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100T Asuna @Asunaa Service Club

Professional VALORANT Player for @100Thieves 17 🇺🇦 I want the real thing "I'm not your God." - #152

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@Moechillasama @Zellsis it's the thought that counts
streaming until t1 vs faze
streaming 10 mans til i get bored was in my email for 3 weeks lol, well im partnered now journey with @Silenx_x @starsmitten_ “Beginning after the end” it fits adventure and fantasy and I haven’t read the light novel but the wa… @kyedae they are called munchkins lol @victorwong my fps hates it as well
@Subroza guys @1contii @1leakcs @thatmankevin we not turning from those? @HIAval you are so sexy and hot 🥵 and also good at the game
@madacsgo told you to switch now look at you.... 🥲 @tarik Hope everything works out for you ❤️❤️❤️duo with @bearkun @sfX_x1 LMAO good times
@Cloud9 @kevinpenkin yeah he is truly one of the best, I enjoyed his music in Tower of God as well and was happy to… @Cloud9 MY HEARTTT AHHHno school apparently soooo @Cloud9 Made In AbyssHow 100T *WON* VCT Challengers Vs XSET !? (WITH COMMS) via @YouTube
@Vanityxz is split your perma ban or something? that map is the worst designed map easily @kyedae @100Thieves W, HAPPY TO BE IN THE SAME ORG AS YOU @100Thieves @kyedae WE LOVE TO SEE ITANIME BEACH EPISODE AS A MAP? LFGGGG @Silenx_x move bind up to A/S tier and we got a deal @floaromaa SORRY FOR BEING LATE
@diceyzx @100Thieves @JoshNissan @Hiko @nitr0 @rmarti33 @MindBodyEsports @FrosTvsYou @TheMaelk @cewiiina miss you @latte07848325 @JoshNissan just get me out, wish the games weren’t so close, at least one blowout so we could breathe 😭
100T ASUNA'S POV *74 KILLS* vs Envy In VCT 2-1 (WITH COMMS) via @YouTube @WedidOfficial @100Thieves ggs cutieBeat XSET 3-1 happy with how my team played considering I had the biggest headache, we secured the #1 seed going into challengers finalsalso fuck the rocket launcher idk how i didnt get like 6 kills with itlose ascent win split ez @JoshNissan unlucky really, next map lets go @WedidOfficial you had fun? maybe I am playing a different game....Going live in about 15 minutes against XSET, bo5, for the grand finals of VCT Challengers closed qualifier #1 ! Win… finals match against XSET at 3pm est today! Im too old for a bo5😔100T ASUNA'S POV vs Cloud9 In VCT 2-0 (WITH COMMS) via @YouTube
@NiSMO_VAL @currydtx @Silenx_x On a real note, congrats hope to see him/her in the server 15 years later 🥳 @NiSMO_VAL @currydtx Yo @Silenx_x you need a dad on the team or else you can't play? @daprcs judge C long in a cage....2-1 against Envy, played to my expectations, top 2 now :DPlaying @Envy at 3pmEST today for seeding in Challengers + prize $$$. Still a very important match for us 💪 @dephhgg I always say “don’t worry we will watch that back in the vod” to stop the convo from going haywire, usually works out @symrifle it was a misclick I swear @Hiko Do they know you are the Xyp9x of valorant though @floaromaa should be illegal to be this good at drawingASUNA'S *INSANE* Trigger Discipline in VCT for 100 Thieves !? (WITH COMMS) via @YouTube
@WedidOfficial + matching pfp buff @pennycsgo @Cloud9 @effysgo you are so good erik so glad you switched ❤️ @Vanityxz @leaf_cs knife out as the smoke fades..... NOOOOOOOO @DekyFPS Everyone needs a @WedidOfficial in their lives 😔 @DekyFPS ❤️ doing it for her ❤️ @CouRageJD Happy that my co-owner is happy @leaf_cs @100Thieves @JoshNissan love you man, go show @Vanityxz who is boss2-0 against C9, qualified for Challengers Finals now, played well on icebox, not so well on ascent but a dub is a dub @1juniorcs @AstralisCS GOD JUNIORMatch against @Cloud9 Blue today at 3pmEST. This win would secure us top 4 and a spot in Challengers, let's get it #100Tno warmup stream because of school, gonna just do it off-stream, possibly stream after the games today :) @jcStani imagine being this good and SEXY? not fair @kellysama_ its sad that @ethanarnold doesn't even get the reference....
Asuna Explains His *PRO AGENT POOL* for 100 Thieves VALORANT !? via @YouTube @floaromaa omg big fan @JoshNissan stop complaining lol2-0 against andbox, playing IMT/C9 tomorrow at 3 est. Difficult playing against the kind of comp that andbox was ru… @mel_anji wait til your parents find vlr, my dad and mom found it and they just talk about all the games and every resultPlaying @andbox_official at 3pm EST. We need to win 2 bo3's to make it into the Challengers Stage. Watch over at… get back into my vocaloid phase again @Silenx_x Might as well just crown Ghost Gaming as #1 team in NA @WedidOfficial @willcooled @Upmind_ @leaf_cs @RealStrongLegs @crunchyyworld imma keep it 💯 symbol with you chief. t… @Hiko @ethanarnold @JoshNissan stop complaining lol100T Asuna Dropped *40 KILLS* And His Teammates Threw.. via @YouTube
@RossyUA I pay the full 40 for the whole flight that's when you know you rollin in it @kellysama_ chill for me, you gonna replace me if you keep hitting shots like those100T Asuna Shows How To Use *RAZE UTILITY* Effectively !? *32 Kills* via @YouTube
Insane Fragging and Hiko Clutches !? | 100T Asuna (VCT WITH COMMS) via @YouTube @nitr0 Keep saying this but we know you love split because you play Jett
@floaromaa @WedidOfficial @plooful LMAOMAOMAO IT FITS SO WELL @aleksandarosa @bearkun statistically speaking I believe I should be rewarded for this play100T Asuna and SEN TenZ TEAM-UP In VALORANT Ranked !? via @YouTube2-0 against ex-Dig, didn't get upset and we move onto Challengers 1 :-) @nitr0 i will not get upset today i will not get upset today i will not get upset today i will not get upset today…
Playing RAMB tonight at 830pm EST for VCT Challengers open qualifier. Winner gets a spot in the closed next weekend… @nitr0 He’s getting sucked and still entrying the site 😩 @yeonari_ you don't have to mention it >_<100T Asuna Tries To ONE-TAP Like SEN TenZ !? *32 kills* via @YouTube @RossyUA @TSM all those among us sessions paid off, your welcome
@zombs yo ESIC this man right here @WillFPS @Sentinels King Will @kyedae @TenZOfficial @JenaGares @seangares chill on the timeline pls.... @floaromaa reyna 🥰 @Hiko @yeonari_ supporting me in game and out of game*52 KILLS* in 2 games with Raze !? (VCT WITH COMMS) | 100T Asuna via @YouTube @yeonari_ @daprcs @yeonari_ im starving until july 26.... @yeonari_ @zekkenVAL @Luminosity finally turned 16 and is farming in VCT, gl man 🥳
Beat Time In 2-0 playing the winner T1/Ex-Dig next to qualify for closed @ethanarnold cut*