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Just tearin' it up on national television in 1974 Icon Bobby Kosser on The Tonight Show @flairchops I stopped 46 years ago and I’m still having some discomfort. @RoyceIsaacs Any chance of you working with Danshoku Dino again?
LL Cool J asserts that he and Cut Creator “rock the bells so very well ‘cause that’s the name of this jam” which is… physically, not, like, existentiallyFellow middle-aged friends: how do you not hurt all the time?There are people in Louisville who will fight in the streets tonight against people who believe it is okay for poli… apologize for the performative activism, but it's literally the least I can do right now. I just donated to a Lou… me and other white people) we can go wage war on the "go vote" cacophony of liberal overseers who are already…
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic Ⓔlbow @megankirb Contagious Graphics. Quality work, quick turnaround, reasonable prices.Pre-orders for HOUNDS OF LOVE shirts are still up, but this week only! Also, available in short sleeve.…
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic ⒺlbowWe’re gonna need it. Give if you can. Louisville Community Bail Fund - Action Network
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic Ⓔlbow @wehrmanm I can’t get used to this lifestyle.This was also a parking lot (my favorite parking lot on campus) @colettearrand No. You stop.When I was in college this was a parking lot."No pod is worth two slaves" @boysmithers ClassicHEY, here's something fun. I interviewed absolute legend Drew Friedman for The Comics Journal. Please take a moment… a couple days off the ol’ job in October but, like, to do what, exactly? @AdamFrazier I mean when she said “no pod is worth two slaves” in Act 1 it was a dead giveaway. @AdamFrazier Man I had PROOOOBBBBLLLLEEEEMMMMMMSSSSSSS with the most recent episode.Sue Lucas. 1977.
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic Ⓔlbow @MsJennyNixon Last night was the first full MHV show I’ve watched all the way through (I’ve done some drop-ins on p…'m going to bed but you, you can listen to me playing records for an hour, if you want to.
Realized at 5 that I had a COVID test scheduled at 3 today. OOPS!I was out running and DJ Shuffle decided to drop “Tank Park Salute” on me. Crushing.
@evandorkin You don't want to get too silly with it. Have to uphold the solemnity of the original stories like "Bir…🚨NEW SHIRT ALERT🚨 Pre-orders for my brilliant Hounds of Love homage shirt are live right now! Sizes XS-4XL &printed…
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic Ⓔlbow @colettearrand Gonzo is one hell of a nice guy and his comic is EXCELLENT. You need this. should probably buy this. peek into the next season of @TCMUnderground, if you're interested (the first half of the season, anyway)
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic ⒺlbowRemember when people made ‘zines where the back cover had a space to write the address and they just sent ‘em throu… course, a copy will be included with orders from, so... you know...Gonna limit the total print run, though, because I'm not charging for it and stamps ain't free.I have completed one (1) issue of a one-sheet newsletter. I'll be sending it out in early October to regular suppor…
Hey! Doing the random vinyl box thing at work again. This time it’s 70s Classic Rock backstock and is thus $50 ship…
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic Ⓔlbow @Frankiemon I honestly can’t remember. *Probably* Anthrax but there’s no way to confirm. @the_LVAC @ourcityburning Daddy should’ve stayed at work.Y'ALL AIN'T READY FOR THE MAJESTY OF 15-YEAR-OLD ME. @the_LVAC I had an Iron Maiden “enhanced” CD that wouldn’t play in any CD player I owned except the one on my computer. @ourcityburning Maybe as a bonus disc?Every day my body tells me that skateboarding is a bad idea but I’m still ignoring it.
Just, like, cram all the Carnosaur movies onto one or two discs and lets get on with our lives.Remember DVD packaging that bragged about having stuff like “Photo Galleries!” and “Fully Interactive Animated Menu… @metaltxt My neighbors used to have teens who would do this. My favorite thing to do was to walk up to the sorority… talk about doing their jobs like each of them are the last fucking airbender agshdjdkdk please exclude me…
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic ⒺlbowSecrets of pro-wrestling about @muto_keiji. Did this one for exhibition run by @mortcrimpjr, it was also published…
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic Ⓔlbow @GemCityGem Solidarity, friend. I grew up in rural Georgia so it’s a wonder I can tie my shoes. @IrvingWestPhD This is LITERALLY on my computer screen right now. @IrvingWestPhD If you’re cold, they’re cold. changed the bulb in my front porch light and now it’s bright enough to see all the spider webs out there. Migh… @andeyripley SAME. Unfortunately I spent my skeleton money taking this dumb dog to the vet.
I really hate the phrase “on the go.”This is my favorite song. @heatherpeagler He is better. The swelling has decreased and everything, but he's still having a hard time. @Son_un I dunno, man. He gave us brilliant poetry like "sha la la la la la la la la lay la ti da."Just picked a pair of glasses up off the desk and tried to put them on over the glasses I am already wearing, in ca… @deceitfulpie I think my view is a bit more cynical than it seems, really, in that the demand for these products am… @Welcome_To_Earf I wonder whether his phone speaker is sensitive enough to pick it up...Really weird to think about how a bunch of hardcore kids going vegan in the 90s is part of the reason why there’s l… up for a minute... is there a saxophone buried in the mix of the chorus of this song?Really thinking a lot this morning about the way the singer of Sister Hazel sings the word “time” in their 1997 hit “All For You.”
@the_LVAC @colettearrand @ourcityburning You and I both know that it will NOT be. @colettearrand @ourcityburning I would like a copy of Folklore autographed by Ed.I need to sleep for like 32 hours.Prescription-strength Frankenstein WRESTLING IS REAL (2016) is autobiographical, suicidal, homicidal, genocidal CMYK love letter to, you guessed,…
Retweeted by The Ⓐtomic ⒺlbowI just bought some new envelopes so I would really appreciate it if you would head on over to… @jh_roberts You can if you have two computers or a computer and a phone...Gamer friends: My son needs a new gaming headset (for PC). I know NOTHING about this. Y'all got any (relatively ine… wife: Know that I am thinking about you here in the grocery store. My thoughts of you are not alone. I am a… real I'm going to start beginning every text I send with an acknowledgement that I am thinking about the person… should listen to this. I mean, if you feel like it. I played a Blackfoot song. @Frankiemon nopeMade the mistake of reaching for a book on a shelf last night and pulled a muscle in my back so badly that I couldn’t sleep. Cool.
@modernistwitch 💛💛💛I have once again played an hours of music into the internet so you can listen to it if you want to. GRIEF, this record is SO VERY VERY GOOD: @yellowcardigan SO GOODWhoever uploaded the recent episodes of “Escape to the country” to yootoob did it do that people’s mouths don’t mat…
I have only seen one of these movies (the first one). This evening I will embark on a journey. @FearNotMySister Teach yourself to juggle.Looks like the Santa one was made a year after the Devilman one so I suppose the manufacturer used a different plas… collector friends: I bought these 2 Pushead wind-up toys at the same time and have stored them beside each othe… @AdamFrazier and also @Julio_DA I'm in a Zoom meeting that started 18 minutes ago and we're at three... @AdamFrazier You know who else lives on Tatooine?how many times did someone say the phrase "due to COVID" in your most recent work meeting?This is a spectacularly good joke. this thread. And STAY HOME. @metaltxt @blackmetalbrews TRUE STORY: During the WITTR show at the Scion Fest in Atlanta in 2009, I held my camera…
@EdTeioh I just been feeling like I need that particular skull in that particular helmet on a more substantial garm… Powell make hoodies with the Per Welinder skull on ‘em? I want one.I love this town. Please do not come here.’s total bullshit that there’s no bilibili Roku appJust a real quick copyedit for like 40% of the internet: "ad" and "add" are different words. If you're trying to ab…