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I am sick. I'm staying home from work to lie in bed and cough. Please send me suggestions of things to watch wile…’m a little off schedule this week. A new episode of my internet radio show will be posted before the weekend.Realized it’s been about a week since I made my son listen to the oldies. @herrongeo Nope! It just got printed today so literally every copy in the whole world is in the same room as me right now! @herrongeo Our warehouse staff is standing by to ship your order! @herrongeo Yes but this is mostly focused on a three year period (89 -91) of the post-Gillette era... @ourcityburning Who do you think the one order was from?'Zine's been available for several minutes now and only ONE order so far, so a lotta y'all are going to jail.
As with all of my products, this one come with a money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, let me know within 2 w… new 'zine is available now. Please buy it. It's good, I promise. off the press...⚰️A true legend⚰️ text on bootleg horror movie t-shirts is done. Let’s get to work on those Polish movie poster bootlegs, y’all. @pauldebenedetto I don't make the rules, PaulListen... I'll be putting my new 'zine up for sale tonight so if you're reading this you are legally obligated to b… @jh_roberts It’s actually closer to a 2-hour drive...I can promise y’all that you will enjoy my book “Eddie’s Week”. Back the Birdcage Bottom Books Kickstarter and orde…
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic Ⓔlbow @blazingmagnums yeah! it was a big surprise."I was lookin' at the Home Depot, they got some really neat knobs up 'ahr." @colettearrand The apostrophe isn't necessary anymore, like the "-" in "e-mail." I just like it.The new Longmont Potion Castle is TRANSCENDENT. I can't believe how good it is.JB is, of course, correct. But I can't obsess about it. I have acknowledged it and now it's time to move on. Like p… @Shannon_Smith I didn't mention Terry in this 'zine because it has a very specific focus. Jim Gillette gets a littl…"Robert made a good 'zine," they will all say. "But I simply cannot appreciate it because of this typographical err… @JMaq I mean, I'll see you in like 5 weeks. Save yourself some postage money.... @FearNotMySister Looking forward to hand-correcting every single issue like a madman...I found the typo in the new 'zine exactly three minutes before the printer called me on the phone to tell me they w… morning. Here is the cover of a new 'zine I have made called Tuff: Special Collections Volume I. It is very g… @jh_roberts I just want everyone to feel the bang. @yellowcardigan It’s so exciting. I grind right through the ones I buy at Target. They did the casts of my mouth to… finally have dental insurance that allows me to afford a professionally made mouth guard that I can wear at night…’ some buttons. big deal but I just finished a 'zine and sent it off to the printers.
[*Laura Jane Grace voice*] Baby, I’m at Applebee’s... @Frankiemon Roddy Bottum seems okayI love Patrick Dean’s eyes @Frankiemon It’s Scooby Doo music that’s just wacky for wackiness’ sake. The auditory equivalent of “spooky clown” jokes. @colettearrand Did he take a photo with them? @Frankiemon All of his music is bad.I hope they're talking to @colettearrand right now.When I passed the comic book store on my way back to work after going to the dentist, there was a couple walking up…’t believe Koяn have lowered themselves to touring with one of Mike Patton’s bands. @missingwords just registered for a work conference, and I don't know... I just kinda think organizations should think about ho… @the_LVAC @flairchops Love to hear two absolute children talking about being “old.” Millennials.I know treadmills are cheating but it’s cold and rainy outside. Let me have this one.No big deal but I got my 5k time under 30:00 for the first time in over six months. @PDean_Yeah !!!
@colettearrand @IrvingWestPhD Irving West seems like a “throwing star” guy. @Shannon_Smith No, it was on a photocopier, but I’ve always wanted to do one on a mimeograph machine. @colettearrand So you had two whole years to catch up and you blew it.Also I just realized that as of 2020, I’ve been making zines for 30 years.Listen, I’m not trying to brag but this zine I’m working on is probably gonna be pretty good.I know you shouldn't judge things by appearances, but if your demo cover has hooded-up creeps with X'ed up fists on… @VRTLPROS Goldberg vs. Hogan in the Georgia Dome on Nitro. @joeyweiser I love it so much.There’s an “illegal underground fighting tournament” episode of Space Precinct 2040 but instead of martial arts it’s pro wrestling.
Remember when Nuclear Assault played on a a Penelope Spheeris-directed mud wrestling pay-per-view? think the worst thing about Hardcore is that Lockin Out isn’t on Bandcamp. @AdamFrazier Actual sweet tea can’t be mass produced. Nobody will ever get it right.I don’t know how to play guitar but this recent gift from @REALJaredCheek has given me some incentive to learn. in advance to my family for this morning’s cleaning soundtrack. got a bad case of burnout and negative inspiration so I’m working on a new zine that I’ve been meaning to do for…! Any of y’all wanna buy my copy of the Abigor box set? I like it but I’d rather have the money to pay the plumb… cleaning music.
@Brice2D Dude I found unopened mail from 2014 on this shelf. Out. Of. Control. @grmartin St. Louis unless you consider Chuck Berry a “band”I only listen to sophisticated music for adults. @ourcityburning Of course they do, of course they do.Just a big fan of the oldies over here.Like, I know this is basically the same as my dad being super into, like, Clarence Carter and Marty Robbins, but good grief I love Crass.Grandpappy’s got his records out and he’s making a mixtape. Selects comp is SOLD.Keep in mind that the 2020 book list includes “Eddie’s Week” by actual genius @PDean_Yeah so dig deep on this one,… @alexwkpartyhard Slide into those DMs @alexwkpartyhard’ll add to this later. I have to clean the tub now.Cryptopsy “Tome I: Book of Suffering” black vinyl Demon “Libertus” 2nd press (2015) @staticbluebat Send me a DM. We can discuss. @staticbluebat In George or in Vapor Selects?Maybe you’d like to buy the Vapor Selects comp? This is the 2nd press I’m transparent tapes. Excellent condition. available is the Costanza “George” box set. All 3 tapes in excellent condition.’s the popsike page for that one. up: Moonshake records “fan club” Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack. Near perfect condition. DM with offers. to an unforeseen plumbing emergency I just had to pay for, I’m selling some records. I thought I’d give y’all f… @OMG_NOB Honestly, you don’t. And if I’m going to continue to be honest about it, I don’t either.Trying to clean the house while the plumbers are here. This bookshelf is OUT OF CONTROL. @yellowcardigan That chin!!! @OMG_NOB “Road Mutants” has a couple of decent riffs. A solid C+ song. Maybe a B- if I’m feeling generous.SCENE REPORT from my friend who is currently at the CMLL show. @NUFC_monkey Even trade. @NUFC_monkey Never really liked the idea of pouring copper sulfate directly into th evwater supply but after I wrot… @ourcityburning like once every couple years the pipes running from my house to the street get tree roots in them and we can’…
@iEnjoyBurrito Well, for me it used to be that it was an expensive way to support an artist but....Looks like most labels have settled on eight dollars as the minimum price for a cassette which seems like too much… look, I know this makes me sound like the person I talked to who refused to see "Parasite" because they "didn't… on rap albums are even more annoying when you're listening to non-English rappers. It's like "I know this isn… friends made a record and it FUCKING rules.