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@lett1337 sim
Of course this prophecy came true but not the Gambit one GIVE ME A BREAK @OnFireAnders manDisappointed to say the least. Nothing more, nothing less.
Retweeted by Astralis Counter-StrikeNot good enough right now. We need to find out the solution. GG’s Furia they played some great CS Today 😢
Retweeted by Astralis Counter-StrikeToday was not our day and we fall to a well-playing @FURIA. GG WP That also means we’re out of #ESLProLeague, unfo… #ESLProLeague killed the unkillable @arTcsgo and secure our first round, coincidence? We think not. #ESLProLeagueMight be needing this to wake back up. 😬 #ESLProLeague choo! We're live on our own map pick: Train It's back against the wall. We need to win the next two maps to s… the site featuring @dev1ce & @Xyp9x #ESLProLeague #ESLProLeagueYou're not the only ones with a hyped Discord. 😎 ASTRALIS-FANS ASSEMBLE #AstralisFamily heartbeat that round. ⠀/\⠀ /\⠀ /\ _/ \ /\_/ \ /\_/ \ /\_ ⠀ \/⠀⠀ \/⠀⠀ \/… @dev1ce IS FEELING IT TONIGHT. Starts the map with a 4k! #ESLProLeagueWe need a W tonight to stay in the tournament. LET’S GO GETEM. Maps are in: 🏗️ Vertigo (FURIA) 🚂 Train (Astralis… IS FRIDAY IT IS COUNTER-STRIKE IT IS QUARTER-FINALS IT IS DO OR DIE IT IS ASTRALIS VS. FURIA There are no excus…'t gonna be so cocky this time around. 🤐ção Brasil! Nosso novo episódio de Voice Comms já está com as legendas em português! Ta na hora de estudar a ge…
Retweeted by Astralis Counter-StrikeAtenção Brasil! Nosso novo episódio de Voice Comms já está com as legendas em português! Ta na hora de estudar a ge… episode of Voice Comms from our match against @EvilGeniuses at BLAST Global Finals. 🔥 FULL EPISODE:… more hours till we go all or nothing against Furia! #AstralisFamily | #ToTheFinals MEEP @arTcsgo @SPUNJ @Gaules no zika gau gauBom dia Brasil! 🇧🇷 Vocês estão preparados pro rambo mais tarde? @dev1ce STILL GONNA SEND IIIIIIIIIIIIIITLast chance to stay in #ESL today! We need all your support tonight! ❤️ #PlayToWin | #AstralisFamily @GambitEsports, NOT cool! 🤕 @GambitEsports Good morning
Can’t remember when we’ve actually won these quarterfinal/semifinal matches...? Ggwp @GambitEsports Just not good enough today.
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Retweeted by Astralis Counter-StrikeAll jokes aside @GambitEsports played phenomenally. Hoping for a chance at revenge later in the tournament. 🔥 @GambitEsports nerf @Ax1LeGOD plsOkay but NONE OF US delivered on our promise.... be fair we said 2k likes and we got more than 4000 so it doesn't really count. 🤷‍♂️ fall to a very well playing @GambitEsports tonight. GG WP. Facing @FURIA tomorrow at 19:00 CEST.… trying his best with a triple. #ESLProLeague anyone has some hints to shutting down Ax1le, we're looking for ideas. 🤔 #ESLProLeague.@dev1ce cleanup service. 📞 #ESLProLeague close, but we are going to CT side trailing 7-8. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ #astralisfamily energy. #ESLProLeague @ThePhoenixTV2 @natusvincere @NIPCS @FURIA @Team__Spirit @G2esports 👋Bruteforcing our way onto the B-site with a little help from a missed molo. #ESLProLeague @gla1ve_csgo is leading the way. #ESLProLeague course @gla1ve_csgo took a kill through a smoke. 🕵️ #ESLProLeague asked @MagiskCS for a quick comment about overpass and this was his response. Next up: Inferno. 🤞… @SPUNJ said it. This is the start. 💪 #ESLProLeagueWELL YOU'RE HANDLING IT PRETTY WELL MATE @VNGCSGO @GambitEsports might not be the 11-4 we prefer, but that just makes it even more dangerous, right? 😎 #ESLProLeague that was a lockdown of B-site. #ESLProLeague straight into a jinx. We're sorry. 🥲 #ESLProLeague rounds in a row! #ESLProLeague peeking B. @dupreeh a Deagle and he will grant you a kill. #ESLProLeague is time for playoffs and we are ready. The maps are: 🎈 Overpass 🍌 Inferno 🏗️ Vertigo #ESLProLeague | #ToTheStars | #astwinLET'S GET READY TO RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEForgot about this tweet better start aim_botz @gustinhoooo Smart. @DarkAngel6400 mojn @LiiamMz Same timezone as us buddy. 19:00 Cape Town Time. 😎 @hated_hjp Sounds salty. @BnHanne KOM SÅ DE HVI' @BelvaNizam you at. 👀 #AstralisFamily we say goodbye to @ZyphonCS from our Talent roster. He's been a vital part of starting our Talent initiative… @GambitEsports @sh1rocsgo @interzgod @Ax1LeGOD @HObbitcsgo @nafanyGOD See you soon. 🔥FINALLY GAMEDAY 🤩
Retweeted by Astralis Counter-Strike#astwin
Retweeted by Astralis Counter-StrikeToday we start the #ESLProLeague Playoffs against @GambitEsports! See you tonight! #PlayToWin | #AstralisFamily |… @FrankieWard honestly sameIt's finally time to play Counter-Strike again.
Do you remember our first #BLASTPremier event? We are incredibly excited to battle it out in BLAST again when the… @EzoneEsports 🥰Serious question time: What's your favorite thing about Astralis?Aight, see you then @OGcsgo. 👀
Are you often the A-player on Inferno when playing with your friends? Well, @dupreeh has some tips for you. ✨ FULL… @FrankieWard last time we met @GambitEsports was at Dreamhack Masters Winter 2020 and it went a liiiiiittle something like t… @zerGoot Then we lose.2k likes and we'll clap a random CIS team on Thursday.What is worse?Keep your head up 🌹
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@ScrawnyCG Thank god for that because you rock at it. 🤘Never too late for a graffiti mr @CSGO. 👀3 bullets, 3 hp, and 3 opponents left. Once again, @dev1ce defies all odds and wins the round. Absolutely insane! 🤩
You ever wondered how @dev1ce holds yard on Nuke? Well, wait no more! Go watch our first episode of Astralis Tuto… is an honest question: Which duppe are you today?
Want to know the players' reaction when Xyp9x clutches? The second episode of Astralis Voice Comms has just gone… case you missed the first episode of our brand new Astralis Voice Comms, you should go check it out! 👇 📺… wants YOU to have a very nice weekend!
@dev1ce This but unironically @secretlabchairs, Ace feels at home in one of these awesome chairs! Thank you for the first one. ♥️… is your rank in CS:GO? Me: Global Global Global Global Global…
@Minded_OW @dev1ce He is an angel and therefore never flames. 😇We're definitely Jim but instead of a long series of creative pranks we just beat them in CSGO every single time we… minutes well spent. Really good video, might have the balls to play nuke on faceit now lol
Retweeted by Astralis Counter-Strike @macindaw37 😍 @TeamLiquidCS @dev1ce It's our second language cut us some slack, NA.