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When Larry said “we’ve come to that juncture in the evening....” 😂I just realized Spirit Air and Sprint are basically the same company.
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @djFreshNess @shure Nice!Vampire Weekend accepts Alternative Album of the Year Grammy
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This is the only thing that could possibly put a smile on my face today. Thanks @guapdad4000
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @AnnieMac Hahah there is hope!Kobe at Rucker Park. Harlem, NY (2002)
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @rejaniced @mbootyspoon @jacquesgreene @JubileeDJ You got the right kind, too. That’s literally down the street fro… shit I hope this Kobe shit isn’t real......Weird thing with twitter is when I look at my mentions and people are replying to something I said yesterday, my br… @RAMBOHUSTLE This guy pulls out my real name, nice. Can you tell me how a BEAT can rap, Captain Hip Hop? Please e… @ghostly Twitter jail ain’t so bad @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @OANN @CNN What about Daffy Duck? @hassanrahim This is great!!Dead Prez / Hip Hop (1999) ↘ ANTHEM. @DeadPrezRBG @GetOnDownTweets
Retweeted by Knowledge Of SelfieDo kids still play with marbles? Marbles are cool. @Naimaism Yes lol. Let’s lock in 😂😂 @CosmoBaker Whew! 🤘🏼😝 @Naimaism Wait do we have like exactly the same chart? 😂Was talking about @RaphaelSaadiq the other day.... My brother and I had the pleasure of remixing “So Ready” for the…
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @CosmoBaker I would say the other way around! I looooove Gimme Some More. It has real weirdness, it’s swaggy.So now even Global Entry is just a photo with facial recognition??? They don’t even ask us or let us know this is happening? @DJBlackFrames @justinmartin @WalkerAndRoyce Dom dolla san frandisco @WalkerAndRoyce remix. With the booboopbeeboop’s. @TravDave Lololol it be like that sometimesYou can’t say Magneto without Neat-o. @TheLordLeopard Lmao. Good one.... @dances Who u talking about @DJBlackFrames @justinmartin @WalkerAndRoyce MYSTERY SOLVEDDDDD 😄 @neilfavila THAT is actually the only reply that I think is valid 😂😂🤘🏼 @DjNocturnal Ooooh, just when you start liking him again! What a shame. 💩💩💩💩 People r weird. @fakeshoredrive @somanyshrimp Yeah ALL the vocals are incredible. It hides the un-funkiness of the beat lol.
@SheckyGreen Yeah and that’s exactly what the beat sounded like: Dre trying to make a Timbo beat. I once had a Na… @Chuckisdope Hahahaha @ukmele Hahah there he isToday’s hot take: Forgot About Dre was a wack beat. No sauce, no bounce, way too clean and precise. 🤷🏼‍♂️ @jeffstaple That part.Of course a duck meme went viral a week before the new @DuckSauceNYC single drops. 👁☯️Everyone wish ⁦@catchdini⁩ a happy birthday!! on truckin! FG caps in classic colors 🚚
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @gwoodm8 Word @NYCREEF @timmhotep I need to dig that one up. Whatup Reef! ✊🏼 @DJBlackFrames @justinmartin Yes. I also sang/beatboxed it to @WalkerAndRoyce last night. Still can’t find it 😂 @king_wuzilliam 💀A lot of people misunderstand the word FREEDOM. Freedom doesn’t mean that you get to do whatever you want. Freedom… is nothing more important than society & community. As capitalism goes too far it puts the end goal on corp… keep coming back to this thought: Human beings need to be checked. Humans need to live in society, they/we are… @timmhotep Wow 💀 @CosmoBaker Mendelbaum @justinmartin You didn’t play it! 😝 But I loved the set. @jazzbeezy Whoaaaaa @rukes Damn you’re right2 wild and crazy guys! @im_cl8n This reply is what I call “being a twitter guy”The fun thing with djing is you just get better with time because the more music you know the better selector you are.Me: What’s that song that goes “boop, booboop, booboobeeboop”? @justinmartin: 😐😐... I think I know which one. I’ll… YOU sign a shark head today? from DR. ⁦@FOURCOLORZACK⁩ ⁦@CRAZEARONI⁩ ⁦@weare2cents⁩ ⁦@DJSammyNeedlz⁩ #matsu ⁦@HOLY_SHIP⁩
@saintdaniella Yeah sounds like a hunk, tbhYour mcm was a showrunner for Dr Quinn Medicine Woman @Dpopular86 So goodLast night @ukmele saw me speaking to someone and said it was like seeing my twitter come to life @DanteRoss It’s an artform @DJLKP *hasWas talking about @RaphaelSaadiq the other day.... My brother and I had the pleasure of remixing “So Ready” for the… Macklovitch aka @ATrak and Dave @Chromeo remixing @RaphaelSaadiq??!! *SICK*
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🦆🦆🦆⬇️⬇️⬇️🗓🗓🗓 Fun Doing Casual Scratches... @gangstarr #OneOfTheBestYet #GangStarr R.I.P. GURU🙏🏾
Retweeted by Knowledge Of SelfieTremendo culoDucks on a Lake. familiar ⬇️⬇️
☻ ☻ ☻ OUT NOW!!! ☻ ☻ ☻
Retweeted by Knowledge Of SelfieNew @yehme2 heat!!! @djdemuir Super weirdArmand, about Paul Van Dyk: “he’ll still sell out a stadium in Moscow in 2 minutes” 💀💀💀💀 @deemehlow Hahah. The best.I’m on the Night Sky app clocking constellations at the rave @djFreshNess Ortofon Concorde @deemehlow “Put Your Butt There”Proof’m on a hammock at a rave
@DJSulliee Lmao here we go @SLSHR_ Uzi retweeted it. I actually think it’s awesome, new eyeballs. Some of them crack me up. @DJLilSus @LILUZIVERT I love itYo! @koolboblove and @StretchArmy! Love the new project! #MadDope!
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @NIGELNASTY WhoaSomeone asked me if my sunglasses were Black Flys and i was PSYCHED. @orange_romeda Have you gotten decent results from that though? I’ve tried it, it feels incomplete. And say you w… Worthy - Bullshit ⁦@CardoGotWings⁩ ⁦@kamaiyah⁩ we not playing 2020 funkin shit up till the new year on ps.
Retweeted by Knowledge Of SelfieThere’s something deeply unsettling about the fact that you can’t search on the Apple news app. @atrak @LILUZIVERT I appreciated the music & the clean room👌🏼
Retweeted by Knowledge Of Selfie @djyianni Hahahahaha @choitotheworld Damn this is more significant than Barney’s @ghostly Best one yet.When I boarded this Delta flight they didn’t scan my boarding pass, a machine just took a pic of my face. When did this start happening? @DrDance_ Yeah that’s not coming back lol.. but thanks! onward and upward.They’ve had enough, they’re fed up. 🦎🦎🦎 the @goldieawards green tee + other Goldies merch: can’t seem to learn the dance so hopefully this will do...? @LILUZIVERT