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Atlassheepdog @atlassheepdog Land Of The Currently Free

Objectivist & Defender of Freedom. Today government confiscates your rights & sells them back to you. Stop the insanity of the income tax.

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@anniekarni I refuse to unite with violent Marxists and racist looters who don't have a clue about our nation's hi… shouldn't be forced to reopen Teachers shouldn't be forced to go back to schools But families also should…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @MDSebach @POTUS @GOPChairwoman @GOP @GOPLeader @SenateGOP @HouseGOP He took the post down & said he didn't hear th… @QTAnon1 FLM Fathers Lives Matter to their sons.Lessons from a father (wait for it) ❤️
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @DavidHorrocks1 @RitaPanahi @nytimes Both are collectivism run by the state. You ignorant schmuck. @GadSaad Gin is a helluva buzzz
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @KatieDaviscourt @patriotorbust Bet they won't do that again. @Bubola Currently? @catturd2 Yes @sallykohn There was no liberty for George Floyd's and Rashard Brook's earlier victims either. If you resist the p… @thon_not It's not physically addictive and while you shouldn't drive while stoned it's far less debilitating if yo… @MDSebach @POTUS @GOPChairwoman @GOP @GOPLeader @SenateGOP @HouseGOP It proves no such thing. You're just another s… @KimKriz1 @ironclm @AllenSturgill @BradenGall You're right, there is no better. But I could live in Japan. Of cou… only thing the enemy media mentions about Washington is that he was a “slaveowner.” Let’s just forget the fact…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @Thomas1774Paine Olde Joe's looking forward to his free hummer. We know she's willing. @ZubyMusic Simon and Garfunkel?If schools cannot reopen then the money should go back to families. They need this funding to educate their childr…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @REDROMINA Master and Commander. Some English guys on an old ship visit some iguanas. @BasedPoland Interesting how they're not breaking down the gate this time. An armed society is a polite society.Barack Obama hates America. Trump loves America. Biden can’t find America on a map. Today is a day for those who lo…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @David_in_a_Box @DellipDer @donedone4444 @NYCPBA I'm unfamiliar with that part of the criminal code that says if yo… @WayneDupreeShow When you're going through hell, keep going. @Geoff_Hackney @citizen_tammy @DanielJHannan Public or private? If public the base inscription should say "This ev… @DanielJHannan @RitaPanahi Groupthink @taylormertins I see nuance isn't your strong suit. If you don't want a flag in your church don't put one up. How i… 244th birthday America
Retweeted by AtlassheepdogAgreed. And those of us who have dared to say this from the start have been pilloried. There’s a faction that is he…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @QTAnon1 Third World ProblemsA safe and happy fourth to all
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Retweeted by AtlassheepdogKeep in mind that public schools are funded through taxes. It's hardly fair for the state to confiscate vast sums o…
Retweeted by AtlassheepdogAs a combat veteran with multiple military/civilian tours to war zones under my belt, i agree with @Jorgensen4POTUS
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @TLCSqueak @maggieserota @MaraWilson People die everyday for many reasons. But life is for the living. Go ahead be… TRUE
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @gary_aka_gramps @GameLivepd @HoldFast2Truth Said the simpleminded foolTomorrow morning I will walk in the Sheriff’s office that I love and turn in my badge and ID. I will not be part of…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @NanHayworth This damage was preventable. Minn politicians made a decision to allow it to happen. US taxpayers sh…
Retweeted by AtlassheepdogHow many of you gave up on the @NFL today?
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @MattWelch It's a HillaryHow would the media behave if it was Trump supporters, not Trump’s opponents, who behaved like this...
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @Eduflack Ugh... it's supposed to be about teaching the children, you absolute pandering idiot.How about student-oriented?🤔
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @Jeep Who in their right mind would ever buy a Jeep? Ford F150, Toyota, Honda all far better vehicles. @TimothySandefur But apparently some people think it's written in Chinese.
The federal Govt should stop subsidizing colleges, period.
Retweeted by AtlassheepdogCNN goes all-in attacking Mt. Rushmore. So when do we give back Manhattan?
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @RealJamesWoods Bozell pobhumiml jhtgerfin blam he he he! @RealJamesWoods Drunk or just stupid? Maybe both.... @QTAnon1 Excited and can't wait, because I'm a bright pupil. @babygirlcj Well to be fair she did watch that one episode of The View, when they had that one guy on that got pull… @TwitterEng Hey Guys, get on Gab. It's wayyyy better than putting up with this pussy fake history shit. @TwitterEng What's this "we" shit?"Government officials no doubt were acting in good faith when they ordered lockdowns, but by removing choices from…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @DineshDSouza When are they going to mention that the last tribe to own the land - the Lakota tribe - didnt pay for…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @horowitz39 The shit isn't only on his face. @AceWriter90 There is no black nation so therefore no Black Anthem. It's just another device for ignorant and conf… you hate the police, stop calling 911. Please. Just stop calling us. No problem. We’re busy helping Americans that don’t hate us.
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @lindseyvonn Japanese women are the best. I married one and she's an absolute marvel of a woman. Smart, loving, t… @QTAnon1 Hold my beer, I got a Third World problem. @areyougreatyet @charliekirk11 You were the guy that struggled in class, and I mean every class, weren't you? @KurtSchlichter I sit to pee because it's much cleaner, I don't have to raise and lower the seat, and it doesn't re… did this?
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @MarkDice Well then Twitter is on my #BLACKLIST @Phreadys @PvLWWG1WGA The question then is why did you send him to that college? If you helped pay for it, it's on you. @QTAnon1 Big Bravo! to her and the Doctors and staff!Craziest stat I’ve seen on education; 74% of Americans 65 and older can pass the U.S. Citizenship Test. Only 19…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @horowitz39 How is it not illegal? Can't he be removed from office?Thousands of free blacks owned slaves in the antebellum South. And, years after the Emancipation Proclamation in th…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @QTAnon1 Here's my sweeping statement. "You missed that dust in the corner". I'll let myself out now. @QTAnon1 Wait....huh? Oh ! @IanJSuggs2 @MartinD1964 @yuriboler @MarkDice You're a actual fool. Your mother wasted 9 months @MartinD1964 @MarkDice No corporation in their right mind could keep her on. She made her bed. The problem is with… @JeanieTate32 @Canadianjo @MarkDice Bravo Jeanie, you're way smarter than her. Id never let my daughter go to any o… @Canadianjo @MarkDice She has a Harvard degree in government and psychology now let that sink in! 🤦‍♀️
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @ResitsTrump @MarkDice A K-Mart Dr. You're an actual idiot. Your the people who begged for the economy to shut down… @MarkDice Taste of her own medicine. Her own doing. She won't learn anything from it. No pity for her. @AKelleyGolf Been through that. Cry with her and then try again. Our second try worked out with a beautiful girl. Best thing ever. @QTAnon1 He needs to Get on Gab.Dear Media, Generally speaking, I don't much care how many COVID cases there are, because we know it is highly cont…
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @AtheistRepublic Buy Microsoft stock @AtheistRepublic Find your thing. @QTAnon1 Yup
@realDonaldTrump Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
@peterjkostis Fake News Blues
If you’re more upset about a couple protecting their own property with guns than the rioters destroying our nation’…
Retweeted by AtlassheepdogBlack Lives Matter is a Marxist movement.
Retweeted by AtlassheepdogKaren had done that before, in fact that is 7up
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @QTAnon1 You forgot the three consecutive am sneezes I'd recognize during the superbowl. It's like penguins finding their chicks.This guy comes to my door...I'm buying it!
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @QTAnon1 Liquid paintingActually, it's the voices outside my head, that bothers me the Most!
Retweeted by AtlassheepdogRemarkable.
Retweeted by Atlassheepdog @99freemind @ShellenbergerMD This question proves you have no adequate capacity for meaningful comprehension or dia… @RalfusJ @LizRNC @GOPChairwoman Yeah that's illegal too! So you admit voter fraud is real. Thanks. Moron @truthbt59198177 @CraigOfCraigs @rightNtruthMat @jimsciutto You failed the idiot test. This means you are officially an idiot. @DorsDomina @jimsciutto Stay there. Please. @Eamon0303 @jimsciutto They have every right to believe they are in danger. Broke down a gate into a private property. You're an idiot. @EileenC1225 @jimsciutto @JeffreyGuterman You're a moron. Violent trespassers have no legal standing.