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@divinitydust Thanks!Soon 🦆 me an IV of just Pete Rock beats forever and ever
.@BustaRhymes served us some @PeteRock @NottzRaw @HiTek @QtipTheAbstract @REALDJPREMIER @terracemartin Dilla…
Retweeted by Kibbutzy CollinsYou asked for it is: the video for CLOROX WIPE, out now! A funky allegory about life in a two-dimensional…
Retweeted by Kibbutzy CollinsBusta really came with some fire @Naimaism The song is so good!!Surf EQ 🏄🏼‍♂️
Retweeted by Kibbutzy Collinsthrow it back with some FOOLCAST sets on @mixcloud from Dave Nada @hermanitolabel @eliesco @ryanhemsworth + man…
Retweeted by Kibbutzy CollinsMesmerize is available now at all your favorite harmonic jukeboxes. Artwork by @Guessnyc1. Can you spot @atrak and…
Retweeted by Kibbutzy CollinsBy the way, crazy story: this @brosmacklovitch song “I Can Call You” is a cover of a 1995 R&B record by Portrait. B… got a remix from the legend @djspinna!!! New @brosmacklovitch. Spinna has been a huge influence to us both in hi… @Judnikki 😂😂 @Judnikki So does Jason Derulo 🇭🇹 @ernskiii @JubileeDJ @halsprung @DJ_Seinfeld @soulclap @jamesblake Tune
@dances @FoolsGoldRecs 🙏🏼🙏🏼THIS! 🔥 @brosmacklovitch (@atrak x @Chromeo) dropping that TMBLV Dub of ‘Let It Go’ in their latest stream. 💯…
Retweeted by Kibbutzy CollinsThis is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 yea Seduced is much better than The Vow at showing how messed up NXIUM really was but MORE IMPORTANTLY THE 10 M… on a shmear campaign. champion Keith Raniere @realmicgeronimo @Drinkchamps @noreaga @djEFN Yessir!!
New @DuckSauceNYC chart for @beatport. Also, a couple DJs were asking about Mesmerize being on Beatport, it’s the… @TheRealFafi @FoolsGoldRecs @brosmacklovitch @Chromeo @djspinna ❤️❤️❤️Duck Sauce has finally laid its eggs in @Bandcamp. DJs, this is also where you can get the Extended edits of our hy…
Retweeted by Kibbutzy CollinsI should’ve use the “can’t reply to this tweet” option 🤦🏼‍♂️ @djtara @CosmoBaker @kutcorners Amazing @N_C_B 👀 @SpydaTEK I’m gonna believe Steve Stoute & Trackmasters on this one. I can see why Nas wouldn’t want to flaunt this publicly lol. @deejaylightsoff 😂😂 @kenlightofsaint Steve Stoute confirmed it! @MANOLOWASHERE That’s rightShout out to my jiggly typo.New @brosmacklovitch DJ set up on YouTube & SoundCloud now! Strictly soulful vibes. wrote Will Smith’s Get jiggly with itWhoa, Trackmasters produced Kool G Rap Ill Street Blues, i did not know that. @DJDRAMA “Fuck a player fame” ... “How you let these cats shit on your residence” ... “You just a BOY you not BAD e… knew Royal Flush was going at Biggie on “worldwide”Happy birthday Bootsy! are so pretty
@ProximityM Hahah I’m gonna need to learn to make more than 1 thing! @djmk Flan time for your mindWatching this @Drinkchamps episode with @realmicgeronimo makes me SO HAPPY. Thank you @noreaga @djEFN again and again. @timmhotep @ChrisCrackNDC Hahaha. You know me, Flan Petty. @fwmj Say word @fwmj BRO. @KingThelonious My man!! 🍮❤️Proof.
Very important message ⬇️⬇️ Watch & Listen: @fwmj @naima @OhNellyV I think it’s time. @naima @OhNellyV I haven’t gone on CH in a few weeks and every couple days I see a tweet like this that makes me co… flan.
Mark Sargent says the Earth is flat. If that’s the case when was it built? And to use his expression, are we “the f…
Retweeted by Kibbutzy CollinsLA peeps, is there a shelter where I can drop off some clothes to donate? Preferably in Hollywood. @lowdownmusik Try it! @kenlightofsaint Yup!!Thank you Borat @jaxdellosso Carbi-nated BKeith Raniere Lacoste polo @wolfganggartner Hahah let’s get it @MzStarrBurst @fwmj Literally just copy on one and paste on the other. Steve Jobs handles the rest. @musegold I got you on the invite! But I haven’t opened the app in weeks 😬 @themjeans WowCH the yenta appWhy do I get SO MUCH JOY from doing the icloud copy-paste thing where I can copy something on my phone and paste it… @wolfganggartner Dope yeah! @wolfganggartner Have you tried Serato Sample?
Everyone killed it on here. these fine 7” vinyl records and t-shirts is proven to improve your appearance and charisma by 33 1/3 %!…
Retweeted by Kibbutzy Collins @JubileeDJ @eprombeats Indeed!!
Waddle over and grab some of our limited edition merch
Retweeted by Kibbutzy Collins @generalisation Hahaha thanksThe new @DuckSauceNYC is the best music video I’ve seen in a good 10 years, easy. If you want cheering up, press p…
Retweeted by Kibbutzy Collins @trevorjofficial Thanks!!!!! @JubileeDJ 😂😂😂 @_hersch No I stopped in 2008💻 Whoa Mama - Tonight We Have A Very Special Guest On DJ Wonder LIVE™ - @atrak !!! We Don’t Have The Budget To Meet…
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@JSYK 😫 @DJGEE Bong bong 🙏🏼Wait I figured it out.We have @Thando1988 on our @Twitch Channel to celebrate his latest single “Questions” Feat. @MICHAELNiiON - TUNE IN…
Retweeted by Kibbutzy Collins @N_C_B @DuckSauceNYC Thank you!!! Means a lot coming from you.How come I can’t retweet anymore? @CosmoBaker @BradFarberman Oh yes!🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Sargent believes the Earth is flat. So we asked him some questions. For over an hour. Spoiler alert: I don’t b… Sugar Hill (1993), this movie is great because the music is great. @therealjuicyj Where can I get that hoodie tho? 👀 @Jupatt14 This album was everything for me!!!! @FoolsGoldRecs @DuckSauceNYC ⬆️ Art by RIME @JERSEYJOEISM on the first one (it’s an actual painting hanging at my c…
@VeryBobby @DuckSauceNYC Find out tomorrow.*Goose!Who’s ready for a @DuckSauceNYC conversation with Mark Sargent, the guy from Flat Earth Clues and that documentary… @Flipout @Armandvan @DuckSauceNYC Hahaha 🦆 @crocken @HudMo Lol no all 3 are pics of a young Steve Winwood.Just realized Steve Winwood looks like a cross between @HudMo & SebastiAn.'s better than a new @DuckSauceNYC picture disc? Two @DuckSauceNYC picture discs!
Retweeted by Kibbutzy CollinsThe sequel to 'Enter the Void' nobody asked for lol. 😂
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