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Introducing PEP 665: Specifying Installation Requirements for Python Projects (aka lock files)…
Retweeted by snake enchantressTTY stands for TeleTYpewriter Here's one of the early ones from the first ARPANET node
Retweeted by snake enchantressI told my family that I don’t have on demand access to my own sales numbers—and that that’s pretty industry standar…
Retweeted by snake enchantresshigh school teacher: in the real world, you can't just Google everything at work programmers: lol
Retweeted by snake enchantress @CarlaNotarobot Teacher: Its not like you will always have a calculator in your pocket Future: Puts on multithreade…
Retweeted by snake enchantressLooking forward to the company who "owns" it hitting the "nah, screw that guy and give him a copyright strike" butt…
Retweeted by snake enchantressI AM DYING I just got a copyright claim for *TYPING ON MY KEYBOARD*
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this similar thread is also perpetually relevant
Retweeted by snake enchantressreally feeling this perpetually-relevant thread today
Retweeted by snake enchantressLaypeople mistake friction with security.
Retweeted by snake enchantressFun film fact. In Escape from New York (1981) they used reflective tape on a miniature model of the city & filmed i…
Retweeted by snake enchantressI dislike the anti homeless drm
Retweeted by snake enchantress🙃
Retweeted by snake enchantressI WILL say this: "Sanity" mechanics that treat mental health conditions that real people have as villainizing fail states? Are gross.
Retweeted by snake enchantressAs a lesbian, it's not that I'm against ever having a boyfriend. It's just that I look at a cute boy and I'm like…
I got carded at the liquor store and my Blockbuster card accidentally fell out. The cashier said nevermind.
Retweeted by snake enchantressok it's time to talk about societal distrust in experts and institutions, the rise of misinformation, cultural pola…
Retweeted by snake enchantressGetting an ADHD diagnosis: you MUST prove you've had symptoms your whole childhood because it's chronic and neurode…
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Retweeted by snake enchantressCurrently hyperfixating over this man who somehow acquired a spent fuel rod bundle.
Retweeted by snake enchantress @AyrenTheWolf also, whatever Raya wastwt needs to read this
Retweeted by snake enchantressQueerbaiting like
Retweeted by snake enchantressHelpful to remember: — You can put an expiration date on how long you're willing to offer help. — If you're not bei…
Retweeted by snake enchantressugh shit i accidentally put my printer in non euclidean mode and now it won't stop making evil shapes
Retweeted by snake enchantress🤔
Retweeted by snake enchantress“you can’t shitpost about that" look the only person around here who can destroy my reputation is me
Retweeted by snake enchantressI stole this from a grad student group chat. It hurts my soul @AcademicChatter
Retweeted by snake enchantress @duckinator Oh! A local!Certain people: "Mental health issues? You just need to get more exercise, that's all. That'll fix it" Earth's gre…
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I think... when unemployment runs out... I would like... NOT to return to dead-end retail jobs that pay nothing In…
Retweeted by snake enchantress @_msw_ That's actually way more than I realized. I might have to revise my "rarely".If they’re not gonna give us pockets why can’t the women population collectively just walk out in these
Retweeted by snake enchantressIf someone says "forking never works", they are factually wrong. Forking rarely works, but there are notable and r… first time you work with real data
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Couldn't stop thinking about this
Retweeted by snake enchantressWhile looking at the replies to this thread, I noticed people claiming that the desert is "empty," "barren," or oth…
Retweeted by snake enchantressBrassica oleracea, Brassica oleracea, Brassica oleracea, Brassica oleracea.
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Retweeted by snake enchantressThe AppleVision Display L featured a unique shaped CRT, allowing a connected Macintosh to see multiple virtual scre…
Retweeted by snake enchantress @NanoRaptor after Thunderbolt and Lightning, we now have the new Frightening connector
Retweeted by snake enchantressName this connector.
Retweeted by snake enchantressDescribe your philosophy in one meme.
Retweeted by snake enchantresstwitter will ruin displaying this... but sigh. yeah.
Retweeted by snake enchantressTo anyone who thinks they are saving the planet by shopping at bulk food places… this is how our products come bef…
Retweeted by snake enchantressI’ve played this D&D campaign before Put it back
Retweeted by snake enchantressIf you want to be a girl you can just give it a whirl (the irreversible effects of feminizing hormones are few and…
Retweeted by snake enchantressI am obsessed with the stance on this sharpshooter
Retweeted by snake enchantressRadical policy idea: Just feed peopleI should note: your API/RPG system sucking? Not the end of the world. Useful APIs/systems don't have to be perfect.…
Retweeted by snake enchantressTalk/article idea: Your RPG is an API, and popular APIs often suck. Dev APIs suck for a bunch of reasons, and mos…
Retweeted by snake enchantresssince Buck Angel is throwing other trans people under the bus (yet again), here are a few of my articles (some in p…
Retweeted by snake enchantressWould you like to see a baby monkey and a gaggle of baby ducks as it's best friend? Of course you do. Credit: I…
Retweeted by snake enchantressMy therapist: British place names can’t hurt you British place names:
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it’s called academia
Retweeted by snake enchantress[bursts through the door, panting] the jumbo jet the canadian olympic equestrian team uses to transport their horses is called AIR HORSE ONE
Retweeted by snake enchantressan olympic sport I can get behind
Retweeted by snake enchantress @jmnickerson Yes, You're Gonnna Need It. Any project that lasts longer than ~3mo is going to need to upgrade depen… with an abstract environment description (poetry, pip-tools, and pipenv all do this), solve that for specific… several people asked, the twitter version: Starting with a golden environment and then encoding it in an art…
@ComradeEevee @jessica_schalz I sent in a request for them to add "Reverend Hacker" as a title, they said they'd ne…
Retweeted by snake enchantressI swear I want a PhD only to be addressed as Dr instead of Ms or Mr.
Retweeted by snake enchantressI finally finished it... Xenia commission for foorjee
Retweeted by snake enchantressThread of NUCLEAR POETRY
Retweeted by snake enchantressNothing makes me sadder than `pip freeze > requirements.txt`Perfect.
Retweeted by snake enchantressMy latest theory: fata morgana is a bug in the render distance setting of our universe (which is a simulation).
Retweeted by snake enchantressIn France, the law against Muslims (called "against separatism) has been passed. The government has now a whole ran…
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Stop scrolling! Now! And watch this trailer for our Rainbow River walking tour on 10 September with @sacha_coward
Retweeted by snake enchantressYou don't need to "come out" as trans, just tell people how many times you've watched Hackers (1995)
Retweeted by snake enchantressWill's guide is great. Pro-tip: invest some time with pyenv or asdf (works with Python, node, rust, go, etc aka e…
Retweeted by snake enchantressjust learned about chanchitos nobody talk to me im having a moment
Retweeted by snake enchantress @H3K473 If they want people to hate us, maybe they should stop making us sound so awesome?imagine thinking this is a bad thing being described
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Retweeted by snake enchantress緑のカフェ / Overgrown cafe
Retweeted by snake enchantressbeen p ill with chronic headaches the past few days so i painted badly drawn pokemon on mugs to fix it
Retweeted by snake enchantress> @lethalbit "imagine fabric softener but for engineers" that's called estradiol, aki
Retweeted by snake enchantress @TheRaDR Also known as the Cease and De-Cis
Retweeted by snake enchantressFrom now on we’re having gender repeal parties. Any old time we feel like it’s time for one.
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Non-binary cutie is a total snack Call 'em nom-binary
Retweeted by snake enchantressbecause my ear doesn't
Retweeted by snake enchantressRemember "flatten the curve"? Remember why that was so important? Our healthcare system isn't able to handle all of…
Retweeted by snake enchantresswaiter: what'll it be? cow: grass horse: grass sheep: grass pig: *adjusting his bowtie* truffles
Retweeted by snake enchantressBrand new on Dirty Feed: how Studio A at BBC Manchester became a huge on-screen part of early Red Dwarf... and why…
Retweeted by snake enchantress10 years ago today a fascist named Anders Breivik (now Fjotolf Hansen) murdered 77 people, incl 33 minors, in what…
Retweeted by snake enchantressjeff found a genie
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@SwiftOnSecurity He has to do a silly walk before he can execute it though Bauldur's Gait
Retweeted by snake enchantressWhat ancient god's fighting move turned out to be meritless fantasy? The Bauldur Dash
Retweeted by snake enchantress @hops_and_smoke So was this code. It was still a maintenance mess that took me most of a week to straighten out.
Did you guys know that it’s mathematically impossible for someone working full-time at minimum wage to afford an av…
Retweeted by snake enchantressCrystal Mason was sentenced to FIVE YEARS in prison for trying to vote while on probation, even though her vote was…
Retweeted by snake enchantressJust started Death's Door and I can already tell this game is going to be great
Retweeted by snake enchantress @transscribe Ah yes, gender fluid.
Retweeted by snake enchantressDrinking the wrong pronoun water and turning trans
Retweeted by snake enchantressSomehow I never really looked closely at this aspect of The Matrix as trans allegory: Neo is a middle class dude w…
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