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Malik🚿 @AshyMalik New York, USA

follow to live longer | co-host of @itsfivelive🚿. DO NOT DM ME FOR PROMO I AM NOT A BAG CHASER🥸

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if y’all get my podcast account (@TheKitchen4U) to 100 followers tonight i’ll release big booty ass pics i took
Retweeted by Malik🚿 @BacconatorJay I guess she got a new manLiteral aliens exist and my family talking about Lori Harvey at the dinner table
@the1banjo 😭bro @blahh_jazmyn These be the same girls that’ll then be like “eat the rich ✨” @flashyashy__ 😭😭😭 @SamCarbajal6 @NeedSloppyPls
Retweeted by Malik🚿 @NeedSloppyPls They are slaughtering me over there lmaooooAnd that’s some shit a racist nursing major would definitely do ✍🏽💯BRUH they are pressed on this thread i came for depop 😭😭 listen.. going into a low income neighborhood’s thrift sto… @skaijackson he not making music for us @TokyosLight everything will work out, trust yourself @tired_rami shit hard out here @TokyosLight crazy, didn't your homeboy fuck the only girl u ever loved? @TokyosLight suffer. @bitchasskathy no
@FedecksIG he STAY doing this too 😭school didn’t teach us to file taxes but thank god we learned the cotton eyed joe in gym class @bitchasskathy talk @NILES100 @MILFWEEED @MILFWEEED My bad haley😭😭😭 @SultanYasmina best day of the year 💯 @TokyosDemons @SimpPilgrim they should’ve kept Liam locked upmajored in communications but couldn’t talk her out of leaving... sad @workingoncrying not the dirty af1s @NILES100 stand up? ... hardly .. all I did this year was sit down 😔 @TokyosDemons you a whole cartoon avi in 2021 @TokyosDemons no she won’t @TuBrownPapi Gentrification is always “just business” but u white and from Ohio so im not gonna argue w u“i just love helping people” she says as she resells clothes from goodwill on Depopi enabled voice recognition on my grandmas Alexa and now she thinks i should apply to MIT @bocxtop 🗣🗣🗣 @iaindraws @BeckyGerwaldii What’s your major Rebecca @kristinem42 The jokes really write themselves @noname 🗣🗣🗣
@dihkenyaas At least 45% @JMHashtag Yepooo @perdjoko It’s crazyall the racist girls i knew became nursing majors and that’s the issue here @userjaymes please take this down @noname 🗣🗣🗣democracy exists in the imagination of the privileged
Retweeted by Malik🚿we need a National Tax strike @NILES100 really says a lot about society when you think about it @SimpPilgrim i just know they eating gorilla meat
@lilsmichelle me buying yoplait yogurt @jasonderulo @jamescharles don’t like how sustainability and environmentalism is framed and seen as inherently white. Literally from the mar… way they made GTA 5 into the real thing 😳
Retweeted by Malik🚿yeah sex is cool but have you ever had a dorito like this
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bitches really used to GATHER and im too lazy to go to the fridge for some blueberries
Retweeted by Malik🚿 @bigbaconbert @bocxtop yes @avantnard 😭😭 @TokyosDemons ...........100 likes and i block this person for good @updatedsara aye hol up u kinda bad tho?*te people will really put their kids on a leash and their dogs in strollers 😭
when twitter mutuals post pictures of their siblings/family i get so shook like??? Oh shit y’all have whole lives o… at the white house passing time on this
This Dunya is an illusion. I am upon the haqq now
Retweeted by Malik🚿 @CaitCamelia Cait wait til I catch u in public. @notgloryboy you get me
@IlhanMN The mf got 13 days left you had 4 years. Give it a rest @jasminericegirl calls herself a girl Lmaoooo u a grown ass woman @bIondiewasabi LMAOOOO @tired_rami why you say?? @dclmtcplctr psychs @tired_rami 👀 @ellemorigi by yourself??? omg tell me ab it @babyisuh you really might've done something here @babyisuh wish you could buy them at Walmart @BacconatorJay yes don't do them kidz @_asapmads 👀 @DashawnHD im off 2 Tylenol rn bro @user72682 omw @arizonablueme yooooo how was it @arizonablueme psychs @gemstoned_png U kno me @CatClementines smh
@miso_yes if I was in charge I’d have you arrested and tried @sluttykenneth i get so excited to see the pizza box then open it and I’m crushed @memetazaa and when you stop is when you’ll find love❤️ @christo02782008 stop that ❤️to people that like ordering pizza with olives and mushrooms on it.... why do you like ruining good things? @OnThisDayGaming @Boywonder406 crazykilled by the same boots she licked, crazy @bocxtop LMAOOOO @the1banjo ill be waiting patiently @avantnard @bocxtop @CaitCamelia @CaitCamelia BRUH WHY HE ALL UP IN HER OFFICE LIKE THAT 😞😒 @discpix bro give it back to her 😩 @ZoomerQlips play stupid games win stupid prizes
@bocxtop 😭😭😭