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@EmmaBostian Emma! It’s so cute!!!! @mnvalentine313 @BrandonMiniman truuu. I have a hip bone tattoo and ~15 piercings (all sfw) and pretty much all but… @yechielk @DThompsonDev Awesome, I taught ~125 7th graders with it and many really enjoyed it. @DThompsonDev @yechielk Huge +1! I've used this for teaching with kids before, it gamifies learning and appeals to a lot of interests! @BrandonMiniman piercings are *so* much worse
πŸ‘‹ Hey! Need a frontend dev? πŸ‘‹ πŸ‰ React, Graphql, Jamstack, APIs (yes REST) Serverless, Javascript, Design? Yeah I c…
Retweeted by Ali Spittel 🐞 @bphogan @TaelurAlexis Ooh I'm actually looking for a financial advisor right now, any advice on finding one?
@car_mcnaught oh I've seen multiple instances of people accidentally screen sharing porn or other embarrassing thin… who needs to hear this but double check what's on your desktop before you share your screenπŸŽ‰ Looking for my first Dev role πŸŽ‰ - Comfortable w/ JS, Node/Express, React (MERN), & Rails - Remote preferred, ope…
Retweeted by Ali Spittel 🐞 @EmmaBostian β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ @javagrifter Quite literally cried from laughing so hard at this tweet omfg
@CallMeWuz Elementary/middle school teacher! Or maybe humanities professor!Hey #TechTwitter, Here are 70 underestimated folks you should hire! Underrepresented people in tech are often unde…
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This week we're joined by the amazing @TimirahJ to discuss mobile development! We'll discuss - A day in the life…
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i don't have time to respond to a dad's 50 tweet thread about the privilege of not having children because my cat i…
Retweeted by Ali Spittel 🐞 @valeriecodes If they just had the soy sauce ramen.... or the chili @jackyalcine Yes!! I do
@kvlly I legit had an existential crisis at 25 over this lolThis pandemic is exactly why I hated group projects in school.
Retweeted by Ali Spittel 🐞 @techgirl1908 omg this is gorgeousIn this thread, share one resource that you've learned something from this week! πŸ‘‡πŸ»
@nickytonline @LittleKope @ThePracticalDev omg amazing!!!!wake me up when 2020 ends @LittleKope @ThePracticalDev best friday night work project i've done tbh
@rajoshighosh @bostjan_cigan @sez Ahh I had to hop off! I had a work callmy day job is in EST my side work is in PST i live in CST timezones are so confusingthis is me in another life (also srsly considering tiktok code tutorials) last night was thursday. it was not.And we're live! We kickstart Day 3 with @ASpittel telling us how Hasura makes learning to code easier!
Retweeted by Ali Spittel 🐞So excited to be kick-starting the day with @ASpittel who will be talking about how Hasura makes web development &…
Retweeted by Ali Spittel 🐞Teach everything you know @EmmaBostian Love you ❀️ so sorry people keep pryingπŸ—£πŸ“’ Some more amazing talks lined up for Hasura Con'20: Day 3! Which one(s) from today's agenda are you looking for…
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@KellyFMill @politico @FTIConsulting So excited for you!!!!! ❀️ also the politico shoutout???πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @jamesqquick It's honestly amazingThis is awesome!!! be a newbie at something. You will keep learning new things, and you will have more empathy for beginners a…
HOW TO TEACH CODING: @ASpittel at #Byteconf React 2020
Retweeted by Ali Spittel 🐞 @strandafili ❀️ @JohnByrne1978 ❀️ @Khaled_Naleem @LadybugPodcast ❀️I definitely needed this reminder this morning. Thank you @ASpittel ❀️
Retweeted by Ali Spittel 🐞 @rachael_codes ❀️ @solvandev ❀️ @patzistar Oh awesome!!!Just got one, thank you so much!!! ❀️ @WarcraftLinked it's in beta so you need an invite code to get onto the platform right now! @jbrooksuk thank you so, so much!!!!hey, does anyone have a hey invite code they are looking to part with? my inboxes are constantly a nightmare. @MorningBell4 Oh the format has become kind of a meme/copypasta based on a bad tweet from this weekend. @Alcionet_ I don't think it was on the OP's end, it's become kind of a meme.Micro-interactions are small animations that delight our users and they are changing the way we design and build ou…
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Juneteenth really is the perfect day to arrest the police officers that murdered Breonna Taylor.
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@devEmcon @florinpop1705 @silithewolf @jh3yy @jamesqquick Thank you so much!!!Minorities in tech are over coached yet under sponsored. (I heard that yesterday and still thinking about that statement)
Retweeted by Ali Spittel 🐞 @EmmaBostian hahaha omg 😭
@thecodeninja um, I am still giving conference talks and filming videos which requires dressing up. @EmmaBostian maybe in 2021i have now moved approximately 7 times in the last year πŸ™ƒ @AggregateError ahhh thank you so much!!! That really means a lot. @kvlly U R TOO OMGNew profile pic bc I no longer have pink hair and felt like a poser on social media @EmmaBostian hahaha thx!!! i no longer have pink hair and felt like a poser on social mediacoming into 2020 I thought it was gonna be my year of "stability". lol. @JakeDohm yasssssss @nickf @venikunche and I collabed on this!!
@porteneuve @EmmaBostian hmmm it is available on Steam! and on mobile! @dancow Omfg this is some hot gossip @jabyess right!!!! i will most likely be back though, coronavirus just messed everything up haha @danjconn haha I listened to two audio books? @tucker_dev @EmmaBostian RIGHT. we have a menagerie of animals and it's magical. @josh_cheek Thank you so much!!!! I may reach out! Thanks!!!! @EmmaBostian omg not at all but stardew has been my quarantine savior @EmmaBostian Stardew Valley!!! @SilvestriCodes Thanks!!! I may be back to living there at some point. COVID has totally messed up everything haha. @HouseBoyCoder for real Chicago @waynedixon Yes!!!! this car has needed next to no maintenance in the 9 years I've owned it. It's amazing. @cm_stead @tottinge I just got here yesterday afternoon! but it's beautiful!oh btw I live in Chicago now for the foreseeable future @JAStewart No! Plus I was moving so even if there were I would be exempt from them. @EarHolesMcgee Audio books!!! @RonakRahman Yes!!! @zhentzhou Oh! I didn't even stop for food to be honest. I got drive thru Dunkin and Taco Bell and that's it. #health @RonakRahman 2004 Honda CRV! @kaleighscruggs I just did a few rest area stops but all were open! Just some of the restaurants were closed. @craigcooperxyz USA @toddlibby It was pretty chill! Mostly just highways to be honest. @BenOconis 15 hours! I didn't really stop other than for gas :/ maybe someday when we aren't in a pandemic I'll take the drive slower!!! @ThePes58 um, this means that if people are discriminated against they can sue. These are the same protections that… @nograviti haha Chicago was the destination! @MattAndersonUT Oh interesting! mine is gold. @toddlibby Yeah!!! I got it checked before I left and it was nothing. @mcmillen I actually got it checked before I left haha, it was a broken sensor so very undramatic and still very fine to drive. @MattAndersonUT Pretty good!!! A few rusty patches but it's pretty solid. Honda CRVs are tanks. @johnste_ YES!!!! I have a thing that goes in the cassette player so that I can hook up my phone. Pretttty fancy @toddlibby oh you're good! I do have NH plates! @EarHolesMcgee Chicago!!! 15 hours of driving! @hankchizljaw yes!!!! it was a sensor that was off.