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Current art historian. Former Effective Communicator. Recent 'asset to the UNCG School of Art' (E. Perrill, 2019).

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Ok which one of you asked for #10daysofSECACI really should write a short piece on this entire project. Adding it to the list...I’ve tweeted this before but: A folder that had this wonder collapsed inside. I actually gasped at the dozens of ti… @gregorg Liking but also not liking @mjmimages Hope you’re at least playing as Blanka
@KevinLFerguson I can’t find a good photo of it but know that I’m replying with Kaari Upson, MMDP (2014-present)Do historians on average leave larger archives than other academics? Or do they learn from experience and burn their letters?
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @AtrophicP The journal is discussing this in earnest, @atrophicP!--and not just about this forum. The guest editors…
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @JSRouthier Super! Thanks for responsibly navigating this. Looking forward to seeing what the journal looks in the…
@AHAAamericanart Glad to hear it! Looking forward to the whole forum @MarySavvy Someday...‘How might unexamined assumptions at the heart of our work in the academy and museum inadvertently perpetuate biase… month later, this forum title still feels... problematic? Against purpose? Reinforcing the fact that how we car… note from @edrabinski resonates with me deeply.
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @matthewharrison Good Sunday morning tweeting here @S_Insley_H Wow WOW
@cedarshims @cedarshims Adding to the entropy? Adding entropy? Stop kicking dirt! @cedarshims Stop adding to the entropy! @veilleuxwho (yet) feels both ominous and not ominous enough @veilleuxwho Does this count as content for the alt or...?So, before his assassination sparked WWI, Archduke Franz Ferdinand posed like a mummy during a trip to Cairo. Extre…
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @Powhida (I’m not rooting for this! And I hope that I’m wrong! But parroting the same dumb language of some promoti… @Powhida I’ve now heard anecdotes of two studio associate professors in different state uni art schools who CONFIDE… @matthewharrison I’m sorry about the rage dreams you had about this @julietsperling I can’t believe you didn’t reenact the Gorgoni photos of Smithson and Serra! Go back!
Compare it, say, with another of my favorites, Sharon Hayes' work for Monument Lab, the 2017 installation "If They…
Retweeted by Atrophic ParenchymaMeredith Bergmann's Boston Women's Memorial (which I finally got to see this winter before quarantine!) is one of m…
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @TheTattooedProf [jlo_meryl_oscars_pointing.gif] @shannonmattern Ughhhh (I’ve given up on any prospects for myself but will keep my fingers crossed things continue… @shannonmattern I feel this is becoming my new comment to everyone/everything this year but it continues to be rele…
Imagine employment. Just... imagine.After tweeting those again I remembered that it would be cool, and really hear me out here, to have a full-time job of any kind. @mlobelart @ArchivesAmerArt Surprising no one, I’ve done everything wrong...And while I'm at it, I guess I'll also include this piece in Art Journal, also from earlier this year though self-promotion is the worst, retweeting this piece in @ArchivesAmerArt Journal from earlier this year f… @mjmimages As I kept reading I was moderately concerned I would encounter the word ‘mime’ before I got to the end.Frank Bowling, Suncrush, 1976 @mfaboston.
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @Exhaust_Fumes Fuck. To all of this: fuck.
@julietsperling You better be nowhere near that interview hall ever again! And yes. @julietsperling Counterargument: this is A LOT of hat
Retweeted by Atrophic ParenchymaToday's "I totally forgot I had this" find: Maciunas's Birth of Fluxus
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma‘We’re in a deeply stupid time’ - @Sirsargent @mikers86 Bullet point number four is... telling. because that’s... not a fellowship.’s... not a fellowship.’s... not a fellowship. @cedarshims @InTermsOf__ Future so bright (as the sun explodes) @InTermsOf__ At the end of the world, there will be cockroaches, Cher, and the CAA interview hallToo much for the #CAA2021 interview hall? Not enough for the #CAA2021 interview hall?
Several New England towns are reconsidering whether and how to display statues of Hannah Duston. She was captured i…
Retweeted by Atrophic ParenchymaWish I could write as voluminously as I research
Retweeted by Atrophic ParenchymaI created a student survey on SurveyMonkey for my fall course planning. Sharing in case it's of use to anyone else!…
Retweeted by Atrophic ParenchymaHow come exhibitions are allowed to be terrible but *I* have to come up with coherent and incisive sentences about them
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @StreetsDept I keep getting stuck in a loop of Philly cat guys. Taking this as proof that the algorithm hates me.
You might ask, 'But @AtrophicP, what the heck are you doing reading about an early 1960s southwestern Florida mosqu… Eric Jarvis, "A Plague in Paradise: Public Health and Public Relations During the 1962 Encephalitis Epidemi… 1962, elderly residents of St. Petersburg, Florida wouldn't stop feeding birds even though dozens of them were c… a review copy, but flipping a cover to find another book bound inside is unlike any other feeling
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @drewmckevitt Could this my new ‘next project’ (since none of the big places wanted to fund my old ‘next project’)?… @drewmckevitt To the plague archives! @drewmckevitt Although I guess there’s a history of um creative analysis of the written word world in that scholarship @drewmckevitt Excited for/troubled by the peer reviews of the gun book @drewmckevitt ‘Pictured on our vintage photo mask, a family in Dublin, California took this entirely to heart and a…’ve truly lost the ability to discern what’s bleak from what’s whimsical (I think this is just bleak...)
While artist Jean Dubuffet, born #OnThisDay, is known for a large & diverse body of work, I can't help but think of…
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @pmckelveyphd Artificial Hells indeedAs restaurants and cities scramble to figure out how they can create space for folks to be able to eat outdoors, I…
Retweeted by Atrophic ParenchymaThe Secret Olive Garden Mary Lennox, a sickly girl from the city, moves in to her wealthy uncle’s suburban McMansi…
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If I wasn’t so attached to that Nivola demon horse, I’d replace my twitter avi with one of these @drewmckevitt The fact that it’s a completely non-arbitrary round number really helps to make that 2% an easy calculationThe 1980s were hard on everyone. @matthewdlincoln This was not a criticism! It is a 2020 metaphor for US ALL! @matthewdlincoln The sympathetic rage at this we publish our final essay in this first series of Tuesday Texts. Chicago-based art historian and curator…
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@Swagato Oh NONE of this is surprisingTo be clear: this is nothing against those grads! Good for them! Everyone should get a job offer! This is about the… nightmarish as this situation is on its face, all I’m taking away is that hiring committees seem to be extending…[context still redacted but] yes, excellent performing of allyship by *rereads Facebook post* centering yourself[context redacted but] yes, a tenured midwestern white woman, the true victim of ‘racialized injustice’ @S_Insley_H @pmckelveyphd Check the back! @pmckelveyphd The evolving signature is going to be a MESS for whoever eventually puts together the catalogue raiso… @matthewharrison @Exhaust_Fumes Hey @drewmckevitt here’s a new contender for the book title @matthewharrison @Exhaust_Fumes Working on fitting this into the MM model and... nothing. @matthewharrison @Exhaust_Fumes There’s an essay here somewhere @Exhaust_Fumes Hmmmm Adding to the rewatch list I guess @Exhaust_Fumes I am convinced this movie is exactly this one scene long. I have no memory of anything else that tak… turn!
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @jaxwendy Always appreciate your service on these matters @jaxwendy It’s so crazy. IT’S SO CRAZY.As statues come down what values need to be established & abolished to rectify a history of monumental neglect & ho…
Retweeted by Atrophic ParenchymaPerson. Man. Woman. Chabas. Dolly.
Tuesday mood (similar to Monday mood and definitely still a forever mood) courtesy again of Louise Nevelson [in 'Li…
Retweeted by Atrophic Parenchyma @julietsperling Only 149 shopping days until Christmas!Also v excited to receive this as a Christmas gift from my sister and her short husband!Maybe not all museums should reopen
@pmckelveyphd !!! On it! @pmckelveyphd All the pedagogy awards @pmckelveyphd Which week are you teaching Life is Not a Fairytale?