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Spencer Ackerman @attackerman BK, where Black lives matter

National security reporter for the Daily Beast. Writing a book, REIGN OF TERROR, for Viking, spring 2021.

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Did he at least address whether the bottom feeder line means eating ass is unkosher
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanI have no opinion on whether college sports can be conducted safely, but demanding that unpaid athletes accept addi…
Retweeted by Spencer Ackerman @jaydestro *Ray of Today voice* Wake! Up! And! Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiift @jaydestro 💪This kind of headline about a corrupt authoritarian’s transparently rigged re-election really doesn’t give me a gre…
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanDemocracy dies in memory holes.
This will happen to Trump during the Hawley Administration @jamesrbuk @samthielman Such a perfect artifact. @samthielman @DCComics this is a can’t-miss idea!*Jack Nicholson Joker voice* wait’ll they getta loada me @SWGoldman If it’s how it was known contemporaneously, I’d use the language and add a quick explanation so lay readers can follow along.Do you have a story to tell about how the Covid economic crisis, unemployment, and the gridlock in DC is affecting…
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanSure, but Trump has done a lot of terrible things too.
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanReally excellent work from @DraperRobert. @SteveBellovin @AdamWeinstein Don’t ruin Adam’s excellent joke with literalism of the sort that reinforces itThere is a dark irony in the fact that our Sparta-worshiping militarized security culture has no answers for a phal…
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@alex_abads I tried to get the group chat in the 8am hour to discuss that line, with its implications for anyone trying to keep kosherThe cops did this to show that they, not you, not anyone you could vote for, run New York. @jaydestro Led up garden paths and into blind alleys SAY IT BACK
My wife just explained to my daughter the concept of rent and she flipped the fuck out and asked how she’s supposed to pay. @XOofXOs As Little Richard once said of Jimi Hendrix: he made my big toe shoot up into my boot. @XOofXOs @TheFireTracker2 Other people have to subscribe to the XO’s OnlyFans. But I got it for free. @XOofXOs It remains my secret thrill. @XOofXOs You said you weren’t going to tell the internet how we metBeing in this country “illegally” is a civil violation, not a criminal offense. ICE prisons like Farmville are tu… man’s entirely preventable death is something people detained at ICA Farmville and their attorneys have been t… @XOofXOs Just 4u boo this, tweeted pre-coffee. He’s the first person known to die at ICE Farmville — currently riddled with COVI… @ericgeller If only someone’s third chapter began with the story of the role the Democrats played in creating the D… is in fact worse than that. He was hesitant and was pushed toward creating it by, among others, Joe Lieberman. every Republican will have to say Thighland forever
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanHey look @MorganJerkins’ book is here and you should buy it!
If kids have to attend school remotely this year, pay parents to stay home. During the spring I worked while acting… when corporate spokespeople say, as they do here, “our pay practices are in line with industry standards” as i… @mikeduncan LAFAYETTE: And that was just how it went with this crazy reign of terror.
Ooooof was not emotionally prepared for this thread is a clinic in how to honestly eulogize a meaningful writer. @Wigatta @mikeduncan I mean this not as an assignment and Mike has the right to end his podcast as he pleases — it’… @mikeduncan Gotta admit, I wrote this line just for you, Mike: @mikeduncan Legend has it Lafayette said that to his Austrian jailers. @a_greenberg “I had to ask what was more dangerous: Sandworm — or the metaphorical worms that had burrowed into our brains” @KELLYWEILL “I had to ask myself what was really flat: the earth? Or our expectations of it?”That’s why ended mine with “and that was just the way it went with this crazy reign of terror” @jamesrbuk YESSSSSSSSS
Prayers for Beirut. week I'll give a preview of my book, @TomoTheWorld. How did the United States decide to dominate the world? Sh…
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanI demand this become a thing
New Yorkers, this is not a drill. If it is at all possible, buy from local small businesses, even if its less conv…
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanRemember how Trump couldn’t actually “declare” Antifa terrorist organization? (Leave aside the category error aroun… @GaryLegum @rickperlstein Look, I’m trying to edit a manuscript down and Rick has transcended such constraints. I applaud and salute @rickperlstein Eleven hundred pages! You absolute kingSo honestly though what is this person supposed to do
Retweeted by Spencer Ackerman"Like these other masterly recent works, 'Wandering in Strange Lands' is in many ways a quintessentially American s…
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanSo is Paxton just not recovered from the back surgery or what’s going on here @NoahShachtman Can’t find the tweet but I was so mad at it
And to think someone on Fox sports tried to slander Aaron Judge todaySo if Trump fires Esper and whomever is performing the deputy secretary job, will this guy become acting secretary? bartender laid off 4 months ago evicted with just $10 in his wallet — and an overdrawn bank account — after he s…
Retweeted by Spencer Ackerman @thekarami @hshaban And definitely not in the other.
Retweeted by Spencer Ackerman @SWGoldman @MUGGER1955 Not exactly — so much better than that but I am definitely not saying more on this app! @SWGoldman Later at NYPress part of my duties included going to pick up @MUGGER1955’s magazines at the newsstand. I loved that.
URSHELA SON OF THE MORNING HE’S GONNA HIT IT OUT OF EARTH*licks marinara off swollen fingers* FAW STRAIGHT GAMES HE WENT DEEP NOW, FUGGEDITHow can it possibly be covid-safe to play basketball? Watching this game feels unseemly. @farrahbostic Another possible explanation is that a Portland cop infiltrated and regardless of the arrangement of… story from ⁦@shaneharris⁩. DHS appears to have either accessed a Portland protest Telegram chat or evalua…“We came out here in t-shirts, they started gassing us. We came back with respirators, they started shooting us. We…
Retweeted by Spencer Ackermanpetition to make the yankees play vintage mobb deep instrumentals at the stadium during these crowdless games
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Weirdly invested in the Fiberama family. Happy to see them thrivingMore SIGAR: “7.3 million Afghan children will face food shortages due to the pandemic.” Food-price inflation is up… story from one of the best COVID-19 reporters. Thread:, acc to SIGAR, has one of the highest rates of COVID-19 in the world. “Afghanistan lacks medical equip…’ offense was exasperation at a briefing the guards gave about Coronavirus in the Caroline detention facility… detainees, who are in the same block as the man, Carlos Rivas, say they haven’t seen Carlos since. It’s been… horrific story: Two migrants detained by ICE in Virginia say on July 13, guards dangerously knelt on another deta…
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanDepartment of Homeland Security issued internal legal guidance telling officers they would not be held liable for t…
Retweeted by Spencer Ackerman‘He’s Terrified of Losing’—Trump Goes Into Hyperdrive to Delegitimize The Election Via…
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanMike Pompeo just claimed: "I fought on the border of East Germany." There was, luckily, no fighting on the border with East Germany.
Retweeted by Spencer AckermanLaw enforcement doesn't need to work with feds to put protest leaders in unmarked vans. The NYPD's been doing it to…
Retweeted by Spencer Ackerman @mikeduncan The jihadi “we love death as you love life” slogan but for *checks notes* sportsJust one man’s opinion but how about not delaying an election or suppressing anyone’s voteI don’t think they’re ready for the rage and radicalization this will unleash
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@SWGoldman @triofrancos 😳 @triofrancos Broke up with my barber two years ago because he kept defending Assad @EoinHiggins_ I felt my soul abandon my bodyDAUGHTER: Who’s Zeus? ME: The ancient Greeks used to pray to someone— DAUGHTER: *exasperated, points to this show… @samstein You made the rules. Live by themNot a single video circulating of this incident so far shows any officers assaulted with rocks, bottles or anything… time I checked the punishment for property damage wasn't fucking kidnapping
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Retweeted by Spencer Ackerman @SWGoldman But if you wore a Conflict shirt you’re fucked
Plainclothes @NYPDnews officers just abducted a protester off the street - clear as day videos captured in this pos…
Retweeted by Spencer Ackerman @DavidAstinWalsh I saw someone on here remark that our children will be Maoists.Joe Biden just issued a statement calling for the arrest of anarchists, simply for BEING anarchists, which is very…
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