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This week's #T7OnlineChallenge is LIVE, and this weekend Japan is hosting! Tune in now // @actionjaxon //
Get ready for more #ASTROCOD – presenting the @ASTROGaming 2v2 Launch Ladder for @CallofDuty Black Ops Cold War! 📅…
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingThis is how we flex 💪 to the winners of the #ASTROCOD Regional Qualifiers! In next week's finals, each region's teams w… One is coming. An unprecedented drop of free content arrives in #BlackOpsColdWar and #Warzone on 12/16. In…
Retweeted by ASTRO Gaming @EsportsGears @TeamBeyondnet Those weapon skins though 👀We're gearing up for the #ASTROBattles 2v2 Major this Sunday and have some sweet prizes up for grabs! 🔥 Wyvern Loa…
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingYou are my sunshine 🌞 #ASTROID
@UYU The UYU Gears team has been an absolute pleasure to watch. Thank you #UYUGears ❤️What winning feels like. @BNEesports @reepal @Tasty_Steve Bringing the popcorn, ready to reminisce 😊It's been a bittersweet year reminiscing past events through #TWTThrowback, so let's end with a bang as we revisit…
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingMatching. is. a. MUST. 😤
8 days left until #Cyberpunk2077 but who's counting 😅
Retweeted by ASTRO Gaming"Gaming - like Metal - has always been a haven for the underdog. When I didn’t know my path, or needed inspiration…
Retweeted by ASTRO Gaming @NRSEsports Happy to be back in the Arena together 💪 @ASTROGaming as the Official Audio Partner of the Mortal Kombat 11 #ProKompetition! They’re no strangers to…
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingThe reviews are in. Check out the new @CesarSkyz approved @ASTROGaming Black Ops Cold War A10 Headset.
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingOperating in style. are red, Headsets are blue, is made just for you.
Last call for entrants for the #ASTROCOD Community Showdown Qualifier 2! Don't miss your change to register for t… 🤍💙 @TeamBeyondnet @BeastModeLK Congrats and GG @BeastModeLK!Now LIVE on @Twitch, watch the #ASTRONAUTS 1v1 Ladder Playoffs! 🏆 8 Players -> 1 Champion 💰 $3,000 Grand Prize Tu…
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingWe are LIVE with Monday Night Meta presented by @ASTROGaming with Warzone QUADS! Watch here:…
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@NRSEsports @PlayStation Kan't wait. @UYU @Xplosive @Praized @KennyBounce @POWERZ__ @MentaL You guys bring the heat, we just make the headsets 🔥The wait is OVER! The next Pro Kompetition season starts this weekend presented by @PlayStation 4! Sign up at…
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingCongratulations to @tygembler for winning this giveaway!Final call for the #ASTROCOD Community Showdown Qualifier 1! It's your last chance to sign up for this… get asked all year how to get discounts on ASTRO gear. Well, I am here to tell you that all you have to do is cl… your headset could talk what would it say? was not the imposter.
We can start decorating for the holidays now, right? cross-platform gaming easy by adding an Xbox/PC or PlayStation/PC MixAmp Pro TR to your setup. Available now…
Wearing headphones may improve your gaming experienceA Switch's best friend 💜 A03 IEM // for a clash? The#SCVIOnlineChallenge EU West kicks off TODAY! Live now // have an X|S of games to catch up on this weekend.
🔥 Announcing the ASTRO Battles 2v2 Winter Major 2020 🔥 📆 When? Sunday December 6th 📣 Find Out More:…
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingThe golden touch.'re loving the PlayStation 5* *Headsets for scale refurbished A50 Wireless + Base Stations are now available and also included in our Black Friday sale. A… be without premium audio. #CODMobile A03 IEM //
❤️ Red ❤️ | #ASTROID'm thankful for video games and #ASTROFamilyOur first "wireless" headsets. #TBT top-tier team.
Your energy and spirit is still with us every day. Players and fans alike felt Fero’s positive impact. We would li…
Retweeted by ASTRO Gaming @Butterfinger @XboxInsiderOne You bet 💛 wired headsets are up to 20% off for a limited time. Shop our Black Friday sales at up & drop in for the #ASTROCOD EU Community Showdown! Registration is now LIVE for these #BlackOpsColdWar 4v… ⬆️ ⬇️ Game up for the #ASTROCOD APAC Community Showdown! Registration is now OPEN for these #BlackOpsColdWar 4v4 quali… victorious. up to 20% on the A40 TR Headset with our Black Friday sale // your squad for the #ASTROCOD NA Community Showdown! Registration is now OPEN for these #BlackOpsColdWar 4v4… do you keep in your carry? chance to get in on our next gen giveaway with @iam8bit and @FortniteGame Enter to win //…, lock in your loadouts. Introducing the #ASTROCOD Community Showdown! Put your #BlackOpsColdWar skills…
Getting the family together for the holiday 💚 couple. are LIVE with tonight’s Monday Night Meta presented by @ASTROGaming with #MortalKombat Come see who wins this…
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🔴🟢 or 🔵? @UYU @tisch47 @InfamousKev_ @Zyyral @SuperTB6 It's gonna be a great year 🔥 Looking forward to seeing what this roster can do.#UYUCOD is reloaded and ready for the #CDL2021 Challengers Season. 🔴@tisch47 ⚫️@InfamousKev_ 🔴@Zyyral ⚫️…
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Green Machine's a look at the unbelievably comfy @ASTROGaming space army drop ☄️ do yourselves a favor and check it out her…
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingOur Black Friday sales are launching early! Shop for up to 20% off on select ASTRO product… 💚 🤝 💙 + Mod Kit | Freedom from distractions Meta Thread drops from @ASTROGaming @UYU These clothes are suitable for any occasion!! the short fit me s…
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingMood: Spider-Man in-game and out 🎧
@travisdcarte Pretty sure that was my photo, sorry @bradymackenzie2 @FortniteGame Sorry we let that one slip @FortniteGame Puns are just so appealingExclusively at crisp
I’m always working even when I’m gaming
Retweeted by ASTRO GamingASTRO x Anti Social Social Club 8AM PT this Saturday // @Jeondding_tk @UYU @QanbaUSA @ZOWIEbyBenQ Congratulations @Jeondding_tk! 👏👏 @UYUJinhee @ASTROGamingUK The best 🔥Astro Space Army drop: earthbound comfort. Perfect for gaming or zooming. #ASTROfamily 🚀…
Retweeted by ASTRO Gaming @CapcomFighters @RobTeeVee @LeevyLin @UYU Wholesome and hilarious 😂Feel like another chance at some free gear? Well good news! The #T7OnlineChallenge US West giveaway is now live! F… x Anti Social Social Club 8AM PT this Saturday // for blending vs Blue never looked so good.
Your path to pro begins here // has dropped in on next-gen and you can too! We've partied with @iam8bit and @FortniteGame for a special gi… 1 @EsportsGears Champions special edition ASTRO.IDs 😍 It’s hard to win a major. Thousands try but only a ha…
Retweeted by ASTRO Gaming @thyAshes @EsportsGears @UYU Couldn't have been more well earned 🙏 @Mutineers @scump @DashySZN @Arcitys @SimpXO @OpTicCHI @ATLFaZe @GiftofLife @ScufGaming Congrats Team OG + FaZe, what a roster 🔥Like competing in tournaments? is your new place to be.
We’re kicking off the Beyond Open Beta with a classic – @RocketLeague powered by @ASTROGaming! The very first…
Retweeted by ASTRO Gaming @GameStop @KontrolFreek IRL and in-game @TeamBeyondnet the Play Beyond Open Beta. New look, new competitions, new paths to victory. ⚔️ Ladder Competitions 🌐…
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