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@Yuhuuur @Valkyrae i aint even realize my shit got 170 likes lmaooo @Yuhuuur @Valkyrae damn i thought this was gonna ratio me hard
@BrenBrenlol @OnTheFlyTwitch pass @OnTheFlyTwitch @NICKMERCS want to play together? @OnTheFlyTwitch who want menever forget when the Jets posted this on their tiktok page im a chase lyons mod, yea i get no hoes @Leo__ffs hyper x cloud 2 is actually the greatest headset in existence bro @may_wedda have had it for like 7 years i love it @may_wedda logitech g502 @larryg092 @notchaselyons yea i’m not a pathological liar like u @larryg092 @notchaselyons prob not @notchaselyons yo @larryg092 @notchaselyons quite unironic actually @notchaselyons without chase lyons @notchaselyons dinner @larryg092 @notchaselyons why are you always in my mentions, my biggest fan (physically) @notchaselyons seems like a dumb thing to say yes to @Leo__ffs hyperx cloud 2 our logitech g pro @CFC_Ant lazas golden boy lmfaooooo @notchaselyons lol this dude got wet socks @longneckedbeck and what do u want me to do with this information @Valkyrae @100Thieves u. are. so. DAMN. BEAUTIFUL. AHHHHH @Leo__ffs dude looks 40 years old @Avalanche100T this shit is crazycrazy @Freddychini @TTfue banger @Freddychini @TTfue W @longneckedbeck i didn’t mean it @longneckedbeck cool @longneckedbeck nice to where @longneckedbeck wyd @JhbTeam @BigFnDawg00 LMAOOO @awhnutss @CrypticNo lets run it @notchaselyons @veefroggy aired @katiebvg @xoxabstract @drixburger ok? @JoeyTheSuperJew u spittin @JoeyTheSuperJew why tf did it do that to the o @JoeyTheSuperJew that’s pøg @CrypticNo @awhnutss i will end you cryptic @CrypticNo @awhnutss leave her alone. @CrypticNo @awhnutss she don’t want me @CrypticNo @awhnutss id join a pyramid scheme for u @Mako damn they gettin u outta here @SamManlol @leahdb98 ? @leahdb98 Daily mood
Retweeted by rosstopher @JoeyTheSuperJew watchin some twitch hbu @leahdb98 ...leah? @dxukkaj on godstan salma @xoxabstract @drixburger @katiebvg SALMAAAAAAA GO OFFLMFAOOOO SHE DEACTIVATED @katiebvg @diamondswet999 @Froste why is your go tk way to hit on someone on twitter to tweet at them so your follo…
Retweeted by rosstopher @larryg092 @katiebvg @diamondswet999 @Froste @Stretched TALK TALK TALK @Froste @katiebvg don’t even bother with her froste it’s not worth it @Avalanche100T am i ever getting unbenched @Avalanche100T who the mastermind behind this video is @CFC_Ant @Avalanche100T @may_wedda anytime bro @may_wedda @Avalanche100T @CFC_Ant u just be tweetin shit that makes me laugh man @Avalanche100T @CFC_Ant @may_wedda @lemiwrap HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEMI @Classify LOVE YOU @JhbTeam nice @Yuhuuur LMFAOOOOO @CouRageJD @REALMizkif @100Thieves yo @Daymeeein LETS GOOOOO @Yuhuuur @Valkyrae man @Yuhuuur @Valkyrae 🙏 @Yuhuuur now its getting likes whoch means she has a higher chance of seeing it thanks babe @Yuhuuur @Valkyrae LMAOOOO @Valkyrae i thought ur name was my future wife? @CrypticNo @Avalanche100T such an underrated state
can someone please gift me a sub to classy🥺 @chaselyons this bangedBirthday comeback stream is L I V E Just chatting -> Fall Guys w/ the Mob -> marbles tourney -> drinking games…
Retweeted by rosstopher @HarryButAverage @hoodienergy maybe @Boy1drr mmmmmmmm @xanful nah @hoodienergy kk lmk @hoodienergy when @hoodienergy ok but can we play @hoodienergy iron? @hoodienergy i play with anyone whats ur rank @xanful like u more more #pwned @hoodienergy why dont u play with me @xanful like u @xanful hi @awhnutss hey @awhnutss what is @hoodienergy yo @notchaselyons crush me @notchaselyons it’s so funny @notchaselyons @leahdb98 pogi’m squirting @CFC_Ant probably @Yuhuuur @CrypticNo @dxukkaj 🔥 @realJBA W LMFAOOO @dxukkaj lmfaooo @dxukkaj it says that its not even a replacement for those