! @tonyk0891 No well-formed idea. Spoke to French, German prospects, customers, eCommerce investors. Big shift pro-eC… container has been out for wash. Got reminded about Starbucks or hotel coffee that I am happy not drinking. job loss claims in the US on the week ending 28th March alone. And this week it ends with 3.2M additional clai…
Contrary to what we hear, an estimated pullback from ad spend likely to be $26B (OH via CNBC alongside… shudder thinking about the potential for fire hazard that comes with holding a candle for 9 minutes, especially a… are usually wrong. The worst take I have seen recently equated zoom userbase to snapchat and said that… businesses are now supported on @stripe! (It was previously hard to get required approvals.) If you’re…
Retweeted by Ashwin Ramasamy @sergbeta Insane. The blue collar jobs are going thick and fast. Their employability will be a problem for long.*joblessnessGrowing up these were a common sight on our streets too till the inevitable - theft - but glad there's a strong ma…
Retweeted by Ashwin RamasamyThis kind of job less is unseen and yet there is no real estate crash yet. What gives?
@RajNijjer @mkobach @Yotpo Yep. Numbers are rising uncomfortably but at least some states are leaving no stone unturned. Fingers crossed! @RajNijjer @mkobach @Yotpo Hey 👋🏼 Raj. Hope y’all are staying indoors. @bradgro On the other hand there is chocking of delivery because Amazon could not keep up. We curated and published… @AaronOrendorff I nod vigorously. We just started crowdsourcing essential products and D2Cs that sell them. you. Counting on our help to give Cocoon the push it needs, to kick #Covid19Out1. Visit the platform and add donors and brands you know. It takes less than 10 seconds. 2. If you can support bra… are still not getting enough PPE. Households struggle even as Amazon delivery delays are stacking…
@shankspeaks @shrav_shankar Group hug @shankspeaks @shrav_shankar Bookmarking to LOL at 14 more days optimism. @CussMaulum I am hoping all the attendees are traced (including international travelers) and the fiasco is containe… @HariPyt @cbkrish @LadyAshBorg @HariPyt @cbkrish @LadyAshBorg Yenda engalukku h/t?
To the enemies in my TL.
Macy’s is furloughing almost all of its employees. eCommerce and fulfillment will be relatively immune to this.1/ Touching story was emailed to me by a Shopify partner in India 🇮🇳❤️ When the India gvt went on full lockdown Wed…
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@dennishegstad Today someone I know had a police case filed for dog walking. @dennishegstad Quite pathetic actually. Walk down. Explain to cops if they stop you. For context this is chennai (c… @dennishegstad Hey man, I am not passing a remark about your choices or being snarky. I am genuinely curious about… @dennishegstad Oh well. Different cities seem to take it differently. Where I am, we aren’t allowed to get out exce… @HariPyt @SunOfGan Yeah saw it in the morning. Good public service.Is Austin not on a lockdown? with everything these days there might be some hyperbole here but this is still an amazing display of resourcefu… @SunOfGan @HariPyt 😭Longingly looking at office route. looking at the office route.
TN Govt looking for volunteers to do coding where Govt may need tech help. Can work in remote Register at…
Retweeted by Ashwin Ramasamy @aravind_baskara Yes I hear about steroids as an alternative. @aravind_baskara Thanks!This and also have the same need in Chennai. Any pointers? @arvindax Same here. Would like to know where to get in Chennai.And thank god for 2020s in spite of where we are.Back to the 80s's remote Customer Experience team is unionizing! You can read our mission statement below:
Retweeted by Ashwin RamasamyInside the Javits center
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So far collected about 60. Looking for examples of small businesses donating products. Looking to launch the first list with 100.We are making a list of donors and f essential commodities (masks, diapers, meal kits, rooms for health workers etc…’s 2020 and there is no AI-based lock for ‘reply all’ for company-wide emails. It’s just a rule and not even AI, yo!
@selvamraja I usually go 1-1.5 but doing over 2m is when I could feel the real exertion.My personal best #planking
LOTS of updates from @Target including...March to date comparable sales up 20% (!) with essentials & food/ beverage…
Retweeted by Ashwin RamasamyAnyone out there using mandates on debit cards for recurring transactions, without using payment gateways? Or, are…
Retweeted by Ashwin RamasamyNow is a good time to remind you that this gem exists. Soup Co. tells investors in an SEC filing that over the past four weeks: sales of Campbell's soup (includi…
Retweeted by Ashwin Ramasamy @vibhu I am sorry this has to be done but you are doing it in the most compassionate way you could. More power to you!Lockdown for 21 days
Facebook eyes multibillion-dollar stake in Reliance Jio 🤯
Retweeted by Ashwin RamasamyIndustry: eCommerce eCommerce eCommerce Essentials Essentials eCommerce eCommerce Essentials eCommerce Essentials…
Retweeted by Ashwin Ramasamy @vivekk Started walking inside our apartment complex and felt mildly sick. Wife’s scaring me that suspended aerosol… @SunOfGan @ramya_ranjini We managed at the nick of the moment.We just did a press release about our 'Brand Insights Graph' API - of people these U.S. companies plan to hire: Instacart 300,000 Walmart 150,000 Amazon 100,000 Dollar Genera…
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Excellent read great foresight and much to the chagrin of the barber (since I didn’t respect his advice), 10 days back I cut… @manas_saloi Mile Sur Mera Tumhara?We have a long history of supporting our communities and employees - this time is no different. That’s why we are u…
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Liked that we are nudged to extrinsically recognise the frontline. Worried that countrywide mobilisation is the so… @SunOfGan @PuneerSoda @ramya_ranjini Now putting Kadhalika Neramillai watch @SunOfGan @HariPyt Asaradikra logic!Wow. Surreal.
@tonyk0891 Him, Rajnikanth etc. They truly believe what they say.PSA: From Monday there will be no reports from India on #Covid19India because of this master stroke. Well, the only… @IndiGo6E I have followed up some 4 times in DM to get your response about cancellation. I know there is a lot goin… @kaleighf There isn’t an easy way to give feedback about specific aspects of the experience. Ex: Product is great,… @IPCC_CH report claims that 200 million people will be refugees by 2050 due to climate change. Nearly 5 billion peo…
Local pickup & delivery, gift cards, and more capital coming to all Shopify merchants. Shopify is also free for 90…
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