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i love how the jeanmarco fandom has created something entirely gorgeous from like nothing @miIfchiko um every five minutes seeing another eremikasmutweek art on my tl @gogolliker it’s basically to inspire people to be more creative on tiktok @gogolliker neither do i lmaothe adult swim trend is my favourite thing tiktok has ever produced @arusboh no like mine instead /j @sensualpoliticz kiss them dailydrunk jean my beloved @kooyeagerr this is so embarrassing for u @kooyeagerr so is jean 😭 @kooyeagerr naur thats kennyi miss them so much this isn’t fairno i cant do this today love mikasa’s duality cause she can be this but also this @tokisehonda goodYOU ☝️are in love with hatori sohma @whoopynight @whoopynight UR HAIR?? LOOKS SO NICE @whoopynight KISISNG BOTH OF U @whoopynight YES @hangelvrs HAPPY BIRTHDAY
@pikukasa YES OMG @levibrator gay wine aunt @kaidoujelly hot topic employee @illusoki himbo @strawberriesani avid sofia the first watcher @whoopynight dumbass bisexual @jiiyean i love langa @qtSyonX @aslanbabie yes i love myself
@Ayc013 i’ve got it up on ebay too sigh @Ayc013 stoopid😭 @Ayc013 i’m the one selling it mf what @Ayc013 wym 😭 @Ayc013 cheap @Ayc013 i literally just want it gone plz @NO3L7E how would you knowjust two boys thinking about their boyfriends so) old but (more or less) gold #marcobodt #snk
Retweeted by zo ♡︎ semi ia for exams @rvndart GRRRR @loudarmybombs MALEWIFE EXHORCISYvanshsijrent a malewifereplace a word of an anime with "malewife’ @NO3L7E ever. @NO3L7E i’m not spitting him out @NO3L7E yeah i did do u have a problem @NO3L7E hes laughing at u rn @NO3L7E bless someone get them some help @NO3L7E dots.... delusional @NO3L7E #fanbehaviour @NO3L7E HES LITERALLY WITH ME /?!>? RN @NO3L7E UR JUST JEALOUS @strawberriesani THIS IS W4RHELLO?! @NO3L7E he doesn’t want you @_sonagee marco looks so fine i- @NO3L7E no MY little meow meow @lizzyvrart @lizzyvrart U DID THAT SO WELL
@fushigurosbf i’m a kyo stan okay dw 🙄he is so <3 @rougecherries it HOW ITS started GOING kinnies 24/7 are lœng way kazuma was the first person kyo went to tell :’) girl of the season @NO3L7E @taezchi let’s pretend ❤️ @taezchi @NO3L7E ^^ @MikeScaledBack my dms are always open :D @MikeScaledBack bruh we are already friends @NO3L7E PRAISE THE LAWD @NO3L7E never spitting him out @NO3L7E all mine @NO3L7E he’s in my tummy @NO3L7E nom @NO3L7E im gonna eat him @rougecherries please give us some sort of headcanon of joe washing/braiding cherry’s hair please please @ERENMlKA PLZWAKE UP NEW OFFICIAL RENGA ART DROPPED @https_lou TYSM @levisfatshlong TY!! @whoopynight ty!!
@dropmei ty!! @bookofdrawings1 THIS IS SO CUTE @itayuuj CORRECT BANGER @itsmiksa ty !! @bi_dont_exist ty! @erenihy ty!okay goodnight i have exams all next week wish me luck @eijihonkers LOVE ITHATORI SO FINE @kendaddy90 @AshKittenn guys untag plz :) @apsou7 idk i’m just confused @apsou7 yeh that’s what i meant sorry @AshKittenn exactly i agree @apsou7 apparently he’s racist and transphobic tho sigh @AshKittenn apparently he’s racist and homophobic tho :( @lungzatzero IDK IT WAS ON MY TL @fairyragi IDK IT WAS ON MY TL