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@GaryJKings GARY @GaryJKings ??? GARY WE’VE MET IM SIX FEET TALL @_daijoubanai That’s a living clown glued there @athenaparadigm free breakfast looking at me approach with a lobster's claw cracker be like
Retweeted by Theenie! @GaryJKings Are you serious??? I’m supposed to be terrifying!! An aura of power crackling around me!! @enbybat GREETINGS TRAVELLERIM BEING BULLIED ONLINE Does NOBODY find me intimidating ??? @caeth_eri And good luck trying to get your hands on a good Fool fillet @The_Bear_Queen You are in danger. I will not warn you again. @The_Bear_Queen @HTHRFLWRS EXCUSE ME!!!Crack open a clown’s carapace like it’s a lobster to get to that soft soft MeatThey’re not THAT furryCan’t believe Yall don’t like clown eggs @caeth_eri It’s okay! That said ive tried substituting with Jesters but it’s just not the same. @caeth_eri This is only ever as a special treat!! You shouldn’t have clown products more than once a week, and from… @athenaparadigm Theenie.
Retweeted by Theenie! @caeth_eri 🥰🥰🥰choose your next words carefully, I am within range.Preferred breakfast? ☺️☺️☺️ @strwbrrywhn only if she uses tongue @GaryJKings @acgodliman oh we'll see about that
@GaryJKings @acgodliman God this photo's so good. I miss you so fucking much, Kings. @Dwimepon bicth @Dwimepon u gotta do me now @Dwimepon just vibes, i am never wrong. @AyoMakesArt i hate his clown haircut also @Dwimepon 11 @AyoMakesArt Its a shame cal kestis looks Like That @JesseNeon Oooooooh yeshere I made a meme
Retweeted by Theenie! @ravioli117 and tastes so much better than clown milk. @dmIreneDB im talking about the only magic herb that matters babey @dmIreneDB :) @dmIreneDB 🌿 @HarrisonGowland @DiceBuffet this is you when you are beans dice its true @faeinthewae Celeste is so gooooood
@foxtrotluna i flirt with myself all the time, its just other people who aren't weh @foxtrotluna oh is that soimagine flirting with the theenie,,, @KonaYMA6 @yokotaro 👀👀👀👀👀👀 @cavegift @somnopastoral 👀💦lmao this nerd said "interactive game" when she meant "branching narrative game"I have some stuff like this but its a bit outdated so I need fresh ones.Updating my narrative design and games writing portfolio, gonna be creating: - barks sheet - item descriptions/m… @ilypads poyo! @teawithphil You'll need to get referred to an ADHD clinic, which you can get by asking your GP, yeah.based on a true story @eatthepen speedrunOnce again if this was fun or useful and you have money to spare, consider tipping me? (please don't give money if…
Retweeted by Theenie! @Skatebutch *points at pile of junk and garbage* INGREDIENCE"did you fill out the adhd assessment form" "what assessment form?" ".....yeah okay that'll work too." @ravioli117 lego bricks.especially non-food ingredience that can Be Used To Make Thingthe human mind goes feral and wild when exposed to ingredienceWhen Nintendo finds people playing their old games
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LIVE IN FIVE LETS GOOOO're going to france.
Retweeted by Theenie!Really want the Razer gamer mask, or as I like to call it, drone casual.
Retweeted by Theenie!If all goes well, at 22:30 GMT I shall be streaming some of that Star Wars Shooting Game Where You Battle At The Fr… @knivesforcats YE YE YEEPISODE 6 ABOUT TO START! COME HANG OUT AND FEEL EMOTIONAL!! IN 5! COME DROP BY FOR THE FINALE!!! LETS GOOOO FEAT. @HTHRFLWRS🚗 Detours - a narrative game following exes stuck in a car together! 🚙 Daniella and Mish are hitting the road soon…
Retweeted by Theenie! @knivesforcats oh my goshhhhh noe pls lemme help @_daijoubanai Oh gods. Okay, well. There is always next time. I Believe In You!!!!!! @_daijoubanai oof oof oof. I'm sure it's better than you think!! Wishing you best, though! @_daijoubanai I will reach out. @Autolikescake (cult of the kosmos clue-less) @SamMGreer @erindipper hmmmmmmmmmmmmm thank you both, much to think about.How do you even find out about freelancing games writing gigs? @athenaparadigm @HTHRFLWRS [Roadrunner voice] meat-meat (takes a beakful of coyote flesh)
Retweeted by Theenie!MEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEA… 6pm GMT / 13:00 EST We'll be streaming episodes 5 & 6 of EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH! Once again al… Alba: a Wildlife Adventure you're a young activist in an small island. You'll get to meet and help the locals wh…
Retweeted by Theenie! @demanrisu absolute fucking artistry. @eatthepen from the banging and screams of "bad bad bad hacky awful bad very bad not good fuck you" I can hear from… @demanrisu is that ganondorf's doriyah swordyou might think i'm very very nice but i currently forcing a programmer to give me a jump button in a top down jrpg @nershly Honestly My Hero Academia's pretty goodstop being weird about anime challenge
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I mean this in the most like, non-condescending way possible but if you’re a teenager please do not list a lot of d…
Retweeted by Theenie!To give an idea of how Smash went uh This happened.
Retweeted by Theenie!LETS GOOOOOOOOO @AyoMakesArt o7 @AyoMakesArt godspeed, brave warrior @purrsneakitty donut sprinkled with TEETH
heyyyyy i'm in this!!!!! @cavegift i will do several cool flips and drive very good @HarrisonGowland okay but its me doing it but I understand the confusionOH YEAH IF YOU WANT MORE THEENIE THERES MORE THEENIE TONIGHT @Poppy_Zone fuck poppy they got you what are u gonna do now oh noWonder if convention hotel staff are like “man we miss those weird anime kids”
Retweeted by Theenie!By the way, if you missed the streams don't worry! VODs are available right here! a WILD fucking ride! Thanks to all who showed up and shared this, means a HUGE amount! Had an amazing time as…'re still live! About to start episode 4 if you wanna drop on by! live!! COME JOIN US AT ! <3 10 minutes myself and @HTHRFLWRS will continue our playthrough of her excellent game, EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER:… @ggnewed Ash: Composition, Session Recording, ToppingMeatpunks stream today!!!!!!!!fuck lgbt discourse we gotta focus on what's really important: bullying the french
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