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Ryan Drewry 🏃 @ASKDADDO Barcelona, Spain

Dad, Vet, Expat 🇺🇸 🇪🇸

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@Jon_Finkel Remember those nikes he had? Those things were all the rage @elknight20 Thank youYou forgot the Infiniti sign @markallanbovair @jack What did I miss? ELI5 @DusterBuster187 Mostly just chipotle, large coffees , America’s cheeseburgers @RazorStoic Amen to that brother @swift0119 @DusterBuster187 we all miss certain aspects of good ol Murica but over all the kids are really enjoying their time… @sadwitchz most churches are anti LGBTQIAFADFAF its literally in the bible @markallanbovair Agreed was entertaining. The rating of 7+ is sort of off though. Our 9 year old daughter had some… morning twitter world Ran 2700 feet up to Monserrat to spend some time with the good lord up stairs Starti… @IAmYardDad 3 @swift0119 @ReformedFuture Eso es verdad
You have a face for radio @BrentBeshore Gotta pick this up. Currently working through his The reason for God. Fantastic as well @chriswilhelm58 wearing NASA suitsLMAOOOOOO
Retweeted by Ryan Drewry 🏃 @MindfulnessMe foil hat time with ryan: -Kanye supposed to be on JRE Friday -Joe posted a video saying young Jamie has covid a… Simplifies Life today @bbaumbus Sounds about right. I’d hire them for pretty slides
Does this halve or double the homeless problem?
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@TheFoodTruckCEO So you are essentially the complete opposite of an alcoholic @AramLeary This is a great point... what’s the situation like in the and down under with pigs? @AramLeary She was referring to all the wild pigs around here in the trailsWhen it was time to put kids to bed I put on my running shoes and hat My wife said “If you are really about to… in bed with the kids Me: say the prayer tonight Harvey 7 yo: dear Jesus please help everyone shut up so… some piggy friends today on our hike @FallacaroJim 3 @Rugged_Legacy Feel like it would be fairly effective as long as he can close the distanceMe: what would you do if you were on a trail at night, looked up, and saw 3 clowns? 7 yo: I’d punch them in the pe…
@mkobach Been in Barcelona for a year now. It’s amazing @AramLeary Do it man. It was scary but just had to do it. Go straight through that keeper Select all then go to t…
Believe in yourself. Be your source of happiness.
Retweeted by Ryan Drewry 🏃 @nikos_paxie Was the best of times. Lifting, patrols, ju Jitsu, firefights, and Copenhagen @JBensonWright @theearlofelpaso son of a... thats hilarious. @theearlofelpaso fancy seeing you herefound this oldie in my collection at our patrol base we would have weekly ju-jitsu tournaments to boost morale e… @DadWithABeer now you just have more small legosjust deleted all 44,162 emails in my gmail inbox cleanse the soul also prob deleted atleast 25 emails i need YOLO @creation247 Dexter
@RazorStoic On chp 3 and really enjoying itMy 3yo wanted popcorn So I guess what i am saying is that if you need me I’ll be busy cleaning up popcorn @BricksnBullets what in the .... @aaronpkowalski rad man, thats amazing. take a photo when you hit the grand tetons for meIdea 💡 We have 2 presidents 1 from each party House and senate have equal # R and D members Now everyone will… @swift0119 married someone smarter than me Impregnated her 3x Worked my way up to Chief house officer Now manage the hou… @tobydoyhowell I married someone smarter than me Impregnated her 3x Worked my way up to Chief house officer Now… @swift0119 Wait you mean the secret to success isn’t taking out 100k in loans , majoring in feminist queer studies… @MindfulnessMe There is prob already 2 or 3 lol @moontheloon8 Yea and since the landlord doesn’t close it for winter it becomes my morning cold bath which is a double whammySome consider wealth the amount of money in an account I consider the fact that It’s 1pm and I am able to sit in… @nikos_paxie Everyone loves to mention NZ that’s for sure“Look at the other countries like Spain and France who have numbers spiking and there is no political issues there”… leak from apples next event @moontheloon8 Woah really? That sounds awful. What part is he in? What branch is he in? @moontheloon8 That ending was one of the most frustrating events in recent history.. wth would dexter sail off into…
@MorningBrew This article doesn’t even discuss the fine tweets or memes that are put out daily... tisk tisk’s funny because it’s true @MinvstrD @awealthofcs Honestly to this day can’t watch anything with him in it and not think trinity killer @awealthofcs I still have nightmares about that last episode and season in general. Might be the worse final season to a show in historySuper creative naming here in Spain sometimes ponder where the children I met throughout samarra ended up Was so sad to see so many children living… has never read the Declaration of Independence. It continues to make us unequal. -will Durant @pathofomar @SimpleWater1 Your English great. Better than my Spanish by far ha Thanks for info. In valldoreix cafe… @SimpleWater1 Let’s just hope it doesn’t resort to lock down again. Supposed to know more after Friday @SimpleWater1 I have not been paying any attention to numbers or the news but evidently they feel the need to impose their power againRestaurants closed Youth sports canceled It begins this gem on google images by accident this morning. Journalist loved coming to Samarra, Iraq because they w… @MindfulnessMe I think I’m leaning more torward the later Atleast I will never have to deal with the awkwardness o… 1: throw device in trash can
@TheHoaan @TheFoodTruckCEO Cincy native here but currently in Barcelona Can confirm cincy needs more pizza but I w… will go down regardless of who the president is
Retweeted by Ryan Drewry 🏃Ain’t that the truth @MindfulnessMe One can only hope 🙏 @MindfulnessMe News. They are deciding on Friday for what to do moving forward. The sant cugat del Vallès areas is… @americancapplan @markallanbovair except in this case i am the one that has stayed home with the kids for the last 5 years @americancapplan @markallanbovair being that we have 9 yo, 7 yo, and a 3 yo in PK3 i couldnt agree more. hard eno… @markallanbovair that is so rough. is the virtual school Michigan wide still? or just certain districts? @markallanbovair like one of your recent tweets stated about kids that are impacted the most recieved teacher ema… @DougButdorf saving to contact list in event of quarantine @pathofomar two babies would be rough for sure.just informed my wife to lock all the doors to our roof terrace if we go back on lockdown and I have to home school… @pathofomar oh rad! from what my wife read it looks like the del valles area in general is about to get hit with a… @pathofomar best of luck my friend. where are you located? @nikos_paxie i have never watched a rugby match am i still allowed entry?Possibly going back on lockdown next week If I started post angry tweets that’s why
@markallanbovair Agreed It was miserable for my 7 yo during quarantine last year but my 9 yo breezed along
Expat life is rough After 14 months I am now having chick fila dreams Last night I was eating a spicy chicken w… midnight Family went to bed at 1030 I just spent 1.5 hours watching farming videos on YouTube If you need… @hasskhalife Wallet empty , no animals in sight . ¡No bueno!Worst petting zoo ever is just over priced rice a roni
Camping for the weekend down in L’Ametler de Mar Wife wanted to take kids on sunset boat ride down Ebro river Tu…
@Rugged_Legacy Not as overrated as the Beatles I am the walrus Strawberry fields forger GTFO @DusterBuster187 That blows man. Best of luck @Markos81a This could very well be the case. It still hurts during certain movements but my ROM has increased Greatly @Jon_Finkel For you lifting weights sounds like a Metronome wrist 4 weeks ago X-RAY/ MRI showed just bad sprain Finally able to lift again Whenever I do pull ups my…