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Taylor Ivings @ATayOnWords British Columbia, Canada

Writer for @ControlDeckCC & editor for @AnyDayReviews. Dad, chef, budding game designer and book worm.

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Ok im done with horses from now on i only want to ride giant birds #PS4share😭😭
2020 guess I’m watching this.
Wow FFXV really goes full Final Fantasy in ch. 4 and I’m here for it.What matters after failure is taking the time to figure out what went wrong, seeing how you could do better, and be…
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I honestly think that "in a world where you can be anything, be kind" has resonated with me in a way that nothing e…
Retweeted by Taylor Ivings @leahrooper Like I'm getting it either way, but I went into Fire Emblem with zero expectations and fell in love with it.Isabelle better make an appearance. @SonySantaMonica I have no experience doing this at all. But I'm you're guy, trust me.It’s happening!! Now.. do I watch this or skip it so I can go in blind? Prompto i'll be your friend #PS4share guess I hate fire.
Happy Family day, BC! Looks like a trip to the local museum is on the agenda today! @Lewchube @Junichi_Masuda This is so cool.I only just learned today that there's an OFFICIAL vocal cover of Cynthia's Champion theme from 2011 -- known as 'b…
Retweeted by Taylor Ivings @OldManNamedFudo These are awesome!
WOO! Here's the first public look at my Claude cosplay shoot, photos by @MaureenAPrice. Thank you all so much for a…
Retweeted by Taylor Ivings @Stealth40k With all the leaks the next directs gonna be a little lean.
Please be kind to one another, always. Nobody deserves this.
Retweeted by Taylor Ivings @OldManNamedFudo @coopr001 Congrats! @ninsoup Oh that’s cute. Would have ate that shit up in high school.
@Stealth40k @KoeiTecmoUS Switch or PS4!Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Giveaway 12 winners - Switch/PS4/X1/PC (3 each) Features 177 characters including gues…
Retweeted by Taylor Ivings @switchindiefix YES LUCAH IS EXCELLENT#PS4share @Stealth40k I’m sure Square will bring them eventually. Probably not a lot of work for what they’ll bring in.
I’ve felt that really many times. @Der_Kevin @Felixenfeu You’re actually the mvp thank you for sharing! @Der_Kevin Omg.. @AnyDayReviews It’s good so far! @NintendoCanada Dope I’ve never heard of these. @AndreSegers 19th is a Wednesday HMMMM
@Kotaku Rip this would have been cool to see to the end.On to book number three! Missed reading this in high school but better late than never, right? Honestly have a the…’s beautiful. So much nostalgia. Please give me a way to revisit these games in 2020. @IGN All of the above?
8F9 thank you and good day. @cinnamoniboni I hate being called out like this.
B7B @Charalanahzard @AliciaMarieBODY OHH SAME. @OldManNamedFudo Man medicine way back when was wild.Guilty af god this doesn’t have an English release date because I’m guess I’m getting this now? happiness is playing Animal Crossing with your friends
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@aquadiun Looks good! @TheNintendoFeed Excited to try this one out! Platinum’s one of my favourite developers, so I’m hoping I love this… @NINTENthusiast 64. Awful really, it started a life long addiction.Were celebrating the #NintendoSwitch's 3rd anniversary with an amazing #Giveaway with the help of some of our frien…
Retweeted by Taylor Ivings @_ashwise All I want is Hambo.. I’m hoping he makes a comeback. @SmashMasterShow The article sure makes it seem legit.
Sometimes I wish I was a better reader.Star Fox Adventures kicks ass.
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@ForeverEntert @differenttales Looks interesting. I’ll be keeping my eye out for this one. 👏 @IGN I’ve only beaten 1, 2 and 358/2 and I’ve played Chain of Memories. I can’t believe this is a thing I couldn’t be happier.My one concern with the game has been put to rest. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later. just in persona 5 is really good.Celebrating 200,000 followers on Twitter by giving away the whole company like Willy Wonka. Follow and RT for a ch…
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@ninsoup @TheEggman64 Just enjoy games, it’s not a competition. 🙃*backlog of 30+ games* @SonySantaMonica @SunhiLegend @Much118x Mfw he pronounces gif as gif. @AndreSegers Nice I’m trash. @StormYorha I’ve played and beaten several of the games and I’m still confused.Okay maybe it’s time to finally get all the games.. @OldManNamedFudo Good for you. Good luck!
Welp.. it was fun while it lasted... 😭😭😭😭😭 @IGN Whyyyyy it’s already perfect. @katerooper Honestly though the kids are right.
@GoNintendoTweet Yaaaas big success means better chance for a sequel. I want to revisit the world again sooo much.So if the Wonderful 101 is the first.. COULD ONE OF THE OTHER THREE BE A SCALEBOUND KICKSTARTER??? need this. *looks at dates and locations* Guess I don’t need this.. @TheEggman64 I love them as a kid and the PS4 version is on my radar; have to clear up my back log a bit first. @ninsoup If it’s true, one Animal Crossing focused one and one for other games I’m guessing.When today’s #earbiscuit is an hour and 45 minutes long. 🤤🤤🤤 @SaraGamerKitty @Stealth40k And there’s always one at the beginning of the year. Last years was in Feb and the year… @OldManNamedFudo You should grab one for yourself sometime! That looks awesome! @_sweetieloves 8 years difference is HUGE.The original FFVII opening. @nintendolife As much as I love him puting his life into Smash bros, I really want to see what else he could create…
Do I mute "animal crossing" on here? Love everything that's being shown but man, do I ever want to go into this one blind. @tha_rami Books? @TheNintendoFeed I'm just going to buy them all. Does anyone have a list of best to worst? @notaleaf @animalcrossing @ACWorldBlog Do it, all the cool kids are.after 10 hours of persona 5 I think it’s safe to say I shall be now maining joker in smash that’s it.
Join our team! We won’t bite, trust me. @RedMakuzawa Square’s just your friend who can’t keep anything in their life secret. GoW and Astral both had 5 year… @XanderMobusVO Okay. You're at 29 on this one rn, don't give up. @IGN MAN I THOUGHT I WAS DONE WITH THESE. HAN? FOR REAL? @TheNintendoFeed Anyone play this? I see updates for it all the time but I don't think I've ever seen gameplay once.
@LimitedRunGames My dad played Mario kart 64 with me all the time. When I moved out I swear he practiced for when I… next console giveaway is (what else?) the Animal Crossing Switch with a bonus cute game: our physical edition o…
Retweeted by Taylor IvingsAlready a huge fan of just this song.. can’t wait to hear the rest of the soundtrack! 🙌 Animal Crossing fan rn that already owns a switch-
Retweeted by Taylor Ivings @NinWire I don't know how to feel about the movie. Video game movies suck for the most part, but Miyamoto's involve… not buying a console on release has its perks..