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TSM FTX athxna @athxna Toronto, Canada

🇨🇦 🇪🇬 professional valorant player for @TSM FTX | former CSGO pro | twitch partner | 24 | she/her

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@alexismarieNY Happy birthday 🥳 🥰
hi live with a low key stream @ookers_VAL is officially disbanding now, I am looking for a position with a team that believes they can comp…
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxna @coL_Fantasy @maddiesuun @TINARAES I’m crying man how did you brute force that plastic straw through THAT THICK ASS CUP @maddiesuun @coL_Fantasy @TINARAES Dude I’m fuckin crying this is so fuckinf funny @TINARAES I CANT DUCKING BRATAHE THERES NO WAY U DID THIS @TINARAES Make a hole in the side of the cup duhLFFGGGGG @Subroza @hazedCS @WARDELL416 @bangzerra @LeviathanAG #TSMWIN
We live 😳 @phoFPS Send me your energy @CAthCSGO this is true but phantom so fast @ReptarVal You* @ReptarVal Queue with me so I can make fun of hWill be playing my placements (finally) on stream tomorrow around 1PM EST. Been dared to use phantom only, let’s se…
[#TSMFTXValorant] - Our Challengers 2 run begins today for the Valorant squad as they open up with a Ro128 match of…
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxnaofficer, this woman right here @athxna
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxna @planetxvenus MOMMY ATHICCXNA 💀💀💀💀💀 @mangosfps @planetxvenus who downvotes me is getting their hands unheld @maddiesuun THERES NO WAY RIGHT @phoFPS this isn’t a joke I can’t believe thisthere’s no way this is real right?? UBEREATS HAS STORIES NOW TOO? LMAO @mleQT_ I know you meant to and now you feel bad HAHAHA IDIOT @mleQT_ I literally can’t wait to get on my pc and talk to you all again 🥺 @planetxvenus 🥺🤍🤍feeling extremely blessed and grateful for where I am in life 🥰 make sure to take a second and appreciate the thing…
If you play Revenant, prepare to be styled on.
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxna @TannerSlays 🥵 @joellenagy @dephhgg Cuties 🥰🥰🥰 @gaming_paige
@planetxvenus Let’s dress up and go on a date together 😘 @hazedCS @TyeTwhyT 😳 @TyeTwhyT @hazedCS do u guys need a roomTSM CORE: Elevated core logo product worn to win. Full collection available now.
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxna @missharvey steph... welcome to the dark side....him: she’s probably looking at thirst traps on tik tok me: 👁👄👁 @SkaldTTV we love a good 6’9 @vrfys 🤨 @NaomiFPS i am shrink ... @KrakennIV ??i am 5’7
@mangosfps things I like to hear: this @ahad @TSM Athxhad @TSM Imma make mine say @mleQT_ ‘s mom @NattyFPS peepoLeavewhy am I being EXPOSED @mel_anji @ShopifyRebels @karnthc dodonut looking cleeeeeaaaannnn with the Canadians 👀 @karnthc @ShopifyRebels You’re insane bb girl 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰Lost 1-2 to @ShopifyRebels 🤍 was such a close BO3 but proud of how we played with our tryout @karnthc 🥰🥰 2nd place in Sakura Cup! #TSMWIN
#SakuraCup GRAND FINALS BOUND!!! #TSMFTXValorant complete the comeback on Bind 13-11 and take the series 2-0!…
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxna @athxna you didnt choose the rat life, it chose you
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxna @Dshah0429 Robot 0:1 Rat @akaL4CE Ty ty 🤍🤍🤍Ggs to the girls over at GX3, love them so much 🤍 Made it to semi finals in Sakura cup! Will be playing the winner… @akaL4CE Gg you guys played insane 💕 @1jessicaleung 🥰rat girl strikes again[#TSMFTXValorant] - Day 2 of the #SakuraCup kicks off NOW as we face off against #GX3 in our Quarterfinals Best of…
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxnaI made this for my gf... how to kidnap my girl 101 @karnthc
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxna @RedKohVAL @karnthc She’s our gf now ... sorry .... @mangosfps mangos#mirna @mangosfps mangos#tsmGGWP to @TradeLikeProsGG Prism as we grab another clean 2-0 to end Day 1 of @KnightsGG Sakura Cup 3. I guess our p…
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxnaGGs 2-0 vs TLP Prism, a great showing by the team today!! Playing against GX3 (It’s gotta be scripted at this point…
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxna
Rooting for Team Canada and @anubis_esports in the Redbull Campus Clutch! Super exciting to see more Middle Eastern… @missrage can I please come over @imBronana blame @TannerSlaysWe move onto playoffs in @KnightsGG Sakura Cup with a clean 2-0 groups except for... #TSMWIN
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxna @zecK_VAL @KnightsGG HAHAHAHAHHHAHHA @ReptarVal @TSM ur straight up dog waterHad Taco Bell the night before match day and also had the leftovers today. I’m playing a dangerous game 😈 @TSM_BR @TSM @tsmreport I would watch this @TSM Easily @mleQT_ @hazedCS Still unranked btw @TINARAES @maddiesuun you guys can’t ever have me over or else it would be 2 viper ult jitsus
@chloe_gaming7 kith @Greekgodx @TSM @NattyFPS LA trip when
Featuring @TSM as an invited team for the @KnightsArena #SakuraCup 🌸 🌸 @athxna 🌸 @CAthCSGO 🌸 @karnthc 🌸…
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxnaI don’t get nervous doing interviews or public speaking but god forbid I ask if someone wants to duo
@joellenagy LOVEEEEEEE THIS @verified we got beef? @moxieCSGO Time for valorant 🥰🥰I am now a higher level in league of legends and apex legends than I am in valorant and I am not ashamed
@mleQT_ Baby peach @planetxvenus @nocatplaces Every damn time dude @mleQT_ @KrakennIV “Are you 12?” @CAthCSGO
@NaomiFPS @NattyFPS @lxisha_ ALSO WHERE IS THIS IN MY EMAIL @NaomiFPS @NattyFPS @lxisha_ yo.... fuck off???? @NattyFPS @lxisha_ @NaomiFPS How dare you @chloe_hime7 chloe and mirna gaming @maddiesuun LFG LADIES @Cryssylol omg! toofers!!!every game is every game
Retweeted by TSM FTX athxna @planetxvenus omw @hoolignVAL @KodiSausa what’s the ID lemme see that match history @mleQT_ @KrakennIV dude when do I EVER wanna play ranked LOL I feel like I am being shunned for still not having my rank @mleQT_ Remember when you chose @KrakennIV over me? @Pygmurs No no I need the carry ranked is a different beast