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National politics reporter at The New York Times. CNN political analyst. Real one in these streets.

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@rdpatron @_Zeets I was added to Avis No Rent List a couple months ago I have not tweeted about it once! @_Zeets I have never tweeted a flight complaint!!!!!!Ok some accountability here this genre of media tweet is annoying and I regret participating in it @oeste Can't get a 10?ms. coddington we gotta talk that's a q for Biden tooOne of the splits among Democrats that isn't fully ideological are those interested in restoring unity vibes and th… point from @anniekarni and @AsteadWesley: "Election observers’ worst fear was a voting system that could not h…
Retweeted by Steadman™the most online presidential campaign of all time early voting tells us (and what it doesn't), Biden campaigns steps a toe in bonus states, and how Trump’s rall… @earthtoamali 😇 @GrantWahl This makes me happyNEW: ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ boasts about his charitable giving. But his tax records show it’s a mirage. More than 90% o…
Retweeted by Steadman™remember when the last dance just casually implied that the flu game was the result of an elaborate poisoning schem… @MattZeitlin God i forgot abt that lmaooo @drewkjones the quote is like he was TINY. bro he was 5also jordan getting "cut" is a story he told himself for motivation but isn't super true. get away with these stories once they're famous but they never really add up. who is cutting 5 year olds f… Incredible reporting by @itscaitlinhd.
Retweeted by Steadman™ @Jouelzy smh @Jouelzy 3 for a kool aid pouch! @CarynAWilson Forgot this was ur hood ! @anniema15 If u know u know!!men in public bathrooms were washing their hands so vigorously in pandemic season one but now we're in season four… @DinaMontemarano I have so many responses im sparing uThough Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa is not on the ballot next month, her approach to fighting the coronavirus as the s…
Retweeted by Steadman™ @franklinleonard I knew it was publix! I wanted THEE publix @GhostlyElephant Hahaha thx ulanded in Tallahassee and gonna check out the historic landmarks
Retweeted by Steadman™ @MC_of_A Is the two old men reasoning
if my spouse had the gift of premonition I would not waste it on tweets rates spiking. Revelations about Trump’s taxes. Long lines for early voting. Join @nytpolitics@rachel_dry
Retweeted by Steadman™No mask mandate in Iowa. That could spell doom for Donald Trump and Joni Ernst. It didn't help when Ernst angered…
Retweeted by Steadman™like it's just not an exercise worth serious engagement. ur best choices are mostly Ppl Who Did Not Resist Politica… which president did the most for black ppl is a speed race of turtlesdo u know abby phillip/yamiche is a top 10 black grandma questionThe WaPo's entire series examining how systemic racism played out in George Floyd's life is excellent and worth you…
Retweeted by Steadman™.@nytimes Astead Herndon (@AsteadWesley) offers some key takeaways from last night's #Debate to get us ready for ou…
Retweeted by Steadman™I do not know if any NBA team in modern history has had the foolishness potential of the 2020-2021 Brooklyn Nets Iowa looks better for Dems. One reason why: a coronavirus posture from the state's GOP Governor and Senator th… @Grace_Segers my enduring legacy @ditzkoff i expect nothing but absolute silenceone day the internet will come for me and it'll be fun see yall torn between supporting me and violating rule 2 @daveweigel which is fine! but then you get serious ppl giving serious takes like DiFi just cost Harrison a spot he…'s like in sports when it becomes conventional wisdom that a player is underrated to the point that the player be… malone
Retweeted by Steadman™"We saw a formal endorsement from 50 Cent," @JasonMillerinDC tells reporters. "Or as the President pro-tipped me to…
Retweeted by Steadman™“The least racist person in the room.” Here are four top Trump moments from the final debate. via @NYTimes
Retweeted by Steadman™Woodrow Wilson is like
Retweeted by Steadman™the giveaway for this argument is that its almost always made by white ppl @silviatc @nytimes ha! thx u for following alongdebates have wonderful meme utility and everything else is a stretchlittle has changed the polling trajectory of this race and u should be skeptical those always claiming that the nex… boys ---> poor boys ---> broke bois
Retweeted by Steadman™black ppl -- what do you do during the race section of these debates? i turn on choppedok the perry mason line was funnyin a just world, the hacks who laundered those weak sauce WH christmas party picture stories would be banished @jonquilynhill periodtAll I do is mind my business and stan Kristen Welker and Abby Phillip. It’s an easy existence.
Retweeted by Steadman™NBA Twitter to Giannis in the playoffs: trump says new york is a ghost town 1,000 personal essays are born @fordm Early. He gets personally annoyed as time rolls on @anildash @GeeDee215 that's why we had to roast! it's too good💯 @AsteadWesley: "If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready!" #debates2020
Retweeted by Steadman™let's do this
Retweeted by Steadman™President Trump and Joe Biden are set to meet on the debate stage one final time. Follow along for #Debates2020: 🗳…
Retweeted by Steadman™ @GeeDee215 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Tonight is the final night of #Debates2020, and you can watch live with our journalists. Here's who's live-chatting…
Retweeted by Steadman™ @GeeDee215 Charter school network assistant principal @marclacey @jeligon
@amandajoywrites Ms. Brown!! @s_m_i @millie Queenmy friends clown me for being funnier online than real life but god knew the world doesnt need another man doing stand upIt a testament to underrepresention in Congress that the scariest Black man this crowd can come up with is Cory Boo… spent the past few months talking to young Black folks across the states about the momentum of the protest moveme…
Retweeted by Steadman™missing tottenham today bc im stuck doing journalism but tbh I'm still not over Sunday so its fine. lmk how viniciu… @Clay_Masters Still working thru my February traumaThe only thing that would make this better is if it were IRL! Join some of my favorite colleagues and me next week…
Retweeted by Steadman™immigration + race + some of my smartest friends: 🤯 join us 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Steadman™ @glukeperrin nicew/ Greenfield in SE Iowa and at one stop there was apple pie provided Oct. 27, @nyu_journalism's @rachelswarns moderates a conversation with @nytimes correspondents Astead W. Herndon…
Retweeted by Steadman™ @jeligon I love when ppl think I'm offline! If only!!!"Who asked for the celebs to weigh in?" i see those tweets it makes me sad! too sad to even dunk on them!!'s just lib ownership with more run on sentencesThe silence on this stuff is what exposes the cancel culture brigade is it gay to love your children unconditionally
Retweeted by Steadman™This. All of the time. It’s always easier with a photographer with you. But I swear it takes double the time as som…
Retweeted by Steadman™sometimes ill delete tweets not because I'm worries about others seeing it but because on second thought I'm disappointed with myself2015 me would've responded with facts abt the KKKs lynching record. not worth the earnestnessBeen amazing to see these two converge over the years. Like Pikachu finding his final form @EricaLG @KingJames had to get like u
“the first black female history professor in the UK”
Retweeted by Steadman™The “Worst Chris” poll fallout is officially out of hand 💆‍♀️
Retweeted by Steadman™NEWS: The FBI is making an announcement tonight on what the agency is calling a “major Election Security” issue. Sc…
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