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im MDaMAzing Joker❤️Harley CHILLIN hustling loving ✈️ politics games🎮♟️♠️⚽ my 2 sons&wife 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 & figure it out as it goes.

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The birth of Donald j trump everyone 1164 of this orange turds administration, but it's still Obama's fault oh the lies the rants the incoherent ram… I see this emoji 💩 I think anyone else think pence was just assassination insurance for @realDonaldTrump cuz I'm really close to thinkin… @CaslerNoel @realDonaldTrump Do u think it would change anything cuz I think I can push him there I've already twee… @realDonaldTrump day 1164 hr 7 min 57. Ur an orange turd that no one likes ur money has bought u flattary all ur li…
@katherineOma Who=who sorry for the typosso true pls watch and listen millions of us live check to check while the 1% would let half if not all of us die so… ever heard of freedom of press governor? God this country can't survive 4 more years of the umpa lumpa with the ego the size of Moby dick @RobertMaguire_ Be carful what y say giv if ur time isn't liked by the idiot in Chief ppl will definitely to satisf… @katherineOma Yeah richest country in the c world brought to it's knees by a virus and an orange umpa lumpa with an who the size of the sun @realDonaldTrump held my mouth, given every 1 of ur ridiculous comnts benifit of the doubt but I've had enough just… @realDonaldTrump @nytimes @washingtonpost Shut up u umpa lumpa lying ass bitch ass fake ass crook u fucking disgrac… @DrDenaGrayson @realDonaldTrump Yes stop listening to the umpa lumps ppl anytime u think he makes any sense just im… @NurseNatNat36DD Omg beautiful nurses saving lives and making us feel better in all waysStupid questions from a stupid umpa lumps yes I refuse to call him a man that would imply he is a human being @swedishsweets99 YesssssThis is an unprecedented moment and we have got to think in an unprecedented way. Together, with the leadership of…
Retweeted by @+@K @DjsAviation I think it's nice elegant and a welcomed changeIt seems to me that by holding nightly press briefings at 6 PM, Trump has effectively co-opted nightly network news…
Retweeted by @+@KI've just been told to #stayhome like 30 times in the past min and a half
Dam happy as fuck that I'm not locked up right now!! Hard to stay away from anyone on the inside
That's what happens when u listen to an orange umpalumpa
@RWPUSA @RollingStone Great the us gets brought to it's knees and gives dictatorial powers to an umpalumpa so embarrassing @HayesPope @RWPUSA @RollingStone Tht's right it's perfect timing cancel elections cuz ppl can't be too close and ta… @HannaPapillon Sounds like someone who doesn't know anything about anything I love how we have to count on the umpa… @DjsAviation Yep someppl bought out all stores of paper products and disinfectants cuz they care only about themsel… @briantylercohen Wow yep it's obvious that she's a Donald fan
@JakeBaldino I am so happy about this I'm like yes my Ellie edition and my daughter was like dad why did u name me… @JakeBaldino Long island? @JakeBaldino Hey at least it's not a shelter in placeAhhhhhhhh yessssss!!! @LilNasX stuck at home laid off from work with wife and my son feel like we can't get any help from our gov God ble…
@DjsAviation hey bro just a word of advice stop mentioning Corona virus by name in ur video it demonitized ur videos
@BernieSanders I hope so @DjsAviation Time to go all natural with leaf the only company around for ur rearly needs since before there were companies. @realDonaldTrump Go play golf and leave the human needs problems to the humans in the room u fake lier things don't… @realDonaldTrump So funny I say that since u sir are the fakesy news possible and I would trust the by times more t… Airport, Turkish Airlines step up measures against coronavirus Preemptive steps a…
2020 The goo are anti constitutional trumpists if ur a real Republican you are suppose to protec… Trump did was exactly what our founding fathers where afraid of exactly what they didn't want to happen. There… This is the reason that you should think which before voting for trump we the people have…
@SBChris88 Those look fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@Fredartwork1 @Naughty_Dog @TheVulcanSalute @Neil_Druckmann @TroyBakerVA @shannonwoodward @casscar35 That's fire bri
Wow pretty cool just goes to show u how little we really know and how much more there is to discover about our plan… @DjsAviation check it out bro I can't believe this it would be great in long flights for us working class folks LMAO @TMZ Are u serious have these ppl seen soft porn?😋😋😋😋 @realDonaldTrump This isn't a joke these are lives and dollar since u wem to understand transactionalism do the mat… @realDonaldTrump Don't end us and the rest of the world take notice of this virus stop playing with US lives out so… @realDonaldTrump you cannot fire ur way out of this prob. U can't wish it away u can't lie this away wake up and ta… @realDonaldTrump do u live on the same plane of existence as the rest of us what makes u think this pandemic is not…
@Popa_DaDon Waiting on more that fire don♿♿♿ @mambahussIe It's ight mild 🔥 @CNN Another death isn't the answer it don't make anyone feel good for long.President Trump has once again put his political interests ahead of America’s national security interests by appoin…
Retweeted by @+@K @SpeakerPelosi Not a surprise @ this point mrs. speaker what I'm sad about is the fact the media and the American p… @DjsAviation can't tell if it's chi but at a quick glance it looks so fire @DjsAviation You night just have to patreon @DjsAviation I'm betting the 777x videoThis the zombie outbreak headed our way no zombies just coughing ppl killing all of us. We don't need a wall on the… General Barr is privately meeting with Senate Republicans today instead of testifying and allowing Democra…
Retweeted by @+@KThe biggest threat to our elections is a president who welcomes foreign help. But the biggest danger to our democr…
Retweeted by @+@K @_msaint_x Beautiful thanks for the followCalifornia: if you aren't registered to vote and you want to push our movement forward, don't worry. California ha…
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@jadastevens420 @itzmericostrong And If you don't know know u know lol cuz ain't no body do it like these 2 @Brazzers @Nicolette_Shea Having seen her pussy I would probably try to send all day in here @QuancyClayborne One word sir phenomenal @GinaUSAblue @fbcooper1 @Brasilmagic Yep no amount of facts or reality gets to then it's like they were all brain w… @the_anish @DjsAviation Yeah they are brutal at dbx I'd like to see her at ist and the 3+ times u go thru security @QueKmas Corporate America convincing women and men to get the biggest best and most expensive of everything that's… @DjsAviation I usually don't either but I'm imagining 20hrs longest I've don't is ist to LAX in 13hrs 50min
Trump adores the failure of others. He relishes in the pain & struggle of those he feels are beneath him. He is cru…
Retweeted by @+@KCheck this out why do u think so @fbcooper1 @50scouple Pls pls miss may I have some more @FlightGlobal @DjsAviation This saddens me so much @Brazzers So many come to mind but @jadastevens420 was the first that popped lolI love canada @Trump_Detester I love you guys for saying this it's how I and a popular majority of Americans feel but that's only… @ScenarioLENS Didn't trump say something like it was so bad after Obama yet we keep hitting new records wonder what… @DjsAviation Not to want to blow my brains bout after I wake up and there's still 10+hrs to gocuz it's going to be obvious that Trump is litterally paying himself to protect himself with US tax $$$. I also thi… @amature_star69 And 💦💦💦💦 @maddow It's utterly embarrassing that this guy is bringing down democracy as we know it down ur pads drop the party line and stand up for the rule of law #America #RuleOfLaw #standupsenate @glacshadow @DjsAviation It's so true tho I look at my YouTube feed like wait didn't I see this one… @OnCloudSmog I'll rub ur feet scratch ur back eat 😈 u out and scratch ur back 👅👅💦💦 for a bl💨w j👅b to 💦 from u @soledadobrien True listen tho we can't smear him if he is the candidate for Dems that's what Trump and GOO want to… @NBCNews @PeterAlexander @realDonaldTrump @LukeCarlmain @JobiJohn11 great more Loyalists in ambs. Roles ready and w… @JohnLegere Always been a t mobile customer well since I was old enough to have a cell phone. I was ripped off once… @wikileaks Listen I was a big supporter and in some ways I still am but I hate the fact that WikiLeaks was used in… An Awkward & Robotic Authoritarian
Retweeted by @+@Kgod willing I will get to see this man in a jumpsuit I cant wait to see the day when the law comes knocking and the…‘The Law Is Going To Come After Him’: Obama Lawyer Warns ‘Lawless’ Trump... via @YouTubeMorally spinless GOP not only aquitted a criminal that spit and trampeled on our constitution but also stood aside… @DjsAviation @IrishAirlinesYT really messed up m8 4 you all to work so hard put up the work that gets ppl coming 2… @SubmissiveLexi0 @AssReFocus Gorgeous @katherineOma That's the GOP 4 ya covering up theirs and and carpet bombing and blowing up others that have done th… @jadastevens420 God dam good dam good dam @OMGitsLexi Omg really tushy do we get to see u do some anal????