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Like this if you got dressed today90% of arguments start when someone is hangry
Sunday night comes around way too fastHaven't seen much banana bread for a while... What are we making now? 🍌Like this is if you watch crime documentaries on Netflix, RT this if you don't 🕵️‍♀️
What's your Bridgerton name? 💐Lady/ Lord + your first name 💐 The last thing your ate 💐 The shoe brand you're currently wearingThe good thing about lockdown is I don't spend any money Narrator: they said while ordering £100 worth of ASOS clothesI got out the shower 3 hours ago and I'm still sitting in my towel staring at my phoneMe exhausted at 7am every morning: can't wait for Saturday so I can have a lie in Me waking up at 7am on Saturday:
Like this tweet if your entire weekend is going to consist of @NetflixUK and going for walks....🚶 @walkers_crisps Where does @GaryLineker loyalties lie in all of this?? @walkers_crisps The only correct answer imho 🧀 @walkers_crisps Surely it would be like picking a favourite child for you guys?! Can confirm your vote counts ☑️Are you guys really going to let Prawn Cocktail win?! 🦐 Friday morning, starting the day with a cup of tea or cup of coffee?? Let us know👇
Why did no one tell me that I'm going to spend half of my life making PowerPoint presentations?Looks like you guys hate spaghetti hoops after yesterday’s poll... How about this one, best @walkers_crisps flavour?? app of the day, every day. Who’s with us?🥰🥰🥰 @Matchasuga_ 🧘‍♀️ @shantique 😂 very busy during the night then @sarahmccluree Tasty 🍫 @EleanorBowyer Sleep talking mantra 🙏😂 @lynsh87 😂 @Tenerife_Smurf You must be funny in your sleep @chonker97 😂👋Beth from the Social Team here. I woke myself up last night sleep talking and just wanna know, what weird things y…
Let’s settle it this lunchtime, what goes better on toast? @HeinzUKDescribe your lockdown style in 3 words 👇
⭐️ WE’VE GOT VOUCHERS FOR YOU ⭐️ Tag a person who brings a 😁 to your face along with #ASOSGIFT for a chance to win… really be cleaning out your ears, huh?Wearing a mask outside in winter is pretty cosy, ngl @UkCif That's why you're the one 💚
A clean kitchen lasts for about 0.2 seconds before I get crumbs everywhere againJanuary has literally lasted 1246778 days
Like this if you miss the awkward walk after bowling the ball 🎳Your mood in a GIF, GO: We'll start...
@joerollo96 WAIT WHAT'S YOUR NAME? @joerollo96 EZIKIELASOSers reply with a funny video that lives rent free in your head 🙏 @pubIad What would a publad know about Tango Ice blasts?Like this if you’ve googled lyrics and realised you’ve been singing nonsense for 6 months.If I’m typing for too long mind your business sha, I’m trying to figure out how to spell a word lolSometimes the convo hit different though. Some of you have been here before... @itskennday @itskennday I am literally a brand.Anyone else experiencing pen pal vibes with dating atm?
@NiaDiamond9 Reporting for duty. new Tech Fleece brand is Fear of God, but ppl think it’s called "eSsEnTiALs" No sha... yo girls. Peep the drip sha. I said peep the 💦. Valentine's Day is coming... @doughyeen_ Tiripo @KuponaV Sei seiSha it's due 🙃 @AsttinaMandella explain pls. @willdesireemoyo Ah, ukuenda kupi in this panoramic activity.Me trying to spell jewellery: jewelry, jewllrey, jewlry, jewellreySadza eaters and Jollof friends, Zim admin shift tonight or na?Can't believe we used to commute an hour in jeans
Am I already rewatching Bridgerton? Yes Am I also searching for corset tops on ASOS? YesThe fact that February starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday is really pleasingWonder what jogger/hoodie combo I should go with today?
Like this if you hate hanging up laundry 🧺I couldn't help but wonder... is Sex and the City without Samantha just... The City?SAVE THE DATE. We'll be giving away £50K ASOS vouchers on 30th Feb 2021 🤑
⚠️ ASOS VOUCHERS COMING THROUGH ⚠️ Just tag the person you're missing the most RN along with #ASOSGIFT for a chanc…'s @zaynmalik's birthday which gives us the perfect excuse to leave these here... that is a good boy reminder to take a 🚶‍♀️on your lunch break today
2 hours on TikTok is the equivalent to 2 minutes IRLConversations in 2021: Hey, how are you? Good, you? Yeah good, what you been up to? Nothing. Same.Like if you're the Samantha of your group
One week at a time, this will end 💖Like this if you've spent the whole weekend trying to avoid anything to do with the #FACupDon't know who needs to hear this but get up and take a walk, you've been in the same spot for 7 daysNot sure Netflix can keep up with my streaming habits RNAll of you to us: Stop trying to make "lockers" happen, it's not going to happen.
What outfit are you most excited to wear out after lockers? @William81827495 a slang word for "you all" it sounds coolerI bet some of y'all wish we had a store 😂 what's everyone up to?Apparently it's SaturdayLike this if you're spending the weekend watching #FACup @Alexwarren_1997 @DanRolinson @ronnieo174
Saying "Yay it's the weekend" doesn't really have the same effect these days @wearenotpoets @phobbie1 @wizkidayo Ginger guys, imbomirai neze ma giveaway. Not every day giveaway sha @minelowry sha probotion @aviladianaart Imbosiyana nezve shona, Tino aribho here? Dai someone anomubikira sadza because ma1Not every day “maZimba drop your snaps below” you'll end up like Tino lol @panasheG001's all love for the Naija and Zim Twitter hanti? @petite_am @zimxprincess @KarenMarijeni @tinomaling Maybe we will because you're probably looking like this 😫 @tinomaling Ah blaz. Sei sei.