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SUSAN RICE: "We have a president who is doing our arch adversary's bidding, it would seem, and he's surrounded by s… BASH: You criticized Obama for 'failed leadership' when 2 people in the US died from Ebola. Nearly 130,000 are… who’s almost too big for her newborn clothes?"I'm not going to get into who is right and who is wrong" -- FDA Director Stephen Hahn refuses to acknowledge that… @MattMcNeilShow what is the source? i tried to track it down yesterday and couldn'tThe ppl he’s talking about didn’t give their life for me. They gave their life to keep me enslaved.
Retweeted by Aaron RuparGov. Noem attended last night's celebration at Mt. Rushmore. She also personally greeted the president and first la…
Retweeted by Aaron RuparEverything you need to know about him is in the way he tries to pretend he meant to say sounds that aren’t words.
Retweeted by Aaron Rupar
There’s no Hitler statue at Auschwitz for a reason’s Kim Guilfoyle speaking at an indoor event in South Dakota, no masks in sight, that was also attended by Kris…
Retweeted by Aaron Rupar"swipping" "We Didn't Start the Fire" cover of all time is out here straight up delivering a campaign speech during what is supposed to be a non-campaign event accuses the media of slander by (accurately) describing him as racist is really committed to his talking point that the US only has so many coronavirus cases because of testing, i… actually applaud after Trump mentions that "we got hit by the virus that came from China" Not a single soul: Trump:'s July 4 message to the nation: "We are now in the process of defeating the radical left, the Marxists, the a… US’s conronavirus test positivity rate of 7.2% is higher than all European countries with the exceptions of Swe… has no idea what words like fascism and totalitarianism mean. To those who wrote this speech & those senior W…
Retweeted by Aaron RuparYikes would really own the libs if it wasn't for the fact that Trump loves Putin, Kim Jong Un, Erdogan, Bolsonaro, M… a random word generator write this? is amplifying baseless conspiracy theories from QAnon accounts is EXACTLY why you wear masks. Because you may not know you have it. And you don’t want to make others sick. S…
Retweeted by Aaron RuparVery cool that the President used a taxpayer funded event for a national holiday to attack a huge portion of Americ…
Retweeted by Aaron RuparShe passed that spit mic right to Jr.
Retweeted by Aaron RuparAlways staggering to think that the role of the president—"the most powerful office in the world" etc—is now just t…
Retweeted by Aaron RuparThis whole thread of Trump's us-vs-them "celebration" speech is great/chilling. Here's a favorite piece. And I no…
Retweeted by Aaron Rupar @loisromano Thanks ❤️So, in a modern and developed country, everyone in that room would be traced, asked to quarantine, and tested today…
Retweeted by Aaron Rupar @ProfessorKraz TrueHere’s Kim Guilfoyle speaking at an indoor event in South Dakota, no masks in sight, that was also attended by Kris…‘Floundering ideals’ would have been more adequate. See this thread on the dangerous speech President Trump gave on…
Retweeted by Aaron RuparUsing history not to unite us but divide us. Joseph McCarthy with a better backdrop and worse prose.
Retweeted by Aaron RuparTrump mangles the word "totalitarianism"
Retweeted by Aaron Rupargood lord he sounds like someone’s dad reading the instruction manual for changing the wifi network name out loud
Retweeted by Aaron RuparFoulnding?????!!!!!
Retweeted by Aaron Rupar @mcbyrne he stumbled his way through a sleepy, hour-long speech about monuments and completely overlooked the real… is impossible to mobilize the full force of the federal government toward a problem that the President's arrogan…
Retweeted by Aaron Ruparthis little bit of propaganda was paid for with your tax dollars
Retweeted by Aaron RuparYou can’t make this stuff up is she thinking?, I believe, was the only time Trump so much as alluded to the coronavirus during his Rushmore speech's sleepy 3rd of July Rushmore paean to inanimate objects ends with him desecrating one of the greatest rock n… man is *obsessed* with statues. Nobody cares about American/Confederate statutes more than Donald J Trump is now just naming random famous Americans the second time in this speech, Trump shouts out someone named "Ulyssesius S Grant" botches the word "founding" is very stiff tonight. If people traveled to South Dakota expecting to get the Trump rally experience, it isn… high-risk reading here from Trump is out here reading Thomas Jefferson's Wikipedia page in a monotone short-circuits when he tries to say "Jefferson" is very low energy tonight and his audience is sitting in silence"Ulyssesius S Grant" is still out here talking about monuments. With the economy in shambles and a pandemic ravaging the country,… offers some remarkably overheated rhetoric: "There is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance… mangles the word "totalitarianism" somnambulant Trump tries to frame the threat against monuments as the biggest danger America faces right now is having a hard time speaking tonight'm still not sure Trump knows what a virus does @GoldenCalebT @ClintSmithIII sameNoem introduces Trump by claiming he "spends himself in a worthy cause" and places "the American Constitution befor… now we know Donald Trump, Jr., and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, aren’t in attendance because Guilfoyle t…
Retweeted by Aaron RuparSouth Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem mentions that "we have been witnessing a very troubling situation unfold" in America…"Despite the fact that you may see pictures where they may not be wearing masks or being 6 feet apart, people are t… lighting alert
Retweeted by Aaron Rupar
Retweeted by Aaron Rupar @EricColumbus a television personality from a bygone era who's from South Dakota I've gatheredTrump mimics fishing a mask to be seen Yoda a pandemic, the site of Trump’s Rushmore speech is packed well before it’s supposed to begin
@chrissieroyal Hasn’t been too bad. She sleeps well usually from about 3-7 am, so we at least have that block. Most… @abracadabra150 About 12 hours I’m guessing, but a little hard to quantify because each day is different and she takes a lot of short napsHoliday weekend vibes @DevinCow 😂Thanks to @WubbaNub for sending little Mia a new binky. In additional to mommy and daddy, her best friends now incl… @darth @dceiver @UniWatchAn 11-year-old just died from Covid in Florida is false. The US test positivity rate has been steadily increasing for weeks, which indicates that cases are r… @rjallain The whole book is like that. I think in part it’s an effort to convey what Trump’s thinking is likeThis passage from Bolton’s book is totally bonkers @darth may not believe in science, but science sure believes in you.
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The governor of Minnesota deployed the National Guard to Minneapolis, not Trump just mistakenly tagged a random account that hasn’t tweeted in more than 8 years takes some chuzpah to mismanage a pandemic that forces people to lock themselves away in their homes for months… bonkers
Retweeted by Aaron RuparThis is surreal. Basically claiming the doctors are killing us, while the president is trying to save us. Gotcha.
Retweeted by Aaron Rupar“Dr Fauci and Dr Birx have undermined what this president is trying to do” — @RepAndyBiggsAZ isn’t even trying to h… in April, Herman Cain criticized govt mandates and applauded Georgia's early reopening, because people w…
Retweeted by Aaron RuparWho could have seen this coming?
Retweeted by Aaron Rupar @walterolson I hope he makes a full recovery, takes note of the unfortunate irony I was alluding to, and realizes t… @walterolson ... making a factual observation?Herman Cain posted an anti-mask tweet the day before it was announced he’s been hospitalized with coronavirus ¯\_(ツ… Cain was at Trump’s rally in Tulsa not wearing a mask. He’s now been hospitalized with coronavirus.