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Urban farmer by passion. Writer by trade. Food justice organizer by love. Cannabis educator. Fan of Black art. Carolina gal. We love you eternally, @seabethree.

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@jsher88888 I had polio at 2, 70 years ago. walked agan but had many childhood illnesses and surgeries, and now I e…
Retweeted by Asia Chloe Brown @stelIiumslut @erinheree @erinheree @stelIiumslut I wouldn't even say she carried it. She was r&b's principal artist for 2 years and that's about it.I use IG for visual admiration because thirst following on Twitter will have you wondering how the hell you followe… @stelIiumslut @erinheree How old are you? @DDofC Min pin. 😂And if he doesn't pronounce the "-ty" on shawty you need to let your people know where your life insurance paperwor… @OoMsBlueEyesoO I had a little cleaning business on the side a few years ago. German brands make the superior vacuu… not better than This Christmas x Donny Hathaway, though. 🌚This is amazing. @stelIiumslut She didn't. 🤨Lmao I cannot.
Retweeted by Asia Chloe BrownThis has my stomach hurting. FULL discography still ain't doing nothing against Keyshia lmao. Also I think they're supposed to use songs the…'all down bad. was just reading about Thong Song. That song was huge everywhere. Just a huge global hit. in time for Christmas. Some lil Chitown mami gon be so happy. 🥰's ashy as hell tonight lmaooo. I closed the app. @tejaatej These are not ballads. Ashanti doesn't have any ballads. I would put Keyshia's I Should've Cheated, Long… was only 16. I had a car and I was on summer break. I was trying to be cute.This reminded me of when my dog was still a puppy and I wanted to show him off, so I snuck and took him to the mall… @damnitdoja It's over. 🥺Black women made my fibroid chat great. I wanna cry! is exactly how Clubhouse is everyday. @Hua_XY Lmfao. @tejaatej She doesn't have anything to counter those songs and how huge they were.Like why was Irv talking on Scared? Why did you let him talk on that smooth ass song sis? I said, without Ja Rule, Ashanti’s catalog weak af.
Retweeted by Asia Chloe BrownExactly. Ciara can counter Love with And I. She can counter Heaven Sent with Promise. She can counter I Remember wi… gotta counter Keyshia's deep cuts with one of her biggest songs. 💀 wants to hear Irv Gotti or Ja Rule screaming either.Ashanti has nothing to counter Love, Heaven Sent, I Remember, Trust, or any of Keyshia's ballads.Um sir? That is an invitation for gunplay and you did not tweet a follow up. Are you okay???
Retweeted by Asia Chloe BrownOmg a dance version of Verzuz would be terrible and amazing.For Verzuz? @Kim_Buh_Lee Okay name 10 with features.People allow a tiny portion of hyper-visible monied men on Instagram to convince them that they're all with supermo… @Kim_Buh_Lee Name 10 songs that could wash Keyshia. No features.He made some points but he was generally reductive. Plenty of men who earn six figures have wives with average look… pussy!? Lmao.
@Power_Verse 🤣🤣🤣I still think Ciara would be a better fit for Keyshia Cole but her vs. Ashanti is still going to be good.Not one. see the holes in my collards? I'm coming back with Neem and I'ma spray his whole family. @Fufu_Esq I ain't did nothing. @QueRatio No. Ashanti does not have any no-skip albums.Thanksgiving chickens are coming home. @jatella @DaShaunLH Good because I wanted to bully them into joining but I held back. What are y'all usernames?Me since March: joy wherever you are. 🥰 not bad-mouthing USPS because of the election even though they got like 3 of my packages delayed by two weeks. is one of my favorite videos in existence. @meabap And ended up dead. Sad.The Way It Is was a whole motherfucking era PERIOD.Folks are going for Ashanti, but Keyshia ain't no one-hit wonder. 🤨 She could do half the Verzuz without leaving he… does this thought exist in your head? @KissMyMahogany 8p, ET! @stolen_affinity Thank you! I watched this island for two years before I could afford it.I hope y'all join me tonight during the "Navigating Fibroids" chat on Clubhouse! You can find me over there under the same username.I'm discussing “Navigating Fibroids: Genetics, Diagnosis, Treatment, & More”. Today, Dec 4 at 8:00 PM EST on… a thread. @UbelieveInGhost 💀 @zoranealehurtin You're a family member? I did not know this. @UbelieveInGhost This product is on my menu. I ain't bout to kill anybody with both things in there. 🤨 @UbelieveInGhost No.Family, the eggnog is coming.If you didn't plant your strawberries when I told you to, I don't want to hear it when they're not fruiting next year.I don't know how to play Spades. (Shut up.) @Bekksalot It's a different consistency so I wonder if it will hold? @Ciscoskid They are so awful! @Glamazon1026 Well now he's dead. So. @TheCheekyGinger @kaylawithav That or an organic Neem spray is very helpful. @MsRobinScott Cute & destructive. 😭 @1inAMilli913 There's like 2 doctors who do it in the USA so assuming you can even book an appointment in 2021, probably not. 😂 @TheCheekyGinger @kaylawithav You sprayed regularly? I start spraying before I even see them.For the newbies, this is a cabbage worm, a serious enemy to the Brassica family. @kaylawithav Smh. They will destroy all your greens. You have to spray.Look at this OPP biting my shit up. I threw his ass across the garden. Play with somebody else. reunion. Ifkyk. 😂 @obaa_boni First confronted this in grad school. It helped me conceptualize a lot. @BravoLife365 I have no idea. I stay away from fabric softener so I don't know where it goes in the cycle. @kirasimsimma Nah no odor. I do a pre-soak cycle, before the wash cycle, with 1 cup of vinegar for the sanitation &… @LegendDurham Oh this is fabulous! I will keep this in mind.She just doesn't put out a lot of music and that would be understandable if she was giving us consistent, hard-hitting albums. But.She is under-appreciated. She didn't lie about that. I don't know the music business, but I wonder if she made the… next washing machine that I own will beep when the rinse cycle is about to begin so I can open it and add some… global financier. @brugelita Engraved! @mminthecity I— @such_A_frknlady GIRL I'M REAL CLOSE LMAO. @mel_simpliciano Considering blocking for this comment. @caveofbeauty Isn't is terrible!?They are not a pair. They look different, as I intended, and do not match so I don't get them mixed up. But this li… morning I discovered that my salt mill is labeled with an 'S' on the top while the pepper mill does not have a… @mminthecity SAY IT AGAIN. @123itsmeMary I live alone and I'm not around nobody. @mminthecity I can't wait to hear that the 50" is perfect. 🌚You would never see your baby again after doing something like that.