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mom and dad <3
Retweeted by athenahow did an apartment of 5 electrical engineers adopt mewhoever cursed my back right tire i hate uif he paid for my online order i’d send him pics of me in everything
Retweeted by athenaI don’t even have a car!!! I must be super sexy
Retweeted by athenaI ain’t got a daddy kink I have a software engineer kink
Retweeted by athenamanifesting something happens to my car where it gets totaled and i can just have a new car tbhmy friend picked me up from being stranded on a highway and im drinking all his alcohol and introducing him to dubstep @NuocWater i wouldve bullied youstop being so fucking nice and show them how crazy you are
Retweeted by athenayoure either sexy or u have a functioning car! actually really fucking annoying @bunnygirlkash thank u for blessing mecounting stars ✨
Retweeted by athenaloml reveal besties
Retweeted by athena @foreplay MOMMYcall me mommy
Retweeted by athenaim going to beat eric's fucking assoh so do @notbabycat @Ohitspauline and i not fucking exist to you anymore @NuocWater @ErecYeager inner circle shi only 😮‍💨 @ErecYeager YOU FUCKING ARE @ErecYeager YEA @ErecYeager answered my facetime during lunch while cooking w his dick out @ErecYeager U LOST UR FUCKING PRIVILEGES @athennessy Woke up wanting to fill u for breakfast WHAT
Retweeted by athena @ErecYeager i fuckinf hate tou so much
im glad u guys like me for my huge throbbing personalitywoke up wanting chick fil a breakfast :( @nleh03 @vampahri HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFULLLLLI finally beat teen pregnancy :-) welcoming my 20 somethings
Retweeted by athenai got my bridesmaid dress today :D which one @NuocWater NANANJABAJANAJANremember to check up on your friends’ eating habits yall
Retweeted by athenain the club and i miss victor kim from youtubefootball obsessed bf & “wait what’s a linebacker” gf
Retweeted by athenaalmost finished 💪🏽
Retweeted by athenashopping for rave clothes is so hard when you have huge bouncy titswhere r the paypigs and simps who wanna pay for my tattoos 😔💔
Retweeted by athenaam I- am I a simp? Sho am 😌
Retweeted by athena @NuocWater @micahg808 takes one to know onewill i ever have peace @athennessy
Retweeted by athena @babeyIina @ErecYeager which is why i ghost write his tweets @ErecYeager LEMME SUCK U OFF @ErecYeager COME HERE HUBBYYour favorite iterations of Ariel and Prince Eric
Retweeted by athenaIf you don’t like house music, I’m just gonna assume you can’t dance. That’s the only thing that makes sense
Retweeted by athenaWhat a time to be alive 😂😂😂 miss y’all
Retweeted by athena @h3llok1ttyb4by jailsilly goose hours have commenced
Retweeted by athena @kathsizzzle @ErecYeager YES I DID BABYhi did u miss me 🙈
Retweeted by athena @supersia_ @ErecYeager hi pls kiss medrunk
Retweeted by athena @luvrhime @ErecYeager HI BABY(●˙꒳˙●) hiiiii ~
Retweeted by athena @420grI @ErecYeager BABIEEEpushing 🅿️🅾️🅾️🅿️
Retweeted by athenaPRINCE ERIC ITS ME ARIEL @velvetirs i only want u to look at them <3 @foreplay BABYYYYYYsuccubus gf?
Retweeted by athenacan’t believe i’m sending him my selfies for free when i could sell them as NFT’s
Retweeted by athena @vivinguyens its penicillin so ur ok @edmsillygoose HUHGod bless Lina for being by my side today 😭😭
Retweeted by athena @masturb4sian BABIE:3
Retweeted by athena @hamchoihunny @ErecYeager @bbyxlb MOMMIESgiving totally spies/charlie’s angels energy 🤍 dm me for ur all ur bathroom selfie needs 😈
Retweeted by athena @ErecYeager WHEN IS OUR DATE HUSBANDBeing wholesome the last Saturday before school starts and taking my mom on a date 😌
Retweeted by athenaI just know I’m a maskfisher like sorry my eyes are so beautiful 💯💯😤😭🥰😭😌🤣😍🤩💪
Retweeted by athena @b00bieshmurda BJAKSNAKANAKgoo goo ga ga i want mama mommy🥺🥺🥺🥺 can i have uppies mommy pwease😩 im hungies mommy goo goo ga ga waaaaa waaa😢😢😢😢😢…
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Stop shaming people for contracting STIs and start advocating for transparency, testing, and treatment 🗣
Retweeted by athena @foreplay MOMMYYes, the rumors are true! My ghostwriter is @athennessy !
Retweeted by athenathrifting, bridesmaid dress shopping, boba w a friend, and a bday party today!!! pray for my mfin wallet @ErecYeager give me ur protein 😮‍💨😮‍💨Just made a matcha protein mug cake to fuel my workout 😮‍💨
Retweeted by athena @ErecYeager ERIC ANSNNSJANAJAif someone really wanted me happy they would send me $400 right now
Retweeted by athena @NuocWater am i wrongdam
Retweeted by athena @NuocWater JAM @luvrhime hey can i hold ur handsame but different, also eek me w no falsies
Retweeted by athenagovernment name: athena nicknames: - tina - tuna - teeny - spawn of satan - bitch ass whore @nleh03 AHAHAHHAHAi think twitter shadowbanned me so i need to calm down w my tweets LMFAOi would absolutely HATE it if i received a sanrio bouquet, flowers, & a love letter on feb 14. my worst nightmare frfr
Retweeted by athenai shouldve went into accountingi need an internship lmfao @ErecYeager sushi @ErecYeager excuse me#NewProfilePic
Retweeted by athenaUhm well that was a short talking stage. HI GUYS IM A WHORE AGAIN.
Retweeted by athena @NuocWater only u get me