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I wonder who this could be 😅
@DuneWalkerz @Ran_gut Happy birthday Dune!! 🎂
So, after coming back from a nice weekend with the kids, I get sick due to lack of sleep and the change of weather…
@CysVanessa Yeah I don't think many people in the server play it. But when I visit other streams and Discord server…
Oh and to my friends who've been asking me to play FFXIV, I'm sorry but you don't know what happens to me when I ge… these past few days at a family friend's house, just letting the kids swim and get some sun. MiniNova has bee… @TerrifiedPrinny Oh boy
@Ikishrew Nice 👍
@Malikant_Maria Sorry for your loss, Maria. Stay strong and take all the time you need. Hugs! ❤️
@Cabby_bayan You got this, hugs ❤️Can't wait for this game, hope we get a release date soon ❤️ it. Dew it.
@larncat Teh pahinga kaaaa miss you
Learning new weapons~ was me in highschool and college 🙃 @wyverian_MH Same I never bothered with them before 😅 @darkwolfhunter4 Ah yes I do have another, a newer one, it started acting up though and I needed to nebulise so I used the old one for now.I can't believe that the nebulizer my parents bought me in 1997 still works. It saved me so many times this thing deserves a medal.
It's so hard to breathe in this heat. 37 degrees. 77% humidity. @Cabby_bayan Omg so precious! Hello baby cabbage! 😍
Thanks to everyone who dropped by & raided. ♥️I had fun learning HH today! OBS was being weird so I had to end, but… gotta check out the 3.0 DLC dance remixes. You're welcome.Late bday stream @Jawline_Kun Time to shun you.Finally done with work deadlines! I can now take my late birthday leave and stream tonight. Gonna save the hype of… @RogueK13 Congrats Rogue!! We're proud of you ❤️
@FrmBush Thank you ❤️ @_ZeldaHunter Thank you Zaydaaa ❤️
@JackFunMan @moi_rai_ Oh wow! My favorite part is the lore of each monster. I want one so bad 😭 @GuildbardHunter Thanks twin, happy birthday! ❤️
Sun Goddess ☀️ Rakna head ☀️ Narwa chest ☀️ Edel arms ☀️ No waist ☀️ Edel legs @OrigamiMaister @OrigamiMaister Did you show food skills?I wasn't sure about this set, but in my last stream chat said it's good. A viewer named it the sun goddess. #MHRise @Ghost_Legacy Thanks Ghost sending you Jollibee spaghettiiiiii 😂 @Ikishrew 😂😂😂Pretty exhausting day, spent morning til afternoon in the ER with Tinynova. Almost forgot it was Cake Day. Just gla… #MHRise #MonsterHunter #NintendoSwitch
@GRankQurupeco Thanks and congrats again on hitting 999! ✨Thanks for hanging out with me today! Much love to everyone who raided, sorry I can't fit you all in one tweet 😅 Ti… stream before another stressful week #MHRise #MonsterHunter #NintendoSwitch @ceph0rend I spy some Mogu Mogu in that basket 👀My one year old woke up from her nap, saw me playing Rise next to her and just slapped the Switch out of my hand 😂😅#MHRise #MonsterHunter #NintendoSwitch campers are the worst 😒 @ceph0rend Oooh I love nata de coco! Hope you find some soon! @loin_mh Delikado kasi dito pag ako lang mag isa, nagstop na kasi mga kasama ko eh 😓Your game is skipping? Stack some cd cases under it to tilt it on its side. @loin_mh Namimiss ko na magbike 😭
@mangobellls you know i was gonna tweet the same thing, people have been so rude today and it's stressing me out 😔 @fieldteamleader Oh thanks! The English dub sounds good! @mooneyeXIV Give it a go when you can! It's really good @raisondetroy Mamsh will you be watching this?YES TRESE LESSGOOO!! streamed this two years ago, and enjoyed every minute of it. Soundtrack is unforgettable, too. Happy 7th Transist…
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#MHRise #MonsterHunter #NintendoSwitch @Cabby_bayan Hope everything's ok, take care!My favorite shot from this set. 🥰 blade effects are pretty cool! No heavy edit just crop and Twitter color filter. #MHRise @PomPomThymine I always called it the Ballerina @SirWaddlesTV That's so creative, I didn't know you can make your hunter's face look like that 😂 @GuildbardHunter That's okay I rarely stream nowadays because I'm so busy with work and the baby.
Love how this turned out, made two versions because I felt like mixing in the Bishaten arms. 🌸 Mizu head 🌸 Mizu ch… the read
Retweeted by Astra 🌠 @SirWaddlesTV Wait how? That's so cool @GuildbardHunter Soon, twin 👀 @edralinrush Ah nauna siguro sila sa kin magregister. Kahit mga senior dito sa bahay hindi pa kinocontact eh. 😓 @edralinrush Really?? Bacoor din ako @edralinrush Dito sa Cavite ang bagal, dami pa seniors na hindi nababakunahan. Ako may co-morbidity wala din. 😔
Might want to step back a little when Yomogi is making dangos... #MHRise
Retweeted by Astra 🌠 @lastnato Ooh that's a nice shot!Watching the sunset #MHRise #MonsterHunter #NintendoSwitch
I tried being an in-hunt photographer but sadly didn't get any good shots. Except for the shot of this proud boi… to everyone who stopped by the stream today! ❤️ I'll stream again soon before the end of the month. Thanks f… yes, the "I'm still alive" stream @Church17929622 Sure here you go em Yomogi should probably try to come up with names for these sets, but I'm bad at naming things 😅 Kamura Head Kamura Ches… nice layered set that lets you customize all colors. I'm out of outfit vouchers but here's a clip showing it in a… details, if you like this set here are the pieces: 🌸 Ingot helm 🌸 Jelly chest 🌸 Swallow waist 🌸 Rakna waist… @OrigamiMaister it's a bib for my baby 😂 they sell them as baby bibs here @OrigamiMaister omg tim i finally figured out why your cat's scarf is so familiar 😂 @BibarrelCloud Diba sabaw lang hahahahaha I was probably so groggy @trynamang Ikr with the hori the switch might snap into two 😂Finally made a layered set with Rakna waist. Hmm, what next #MHRise was I thinking 😂 I must have been high on my meds last night. I fell asleep w my Switch next to me, and I woke up with the Hori… a really bad asthma attack last night. My inhaler wasn't enough to stop it, good thing I stocked up on nebules…
@VampyBitme @zemotion @MHebertOfficial I love her work, been following her since 2007 back on deviantart! Lovely sh… @Gaijinknight Jelly Legs & Melahoa Arms :)I might tweak the colors on this, but this is pretty much what I'm going for with the Bishaten legs. #MHRise @ceracymmetry To this day my brothers and I still work random quotes from that movie into everyday conversation. An…
@flclnoodles Two days after I bought my Hori split pads, they released the MH ones. I cry @PomPomThymine @TLumini Happy birthday! @fangsbypeach Thank you, taking screenshots has become a hobby since MHGU @CottonDynosour Looks good! I'm trying to do the same with female armor, but haven't come up with anything yet. Bis…