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Professional Valorant Player for @100Thieves 17 🇺🇦 I want the real thing "I'm not your God." - #152

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@Yeon7lol 😍
@bdog2916 god your so talented and good looking holy
@juukeey @ZOWIEbyBenQUSA you @ZOWIEbyBenQUSA for sending me their 240hz monitor (XL2546K). Finally I have a 240hz monitor and played a…
@madacsgo Thank you Mr Adam
@RampageeCS i clicked the link gg @1juniorcs 🙏
@4EVRELIC :///// @1grimcs @BLASTPremier Another Grim farm as expectedHappy 🦃day. Stay safe and cherish what you have in front of you. @Bjorlulu Nah this turret needs to chill, I am legit throwing jiggle peeks at it and it's still tagging me. @Hiko @39daph yo thanks for letting me and my family live in your mansion when the stock market crashed, we're doin…
@Silenx_x no way the best aimer is streaming, I must check this stream outif only valve was this transparent :-(
Hit 15k followers, I keep doing this every 2 weeks because you guys are all insane. Appreciate all the support can'… @k_shymko @_BrianCS Yeah, he taught me the fundamentals of CS and how to actually use my brain. Wish I got to play longer but things happen. @_BrianCS Nahh where am I wtf? @1grimcs Happy Birthday king, best carry I have ever had :-) @jmohGG I guess the new computer helped, weird how that worksI would like to formally apologize to every team I predicted to win.
@hazedCS @madacsgo @OfficialAproto @aleksandarosa @Shawn12590 @TenZ_CS I'm actually going for the 0/4 run little did you know @WedidValorant BIG DUBS @JoshNissan @PlayVALORANT @RiotNu You just attract all the bugs, don't youMy predictions with some spice LG > IMT 2-0 (@madacsgo drops 40 map 1 and @OfficialAproto drops 40 map 2) MR > TS… @Kanpeki_XD Happy Birthday ❤️On a side note, our scrim also had to stop shortly because of this. So riot pls fixError Code 6 in the middle of a tournament LMAOOO @hazedCS @DonHaci @OfficialANGE1 @Subroza @daprcs @dephh_csgo @FNS @_PLAYERR1 @s0mcs @brax1wnl
@jcStani @Shanks_TTV NAHHH STOP THE CAP 🐬🐬🐬🐬 @jmohGG @ShoT_UPcs @T1 First @Poach now @ShoT_UPcs hope everything goes well
@Arpit19112000 I'll do a prediction for each stage most likely, just for fun nothing serious. @Palmtree5120 3 EST todayPredictions for UMG Closed Qualifier #2 Groups 🤭 Group A - LG - C9 Group B - TSM - NRG Group C - Moon Raccoons - COL Group D - IMT - T1
@diceyzx nahhh no way this account isn't in there I have like a 80% winrate on this account to say #79 is my alt account as well, idk how "idrc" isn't on here but whateverqq #6 i guess @bearkun @wendifulz yo thanks for letting me and my family live in your mansion when the stock market crashed, we'r…
Banger video @diceyzx @100Thieves Nice shot!
Occasional clip that's all
@Valkyrae Facts Satoru Gojo hits different @C0Mtweets This is a bug in the game, don't have any evidence, but it happens pretty rarely and hasn't happened to me on a match. @RenZCSGO He puts me down in ranked every time, pretty sure he is just another Shawn12590 but idk
@robwiztv @RiotZiegler Not the same thing, but I swear some of these corners are hellaaaa deep @Yeon7lol GL will be cheering you on 🥳 @KOLER1337 Fake news, he's trying to make you play worse @Guiiimond gl in the quali, treat @Shawn12590 well @dcopGG @zeno1h @Marved6 @aleksandarosa @FaZeClan 👑
idk on the stream grind
@Silenx_x omg best player in NA is this you?gonna play valorant now's Creed Valhalla if my computer can handle it broke pretty sure, any recommendations?I'm back
Back to NYC I go's a timeline where we lose to Moon Raccoons and never play the closed qualifier 😳Finished 2nd seed, happy with what we showed for a brand new team. See you in First Strike! Ggs to @Envy
Going live shortly against EnVy for the Grand Final of the Closed Qualifier for First Strike. bo5 soon! Finals against @Envy at 2 PSTMy suggestion in making seeding more important is allowing the teams to pick their matchup out of the seven. The wi… @Cp2fps Always great to have supporting parents, cherish them forever ❤️ @FNS If that episode came out tomorrow, you guys wouldn't stand a chance, i'd be on a different level @Nadeshot The cliffhanger in the last episode 😭All im gonna say is, I watched the new episode of Jujutsu Kaisen/Haikyuu and we ended up winning all of our matches. @daprcs @Crashies time is anime ... @Crashies Surely not.... @Crashies @Sentinels See you too cutie 🥰2-1* forgot about splitBeat @Sentinels 2-0 wish we had more on the line but it's all good.The sexiest team in the world @daprcs I believe in you, comeback arc right hereruined the rivalry matchup but whatever, we are playing Sent @leaf_cs josh's backpack ain't as comfy as @1grimcs but it's fine @jessicahkim @TSM TYTYTY @diceyzx lol #1 jett awper btwJett diff.
Retweeted by 100T AsunaNice to know that in a month, we are a top 4 team and some of our players have just switched, our potential is high as fuck. @Nadeshot @JoshNissan @Hiko @nitr0 @diceyzx sooo we getting that tesla now or later?Beat @TSM 2-0 zoomers carried boomers map 2 😼
@madacsgo @TSM ty adam😍Starting our rematch vs @TSM after this current Sent/T1 game finishes. Winner moves onto main event. Loser goes i… @randyySAVAGEVAL @Cloud9 no way we cut out the screaming....Glad I am not playing on this patch, this bug makes my screen green tinted for the rest of the game @mummAyTV @daprcs Yeah playing C9 and then going straight into Luminosity was mentally exhausting
Kinda cleannnn @madacsgo @100Thieves You are a king 👑 @randyySAVAGEVAL you got this, don't worrywhat a match, 2-1 against @Luminosity every day they get better, once @madacsgo gets more than a week of practice h… @TenZ_CS Gotta get the powers out for the rest of this qualifier.You like the new pfp? @TenZ_CS @TenZ_CS @Cloud9 Being in LA means no anime and I just couldn't harness the anime powers. @shinobi_fps GGWP to TenZ and friendsPlaying @Luminosity next after a break will post a stream when I get itLost to @Cloud9 1-2 GG's to them! Better weeb wins :-(playing C9 a new Los Angeles team for the competitive Call of Duty League in 2021. #LAThieves
Retweeted by 100T AsunaNo stream today - we are playing C9 at 10am PST / 1pm EST today. Will post stream link before match starts. #100T @Nadeshot @Hiko @JoshNissan @nitr0 @diceyzx Bench spot? In a week you gonna be competing for a starting spot.