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Brb, figuring out how to get through the rest of 2020.Buckle up! cc: FemBible @luca_smith0910 Tru Tru, tag your crush and tell her you like her and we'll sort something for your first date x @hannarrghh Worth it for those threads though πŸ‘€ @PaigeEliana1 Miss you too! ❀️ @royalelewis123 @adgreen__ @babymitchieee Looking good! πŸ™ŒIconic. @UtterPWNedNoob @KerrApril It's about time someone said it ❀️"Why are you wearing shades inside?" Me:
@paulmcbride38 @kirstenmoreton @radhikaiyer1993 @ThatRyan_Draws @elisekate90, so it's the first date, what do you wear?…..asking for a friend. @colleenkcarroll! What a glorious day, looks like the perfect weather to wear a mask in public spaces.
Checking your bank account after an ASOS sale: to wear in 36Β°C weather? πŸ₯΅ Need some inspo πŸ‘‡πŸΏYep, 2020 so far. Got inspired by @ReeseW group chat: what's everyone wearing?
Take your time, stay hydrated. wonder what's next on season 4,571 of 2020. #ThursdayThoughtsWho's ready to leave everything behind and go wherever this is? πŸ“Έ @ellisiyayi @RachelWalsh15 satisfiedΒ customer.
@OohThatsSoNina't wait for the day when I filter from high to low πŸ€‘ @Zack3O12 is he posingΒ like some of our models? @AlisonBattrick I mean, they are ICONIC! @xMelissa27 Glitter is underrated! @Paradoxgyal Trendy! @mrsasvpxrocky Bright colours all the way! @joannadarby_ Retro, love it! @tiffanrheen Who doesn't love unicorns? πŸ¦„
Celebrating the #MidnightSun release with a thread of the most iconic moments from Twilight 🍎 We'll start: this ma… item of clothing defined your childhood? #TuesdayThoughts @Shortest_Stuff @ChrisBrosnahan He's got that Benjamin Button drip πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚ @whitneyarner It's been so long...He's 6'9, 250lbs and one of the greatest athletes of all time. I'm sure he doesn't care about your opinion of his b… @psychres_rach Congrats! πŸŽ‰πŸ’ @Hi_ImSoph The dress suits him! πŸ’ƒMe: "Siri? Define excellence." Siri:Β  #BlackisKing
Happy #WatermelonSugarDay πŸ‰ liked one Harry Styles video ONE TIME and now our entire TikTok fyp is Harry Styles... not complaining though 😏My neck, my back, my ASOS and my snacks."I'm going to be so productive today." Monday afternoon: the nap hits just right... @GaryRowan_ Also, would you give us permission to repost on our social media channels @GaryRowan_ ? Thanks @GaryRowan_ Will pass it on πŸ˜‰ @bria_simone21 Accurate 🀣 would you @bria_simone21 give us permission to repost this tweet on our social channels?…'s car park every Mon, Tues and Weds in Aug @StephanieYeboah @kaicollective SERVED πŸ”₯Eyeliner and brows on fleek ✨ cc: TaliQuindio
Currently waiting for Face ID to work on your iPhone when you're wearing a face mask... πŸ‘€@AppleDid someone order a snack? πŸ₯– πŸ”Ž 1692100, 1699181 morning ASOSers! Rise and shine, it's a gorgeous Sunday. What's everyone having for breakfast?
Wait, so it's August?! July was about 4 seconds long...Socks and sandals? Place your votes in the replies below πŸ‘‡ morning ASOSers!​ What's everyone watching on Netflix RN?
I think we can all agree that pasta is 'The One​' πŸ’Everyone has that 1 shirt they never wear cos it's too hard to ironEveryone today 😰 cc: mytherapistsays ASOSers! It's hot out there today, don't forget your SPF! 🌞
Don't mind me, just listening to the same 5 songs on repeatI am literally this chicken πŸ“ fave summer activity? 😎 @megan5197 @amerjitkk Check your DMs πŸ’Œ @Bethany30451136 @CChloebevins Can you follow us so we can send you a message :) @iridescentplace @emilykerrin Can you follow us so we can send you a message :) @CChloebevins @Bethany30451136 Check your DMs πŸ’Œ @iridescentplace @emilykerrin Check your DMs πŸ’Œ @ness1508 @ivegotthepower Check your DMs πŸ’Œ @elishaburnsx @meganburgess97 Check your DMs πŸ’ŒWe've all got that one friend who deserves the 🌍 so tag your BFF and you both might receive a treat πŸ’Œ#FriendshipDay2020 πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈI'm definitely paying attention... cc: freeteammemestudio
When someone tells me I shop on ASOS too much bank account: you should save your pay check this month​ Me: sooo ASOS New InLOL. MASK OR... πŸ‘‚ we just 🀣 know I'm meant to drink 2l of water a day but whether I do or not is a whole other thing 🚰Joe Jonas and Sophia Turner's baby is the cute news 2020 needed 🍼
Thought this was a cake for a second, can't trust anything now πŸ€” @jordanjones_15 Keep grafting πŸ™Œ @jontaoht KILLED IT πŸ”₯There's always one sitting in the corner I'll listen to the new Taylor Swift album again today πŸ˜‚Your Tuesday Mood In a GIF, go!
Triple swoosh drip from @sallysneakers βœ”οΈ(1612796) is having a bag full of gift bags and a stash of birthday cardsCo worker: Good morning, happy Monday! Me:
Platform Converse, yay or nay? πŸ‘ŸπŸ–€ πŸ”Ž Converse Run Star Hike (1766433) to deal with hair in summer like... you were stranded on an island, what ASOS item would you take with you? 🏝
It's important to take a break from scrolling TikTok which is why I'll be scrolling Twitter for a whileJanuary: πŸ˜β€‹ February: πŸ˜β€‹ March: πŸ˜°β€‹ April: πŸ˜©β€‹ May: πŸ˜¦β€‹ June: πŸ§β€‹ July: πŸ™‚If you're wearing ASOS today, drop a πŸ“Έ in the comments
Friend: I love your outfit!​ Me: don't say it don't say it don't say it​ Thanks it has pockets!