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Advocacy director for Muslim women at @risesisterhood in MN. Professional destroyer of white men's egos. My tweets.

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@dbrauer @RISEsisterhood Also gene...seems like he has to be fake!!! Have you seen his website? It's disturbing @dbrauer @RISEsisterhood You're right! Editing now. Someone else sent us an article after we posted gene saying Sia won 🤦🏾‍♀️And finally...CD 8! Use our report cards to make a decision on whom to vote for this year based on our values arou…
Retweeted by Asma NizamiMN CAN WE PLEASE STOP VOTING FOR PEOPLE NAMED MICHELLE PLS & TY 6...thats you, Blaine folks! Use our report cards to make a decision on whom to vote for this year based on our…
Retweeted by Asma NizamiVoting for @IlhanMN is a privilege and if you don't think so, unfollow me. @bossymaggoo Yeah, I still wish we had better choices. I think that district is pretty centrist overall but we have…
@JameyErickson Lol agreed. It's hard voting for him but it's easy voting against QuallsDean isn't my favorite person. But we don't have a better choice in CD3. Kendall Qualls is Tr*mps man and will stay…🗳🗳🗳 CD2 folks! Use our congressional report cards to guide your decision! Each candidate is evaluated on their st…
Retweeted by Asma NizamiDo you live in MN Congressional District 1? Use our congressional report cards to guide your decision! Each candi…
Retweeted by Asma NizamiAnother clear indictment against those that think reforming the institution of policing or having Black faces withi…
Retweeted by Asma Nizami @meeterica Omg when she was like "I sourced blush pink tape" all smugly as if it was HUGE I wanted to snap. This is… @MyEvilTwinMN @meeterica Definitely. We're pushed to think about changing home decor with each season rather than t… @KateSBarr Khloes kid has more cars than my entire family combined! @AnarchyAndi It stresses me out. I tried to like it! Comparing them to Marie Kondo also annoys meIf you like the home edit show...why?????????? I understand people wanting to be organized but damn these white la…
He was a commencement speaker at Macalester one year and it was especially terrible because his daughter was one of… @LeslieSimone_ Your hair always looks good!!! @soundbitelife @MixieBren Omg Jen why didn't you share this before I neglected all of these rules! But for once I d… @mayashoucair The worst part is when you think they're long and they curl up!!!! @MixieBren Shoot I would! Or like a paid 1:1 with a stylist who could walk me through the process @MixieBren Agreed. The hardest part about doing it alone is when you mess up so you keep chopping and there's nobod… @IanColdwater DO IT I can't look like this aloneReally glad I'm hijabi rnIt's officially time to cut your bangs in the bathroom, like it for 5 minutes and regret it for 4 months! Start chopping ✂️✂️✂️After muting social media for several days to improve my mental health all I can say is...we should *all* do this m… life footage of @asmaresists 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Asma Nizami @ColaptesAuratus Omg I've been sent this a million times and I'm so sad it's not MINE
what's up fam, I'm going on a run to get our unhoused neighbors winter gear.
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Retweeted by Asma NizamiWow so curious how @StribOpinion managed to endorse every white democrat running for congress in MN 🙃 @m40dotcom @IlhanMN Okay I hadn't seen those 🔥🔥🔥🔥the president of the united states and the republican party: send her back! she's a terrorist! ilhan omar: you've…
Retweeted by Asma Nizami.@StribOpinion: - Didn't endorse Ilhan in 2016 - Didn't endorse Ilhan in 2018 - Didn't endorse Ilhan in 2020 - Did…
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@isaiah_kb Lmao ya she takes PRIDE in her and her family being a target for every Islamophobic anti black person in… just mad @IlhanMN bout to win even bigger than beforeThe @StarTribune is at it AGAIN! They refused to endorse Ilhan when her challenger is endorsed by Tr*mp, supports t… @Nylons Will likely take you up on that one of these days ❤️ and WHO DOES THAT TO SALMON???? @connoramulhern You MUST save her @NikiOfValenwood I'm so sad Niki I just wanted to watch happy tiktoksI'm having a rough day and to make things worse I stumbled upon a white woman "seasoning" salmon with salt pepper a…
This includes a bill from Sen. Benson, who wants taxpayers to pay for a "Civil Unrest Investigatory Commission".…
@aonedtod Thank you for this. This line got me: “‘You’re so resilient’ is just code for ‘You’re on your own, sorry.’” @ReadDanceBliss Seriously. I've been sick for a while and more than anything the guilt I feel about forced rest makes me more exhaustedI wish we would normalize rest and stop glorifying trauma and resilience.
@motarola123 I'm listening @NyQuilDayQuil what you got @AbiPereiraOf I'm okay! I'm pretty open about when I'm feeling suicidal. I'm genuinely just exhausted (from being s… @dbrauer I need an affordable option!!!!I wanna sleep til 2021 anyone figured out how we doing that yet???
@JameyErickson This is why we're friends. You UNDERSTAND!!!Cool cool cool when a sitting congressman can pull the both sides argument after white supremacist terrorists attem… @TwinCitiesDSA Such. A. Tool.JUST IN: A federal judge has put the #mn02 election back on track for November, granting an injunction for…
Retweeted by Asma NizamiI have the distinct honor of introducing THE Tarana Burke at our dedication ceremony for the nation's first permane…
@zola_ellen I'm honored 😢 @connoramulhern Lol I wanted to take Arabic in college but i tested out of needing a language so didn't wanna waste… noooooo white men are so marginalized can we all pledge to stop hurting their feelings so they stop lashing out… @advicepig I'm not *that* old!Is he reading this tweet? We will never know.This white boy liked me in high school then proceeded to take Arabic in college and had the *audacity* to try and h… see emergency state resources deployed in Minneapolis tonight. Where are those resources to address the homeless…
Retweeted by Asma NizamiYou're so scared of your own neighbors that you call state troopers, your work dad @GovTimWalz & the national guard…, the National Guard and State Troopers just arrested advocates from the National Lawyers Guild who were there t… is arresting protesters who will spend the night in jail while murderer Derek Chauvin will roam our streets freely.The national guard is telling people they're participating in unlawful assembly and will start arresting more. Pray…
@IanColdwater @MayorFrey @GovTimWalz Or this jerk @MrFesser @m40dotcom I only donate to @TheOnion that's where they say it like it is @connoramulhern Right! They're treating this like the actual Russia scandal and it's...not????? Their fear of Black… @m40dotcom Especially when that "freedom" to think and speak so violently about communities of color results guessed it: violence.And yes, this is about you @StarTribune @DiazUpNorthConversations around voter fraud are always led by scared white folks & target communities of color. This is an int… @m40dotcom *if only* we had reporters who didn't take calls from white supremacists. Too high a bar, I guess?Governor Walz just activated the National Guard AGAIN, because, you know, more military aircraft and tanks rolling…
Retweeted by Asma NizamiNo, Kevin. But you'll find any reason to believe our Congresswoman and Somali electeds had to lie to win an electio… surprised that a Star Tribune editor is treating Osman's account of events with skepticism, while happily takin…
Retweeted by Asma Nizami @IanColdwater He told us all he was super cool with Somali people and went on about how much he loved coming to see… @ndior84 fam pls tell me you rmbr this BSThrowback to when Omar Jamal brought Bob Fletcher to our shisha spot in 2011 and Fletcher forced us to put his numb…
But y I'm having a bad day and yes you are still my punching bag JacobSomewhere on a rooftop bar in Mpls @MayorFrey is still crying about not being able to debut his newest pair of shor… OF KMART TODAY IS IMMINENT 🚨 In the process of moving folks & providing hundreds of pounds of winter supp…
Retweeted by Asma Nizami @BennyDGinger YUP bc extra votes for Trump are votes for more white supremacist orgs like MPDAwwww looks like MPD will have to pretend to be "looking into" something else - You, along with everyone else who amplified this fraudulent story, owe Rep. Omar a public apology.
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@vnesofsc American football! The Cowboys and some other team 😒My sister, who clearly hates me: Asma maybe you should try getting into football. I got into it after *I* got marri… @Cherizac Wow you're a genius thank you @dreadpiratejene I wanna watch season 6 of schitts creek in peace without moving from my comfy spot!!!! But you're right. Drastic measures.The absolute butthead I married turned on a football game then went to go shower AND TOOK THE REMOTE WITH HIM SO I… home jackwagons. Anyone who wants to forgo all caution just to see you doesn't love you and isn't your friend!…'s *really* cute seeing everyone throw parties without masks and lots of hugging when someone I love just lost their dad to covid!
What's the crossover rate of people who said "run the protesters over if they in your way" and "you're a bad person…
Retweeted by Asma Nizami.@IlhanMN gets *actual death threats* on this platform all the time and Twitter doesn’t do shit
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Damn guess those Clorox shots didn't work
@TashaCMN I just wanna see a doctor and this lady at registration told me there are too many people with my last name nowadays lmaoI hate the healthcare system more than I can express in a tweet and wow it's like they specifically choose middle a… @mkb60 @asma Thank you so much. ❤️