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@auntcontent Wait why? @g0m I made a thread of these and they’re great, check em out… I mean if you’re not a coward. If you’re not too sc… that concludes this selfie thread @DataErase It’s a complex translation problem where personally I would make up new strange jargon, which I think wo… @oafworld All of my art is not about the internet or in the terms of internet discourse so I should be fine (dies regardless, @DataErase yeah it's funny when they're like "uh.... this is the lady class... and this one is the femme class... h… you’re concerned about looting, I’ve got some news for you
Retweeted by AD, acting strangeEverytime you steal from Walgreens you decrease the chances we get continued dividend growth. You're not stealing f…
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @i_zzzzzz Yeah I told a stranger on Instagram I had a crush on her and I don’t think she cared, was playing racquet… my unappealing facial hair into a asymmetrical shape and telling) Cave boy bitch summer!!!Told you mother fyckers it’s sickly white goon summer, y’all play the rear this whole year my year @i_zzzzzz How was the date?Light em up
Retweeted by AD, acting strangeLive-blogging the Nintendo press conference with my friends @allahliker It’s also cool that a thing designed to keep those jobs and job track only available to a moneyed class… @mike_daws Cat owners are society’s PE teacher(Taking notes and whispering to myself “step one, get inside a Buick(?)”) was coloring this while we were recording a podcast and at some point I found that I had probably been talking fo…すごいものがある
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @TheAmitie Tres pooping !『マグダラのマリア』1859年頃 フレデリック・サンズ Mary Magdalene, Frederick Sandys
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @garolramstein Yeah not all
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @ohtiniestplanet Oh please read is prose, I've never heard of this but I guarantee they didn't pin down how weird and transcendental he is @ohtiniestplanet I don't believe in demographics in the broad sense because I think its bad faith in the discrete i… @zacksoto Haaa whaaaat wow everyone is posting about alfred jarry now weirdCan I just make this happen? Idk if I have the powerCan everyone get really into alfred jarry and start posting about it all the time? Can he be the next sopranos or w/eIf you think climate change is scary, consider that it's inevitable that late millennials will start saying that se…
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @auntcontent Punching the wall and screaming "I shoulda never followed this topic called pasta!!" @NoChorus Look I normally don’t apologize for tweets but I apologize for that one @NoChorus I know man that’s why I put these long shorts on before I started tweeting about it, before p0wning everyone’s gray area (brain) @britney_spheres I’m not dignifying that with a response, I see you stealing Italian valor with that fake flag, Genosse @tetiyevsky I just saw ppl getting angry about Batman hypothetically not eating pussy or something ?This is actually depicted in the comic not a hypothetical, but it’s tastefully done and I’m not sharing, you’ll hav…’m not sure what the discourse is but I’m weighing inMost of the protagonists in the comics I draw eat pussy @ARTofCOOP It’s almost like they’re scared and running from it? @ARTofCOOP I’ll never understand what theyre thinking @ARTofCOOP They recolored flex mentallo, which was explicitly referencing colorful silver age stuff, and made it br… @ARTofCOOP Teach these devils !The whitehouse press release about how they’ve extended humanitarian aid to Trinidad and Tobago by giving them a ca… week on LIVE AT THE DEATH FACTORY, @astridannerose and I cover 80s porn fauxumentary Kamikaze Hearts. We talk…
Retweeted by AD, acting strange80… vials. The boxes that contain the Pfizer vials come 195 vials per box. The US isn’t even sending them a full da…
Retweeted by AD, acting strangepanels from an unfinished comic i was trying to make a week or so back. didnt finish it because it's the stupidest…
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @OhPoorPup Scientists predict based on technological advances that in the coming decade someone will invent 2003's… @atothe_d
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @wspieler unlike the haters I think this sounds good(it was kirby he was talking about kirby) @atothe_d
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @atothe_d
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @atothe_d
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @atothe_d
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @atothe_d
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Retweeted by AD, acting strange @atothe_d
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @iamtherog Bless you Roger
Retweeted by AD, acting strange stop doing the Star Wars meme and do a meme using this a more pleasing image fuck around and let a weapon that is formed against me prosper 🤪
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @SuperSailorGoku Yeah and who knows, I dreamed a future possibility of videogames back during an evolutionary arm… @SuperSailorGoku People’s imagination and skill for cosplay is unlimited, making art that imagines an ease of use o… @adamszym ceiling fan.... C... F... CF lives there. You're welcome @SuperSailorGoku I think the idea that videogame graphics are good when they attempt for photorealism at the limits… @SuperSailorGoku yeah I agree that uncanny valley eminem is my fav fantasy character
@Dr_Alex_Graham HeyWoman in Red in the Forest, 1907 #naïveart #rousseau
Retweeted by AD, acting strangeGimme your number I call you up You act like your lab leak don’t interruptAnd the ugly girls too Because to me you’re lab leak anyway babyGetting up in these substacks and telling all the pretty girls that I am the lab leak @extranapkins (From the article) @extranapkins I shall go to the pound triumphantly, and exult in the agony of the chemicals. The light of that conf… it started/how it's going got a back ache -stomach ache -diarrhea -vomiting -Cold feet runny nose -head ache insomnia -Cranky moody -burpi…'m not an academic and I have all 3 and I have 17 other things I won't even share compass with a premium subscription is perfectly symbolic of the stupid times we live in.
Retweeted by AD, acting strange @OfQuartz1 I need a story of an angry man’s bloodshed so I turn to final fantasy @OfQuartz1 Ah cool finally @OfQuartz1 WoofIs that a new final fantasy you’re all posting pics of? This thing that looks like shit ?The records tell us that the sages argued and came to no agreement as to whether shania twain was saying “so you’re… @makokaazo Which tracks with sociopaths demanding you love them as they kill you