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Despite the global pandemic, Doug & Dad built this A1 set up complete with an ASUS ROG Strix X570 🔥 We are so proud…
Retweeted by ROG North America @pcgamer So does he only play solo...orr ☺️5 minute 26 second meditation video brought to you by henry cavill's arms building a pc from scratch
Retweeted by ROG North AmericaWatch Henry Cavill build a PC very seductively
Retweeted by ROG North AmericaA sleek, glass design that's key to one of our unique features. Can you guess what it is? Find out on July 22nd.…
Retweeted by ROG North AmericaEvery element, from the product to the sleeve, has been meticulously redesigned by the incredible team at #ROG. A c…
Retweeted by ROG North AmericaA PC built to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of AMD! @AMDRyzen 2700x 50th Anniversary Edition @Radeon 5700xt 50th…
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@jayman30888 very soon my friend very sooooon @ArtistModro B550 is a pretty solid platform to build on :)The #ZephyrusDuo origin story. Spoilers: It's about more screens and more speed. Watch ▶️ BIOS updates READY. Unleash the power of @AMDRyzen 3000XT series processors! You know what to do 🤓 #ROG #B550 #DeathStrandingPC with NVIDIA DLSS 2.0! DLSS 2.0 enables gamers to play Death Stranding at stunning 4K…
Retweeted by ROG North AmericaGeForce Digital Artists captured hi-res screenshots from #DeathStrandingPC 😲 📸: @Chris177uk + @Lopez74Jara +…
Retweeted by ROG North America @thomasmitchel48 @IntelGaming @NVIDIAGeForce holographic mice? 😈 @7inningsofLIFE @IntelGaming @NVIDIAGeForce metal @xander_fg @IntelGaming @NVIDIAGeForce have you reached out to @AsusHelpUS, not sure about shipping replacement but hit them up! @xxlionxx5150 @WhiteMexican234 @IntelGaming @NVIDIAGeForce ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Bcawesomer @ASUS_ROG @IntelGaming @NVIDIAGeForce We can't restock as fast as we'd like due to various reasons, we…
If you have a Prismatic backside don't be shy to show it off. Also definitely show off the specs on this beast… Ready! It’s Race Day for the @NASCAR Coca-Cola @iRacing series! Checkout the race and enter our giveaway for a… A Young Gamer's Wish Come True: Doug's Fantastic Gaming PC Build - @MakeAWishMassRI
Retweeted by ROG North America @VastSurge @TeamTespa congrats! ❤️ @irishmunky nice <33 Could we feature your photo please :) ? @xxlionxx5150 @ASUS_ROG Sick~ happy it come early for you! @EExlipse @IntelGaming thank ;) @joshflem787 Sorry to hear that. Have you reached out to @asushelpus yet? they'll be glad to take care of it for you!Congrats again to our Spring Level Up winner!! And a big shoutout to our friends at @ASUS_ROGNA and @SteelSeries fo…
Retweeted by ROG North AmericaCompleted my build! @ASUS_ROGNA @EKWaterBlocks @NVIDIAGeForce @CableMod Big thanks to @JayzTwoCents @bitwitkyle
Retweeted by ROG North America @ItsMykro 🤙 nice movesUghhhh it’s Monday? Nahhh fam we going back to bed... @ASUS_ROGNA Let me Netflix in peace
Retweeted by ROG North America @the_imelissa ❤️❤️❤️ @milkbottlec @NZXT the next one 😈 @clickmefish @NVIDIAGeForce 🤓 @Jay85945910 yes of course @AsetekDennis @AlexanderGTR507 @ASUS_ROG @ASUSUSA @Asetek thanks! @AsetekDennis :) @codenamedonut @ASUSUSA There's an update available for AM4 socket boards. Check out this list!… came on board to sponsor the ENASCAR boys so how cool would it be for them to sponsor seven-time…
Retweeted by ROG North AmericaComing to #ROGELITE and redeemable with reward points. We'll see you GREEN HELL.
@milkbottlec @NZXT 🍆 :)Experience Timefall on July 14th. Death Stranding comes free when you pick up select ASUS ROG @NvidiaGeforce RTX GPUs and Laptops.Video up - The Best Asus Gaming Laptops
Retweeted by ROG North America @ItsMykro yo it's cool man @RingMaster258 @IntelGaming try itWith the right technologies, we can ENHANCE 🔎 #ElectroPunk @batmattreturns @RaulHid80994920 @IntelGaming lolol @zoey_santana @IntelGaming you do what it takes
Get ready to immerse yourself with Liberated (2020), a revolutionary action-adventure game that unfolds across page…
Laptops? Good. Laptops with games? REALLY good. Buy select ROG and TUF gaming laptops and get 30-days of…
@EExlipse @IntelGaming bc you're the best 😊 @IntelGaming 🤝1 like and we'll set another world record with @intelgaming 10th gen processors. @Jay85945910 damn ok need to invent new maths for this good boi @S1Yoel it does have that hazy vibe :0 @andie_the_lab both are available 🙂 @Jay85945910 good ∞ @novarift husky sick of FPS jokes confirmedAlertness +10 ☕️ good boy +100 🐶 FPS +?????
@VinMessina @AMDRyzen our face 🤣 @eileamkeam 🤣🤣 covid man :(Run all the benchmarks, make this face when you see the numbers 🤩 We got some numbers to report for the @AMDRyzen @Nh_Bleker will be announced here once we find out! @TCMartinn because we can @joeyonaraft windows thicc barEvery wondered what #Zephyrus would look like as an esports badge? We challenged the remaining chickens to do just…
Retweeted by ROG North AmericaFull screen gaming + ROG screenpad plus = Full screen plus 😉 #ZephyrusDuo
Created by our very talented ROG community ❤️ #WallpaperWednesday #NationalVideoGameDay! What's got 2B your favorite post-apocalyptic game? Check out the top picks from ROG co… 22nd is all about Speed and Power. #ROGPhone3 unleashes the latest Snapdragon 865 and delivers mind-blowing pe… Glory but make it electro punk pink 💞🎧 💓🎮💕 Thank you @ASUS_ROGNA @ASUSUSA #gifted
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Always build for MAXIMUM SPEED. Check out the gears that go into PRO racing sim rigs, and the latest giveaway that'… @LeviNewberry @CustomRigsDe 🙃 unless we change the design @QuestionRealit7 @CustomRigsDe ❤️❤️❤️ @jennifur68 @CustomRigsDe Oh we should have removed the @ customrigsde is his account on IG oops!🙃 @Stormtropper2 @CustomRigsDe 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔The look of unbeatable clock speeds since 2016. 🙌 How many upgrades have you gone through with this Strix triple ax… Update – Cloudy with a chance of #ROG. #ROGElite members can set sail with our World of Warships Elite Pack…
Congrats to our final #HonorYourHeroes winner Santy Saldaña. Big thanks to @IntelGaming and @bitwitkyle for the fin… @CurvyMermaid617 no pricing info available yet ;)New Shiny Challenger Approaching! #ROGB550 #AiMic @slenderboy211 @TheTanelChannel is 4k good @mycroft16 @Its_XADR @TheTanelChannel ❤️ @russdaEQnut @TheTanelChannel it would be like if the 27 inch was right up against your face covering your peripheral vision @Redacted_IGN @TheTanelChannel $4000 shipping @David66504033 @TheTanelChannel are we the same person? @BaconSynyster @TheTanelChannel 100% @OS_NewYorkCity appreciate you! ❤️ @Its_XADR @TheTanelChannel we talking 65 @mindflayer @TheTanelChannel adding this our rog spotify playlist❤️❤️❤️ Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 is like no other laptop.
Retweeted by ROG North AmericaWhat do you think about big monitors? #PG65UQ @TheTanelChannel: Yes VIDEO: 2 Games Running on the Same Laptop... WHAT? #Sponsored by @ASUS_ROG
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Fireworks 100% loaded 👾 Happy #4thofJuly from ROG
Can you wait a little longer? We promise it’s worth it! #ROGPhone3 #GameChanger
Retweeted by ROG North AmericaFinish the caption! Gaming on the router that came with your ISP is like ______? special collaboration @IAmAlanWalker and @ASUS_ROG remixed the design of #ZephyrusG14 and the result is 🔥🔥🔥. For…
@reevester @ASUSUSA @ASUS ai mesh should work with ROG or Asus routers. Need to configure as node. see here! @TheMichaelFight ❤️