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i want fries and sausages and nuggets pls like a whole large ginormous bunch. why kfc and mcd gotta charge me my or…'m so lost can someone tell me why israel wants a relationship with malaysia? i mean it doesn't make sense because… my thoughts on next influencer after watching 3rd ep: 1. never liked maddie from the start 2. team matt 3. michel… everyone's watching next influencer season 2 for matt taylor? we love thatso why did we choose seo in guk to be myul mang again?so that we don't have to reply even after we've seen the text is no reason for this. No one is hurting me. I’m just comfortable nk tutup bluetick and last seen.
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Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️best ke mandi sungai time degree xiaomi mr gumiho i love and admire how hot and sexy you are but i need you to stop clinging to my damokay no just NO this sexy gumiho bitch thinks he can drop everything and then suddenly approach her and offer his s… possibly realised how stupid i am.Hi. Saya Daniel. Kepada warga Twitter yg x kenal saya lagi, saya ialah seorang oku bekerusi roda berumur 30 berstat…
Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️okay the first 4 episodes of my roommate is a gumiho has been cute so far but they need to step up the plot and mak… i would definitely fall for lee damOKAY MR GUMIHO I LOVE YOU BUT PLEASE DO NOT DATE HER JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO TURN YOUR STUPID MARBLE BLUE THAT IS…
HELLO I'M THE FIRST VIEWER AND HE IS SO CUTE BYEok watchers of my roomate is a gumiho please please PLEASE tell me there's gonna be a scene where the girl is in pa… discord sucking out of my battery" put a bandaid over where it hurts. " me :
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Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️cant explain how bad i wanna study abroad just like my seniors. they be living the life i have always imagined to have🥺🥺
Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️yall need to stop posting hate videos of twice on tiktok, at this point ur literally just doing it for clout since… diserang untuk kali kedua sejak 2 hari lalu, malam tadi. Antara kawasan yang terjejas adalah Jabalia dan Khan…
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Saat pasukan pakaian seragam Israel menyerbu kawasan Bab Al Amud dan mengejar serta menyerang pemuda-pemuda Palesti…
Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️TERKINI: Pertempuran baru saja berlaku antara polis Israel dan warga Palestin di Bab Al Amud (The Damascus Gate), J…
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Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️feel like the storyline for kikazaru koi could have been a little bit more interesting. actually no, a LOT more. th… jdrama yg aku tengok setakat ni pelakon dia semua hensem tapi tua ekfujino shun is so attractive when he's not acting like a fucking 5 year old
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Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️the drawing reminds me of true beauty webtoon art style! 1GB?? sometimes i feel like RAM 4GB is not even enough. kalau aku yang kena pakai fon ni memang tak sampai 24 j… beri telefon kualiti rendah kerana bersangka buruk dengan pelajar. Nak bantu, bagilah yang ada kualiti. P…
Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️So berapa banyak duit tepi kroni diorang ni makan? Dengan spec macam ni, bukak gmeet tak sampai 15 minit battery la…
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WHY AM I-- this is so scary whatpls remind me that i’m broke and to stop buying unnecessary things
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Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️Bezalel Smotrich, pemimpin ekstrim Z10n1s dirakamkan sedang menari kegembiraan di kawasan Bab Al-Amud. Bergembira…
Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️the interest in palestine has slowed down severely which is weird bc they’re still being displaced in silwan & shei…
Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️Terkini: Gaza kembali dibedil bom oleh Zionis selepas gencatan senjata diumumkan pada 21 Mei lalu. Lebih kurang jam…
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okay but the scene where mashiba gets surrounded by congratulation tweets and posts and wishes was so heartbreaking… about rainbow platesi thought i was the only one 😭😭😭 sedapnya bau nasi goreng... dahlah sejuk dan lapar namateyAmin Ya Allah 🤲🏻
Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️okay bitches let's go for silver purple hair next time!!!!!!Park Seo Joon in talks to work with Brie Larson in Marvel Cinematic Universe film 'Captain Marvel 2'
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i'm sorry --'s time to: 1. regret making virtual friends on discord 2. learn new choreographiesFUCK THISi'm so done i don't wanna open that app as often anymore but i have people i have to reply there 🥲 i'm already comi… me know hehe
Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️i can't imagine if my friend is like this and drags me out on days with this kind of weather.... to best friends too 🤬
behehehe jebal jebal jebalFORGOT TO TWEET! I FOUND IT I FOUND IT hehe gonna test it out lateri cant hes hotso last night i actually dreamed that nadhir reply my dm lololololum no ALL animes are saying filler freaking month really said filler monthUum postponing studies for a week? Uitm cant relate. 10 submissions within a week😃
Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️this is everything!!! yunho looks like a bad guy. woojoong looks like they would be best friends in a disney movie…
From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.
Retweeted by izana 🐻‍❄️cerita ni best gila nak mampowseuh i see a spoiler... i convince myself by saying "nah that's not going to happen" and pretend it's not possible.… me pls this is not bakugo right? tell me this isn't bakugo TELL ME THIS ISNT BAKUGOOOOOO k i'm sure this is not bakugo mostly see people posting concert pics here lol #SebelumCovid19so we all out here on twt showing off expensive shit we bought w/o our parents' knowledge 😂⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀. . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⌒ ⠀ retweet if you miss a man named Song Mingi
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maybe because it's supposed to be my future careernot obsessed or anything but somehow i'm fascinated which i rarely am about anythingokay but 'pespi' is actually cute I NEED TO STOP THISbut, of course, this is just 20-year-old me reminiscing habbo moments i enjoyed during 9-year-old me. if you're hav… can make friends, of course, but besides that it's just... not the same and never will be anymore. so, i'm happy… don't go to events anymore since unlike a lot of other people i'm desperately clueless about their new games and… the first thing i tend to do if i want to talk to someone is click on his/her profile to see their achievement… recently came back to a retro (credits to covid for providing me with utter boredom) as i've obviously forgotten… think the next thing happened to most of us during that period--we grew up. we left the hotel, but with no regret… thennnn i discovered the retros. if you came from habbo like i did and found out that you can actually own a sh… even then, money and membership wasn't everything. in fact everyone was really actually enjoying themselves. th… favorite game was cc. the themes were always the same so i had several outfits saved, for example the theme woul… sister and i collected credits little by little (games, trading furni and a little harmless scamming >;D) and i… would go inside a full room and add every single person i see w/o worrying about their opinion of me. making new…, i'm sorry for the people who didn't get to experience habbo in '08-13. it used to be so much fun. there w… when habbo used to be a fun game and wasn't full of dumb fucks thinking that their opinion on someone's looks actually mattered?
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