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assertchris @assertchris Cape Town, South Africa

Making code and robots. And, the occasional @gitstoreapp. Dev team helper at @sanlamindie.

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Follow @WTFLanaLux for great game dev strims, on twitch.
Here's one that I've been ruminating on… Who in your org or team makes your company an interesting, delightful, or…
Retweeted by assertchris @shawnroos @RiaanWest is definitely one of those people, at @sanlamindie. @leigh_pietersen is another... I've work… @webafrica *nervous laughter*
Looking to get better at testing your PHP code no matter what framework or legacy code base you are using? My book…
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No stream tonight, internet issues. 😓
@ollieread SilverStripe → Django Laravel → Masonite Slim → Tornado @ollieread Python has a type system that feels similar (optional but exists for folks that want to use it 100% of… @ollieread Many good Python options...Laravel Mojito has been released! 🍹 It’s a lightweight package for testing @laravelphp views in isolation. 🚀
Retweeted by assertchrisI loved a rogue-like, called Mordor: I would pretend to be sleeping, while playing that si… remember, when I had my first PC, and Windows 95 was still a new thing; how I found videos enthralling. I would c…🔔🔔🔔 We will raffle 60 tickets across all people that... - Follow our account @loop_run - RT this Tweet - Follows,…
Retweeted by assertchrisI was like this with Unreal Tournament and Quake 3. Spent weekends at Bradley's house, where we played the same 2-3… it's a generational thing, but voice notes are the worst. Writing forces clarification. Writing forces you…
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@calebporzio @snellingio @taylorotwell @LaravelLivewire yeah, and a caster could be used to encrypt. @calebporzio @taylorotwell @LaravelLivewire I don’t have code to show. The question was about persisting a builder… @taylorotwell @calebporzio @LaravelLivewire So that a Fluent instance could be persisted as text, and at the point… @taylorotwell @calebporzio was wondering, based on a question on the @LaravelLivewire forum, how much work it would…
No stream tonight, feeling gross. I know you're all so disappointed... :P
@stauffermatt @LaravelPodcast Em, what? Had no idea there was a problem, been working fine for me.Here ye! 10 minutes. @LaravelLivewire and @tailwindcss project dev, in about an hour: exactly 5 seconds to setup @tailwindcss on @laravelphp using @assertchris's preset. Bookmarked!
Retweeted by assertchris @ZaynTipu @adonisframework I don't need to prove myself to you. The tweet you responded to told you "no fixed date,… @jasonadriaan @tailwindcss @laravelphp That's what I like to hear. @ZaynTipu @adonisframework Did you read the tweet, or are you trying to show your impatience and entitlement?
Have trouble remembering the URLs to the dev/OAuth app management consoles for AWS, Google, Twitter, GitHub, etc? I…
Retweeted by assertchrisGoing live in 10! in an hour, more Gitstore stuff: @themsaid @Lightstream Keen to check it out, thanks for sharing the link.😍 Forge: we are *thrilled* to announce that our database backup feature is now available, supporting MySQL and Post…
Retweeted by assertchris @mheap I have been limiting myself to an hour. @mheap @github @Jira Flip, think we're on at the same time. If you're still on when I'm done, I'll hand over the 0.… @GrantHinds Shut your well-proportioned mouth. I love this flavour. Loved. Damn. @hellomisspotter I first read this as Hot Cross Cab Leaf, and I can honestly say I'm not sure which I'd prefer... @enunomaduro @christophrumpel It's my pleasure to introduce you to Sushi, by @calebporzio: @themsaid @Lightstream Wonder why Safari isn't supported...If you like the idea of working for a cool company, in a cool country...
@adamwathan I use it, occasionally, for generated markup; in a global style sheet. Stuff like markdown -> html...
🤯 Let's make testing fun again. The upcoming version of Tinkerwell will come with a "testing" mode - allowing you t…
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Yeah, that is crazy. live in 5! @grmpyprogrammer @marcelpociot This thread makes me happy.Streamin' in 30 minutes → @rehabhero1 That seems monstrous to me. A key to surviving, as someone rich enough to buy 9 months of another perso… @rehabhero1 Not for the person having the baby. It’s always painful for someone. @rehabhero1 Yeah, that's very different from my experience. Thanks for sharing. @rehabhero1 WTF. No. Carrying a human to term is work. Dealing with major abdominal surgery is work. BEING A MOTHE… a mom is hard work. - sincerely, not a mom @Nox1201 @bexchangewords Not to put too fine a point on it, but I've known moms who use this trick all the time. Wh… @bexchangewords @Nox1201 So the old "put a towel over it and go back to sleep" trick won't cut it, then... @shawnroos That's a take I 🤔 @reybango Knowing it can be done breeds hope. I think we (speaking specifically of South Africa) just need to get s… @reybango ...And, it's still a long way off for most folks outside EU and US. @shawnroos I say this as someone who puts a lot of work into a start-up I wish would be more successful; speaking t… @shawnroos This is the same thought process (I have a 2.4% shot, which is enough, if I work long enough at it) is w… @shawnroos I don't think the latter is data informed. Just because something is technically possible, doesn't mean… @shawnroos I had strong words of disagreement, but I dig you too much to stir shit on twitter...Modern PHP – and the Laravel community, in particular – has come a long way! @EwaldHorn Thanks for your kind words :D
@EwaldHorn @LaravelLivewire @tailwindcss @gitstoreapp No pressure! :) @SyntaxSeed Oh, neat idea. I really wanna spend more time trying to build a game... @SyntaxSeed Show, pretty please. @GrantHinds Wait till you've jumped in before you decide if you're excited or not. Hot nerd action isn't @GrantHinds Grant! I've streamed 3 times since watching one of your streams. Hope you feel better soon. @adamwathan *having almost tapped on Adam's shoulder to proudly show a rushed blog post, backs away, nervously* @gurlcode Brian's day off. @EwaldHorn @LaravelLivewire @tailwindcss @gitstoreapp Nonsense. It's fine to say you've got other stuff to do, and… live in 10 minutes... @EwaldHorn @LaravelLivewire @tailwindcss It'll be on YT at the same time: Working on @gitstoreapp vee-two.Gonna carry on building, with @LaravelLivewire and @tailwindcss, in little over 40 minutes: @stauffermatt @jakebathman Matt! You’re the reason I just started streaming again.I spent the last week writing 4,285 words about getting your *perfect* office webcam, lights, and audio set up, whe…
Retweeted by assertchris @jesseobrien_ @EwaldHorn Yeah, I think the size and quality also vary greatly with the number of colors being recor… folks - consider supporting @spatie_be that is providing tons of free value to the @laravelphp community since…
Retweeted by assertchris @EwaldHorn They are cool, but I need to keep an eye on their size and blurriness. Sometimes video can be smaller an… often abuse gifs for demos, when I should be using video. 😕 @getpostman @gbhorwood Text you can copy + video you can pause.You can figure out how to solve the big problems in one of them, and reuse most of that knowledge for the others.Here's the thing: @reactnative's superpower isn't 100% code reuse – it's 95% knowledge/experience reuse. You can't…
Going LIVE! #Beachcasts
Retweeted by assertchrisStarting up in 5 minutes... some @tailwindcss + @LaravelLivewire dev, in an hour... 0.5.14 is a major minor release 🎉 - typed events handlers: less boilerplate, better DX - native support for SQ…
Retweeted by assertchris @shawnroos Assuming the planet lasts that long, of course... @shawnroos Mouse and keyboard are the only reasons why all my time isn't spent inside multiplayer Minecraft. My kid… kids is increasing asking "who pronounced it like that?", or; "who made that cute noise?" until everyone has move… keep hearing how shitty the ipad multi tasking ux is. When i watch my kids (who are ipad natives) try use a PC o…
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@relequestual Prettier. I don’t much mind how it formats so long as it does it automatically.9) try to weave a fine line when asked about your weaknesses. Avoid obvious b.s. like "I work too hard" but also tr…
Retweeted by assertchris @ssxio @calebporzio @TablePlus There are more avuncular perspectives to have...
@3stadt_com've seen so many poor abstractions to avoid copy-and-paste. I've come to dislike Don't Repeat Yourself as much as Separation of Concerns.Good thread. Think it applies to all forms of premature and/or unnecessary abstraction. @assertliam cool handle :DI'm particularly proud of this bit... host Node (or whatever) apps on @laravelforge, but not sure how? Here's a handy guide:
Working on something real nice for anyone getting into Masonite or even just wants to level up. Still a work in pro…
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