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@princesspieck @thjasminedragon @thjasminedragon i got eren…😭 @hansfem GONNA CRY HES ADORABLE 😭😭 @hansfem PLEASE SEND PICS?読書中…
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Retweeted by ً @kohi_jelly @azulaseyelinerAU where they're all teachers. geto's stressed.
Retweeted by ً @catboykorra what’s going on :$:&:& @hansfem there’s a scene where aang kisses katara and she doesn’t like it. it’s very ooc and happens multiple times… #leviackerman
Retweeted by ً @hansfem me levi and onyankapon laughed at that @hansfem deserved this ratio @hansfem again @hansfem ratio zuko, good for her
Retweeted by ً🎞 @thjasminedragon me too :(You’re Mikasa, right? I’m Eren. I’m Dr. Jaeger’s son. I’m sure you’ve met him before. I tagged along with him to yo…
Retweeted by ًなんだか兄弟みたいで好きです…。 ちっちゃい妄想。
Retweeted by ً @princesspieck omg pls someone give him a warm hug. :(❄️
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Retweeted by ًtatakae my lawyers an eruri i know im going to jail
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megumi ♡ #jujutsukaisen
Retweeted by ً0巻映画化おめでとうございます🎬
Retweeted by ً @makozenin maybe if his character design looked like this id have to stan @levicumragtwt just posted another one 😇x bts i guess ,$&:&: @levicumragtwt tyyyy☺️ gnna make this a series i thinklittle menaces #aot #進撃の巨人 #snk
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Retweeted by ً @EDSWlFT me too feel like pure shite just want nobara back 💔 @rangishonor oh i had no idea!! thanks for letting me know :)혼자가 아냐
Retweeted by ًnobamaki @104vets ☺️☺️☺️ @104vets PLS THATS NOT TRUE AT ALL ;$/&:&: ily 😭:) @hansfem the pics won’t load dm me @brekkerfilms no suffer with me 🙏 @ShingekiNoHaylz WOLVES FROM TWILIGHT ;$/&/&:&they’ll talk about us and discover how we kissed and killed each other but why is this actually eremika…they’ll talk about us and discover how we kissed and killed each other @zukojaeger TYYY @nassemstormborn thank uu🥺🥺❤️
Retweeted by ً @mitskingina omg billie eilishs new song music vid is like this but the opposite does that make sense💗
Retweeted by ً @spiritoasiis THANK U MILA!!! ☺️☺️that one pic of ed westwick in that ugly ass outfit to go home, Boys.🏠
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Jaeger @makosflame THANK!! ☺️ @thjasminedragon i love them🥰 @mikasafiIms thank uuu!!リヴァイ
Retweeted by ً @Kokureno HDJSKD THANK U @Kokureno THANK U KOKU 🥺🥺❤️ @HangeHelos thank u!! 🥰 @princesspieck thank youuuu ☺️☺️💨
@fireIordiroh always up in mikasas top tier pussy when their fav got one of the worst treatments in 139 aw @hansfem ?? 😭😭 @hansfem is this a copy paste ;&:&:my mf cinnamon apple oh how i love her miss nobara @fireIordiroh the way they spend all their time focusing on mikasa & dissing her hizurur plotline like idk redirect…
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@zukojaeger ate @104vets 😭😭 YOUR MIND @104vets THANK U HANA ILY @maisogyny what are your thoughts on watermelon 🎤 @maisogyny are u STUPIIDIDIDIDKD @maisogyny it’s so good 😩😩 @leviwithsuit i’m so glad 👐👐 @nassemstormborn i pick a lil psycho dany/azula style @nassemstormborn wth am i stupid 😭 i didnt read it properly and i thought you had to reply ;$:/&:&’ @nassemstormborn 👐 @104vets ILY😭😭😭 it’s all bc of u
i got: kny (i have not read the manga btw) 1. tanjiro 2. shinobu 3. rui 4. nezuko 5. inosuke reply and i'll giv… @thjasminedragon TY GLO 👐👐 @hansfem @czangeling 😭😭 @czangeling i don’t think they ever had it in the first place @hansfem now you have to tell me 😩😩