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Luigi Player 2 @astro_nuttt Turin, Piedmont

Physics undergraduate, photographer and anything tech addict. Check out my crappy Youtube channel:

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@LilithLovett There's also brands straight up distancing themselves as much as they can from this with public statements and it's disgusting @tldtoday Hell yeah dude ❤️ loving the tech community's response on this 🙌 @verge Great decisionA comedy in three parts
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2Good move. Also fuck all the entitled kids in the comment section. and @AstroBehnken were aboard the @SpaceX #CrewDragon as it approached the station.…
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @VitoGesualdi Usain Bolt who???This guy smoked Usain Bolt @PlayStation Anyone complaining about this: please grow up and realize there's more important stuff going on rn than a console event. @JakeBaldino My god the comment section is unreal @baby__geezus @riegerholm @verge I refuse to believe this is real. I hope no one on that comment section is older than 16What the fuck is happening with #dcblackout?
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @JustinWWaldrop @verge Bummer, I loved the design @JustinWWaldrop @verge Totally agree. I’ve been dying to get a Pixel since the 2, but every revision always fails a… @YourAnonNews If anyone is running coordinated ddos attacks against police websites dm me, I want to contribute @JustinWWaldrop @verge Well yes, I do agree that such a vital feature should be released android-wide, but at the s…, great move Google. @JustinWWaldrop @verge Other manufacturers can easily implement this in their version of android. If everything the… @verge This is really really cool. If the hardware can match the software next year, they've got a new customer. @SadBoiTankie @NASA @SpaceX @Astro_Doug @NASAKennedy @Space_Station It's okay to take a break from the news every o…"This is the flag that we left here almost 9 years ago on [space shuttle mission] STS-135." "Congratulations,…
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @Xbox @Microsoft It's nice to finally see a company take a stance on the situation. Great job. @Microsoft It's really nice to see a company finally take a stance on the situation. Good job guysCost to fly an astronaut to the International Space Station 🛰 Boeing — $90,000,000 SpaceX — $55,000,000…
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2LMAOOO @UberDanger That’s the best call @verge Finally we're back to the usual Windows Update rollout! Now I'm happyThey can't give you money to survive a pandemic, they can't find schools, they can't fix water pipes but they can b…
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @kellyhuangx That's actually fucking disgusting oh my god @aghorpadey @GlobalCarole @CaitlinnnnM Yes?Cop final boss @OmenNeutral @Aspire2Luminati @DamienRieu @amazon Imagine this being your argument, lmfao take the L dude @viktorichkann @YourAnonNews @realDonaldTrump Please rethink your life choices @G0Pimplosion @viktorichkann @YourAnonNews @realDonaldTrump Couldn't have said it better @jakobmullins1 @KingGinger55 @YourAnonNews @Unknown09055175 @jsuntweets @autocoke @Rapreview33 @torproject I'd say… @YourAnonNews Ngl kinda weird seeing Anonymous being Twitter's stan of the day @jakobmullins1 @KingGinger55 @YourAnonNews @Unknown09055175 @jsuntweets @autocoke @Rapreview33 @torproject The inte… @kittygirIfriend @OrdinaryGamers Which is totally bs since it's mostly small family owned stores suffering from this @jakobmullins1 @KingGinger55 @YourAnonNews @Unknown09055175 @jsuntweets @autocoke @Rapreview33 @torproject Ubuntu i… @hbicniy @kim_wagyuu @thfcjames__ @janeshihouin @thesugakookies @Ranting4health @cookie10608 @lNTERNETBBY No, you'r… @jakobmullins1 @KingGinger55 @YourAnonNews @Unknown09055175 @jsuntweets @autocoke @Rapreview33 @torproject I guess…
@KingGinger55 @Unknown09055175 @jsuntweets @autocoke @Rapreview33 @YourAnonNews @torproject I see, thanks for the info :) @Unknown09055175 @jsuntweets @autocoke @Rapreview33 @YourAnonNews @torproject Nope you're good to go, your traffic is safe @autocoke @alexxwit2xs @Rapreview33 @YourAnonNews @torproject Update: reinstalled Tor to check, you literally just… @kim_wagyuu @hbicniy @thfcjames__ @janeshihouin @thesugakookies @Ranting4health @cookie10608 @lNTERNETBBY It's just… @hakunamatattayo @jsuntweets @autocoke @Rapreview33 @YourAnonNews @torproject It is but it's also the most expensive @jsuntweets @autocoke @Rapreview33 @YourAnonNews @torproject If you're talking about a VPN any respectable one will… thread @kim_wagyuu @hbicniy @thfcjames__ @janeshihouin @thesugakookies @Ranting4health @cookie10608 @lNTERNETBBY And again… @ysldrago @Discreet_Fades @Omar37086824 @YourAnonNews @torproject Damn they really took this little effort lmfao @autocoke @Rapreview33 @YourAnonNews @torproject You actually don't need any prior experience to use tor. If I reme… @kim_wagyuu @hbicniy @thfcjames__ @janeshihouin @thesugakookies @Ranting4health @cookie10608 @lNTERNETBBY I don't k… is saved @kim_wagyuu @hbicniy @thfcjames__ @janeshihouin @thesugakookies @Ranting4health @cookie10608 @lNTERNETBBY Why are y… @TweekSsb Fucking basedWatching #LaunchAmerica live while driving on autopilot in my Tesla. The future is now. @elonmusk @SpaceX
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @mehaksrivastava Thanks~ :) @hbicniy @thfcjames__ @janeshihouin @kim_wagyuu @thesugakookies @Ranting4health @cookie10608 @lNTERNETBBY I never said it wasn’t. @hbicniy @thfcjames__ @janeshihouin @kim_wagyuu @thesugakookies @Ranting4health @cookie10608 @lNTERNETBBY No one is… @WilliamPecota @Bluestriker3 @JKCompletesIt Imagine getting 100% of your source of income destroyed in a whim. What would you do? @WilliamPecota @JKCompletesIt What’s the point of protesting for the livelyhood of some people if you’re destroying… @astro_nuttt Since this idiot is too shy to plug his own page, here you go.
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @BnanaBrad @EnterTalon My connection is so slow that I actually get to play them earlier by picking up a physical copy😂Minimal shot of the day 🌼 #SonyAlpha @pepperraccoon Working at the Apple store is why I don’t believe that all lives matter
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @badgalmarco @Joseph_Curwehn @Daniel_E1992 @asapaimaaa You are totally right therethe zoomers have discovered Anonymous
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @badgalmarco @Joseph_Curwehn @Daniel_E1992 @asapaimaaa For here I meant Italy, not Europe as a whole @badgalmarco @Joseph_Curwehn @Daniel_E1992 @asapaimaaa Europe is fully “americanized” because the US made it its pu… 9 lifts off from historic Launch Complex 39A and sends Crew Dragon to orbit on its first flight with @NASA a…
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @BloodborneGame Shit I never finished the game, looks like you guys gave me a reason to nowBased you guys okay over there? @cringeconvoy @YD_VlC @h3h3productions How does that boot taste?
Sometimes the world needs a ray of light during dark times. Even better if that light produces 1.8 million pounds of thrust.
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @elsasashimi Agreed @Joseph_Curwehn @Daniel_E1992 @asapaimaaa Context matters. I’m italian and I can assure you close to nobody here kn… to the Crew Dragon team 🤙🏻 @Gokanaru YOU MADE IT @Beardmore1Jack @YongYea The whole point of BLM isn’t to say that only black lives matter. So your statement is just plain stupid. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @ClappinYaAss @Gorwooken @YongYea Too bad this statistic covers ALL murders. You don’t know how many were actually innocent. @Gorwooken @YongYea It does but nowhere near on the same level as black people @Beardmore1Jack @YongYea @YongYea Now that’s worded properly! Love you Yong❤️ @JextersMadhouse @TheARESxGOD @YongYea The “and #BlackLivesMatter “ could be intepreted as “and fuck #BlackLivesMatter” lol @LogicSpock @YongYea The point of BLM is not to say ONLY BLM. So yeah don’t say that. @YongYea Fucking based @DADUBSOLEE Bless them😭 @PeterXinping They’ll probably default dance on the people they bring down @BnanaBrad Agreed, but at the same time SHs by KojiPro was so promising I really don’t want a future without it to exist😭 @BnanaBrad That’s rough.. @Joseph_Curwehn @Daniel_E1992 @asapaimaaa You still can’t be 100% mad at him. I mean yeah, it’s totally poor taste,… @BnanaBrad Why is that? Any leaks? Aren’t they supposedly developing Silent Hills?
@jon_prosser Mark got some real competition now @OrdinaryGamers King shitI saw your text I'm just waiting until I have enough serotonin to reply
Retweeted by Luigi Player 2 @MKBHD @MKBHD You're always spot on Marques. That's such an amazing example to set, I really look up to you both for your… this doesn't convince you Marques is the sweetest and most genuine person on Earth idk what will 😭❤️