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even after two months I absolutely refuse to grow as a person during social isolation, I'm just sitting here prayin… stolen generation has never stopped. Little piece I wrote little ago, that sadly is still relevant to now. Brin…
Retweeted by jini 💌 @girlwithhorn SO HOT @dzenanabanana incredible!!! can't wait to read xx @LeenaVanD i will start a patreon for my shirt goals. society would benefit from me having these good shirts!!!today's shirt dreams @_jrap babuuuuuuuuushka
🕺If you ask someone for consultation or help or a professional favour🤸they are allowed to say no🕺that's how asking… @Anupama_Pilbrow omg, i know absolutely nothing but I will keep u updated on my investigation!!today I cut open a pumpkin so beautiful that l took it into the garden to admire its spectrum of golds and yellows… @_leahleahleah just for you!!I want to make a website but I do Not want to trawl through Squarespace templates anymore, no more fake quotations…
@girlwithhorn @yokikoi I actually own bloodborne! I very very much enjoyed the character creator, and then wandered… @yokikoi yessss ps4 is the best crisis purchase, as a fellow ps4 crisis-purchaser i am fully in support of thisit feels................... absolutely excellent to have spent a day hanging out in nature with a few gentle queersphotographic evidence of the moment i realised that all i need in life is pink lady apples plucked directly from th… @mrconnorobrien wahhh what a colour! So gorgeous ✨big welcome home to me cool mushrooms we saw walking on kurnai brayakaloong country 🍄🌾 @fruitysnacktime this is still how i feel abt villagers leaving! i’m trying to learn to be strong ☹️
Ugh. Listen: I love trees💙💙💙 is so exciting! Aspiring digital writers, @rorydoinstuff is the best ever, a genius and angel, apply apply app… 🌱🌷🌸🍃✨I'm going to go see some treeeeeees🌳🌲🎋🌴🌿🍃🎍💐
The latest episodes of It’s Alive have restored me, Brad and Sohla have such a beautiful, happy energy, what a joy 🌱 @_jrap when are we doing this again tho @MargotSaville @beneltham Glad to be of service! 🌷Shlohmo’s EP Places offers a perfect backdrop to writing, it’s the musical version of a bright, overcast day 🌱☁️
'Unarmed Black Man' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means
Retweeted by jini 💌here's a deliciously floaty 40min album from Hiroshi Yoshimura -- Soundscape #1: Surround. If yr after a soundscape…'ve been listening to Midori Takada's THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS incessantly. It's a chaotic, often intense album,… @marleejaneward ahaha oh man i have SO MANY ALBUMS to add to this thread 😵I've been collecting ambient (or ambient-ish) albums that I could work to that didn't feel apocalyptic or miserable… @LeenaVanD this is extremely real, and also reflective of my life with a cat i've had for several years @AJ_Whittaker You're an incredibly poised and gracious host! Also: phwoarrr, what a lineup! Incredible, incredible work ❤️I'm (somewhat belatedly) joining in watching this incredible showcase of readings from poets anthologised in the ne… @heygleeson the absolute worst @EloiseFaichney it really is just that kind of afternoon!My plans 2020
Retweeted by jini 💌 @__eaeolian on judgement day, my soul being weighed against 111finalFINAL_2.docxWill I ever claw my personal google drive back from utter chaos, or will it just be untitled document untitled docu… @shrewdhunni he's in the middle of telling me that he's going to use the masterball to capture mewtwojonothanl keeps sending me horrifying closeups of the cat, please send help
this is everything to me @christianmccrea it’s so good~ enough strategy + events to keep it fun (i really love the safari zone level!), but… @christianmccrea pokémon shuffle 👀💦 it’s the only match-three I’ve ever played, and I played it almost every night to unwindGod, I’m just sitting here imagining eating a huge spicy laksa on a hot night... drinking a Tiger beer... legs gett… you are two wolves, @NayukaGorrie @stereogamous omg, that s m i l e !!! @pierceindeed i'm so ready to fish obsessively and never upgrade my house!!
my plans 2020
Retweeted by jini 💌Heaven Gaia Spring 2019 Haute Couture Collection
Retweeted by jini 💌thank u @yokikoi for chancing upon me at a crucial moment and encouraging this decisionupdate: I realised I have spent almost no money over the past two months, and also that I get absolutely heaps! don… @_jrap we do important work here at 'discount naruto background character pty ltd' @allymcleangames GodddddHave you reserved your spot for #Freeplay20 yet? Tickets are completely free, but by reserving your spot you'll get…
Retweeted by jini 💌After two months of reporting on the impact of the pandemic on artists, small business, and freelancers, it was so… @cinemanova @ScreenHub Cinema Nova forever!! 💜💜 @Milan2Pinsk @cinemanova Thanks so much Rochelle! <3I had a conversation with Kristian Connelly, CEO of @cinemanova, about the unique circumstances that cinemas are fa… an article about the iconic melbourne cinema, morning
Retweeted by jini 💌 @evelynaraluen fantastic news!
Reading Sean Bonney's OUR DEATH for the first time, and it is a hell of an experience @_leahleahleah I love them and only wish to join you!! 🍑🍑God, I really want Animal Crossing, but I also want to maintain the tenuous control I currently maintain over my li… @wtb_Michael I still need to return Weather to you (having since ordered every other iteration of Offill I could fi… @LeeShangLun @puppyspit phoenician - ages of empires, grimoire - neopets, elixir + paralysed -- pokemon! @LeeShangLun @puppyspit phoenician, elixir, grimoire, paralyzedWe're thrilled to have @BreakinBahiyya as our keynote for #Freeplay20! 🎉 Most notably known for her IGF award winn…
Retweeted by jini 💌 @IvankaTrump Fuck both of you
Retweeted by jini 💌how much quarantine is still not enough attention !!
@zachfmason now, THIS is living @_jrap become a really big frogThe best thing about taking a medication that impairs your memory, that you absolutely need to remember to take every day, is,,,, hang on,, @wtb_Michael Michael, oh my god!! @jonathandunk @CommuneEditions I've just started reading this and yes, ahh this was exactly what I was after, thank you! xThe categories are short fiction, non-fiction, life writing by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers, scrip… writers who live in Victoria: the Lord Mayor's Creative Writing Awards are open until 31 May! Submit here: @b3nTurner 💙💙💙
@dazzleships ohhh I just ordered this, absolutely can't wait for it to arrive! @wings_humming @poetry_anna @josdcharles @IGalleymore @GarethSIonJ @_jill_jones Ahh thank you so much! Surge is suc… @claresmillar Yes! God, what a miraculous book. @ElizabethFlux Ahh, I haven't read Nganajungu Yagu yet, I'll nab it right away! Thank you!Can you recommend me a poetry collection (single author) that you think works particularly well as a whole? Two tha… @ratrosie yessssss! @PatrickLenton YES I am OBSESSEDI've watched all four seasons of this very racy CW show based on Mary Queen of Scots because I need, NEED to know h… is exciting! We’re hiring for an Arts Editor at The Saturday Paper. This is such a great gig, you should apply…
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@allymcleangames hell yeah xxxxtoday I bought two bubble teas so I could have one for later, tomorrow I'm gonna see my sibling + their gf for the… group chat turns to romance, and progresses exactly as you might expect with @mobythompson and @CalebJTriscari 📈 old story up on @kyd_magazine
Retweeted by jini 💌 @Joseph_o_Earp @MillaJovovich “Nabokovian limbs” 🤢Here's our statement from UNSW NTEU rank and file members, endorsed by the UNSW casuals network as to why we are vo…
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what’s better than this!! confused about JobKeeper? Chartered Accountant and treasurer of @wiftvic Laura Davidson talks us through her…
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