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y'all ever just fuck around and choose the top chefs of various styles of cooking and name ur men the iron chefs
Retweeted by AD of the Year @doctopmary @yurihole It has been since the 2016 election esp for libsReading tweets about Nate Robinson and pretending it’s about Nathan J Robinson to appeal to 5 of my followers who h… @knallkultur I like it, it's like mars. But the culture is fuckedall of them @knallkultur @bog_dole @vrunt Get his asss @ActualDoctor But anyway it is good @ActualDoctor Bc I guess he had imagined it would be like a his own little prank show? He was like "foreigners nev… @ActualDoctor And he ordered sakura niku and was like "just try it, I'm not going to tell you what it is" and I was… @ActualDoctor Ha yeah, the first time I had it, a guy I worked for took me out to a real high end sushi place as li… @ActualDoctor Sakuraniku?! @geofflapid Let them cook man @NoChorus If caves of Qud is in the sale I recommend it @i_zzzzzz Lucky, I’m the guy they handcuffed to a flower as an ironic punishment for smelling the flowersI'm always the one guy in the totalitarian dystopia who gets arrested for reading poetry
Retweeted by AD of the Year @Sharp_Sticks Wait is this a new translation ?! They’re calling it Zalem in English ?! @negaversace Lemme be your second as the level headed one who is like "There is still time to come to an agreement… @focra same @yurihole chumblr wumblr
as one should expect by now, dem firearm regulations benefit the privileged while harming & punishing the marginali…
Retweeted by AD of the YearOkay I quit Twitter forever @Papapishu @negaversace @Sturgeons_Law Mainly bummed we coulda had this @Papapishu @negaversace @Sturgeons_Law It's always hilarious in 90s jrpgs to see the beautiful concept art reduced… @Papapishu Boys chat woke me up this morning with "hughes/fuze is gonna be playable!" and everyone popping champagne @Papapishu This is extremely for meState governors from both parties trying to stick by their McKinsey-designed reopen plans: We flattened the curve i…
Retweeted by AD of the Year @MKupperman A Very Royal English Reboot of the American TV Show Small Wonder (the robot girl is like a duchess now or whatever) @prolezone All of the post frontier saga games to me seem to be lacking the inherent weird open saga feeling I love… @prolezone overjoyed about this tbhthe astronaut holding the other astronaut at gun point saying "always was" is a reference to this passage in Bolaño… runnin on anti-life rn
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Retweeted by AD of the Year @badtothetone at least 2 of these are dressed like boy george from the80s
Retweeted by AD of the YearIt’s 10% off all prints on @inprnt right now! Plus free shipping on orders over $25. Support an artist on this ev…
Retweeted by AD of the YearI don’t remember drawing this but surprised I never got rich off of these @MinovskyArticle Happy birthday kid ! @HELLA_GIRTH LISTEN UP BITCHES Drink some water bc momma is about to school you on what the A on alvin the chipmunk…
Retweeted by AD of the Year @nervanaofficial @ActualDoctor @3liza I don't get any of these cultural references but godbless @nervanaofficial @3liza @nervanaofficial @3liza Having a heated halo moment over here, @rachel_pick based on a true storyThe Italy busty spider climbed up the autocorrect
@ArtandLaborPod Vance is literally a fellow at AEI and it is somehow never mentioned @britney_spheres @_____l____m__ Current comic one conspiracy theory i will not buy into is that all the picrew leftist teenagers are cops or feds or whatever…
Retweeted by AD of the Year🆕⚠️💥⚠️🆕 We revisit Hito Steyerl to make a point about left naiveté during the Obama administration. The web was a f…
Retweeted by AD of the Year @ArtandLaborPod JD Vance and Ron Howard never believed in anything tho, never fought never taught @ArtandLaborPod Haa I tried so hard to figure out the what and the why of the last image. Why a camel to shame unproductive places? @britney_spheres @_____l____m__ My drawings are going slowly but good thanks for asking @_____l____m__ thank you thank you @_____l____m__ good, slow but good, thanks for askinghollywood n games both be like
Retweeted by AD of the Year @tonegatherion As I pee sir I see PisaAntimaskers are already bragging about using @gofundme to soak rubes after putting public health in jeopardy for th…
Retweeted by AD of the YearKOYAMA PRESS STANDS AGAINST ENCAMPMENT EVICTIONS The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the city’s housing cri…
Retweeted by AD of the YearCapitalism can’t fix these crises bc it’s been creating their conditions for 400 years. It incentivizes the exploit…
Retweeted by AD of the Year @allahliker Look at your speak-and-spell shoes, hell dude @allahliker Your shirt look like a dishrag/your shirt look like a curtain,two perverts 2: duel of perverts @BLOODSADx @lane_lane_lane Everyone who follows me is human royalty get the fuck outta here you twoRecent Picasso page, from my Patreon!!
Retweeted by AD of the Year @doctopmary Get his asss“Ultimately, every reduction to physiology is the fascism of the soul.” This movie slaps.
Retweeted by AD of the Year @NoChorus In closing that is why kagemusha is my fav “Christmas movie” (174/174) @getradified Maybe the best movie ever made, imho @NoChorus That’s a fairly new style of cultural crit that is the same as someone angrily explaining to you the joke… @NoChorus Btw I just saw the seven samurai take and the cool thing is that the tweeter is understanding what the mo… @HelenChazan Tell them “no” from me
i heard marilyn monroe got her bottom two ribs removed so she could fit in that big cake
Retweeted by AD of the Year @NoChorus Haa, also written by John sayles I miscredited that @NoChorus Oh shit never heard of that! There’s also this one basically a seven samurai remake, directed by Sayles o… @NoChorus I have a fucked up take on seven samurai and it will tear the internet apart: there are actually 10 samur… @Papapishu That dude is rolling on the dancefloor look at that jawOkay I quit twitter @OhPoorPup Yes. The design of Hebereke is godly and the world almost doesn't deserve it
Retweeted by AD of the YearO Lord, that lends me life, Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness! (you thought I was talking about today but c… @UweBollocks Just left a hipster coffee shop where everyone was saying "if I find out a british guy who looks like… respuesta controvertida es que la mayoría de libros clásicos están muy bien. Y que la gente que odia los libros…
Retweeted by AD of the YearOkay I quit Twitter foreverWhen you look around the table and it's all racist uncles announcer: and here, there they are, the four angels, four angels, four angels leading a brutal army to kill on… @pblest @TankieSanders camera sitcom vol.1 is at the printer. it collects the first 35 installments along with the character quiz!…
Retweeted by AD of the YearTherapy Gun page 23 now up for Patreon supporters! Go subscribe to follow along:
Retweeted by AD of the Yearマンガに見る「テキトーな歌詞」が好きです
Retweeted by AD of the Year @feraljokes I mean if all human life is tragedy and time continues on then we're all comedy, @aehSaehSaehS yupTell your family members this thanksgiving that JD Vance is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute @MilesKlee Making oven stuffer chicken marinated w gremolata under the skin, fuck the police @Bro_Pair @MKupperman @randygdub Take: All the bond movies are bad but the abstract opening segments in the old one… @FucktardIdiot @tonegatherion The cringe compilation is the hell you go to in the afterlife tbh @Papapishu @NickMillerMusic Get his asssHype moves