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Asia @AsiaDNYC Brooklyn, NY

Classically trained burrito eater. I cry a lot. she/her

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@emily_dawnxo It may just be to see what areas need the most attention, if so they’ll shave for you before they do the treatment 💛Just a reminder for no reason that the "radical left indoctrination" at colleges is really just your kids leaving t…
Retweeted by AsiaImagine being so bored that you’re like yes let’s go out and get this deadly virus bb
Retweeted by Asia @MariyaAlexander Omg cut it out 😘😘😘 @MrDCDouglas Hahaha you’re the best 💛 @crf_pdx What’s a party without Foster?! Not one I wanna be at, I can tell ya that much.Would like to extend this to my non binary babies you’re amazing and I want your Friday to be spectacular! Still not you though, men. @Sebz1291 You are too sweet thank you 💛 @crf_pdx I was just about to post an addendum to include my non binary babies but you’ve gone and done it for me and I love u for it!Hope all the beautiful women are having a lovely Friday night. Not you, men.
@PaymanBenz It is worth noting that you also rule @MrDCDouglas They are quite literally everywhere and they deserve to be in PRISON @dissonantfreq Do you have an even or odd number now? @the_jess_murray Honestly an incredible ideaI don’t understand all these “men and their 1 compliment per year” memes I compliment men all the time I’m like “WO… @DothTheDoth Idk why this makes me feel unbelievably adorable?Mom, can you come pick me up? Men on the internet are telling me people only follow me because I’m hot without real… @thefix95 @quakerraina It’s only because I have a lot of volume, my main point is it’s something women with curly h… @blakeneuro @donalrd11 I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate genetics 😭 @blakeneuro @donalrd11 Means a lot coming from the two of you with a whopping 365 combined people who find you amus… @NicholasKalikow @ajdeluxe_ No, Nicholas, they are notThis animal exists??? This exists and you believe in god? You believe promises from a guy who made this? what is he…
Retweeted by Asia @MarcusTheToken @ladya I just looked up what antebellum means because I am stupid and didn’t know and OH MY GOD. Al… @BigTFatty I appreciate that 💜Freud was like “everyone wants to fuck their mom” and not one psychologist thought to be like “no dude that’s just you”
Retweeted by Asia @BigTFatty Take a scroll through my media and you’ll see that my hair is obnoxious @1dgrn At this point I don’t even know @TMarshallBunn No one’s gonna fight you for it bb @MrDCDouglas SO IT DID HAPPEN!!! @missviiccii @quakerraina We all have incredible hair they’re just jealous of our volume @JamesD_SF Finding a tailor isn’t...Lmao sir dumbbitch, hath you not heard of a tailor? @Fauxedo So spot on @Brandon_LaJoie You? I mean, no, she never believed in you though. Jk she loves youThat’s it everyone, deactivate and go home. It’s over. None of us will ever write anything as hilarious as this out…
@eatingb00ks Look at this little weirdo. She believes in you and is here for you. @emily_dawnxo @quakerraina I also get sideshow bob. Turns out men are extremely not funny and unoriginal. @PolitcalCapitaI An apple, large in sizeWow Supreme Court rules 7-2 that my ass is the fattest and most beautiful in all the land. A truly historic day for this great nation. @tenebrousoul Holy crap I wish @tenebrousoul Who are you suggesting I look like I am lost hahaha do you get it but seriously, who? @crf_pdx You are too good for this earth ily @kellomalley It was specifically for you so you are welcome
ok if I’m being honest I just wanted you all to see how hot I am twiceThe show villain The real villain @Jack_Battery Don’t be mad at me just because new jersey sucks balls @minionofpeeps Brick and mortor, online would come next. I know brick and mortor is “a dying business” but my conce… @SodDribble They are SO GOOD @YuckyTom Mine too praise danka hallelujah @olivier_amar My media is my only saving grace @jazzrat2000 @portmanteauface Oh that’s alright, I wasn’t asking as I generally do everything I can to avoid growing as a person in any way @minionofpeeps Going to the mailbox pooh bear style @neu_sdotbailey Such a boopsnoot @TendersKevin You are so welcome 💛time to start my morning the way God intended... with twelve online articles that are so upsetting my stomach will…
Retweeted by Asia @chazzofsheckys Bottom left is the obvious king but good morning to you and all puppers @GymVsTheVolcano That is the correct responseGooooood morning look at this
@katieeeeeeo TWENTY ONE WHAT THE HECKKKKKKK @youngadamc 🤢 @DanielJPerafan Indeed I amWhy do like 93% of racist people look exactly the same? Are they all related? Do they all adopt the same lifestyle…
@DanielJMeyer Hahaha thank you? @angleterre77 Looks like a certified sweetie to me @NicholasKalikow “There is no such thing as a weird human being, some people just require more understanding than o… dad called, sighed, and said: "the tension between your mother and the local deer is getting serious."
Retweeted by Asia @phil_marlo @1955 First question is obviously where did you get your dress I LOVE it @gregthomasbooks I have no idea what he’s doing but if it is found to be insensitive or offensive in any way I prom… @ytirad Too manly for my tastefuck 1948, marry 1970, kill 1945 for whatever he did to that innocent woman
@kellomalley Well then we will be rectifying that the next time we are together!! @kellomalley @bobmatnyc See that wasn’t so bad, was it? @crf_pdx Agree 100%!! @LittleMissLizz I love this on you
@thatdutchperson We are very embarrassing over here :) @emily_dawnxo 💛 sending you hugs, your friends (me!) will celebrate you when you’re just not feelin it 🥳 @crl5q Lol nice @Pixelmana I feel like one of my followers has called me some variation of that before but I can’t for the life of me remember who @1dgrn 💛 @crushthebigots Out here speaking the hard truthsLove when men that consistently like my selfies are like “you got political I’m unfollowing” like ok bye thanks for… @DanielJPerafan 💛💛💛Literally no other countries will let us in rn
Retweeted by AsiaHappy 4th of July to those observing like I dunno maybe people with zero access to the news or something? @crf_pdx @1dgrn I appreciate that!Good morning if you turned my head sideways it would be a football. I am the reverse Hey Arnold. THIS WHOLE FUCKING THING PLEASE
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Felt super gross and bloated today so I ate a huge dinner that was high in fat AND sodium with a side of alcohol fo… @ChrisMillhouse YOU LEFT MEmy man has fabric over his head to keep droplets away while holding a sign that says masks don’t work
Retweeted by AsiaYes, allowing evictions during a pandemic is 1)morally repugnant and 2) will almost certainly exacerbate the spread…
Retweeted by Asia @JETobal so damn true @driver28 Hmm I dunno you seem pretty eager to know my secrets @__ravishing__ Unfortunately for you, due to how long we’ve known each other you are grandfathered in as my friend @emily_dawnxo Consider it done! 👯‍♀️I’m KIDDING I know no one wants to be my friend