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This teamwork theory might help you understand how your team can push past average, and unlock a higher level of pr…
Today, 30+ executives from Sydney completed a 10km race in support of Room to Read's literacy program. We're so pro…
Retweeted by AtlassianCritical thinking begins with moving beyond simply doing what you're told and starting to think for yourself.
Retweeted by AtlassianCatch us at the @ICMA Annual Conference in Nashville from Oct 20-23 with our partners @TeamTrundl & Apnatomy where… what you already know. It just might make you smarter... 💡 developing grit is the best thing you can do for your career and your team
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We're curious: how do you stay centered at work? 🤔If you went out to seek a mentor today, would you know what you need from the relationship? Here's how to figure it… you gotten your free copy of @Atlassian's Incident Management handbook yet? Check it out:
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Do you use any of these techniques? via @uofstaug today's Work Life newsletter? No worries! Sign up now and never miss another, complete with articles on cultur… #Zoomtopia19? Hear from Amir Kazemi and Kavitha Kannan about how @zoom_us and Atlassian bring a much needed evol… it you? Or is it me? Here's why some people are more difficult to work with, and 4 tips for forging healthier wo…
Aside from looking good in front of your boss's boss's boss, an elevator pitch helps your team have a shared unders… your blood ever run cold when that GIF meant for your teammate went out to the entire company? 😱 Tell us that…
Retweeted by AtlassianIt's in there somewhere... we just need to know where to look 👀 Here's how to find that extra time in your schedule."If you want to succeed, devote some time and energy to self-leadership." by @LarsSudmann via @TEDTalks't miss out on your opportunity to speak at #AtlassianSummit 2020! We're interested in hearing inspiring stories…
Is laziness written into our genes? 🤔 by @NeelBurton via @FastCompany weekends every week? Yes, please! 🙌 Here's how to pull it off. might be the number one skill of the future. Here's how to master the skill of being indistractable. via…
The way your brain works in certain situations may surprise you 🧠 Learn about cognitive biases, and how they're aff…
It's in there somewhere... 👀 Here's how to find extra time in your schedule. IQ is the best predictor of success? Think again.
WIP Limits set your team up for success. The fewer items your team works on, the faster those selected items get co…
Retweeted by AtlassianIs it you? Or is it me? Here's why some people are more difficult to work with, and 4 tips for forging healthier wo… rarely has a single author. #Teamwork your skillset by getting and staying curious.
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@ImperativeForm Thank you so much for joining us, Kim!Ever heard of social loafing? Read on as @trello explains. is #WorldMentalHealthDay. Spend a few extra minutes on that second cup of coffee, and go ahead-- treat yourse…
Retweeted by AtlassianHow to talk to your boss about mental health #WorldMentalHealthDay
Retweeted by AtlassianToday is #WorldMentalHealthDay. Take some time to check in with yourself and your teammates 💙 down big tasks into bites that you can tackle in bursts during a busy day.
Retweeted by AtlassianLet's spread a little extra kindness on #WorldMentalHealthDay.
Would you ever try this? 🔮 @MarlonDaniel Thanks for sharing, Marlon!5 Essentials to Building a Successful Remote Team | by @swigmeetsworld
Retweeted by AtlassianDo you ever work remotely? If so, what's the biggest benefit? 🤔Tell us in one word...
Forget all the sweet perks. Here's what really makes people want to work for a company. all speakers! We're looking for inspiring voices, ideas, and expertise from industry leaders and storytelle… mistakes people make when having a hard conversation at work
Retweeted by AtlassianWorking with difficult people can be, well, difficult 😣 What are your best tips for dealing with these tough workpl… @KillerSteff Ha! You're right 😉
If you're looking for a brainstorming technique to disrupt your team's neuro pathways and generate fresh ideas, thi… you *really* send that email? Check out the handy-dandy email decision tree we made. Yeah, we mapped it all…'s why we should give our coworkers a chance to shine, in all their terrible-idea glory 😉 ways companies can build a culture of learning
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How do you build a happy team? Take a look at (or listen to!) these tips from our Creative Team.
Discover how much in common you and your team really have 🔎
Retweeted by AtlassianYou probably didn't even realize you needed these travel tips. (And oh by the way, there's no need to stop what yo…
When you work in a team, you grow as an individual. NOW: Join Jira Software’s Head of Product @mryall and Head of Product Marketing @jakebrereton for a webina…
Retweeted by AtlassianWhat happens when you talk less and listen more? You might be surprised. you’re probably getting wrong about workplace burnout
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@ImperativeForm Thank you for joining us, Kim!How does your team celebrate great accomplishments? Jump into the #AtlassianCommunity discussion and let us know!…“When people work together better, every metric of potential rises for everyone involved.” @shawnachor #GHC2019! Stop by Booth 130 and join us for a fun game of cornhole to help us give back to our Atlassian Founda…
Retweeted by AtlassianWe're having a busy week over here, don't forget to visit us at #AWSSummit Toronto! We'd love to chat about how to…
Retweeted by Atlassian @mark_davies9 Welcome to the team, Mark!Do you feel comfortable sharing personal information with your team?"When you send a virtual message, 93 percent of what you’re trying to communicate may be lost." 😲
We can't all be lean, mean, productivity machines day in and day out, but we can eliminate these hurdles to boost o… astrology improve your teamwork? Some interesting insights from @jameyaustin at @Atlassian: by
Retweeted by AtlassianIs your team balanced? Use this free tool to find out. is why you need to take microbreaks (and how to do it properly)
Retweeted by AtlassianMeet us #SAFeSummitUS today! Visit Atlassian at Booth #323 to discover how Jira Align can help you unlock agility a…"There is zero evidence that on-tap kombucha is the key to breakthrough products and services, satisfied employees,… visit us at #SRECon19 in booth 109 to chat about Incident Management. In the meantime if you can't make it, we…
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4 Simple Techniques to Remember Everything You Learn | by @aytekintank
Retweeted by AtlassianFind it tough to work from home? @CoverWallet explains why coworking spaces might be your key to productivity. hurts. But new research shows that it can sometimes lead to more impactful work.
Retweeted by AtlassianYour team's work doesn't happen in isolation. Use this template to determine what could impact your project's succe… want to hear from you Sydney: share one tactic that your team uses to be a high performing team? Use…
Retweeted by AtlassianTake your to-do list from ◻️◻️◻️ to ☑️☑️☑️ Here's how.
Join us at #KeepAustinAgile on October 4th! Stop by and chat with us at booth #5 to learn about our vision for the… "Communicate til you're blue in the face"
Retweeted by AtlassianEncourage, inspire, and believe in your team. #teamwork to work after a career break? Here are some tips for tackling self-doubt
Retweeted by AtlassianHave a presentation coming up? This framework will help you present just about anything. will be at McAfee #MPOWER19 in Las Vegas from Tues. 10/1 to Thurs. 10/3 and would love to meet you to talk about…
Retweeted by AtlassianRise and shine ☀️
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Burnout has always been around. But technology has amplified the problem 🔥 Here's what we can do about it.
Is it you? Or is it me? Here's why some people are more difficult to work with, and 4 tips for forging healthier wo… better meetings? Listen up as @DanielPink shares one of our own quirky tips. compressed work week means 3-day weekends every week and it’s trending big-time. Here’s how to pull it off.
We can't all be lean, mean, productivity machines day in and day out, but we can eliminate these hurdles to boost o… the leader you want to be: 5 Leadership skills you can develop outside the office (anywhere in nature) via…
Retweeted by AtlassianThese are the 6 types of meetings you should keep on your calendar... and the 2 you can do without. by the thought of giving feedback to your boss? 🙀 Don't be. Here's why it needs to be done. what you already know. It just might make you smarter... 💡
Information silos harm teams – and whole companies. Here's how we can break them down. ways to focus a wandering mind
Retweeted by AtlassianThink IQ is the best predictor of success? Think again. you take an intentional break from your work each day? ☕ us at @itsa_Messe in Nuremburg, Germany from October 8-10! We'll be at Booth #10.0.502 discussing the latest i… about changing your development team's structure? Consider these 6 things first. what went on at #AtlasCamp a few weeks ago? Here's a recap, including the link to the recorded sessions.
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