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@Blueflame4L @realdollydope omg escape!There’s a girl in my cohort with a FAT crush on me and athena hates her guts LMFAOOO
Retweeted by athena @v4mpluvrgirl if u go to a tattoo parlour its usually $80+putting @ErecYeager, @vincenityy, and i into a gc is a mistake
Retweeted by athena @bbychungus ur so urethral 😩😩😍😍😍 @ErecYeager @vsleepygirl shut the fuck up ur just as bad @vsleepygirl real recognize real 😍😍😍😍me too babes
Retweeted by athenapsycho twitter girls unite
Retweeted by athenaI hate being the naked neighbor but someone’s gotta do it
Retweeted by athena @vincenityy LI’m proud of anyone who blocks me. Set those boundaries babe. Take control of the narrative
Retweeted by athenaTHIS IS THE THIRD TIME SARA GOT ME DRUNK @Stempapi @ErecYeager STOP ENCOURAGING HIM @ErecYeager WHY ARE U TELLING EVERYONE THIShe always tells me to proceed w plans as if hes not going and then ends up going 🤨🤨🤨’t believe I’m going out on a week night again because Francis sent me such a convincing voice message
Retweeted by athenagoodnight cuties
Retweeted by athenaAthena isn’t replying to me is there even a single reason for me to continue living?
Retweeted by athenasara's bf just called me psycho on twit ....
Retweeted by athenaWE LOVE THE TITTY SUPPORT
Retweeted by athena @bbyxlb "babe can u hold my tits together" only y’all saw the behind the scenes shot LOL
Retweeted by athenaif thats ur girl then why did she react to my bereali havent worn glasses in so long this is so new to meGot coke stuck in my acrylic, call that White Claw
Retweeted by athena @ErecYeager are we not dating @ErecYeager i'll kill him for u 😍😍😍😍 @KILLKIMCHI my em is so pretty 🥺🥺🫶🫶I had a good day with my best friend :-)
Retweeted by athena @k1ttybae red @Jessica_jin_ stomp on her we've talked abt this @xshiae WIFEYuh ty for 80k 😳
Retweeted by athena
@chnnyxo happy for u bae <3 @GodDamnFerDi ferdinandUsain Bolt ran the 100M in 9.58 seconds, but it takes me 5.00 seconds to bust where’s my gold medal?!?!? 😩
Retweeted by athenacaro and i are on a cable car hanging on for dear life rnInshallah we shall find this bug 🙏
Retweeted by athenaI finally met @cuckaru and she’s so sweet 🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by athenaALERT: Counterfeit #Adderall press in #Sacramento contains tramadol, ketamine, caffeine. This is a bizarre press (a…
Retweeted by athenaI’m going give $10,000 to someone random who retweets this tweet in the next 24 hours (must be following me so I can dm you if you win!)
Retweeted by athena @jaytayfel @hisarahlol PLEASE @bussy444 BAEFYall black moment🕷
Retweeted by athenawhoever honked at me at the bus stop thanks @ErecYeager babe omg!!!I’m bringing Francis, Caro, and Athena to my work party tomorrow on the last day of my internship I can’t wait to s…
Retweeted by athena @ivantaged @bbyxlb bad @MlNTCHOCOLATE @ivantaged @bbyxlb WE MATTER THE MOST TO HIM 🤩🤩 @bunnygirlkash 🫶🫶🫶🫶mom and dad <3
Retweeted by athena @bbyxlb oh no..... @athennessy Just remind urself that he has 5 virgo placements
Retweeted by athena @bbyxlb "i have to mentally prepare myself for this"ivan stan account 🫶 prompt made me want to kms
Retweeted by athenatold @athennessy & @bbyxlb to voice message me and say “hey Ivan I miss you and can’t wait to see you” Athena sou…
Retweeted by athena @ErecYeager my bf is so famous 😍😍😍Someone take this bitch’s phone away pls @athennessy
Retweeted by athenano one knows how happy these people make me :') @h3llok1ttyube @ErecYeager we did very unwholesome thingsy’all look at my head‼️
Retweeted by athena @ErecYeager i didnt even go to prom 😍😍😍 @rareteaslut please stick ur tongue in memy hair is fried
Retweeted by athena @G1RLMILK_ i hope ur grandpa recovers fast 🥺💖Are caro and Francis asleep because I’m coming over rn @athennessy
Retweeted by athena @hisarahlol POOR SARAHchaotic fifth wheel LMFAOOO
Retweeted by athena @linnibu @ErecYeager <3friends :) (also why @ubevert make dat face doe)
Retweeted by athenano im not shutting up !!!!HAPPY ATHENA + ERIC DAY @ErecYeager ERIC SNSNABBAHAHAHAHoly shit @athennessy is real and not some old man using a hot girl’s pics after all what the fuck 😦
Retweeted by athenaUngrateful whore!! Watch me leave & never come back!!
Retweeted by athenaHE LIED TO ME TWICE!! He promised me TWICE n the closest I’ve gotten is smooshing my face in his clothed ass!!!
Retweeted by athenawith me 😍😍😍😍 @ErecYeager yea babe happy 8 months 😍😍😍saw my fav celebrity couple @athennessy x @ErecYeager ‼️ 🥹♥️
Retweeted by athena @ErecYeager BABE OH MY GODMe coming up for air because I barely breathed next to her!!!
Retweeted by athenaGoing through it but at least I finally met my girlfriend in person tonight!!!!
Retweeted by athena @ErecYeager FUCK U U MADE ME CRYIt finally happened
Retweeted by athenawhen mom and dad are arguing and you’re just in the middle
Retweeted by athenasorry im ugly crying!!!!!! she cried real tears!!
Retweeted by athenawe did a couple's shot <3 @ErecYeager eric is so perfectso i met my bf