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@VNSSAofficial Hahah. You? @VNSSAofficial I got a tie between Big Love and Over My Head.I love seeing how excited 50 Cent is to get a birthday shoutout video from KRS One on his IG. I don’t know why this makes me so happy. @RyBlackinton HahahaThis might seem obvious but I like to think about contrasts when I’m producing. If there’s elements that are wet I… low end
@Judnikki CONGRATS mon amie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you deserve this + more.I’ve got a tie between Big Love and Over My Head and somehow i wanna throw That’s All For Everyone in there.... whi… time for change is now. @suziAnalog @baseck @shiro7 @undergroundres
Retweeted by Knowledge Of SelfieYou can tell a lot about someone by their favorite Fleetwood Mac song. @kush_jones_ Yup, there’s a lot of biases in that field. @kush_jones_ Man... Ahmad Jamal is so dope too. @DJThistle01 MLK’s history was whitewashed. I recommend reading this for clarity: Revolut… @DJThistle01 One doesn’t preclude the other. Not all riots need to be methodical. I think people are allowed to j… @killthenoise I really hope that more people are starting to see that. @KINGS0L0M0N I’m here for all G Dep conversations. @DJThistle01 Ahhh referring to riots. I’m 1000% pro riots. The injustices are too deep to compare them to material… @CosmoBaker I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at that sentence 😂 but it’s great. @DJThistle01 That’s dope. But who said anything about “burning down your own community”? Honestly, as a Canadian w… @CosmoBaker They’re spazzing out. I think their brains are short-circuiting.... because of the problem I’m describing. @DJThistle01 You’re trying to turn this into a name-calling thing. How to define Marxism in 2020 is very subjective… + nicky @vincenttheowl @FoolsGoldRecs
Retweeted by Knowledge Of SelfieAnother massive crisis: the neoliberal idea that the ECONOMY will fix any problem, including a pandemic. I’m sorry… really wonder if a lot of the foundational ideals from the 1700s still apply to the 21st century. For reasons as… IS a level of freedom in the US that is still the reason why so many people continue to move here and follow…’s this myth that America is a place founded by people who escaped persecution elsewhere and in so doing, they…’s such a brattiness to the whole “you can’t tell me what to do” shtick. And it shows a total absence of empat… free doesn’t remove civic duty. Being free doesn’t mean you can hurt others. Being free mainly means the ABSE… think we’re seeing an ideological crisis in the US because of a massive misunderstanding of FREEDOM. Too many Ame… the movie: Karens On The Verge Of A Mental Breakdown @Flipout You know you can access your Instagram DMs from a computer now? @djmk At this point they’re all ok. You definitely don’t need the old USB ports. You can just get USB-C to USB-B c…🚲🚲 highlight of the weekend 🚲🚲 @overdramatique I’m on it! @overdramatique How do bears do the whole hibernation thing? 🤔“The dishwasher” To the tune of The Witchdokta. @dances 🙋🏼‍♂️We need you to say this to a couple people juicy you take a pic with a Leica.... and you don’t hashtag Leica.... was it even a Leica?
This took a lot out of me to come forth to do for my own safety and stability. I am in a toxic (abusive) living env…
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfiewhoa
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @PatLokMusic @Ableton I don’t know! Dunno if there’s a definitive answer on why each DAW sounds different. But yea,… @PatLokMusic @Ableton Yea. I don’t think that’s why ppl say the drums don’t smack, but yeah that’s definitely a thi… you just gotta watch Lenny & John Paul Jones killing it.... @treasurefingers Holy shitJus tapped into a new dimension of chopping breaks 😳
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You heard about that @rfblockfest happening INSIDE MINECRAFT next week? It’s a trip, they built us a blimp for the… @sloanesayz All good. I move around. Btw I didn’t say it was bad! Chipotle isn’t bad. It’s levels. @sloanesayz I’m.... in LA. The thought of sugarfish in NY is very weird. @JoshuaKissi Yup!! @ChildishMajor 😂😂 @rejaniced Hahah yup exactly. You know what you’re getting. @fwmj @munnygrip Yeah i was eating sugarfish as i typed that lol. I don’t dislike chipotle either. They’re reliably “ok”.Sugarfish is the Chipotle of sushiNow Streaming ⚡️
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @JeanGreasy 💀 @laurenflax For real
NEW @fullcrate @IanIsiah @FourTet @blackfortune and more on Fool’s Gold a Weekly
Retweeted by Knowledge Of SelfieI May Destroy You is sooo goodMisogyny in entertainment, boardrooms, the WH, households, corporate spaces, army, church, let’s us all know ya’ll…
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @thomas_lennon @edbangerrecords Wow! Omg yes please. I’ll DM you. @Judnikki Love you. @JubileeDJ @topshelftyson CEL-RAY @JohnnyQuest785 Sure yeah, it’s interestingA tweet for engineer nerds like me: lots of wideners on the samples on Pop Smoke’s album.OUT NOW!! THIS IS ICONIC AND ESSENTIAL FOR THE TRAP GAME!
Retweeted by Knowledge Of SelfieOk I actually released too much music today 😳 Thanks for the continued support on Bandcamp Friday, you all are lite…
Retweeted by Knowledge Of SelfieTell somebody about Chris Crack today 🌲🍦
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @bbymutha 😂😂😂😂🔥 eXquire X Madlib 🔥 I wrote this song on an empty A train at 3AM. I cried the entire time, the more I wrote the mo…
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @sylvaintron 🤫😂🎧 Pop SmokeCops attack peaceful protestors at Broadway and Pine. 5:30pm July 2nd. Dive tackled the kid next to me, put a knee…
Retweeted by Knowledge Of SelfieLe masque.🎶 Nice Live 🎶 @catchdini joins @rickyreed TONIGHT at 8:30 PM (PST)
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@somanyshrimp Medicine (I want to spell it medecine bc French)HERO remixes from @asemanual + Hank Korsan on @AudiusProject for free DL
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @ItsBennyBlanco Monobrow timestretch 😍Out now! My new @Splice pack Heart Beats Vol. 2 Cop it 👇👇👇
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @JeanGreasy I would like this to mean: imagine the very existence of dragons. I would also like them to stop releasing music. @PatLokMusic Crazy @ashweemf Good to know 🙏🏼🙏🏼...and the first clinic I called was “out of nasal swabs”. Right now is when the tests should be the MOST readily available.It’s way too tough to get Covid tested in LA right now esp considering the current spike. Last month i got tested t… @JustBlaze @dabnisbrickey_ @fwmj I’m sorry those are oogly. 🥵🏃🏼‍♂️ @JeanGreasy Sigh-tranceWait is this why I’ve been feeling absolutely insane out of my mind the last 2 days? I’m an Aries. Yesterday was co… @JustBlaze @fwmj Alright I trust you. 🧐 @JustBlaze @fwmj Cmon Just!!! 🤨FG bars + @stance socks = swank ankles 👣
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @DanniDeluxe Enhanced CD!!!!Don’t mind me I’m just watching Cella Dwellas videos. @timmhotep Absolutely perfect song. Pos’ verse.... man. @_alexamaro Same here!!! @CosmoBaker 😂😂 transcendant @Mike2600 Loll that pic is from a folder from that tour @CosmoBaker When this is all over let’s go back to Saskatoon. I’ll bring back the ice pick sideburns. without comment. @rukes It’s like a pluot!🤯