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@DogginTrump Transparent, season 6Watching 'Singles' randomly and getting pretty nostalgic about @subpop, grunge in general & all the memories & band…
They forgot to top it with mac and cheese @ashnowak @mikeservito we are dammit. I'm a Virgo too 😀 @kendrakicks 😘😘 you're welcome to come to our next pop-up! lol @mikeservito Virgos are so impatient @justcorey_77 Canva app, takes 2 seconds to makejust had the chicken sandwich from AutoZone
Retweeted by AskJenHowe @tinytacotown I trust you! Thanks 🥰 @perlmutations This is the greatest. You're my favorite person on twitter @tinytacotown Is it streaming somewhere cause I need to watch this @psi An ironic application works 😀 @tinytacotown Yes after working in restaurants for 20 years, women's bathrooms are *always way more disgusting, it'… @psi You should! I made this in 2 min as a joke but it would be fun to do on a regular basis, and keep to remember your dinners. 😀
I like to fuck around and pretend I'm at a restaurant at home level up y'all you aren't following this man I suggest you get on it @tinytacotown Lol off topic but the toilet seat thing triggered me haha @tinytacotown Women are disgusting, won't sit on the seat- but pee all over it, & raw dog a guy they just met that night in the bar 🤷‍♀️ @mikeservito If you don't know.... Keep it movin' @djskeez313 Exactly, hope I'm not dead before this technology becomes the norm, it's absurd. There's no need for "paper" anything 😑 @djskeez313 They can send over all your files to wherever you need unless you are in a hurry, if time isn't an issu… @toddlevin Manchester by the Sea, certainly was expecting a diff take
@blackmadonnachi Wow truly a whirlwind girl. There's hope for us all. Love u!!!!! 😘😊⭐🤩👀
@tinytacotown I love to eat themWhy is @TheRock not running against Trvmp for president, he'd surely win @_jbeans @thebearjew21 @KinchenMark_MK @MarcKinchen *Love changes* is my anthem for eternityAfter a beautiful weekend in Michigan wine country and a sleepy beach town, Alex and I are most excited for this no… @tinytacotown @rockhardpeepee Oh wow amazing I am def tuning in to that @_jbeans @KinchenMark_MK @askjenhowe and I both were hesitant to tell each other how much the other one enjoyed it.…
Retweeted by AskJenHowe @kikiebbie Awww so cute 🥰 @alisterrobbie @playboijael @rockpoptart This is everything thank u @laurenflax Lol I'm joining also 😟
Michigan has some amazing wineries, equidistant from Detroit/Chicago along lake Michigan, this is paradise! ❤️ @mikeservito @djnita Happy birthday Nita!
@mikeservito @fysicaltherapy Devil's pie at campout WOW @SpinthatShot Alex and I are driving up north I literally scrolled for 30 min 😂 @SpinthatShot Thank you I don't know how I wasn't following this page @mikeservito @justin_cudmore I def need to go since I always lose everything 😀 @joshvmathews @Arr @pixelatedboat Actually alot of people did, it was a thing @mikeservito 👀
@aweirdflower Shel Silverstein Judy Blume Choose your own adventure books @djskeez313 Ugh that's horrible. I swear the only reason I stopped losing my phone is I work from home now, I don't go anywhere 🤷‍♀️ @djskeez313 Best bet take it someplace and pay an expert - don't leave it to chance. Wish I could help 😔 @christinapell I watched this 200 times @copsarecomin Sounds like a great Friday!Leto's 50th bday party was lit y'all 🔥 friends for 31 years who am I???
@andrew_durso You can't read the fonts anyway so who cares what the name is @xvkingg Or an @AuntieAnnes 🤤 @tinytacotown I just watched house bunny go for itI was serving eating Taco Bell in my car realness today y'all NPR and sour cream side on the dash realness
@robertgorell 😡🤬😠🤬REMINDER: Michael Thompson, a Black man who sold 3 lbs of weed has been in a MI prison since 1994. His mother & b…
Retweeted by AskJenHoweI copped a J Dilla AND Nickelback t-shirt today and I'm living for it
@djauspex @noctuarysf Plus you can just stay inside like I do all summer @noctuarysf Definitely Detroit. Your dollar here is worth ten times what it is in San Fran, plus technoI get to thrift shop for a living dreams do come trueWho do I know that can write my name in a death metal font for a t-shirt @KenidraRWoods_ @djskeez313 Or how many of your "dates" ended in "date rape" or "assault" that you didn't want but… @tinytacotown @BrainTaylorBBC @BBCScotlandNews Totally lmao. Bye bye @djauspex Wow love it, you're really going in! 😍 @djauspex Yes! And what will it be?
How to tell you're an adult: • you gain 30lbs overnight • you'd rather sleep than go out • everything hurts • c…
Retweeted by AskJenHowe @rdotilano @blucu Love them 😍 @dddiaperrr I imagine his record collection 👀 @djskeez313 That's so shitty wtf @djskeez313 This post was *after a 4 course dinner at J. Alexanders 😋 @kikiebbie @lasagnabby LOLOLGod is summer over yet so I can stop pretending to care that I'm fat
@lasagnabby This was the look in 09' @laurenflax @djauspex @TortugaMinor The writers for this show are really keeping us on the edge of our seats! @JessicaKnapik Omg his pretty face 🥺
I fuck with how the Golden Girls would throw on god level outfits just to ki on the couch.
Retweeted by AskJenHowe @mikeservito @djauspex *Berghain, specifically @djskeez313 👀The early 2000's seems like 30 years ago to me
@ststerling *Harmony, that is @ststerling Oh his interviews are always the best!
Why didn’t you invite me to your intimate gathering even though I never text back and also never come out? It’s rude.
Retweeted by AskJenHowe @SpinthatShot @thebearjew21 🤤 yes please curried pork belly I've been dreaming about those dishes! @1pinkfridayy @ineeeedsmoke Just do laser, then it's permanent 😀
@djnita @BEARCAT_808 I'm glad it ended the way it did tho, minus the Glee dance routine @SpinthatShot @thebearjew21 You always know about the good food!In honor of Toni Morrison and her strong female leads 💗🔥 @mikeservito Ahhhhhh 💗
@ststerling @mikeservito pick me up at 9?
@CosMichVoyager This is great. @_noncompliant_ Awww I have a tuxedo kitty, (and another buddy) meet Mr. Kitty and Shep Gordon, they also love tech… @mikeservito The El Paso kid was literally regurgitating his exact words. It was just a matter of time. We are in big trouble ☠️😟
@tinytacotown I became friends with Clutch a zillion yrs ago, the drummer and I were pen-pals LOL He came over my p… @copsarecomin Better than seeing the alternative! @laurenflax Sounds terrible 💗 @tinytacotown Omg Clutch love this
I purposely never had kids so I wouldn't have to deal with my sleep being disturbed for years but then I got PTSD insteadThis was a *change your underwear three times* kinda day @ashnowak I'd wear a t-shirt that stated that 😀Lena Dunham had to act like a sexual predator in order to deflect away from the dress she was wearing, that she bou… @SpinthatShot 😭😑
@SpinthatShot Stop telling people how good they smell creep @midlandsound Booty music foreverrrrrr #Detroit #Chicago This track is so good 💗 @blackmadonnachi LOVE HERRRR.