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Daytime engineer. Nighttime writer. Adventurous cook. Ravenous reader. Lousy gamer. Cynical movie watcher. 2x Nebula finalist. She/her.

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@jcalyst Oh no. 🤞 @jcalyst It turned out pretty well. 😊
@jcalyst Chocolate hazelnut cake for Passover. @SarahPinsker Oh wow! That is beautiful! @lynnemthomas Oh the rollercoaster that is house buying. Hope this is the last bend in the tracks."Georgie in the Sun" is @UncannyMagazine! A vampire in space, a parser game, and a cryo story about consent. This w…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattHumaaaan. Frisbee time? @tig18966 Lol true.
@her_nibsen Congratulations!!!Sometimes you got the chocolate covered. Sometimes the chocolate covers you. #ambakingGood that @sfwa is thinking about this because, as someone tweeted recently, a virtual conference SHOULD mean that…
Retweeted by A. T. Greenblatt @UncannyMagazine Congrats!!!! @clarkesworld Congrats!!!!And speaking of @wiswell, his @FiresideFiction story about reclaiming...various amazing and loving and…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattIn the current issue of @UncannyMagazine, I interview @natalia_theodor about his story "Georgie in the Sun," a beau…
Retweeted by A. T. Greenblatt @IlanaCT Best of the best of words to you.this is saint, he's still figuring out this whole drinking thing (saint.thegsd IG)
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattHey friends! We would love to hear your suggestions on how to make @sfwa's Nebula Conference Online as accessible a…
#DragKingBedtimeStory How the Trick Is Done By @ac_wise Read by @TitusAndrogyn Link to reading:…
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@spazgirl11 @BaltimoreSciFi I just heard back from the contest runner. You're eligible!
My story "And Yet" is in this along with many, many amazing stories. for something to read? The Long List Anthology volume 5 (which collects the books that almost, but not quit…
Retweeted by A. T. Greenblatt*Maryland residents and students at Maryland 2 & 4 year colleges!
Retweeted by A. T. Greenblatt @spazgirl11 @BaltimoreSciFi I think you are still eligible because non-fiction doesn't qualify for a SFWA membershi… @BaltimoreSciFi 's Amateur Short Story Competition is now open to entries for Maryland writers! I'm one of the…
Fairly accurate actually...
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@JackReichert Haha thanks! I won’t tell.In The Air Tonight drum solo: Quarantine edition
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattMy coworker is wondering if the work day is over yet.
@LabyrinthRat Oh god, I'm so sorry.Unfettered capitalism is Jeff Bezos making $8,961,187 per hour but refusing to provide paid sick leave for all of his employees.
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattWe have just unveiled our virtual home for SFWA's 2020 Nebula Conference Online! Learn about our programming tracks…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattFriendly reminder to vote on the final ballot for the Nebula awards! Voting closes tonight, March 31, at 11:59 PT…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattLaunch day!!! A beautiful print edition of my Nebula-finalist novelette "The Archronology of Love" is now availabl…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattI also want to give some encouragement to the folks who didn't make it in this year. It took me four tries to get i…'m a little late to the party, but welcome class of 2020! You have all just signed up for a remarkable adventure a…
Day 17: morale is weird
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Today's goal: Revise this story and get it out into the world already. @michaeldthomas Oh god. All digits are crossed for you.Store closures, distribution reduction - the damage across publishing is profound. Support artists, creators, busi…
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@sheli213 51 lbs of troubleNow look at her. 🤣 years ago today I adopted this little troublemaker.
@KDandenell YES. In this case, it's going outside and playing frisbee. 🤣Just in case you need it, here’s a dog doing yoga in Italian. You’re welcome.
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattFrom March 30 through April 24, Clarion West is offering a series of free online classes for teens and adults with…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattThis the look I’m getting right now from my coworker. @aidan_doyle @robodinofiction AND AN ADDITIONAL GOOD THING: @izzyxen 's wonderful story, "A Dinosaur Without Feathe…
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@J_R_Dawson Congrats! @TitusAndrogyn @clarkesworld Thanks for taking the time to read it!#DragKingBedtimeStory Give the Family My Love by @AtGreenblatt Tonight on Instagram Live 8PM EDT @clarkesworld
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattIf you want a gorgeous political fantasy about a kind leader, check out the Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison/…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattThis guy has just won the internet.
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattEspecially for @effies This is hysterical
Retweeted by A. T. Greenblatt @BT_Musings Lol. Yeah. Especially on gray days like today.This is just to say that it's okay not to be super productive right now. It's difficult to be creative in times l…
@sheli213 Absolutely. @sheli213 That’s a work of art. @sheli213 Pictures or it didn't happen. :) @tig18966 Enjoy! @her_nibsen Yes. This. Hugs.In respect to this bullshit, a reminder that it is possible to advocate for a better world without disgusting ageis…
Retweeted by A. T. Greenblatt @tig18966 Can’t send by mail sadly. But I can share the recipe.Shasukah for lunch! teacher doing remote schooling due to Coronavirus while the guest instructor has other ideas.
Retweeted by A. T. Greenblatt @usmantm Congrats!!!!
@Wiswell Absolutely not. I’m completely flattered, in fact.Let's have a moment of silence for the colorists who, in a few months, will be expected to fix many thousands of truly awful home dye jobs.
Retweeted by A. T. Greenblatt @HeyVJ Haha they’re being put to good use. 😊In case you missed it yesterday, here's a new Shiny Shorts highlighting stories from @PodCastle_org,…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattThis episode of late night baking brings you vegan banana bread
@michaeldthomas Meeee tooooo.just a reminder amid the anxiety and uncertainty that this duck exists
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Band photo. chameleon painting is my new favorite video on the internet
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattBought some books this week, a bunch of new music on Bandcamp today, and will renew my magazines subscriptions tomo…
Y'all know that Bandcamp is giving 100% of proceeds today to their musicians? Who are you buying?
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This is Tilly’s “Human! It’s dog park time!” face. few days late for Pi day, but I made this last night, put the topping on at lunch and promptly put myself in a su… @victoriajanssen't sleep. So I'm here being an engineer early this morning. Might as well be productive.HOLD EVERYTHING. I enthusiastically present "Isolate With You." Lyrics by @elly_bangs, performed by Emma Törzs.
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Just send in my edits for my story. So excited for it to be out in the world soon! And with such amazing company!!! @csecooney @Scott_H_Andrews @RebellionPub Eeee congrats!!!! @MDouglasWhite @deuceofgears @kyliu99 Thank you for the review!Want to jet off from Earth for a while and explore some strange, new worlds? Here are three short stories that I re…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattVery high technical sport is invented during the lockdown of #Italy
Retweeted by A. T. Greenblatt @Scott_H_Andrews I had this one a couple of weeks ago. It was delicious.
@Scott_H_Andrews Ooo that looks amazing!!! @BonnieJoStuffle That’s exciting! Fingers crossed for you!I know everything is on fire right now, but I did want to thank folks for their input for the second part of this…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattA @vinajiemin story about dogs and robots is out today?! Cancel everything until you've read it!
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattMy writing class Short Story 1 is going online for the first time ever! Come study with me. I emphasize creativity,…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattMy office mate is napping on the job. Also, wagging her tail in her sleep. 😊
@CarolineYoachim Ugh. That sucksssss.I'm a writer and have many writer friends. So I get why people say isolating yourself b/c of outbreak is good time…
Retweeted by A. T. GreenblattIf your looking for something to read while homebound & you have Kindle Unlimited, my collection Uncommon Miracles…
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This is amazing, and relevant to many of your interests (@mkf_gclef):
Retweeted by A. T. Greenblatt @BT_Musings @SheckyX I look forward to it!Following a conversation just now: Any trans and nonbinary teens likely to be stuck in unsupportive homes should i…
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