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@betseeyyy Meeeeeee!We host @Abocco [Director, @Ghanathink] and @attigs [Director of Projects, @ghanathink] to discuss the ideals of pa…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahVolunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. Sherry Anderson. What…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahEverybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have…
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah“I do believe we’re all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of networking. I do b…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahKindly register to participate in the Science Barcamp 2021 #NVDay21
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahOn this day, we encourage that we all give out a helping hand in our own way. With Volunteerism, we can achieve gre…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahJoin us today for this Pregnancy School event in #Mamfe, #Akwapim Volunteer with DMAC as we give free Health Educa…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahIt's National Volunteer Day🇬🇭 and we're celebrating @lianceCIM, one of our volunteers whose works is helping us adv…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahThe fulfilment that it brings and the joy you see on the faces of people are priceless when you volunteer to make a…
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah#NVDay21 #NVDay21 #NVDay21 #VolunteerForLife
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahIn the Volta Region, here are a few; 1. Cleanup Exercises 2. Blood Donations 3. Reading Clinics 4. Mentoring Ev…
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📣 UPDATE‼️ Please do take note of our new chat days. #ACLseries
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahTomorrow , we @lionsclubs of Ghana will walk to create awareness about childhood cancer in collaboration with PzCus… year , on the 21st September,2021 we mark #nvday21 I have donated blood /books/food/clothing, I have sup… @Barcampghana @Leooneygh @ali_renny5 @iamwolanyo @senamaseye @kofiemeritus @kobebigs @MissHorms @DonaldWardGh
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahThe Heart of Community Development is Volunteerism – How Are You Helping Others Around National Volunteer Day?…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahWhat will you be doing ? #NVDay21 @Ghanathink @Barcampghana @campusradiogha
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahLet's Volunteer. #NVDay21
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahRegister for this year's edition of #scibarcamp to engage 9 professionals across multiple disciplines on the topic…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahWhat are you doing on #NVDay21. Join @Barcampghana as we embark on different volunteering activities nationwide.…
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We’re discussing “Matters arising this week.” @OhenewaaBrown , @gopokuasare, @Adwoa_Agyemang, @MzYayraTay,…
Join us this Saturday the 18th of September at 4 pm GMT to discuss the benefits of eating nutritious meals with our…
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@TonyiSenayah Hatred is not a gift from God @EmekaOkoye @ronniebee3 Lol! Now I can only see penetration in diverse ways @EfuaIsEnuf I concur
There's always light at the end of the tunnel💡 It's day 11 of our #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessSeries.…
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I'm discussing “Ghana: Matters arising this week.” with @OhenewaaBrown, @gopokuasare, @Adwoa_Agyemang, @JMTamakloe,…
"Sometimes it was a case of needing someone to hold their hand." Lion Steve Tremaroli sprang into action following…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahDid you know that Ghana generates approximately 1.1 million tonnes of plastic waste per year and only 5% is recycle…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahIn Fact 9, "palliative" is used twice. palliative means relieving pain without dealing with the cause of the condit…
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@iamwolanyo @GOIL_Official @Abocco @benkoku Goil? I will pass @AfiaDrah Based in what i know now , men but don’t ask me what do I know
It's day three of our #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessSeries. #YellowForTheChildren #AshesiLeos #WeServe #District418
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahOn Day 4, another interesting fact is featured. "Childhood cancer is often detected too late because parents and h…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahIt's a Sunday and the 5th day of our #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessSeries. Today's fact is directed towards stakeholders…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahToday marks the 6th day of our #childhoodcancerawarenessseries. #YellowForTheChildren #AshesiLeos #WeServe
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah @AfiaDrah It’s the doggy for meIt’s Doggy Monday 😍😍😍
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah @theafrodev Do re mi fa so la ti doooWe are 1.4 million Lions with a shared story that connects us all: service. The Lions Video Center is your destinat…
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah @asemota Lol
From helping those with diseases like diabetes and cancer to providing disaster relief, Lions and Leos ease the suf…
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Lions Clubs International Foundation is mobilizing hurricane relief funds to Lions to deliver relief in Louisiana a…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahA mark of the man ❤️ @ECavaniOfficial 🤝 @Cristiano #MUFC
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahWhat does Lions Clubs International Foundation mean to you? #LCIFLions
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahStill in the Pediatric cancer awareness season. #childhoodcancerawareness #AshesiLeos #WeServe #Distrct418
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahToday marks day two of our #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessSeries. #YellowForTheChildren #AshesiLeos #WeServe #District418
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The virtual campaign where we shall post an interesting fact on Childhood Cancer for each day for the month of Sept…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahHurray!! The month of September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, is finally here. To commemorate this very import…
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Lions in Haiti prepared food kits and secured purified bottled water to deliver relief to Les Cayes, empowered by a…
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah“There is an angel in everyone’s heart that gives light, hope and peace through service.” Wu Gin How, 13, from Mala…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahWhat is your favorite community service project or event? #lionsclub #weserve
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@fosuaah_ I understand @ethelcofie Manna + water on the bare ground @Amegaxi Pipe dreams @iamwolanyo @FummieD 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 @fosuaah_ Because it’s widely spoken or ? The content can be consumed by a larger audienceBREAKING: Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy, 27, has been charged with four counts of rape and one count of…
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah @Jemmygh @EfuaIsEnuf Happy birthday 🎊 @EfuaIsEnuf
I'm discussing “Why are SHS students forced to shave their hair in Gh🇬🇭” with Maame De-Heer, Kwesi Kwarteng, Jenyfa…
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@fafapomaney Yep…they don’t want to lose out so instead of disposing off they will reduce to clearHeavenly Father, we lift up all those who are facing various illnesses. Give them the hope and courage they need…
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah @AfiaDrah Word!
@Vickyhagan_ Lol
@omithehomie @Okimma Lol….did you feel like you were going to heaven ?LCIF Matching grants can help Lions equip vision screening programs. Lions KidSight USA Foundation Project See Clea…
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah @ameyaw112 When he sees someone eating “abebe” , he will join in without an invitationThe service of Lions reaches around the planet. Serving in over 200 countries and geographic areas, our 48,000 club…
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I'm discussing “Ghana: matters arising this week!” with @OhenewaaBrown, @gopokuasare, @Adwoa_Agyemang, @MzYayraTay,…
*It's today!!!!!!!*🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳. Time:7:00PM Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 864 4563 8606 Passc… do you love about volunteering? #WeServe
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Huh? Shouldn’t Locatelli be worth more than that? This seems like a Christmas gift in August @ttaaggooee @Kwabena @MacJordaN @Fkoku @iamdBreeze Love brewed in the breezy air of Accra. If you know, you know!
@TonyiSenayah @RotaryClubAE @johndumelo1 I am a Lion publicizing a Rotary event but hey, it’s all about humanitaria… @AfiaDrah Wow! They can’t even see what is wrong here? We have a problem as a society wai. @TonyiSenayah But I don’t even get how these things do happen? What sort predatory behaviour is that. Truly sickeningIt's today! This is a move to reclaim our place. Young people are taking control of their destinies to influence th… is everything. Build momentum by being consistent. It is not just how much you get done, but how often.
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah @jabdulai Very sad#Agenda111
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@attigs Please join the Africa & Diaspora Business Talk today on Clubhouse at 12pm with Ken Sharpe, Forbes Africa's…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahPlease join the Africa & Diaspora Business Talk today on Clubhouse at 12pm with Ken Sharpe, Forbes Africa's 2021 Mo…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahI'm discussing “Ghana: Matters arising this week” with @OhenewaaBrown, @OfficialSa4a, @gopokuasare, Yao Kuwornu, CA… Drury: “New season, new VAR rules, new surprises, new newness, new everything, but same old Arsenal. Arsenal…
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah @Sammens It can pain ooo @africatechie Whoop! Whoop!I’m free!! All charges dropped! We can retire the #FreeRebecca hashtag. So immensely grateful to all of you for…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahI'm discussing “Ghana: Matters arising this week” with @OhenewaaBrown, @OfficialSa4a, @gopokuasare, Yao Kuwornu, CA…
@TonyiSenayah That’s a team who’s management are asleep
As the youngest members of Lions International, Leos embody the best qualities of our organization. They are devote…
Retweeted by Lion NehemiahAfrican leaders need to do better. #FreeRebecca @africatechie has always been a pace setter in the tech and inno…
Retweeted by Lion Nehemiah @FabrizioRomano The rest of the league is in trouble. @TonyiSenayah is FFP in the 🗑?I'm discussing “International Youth Day Celebration” with @OhenewaaBrown, @JMTamakloe, @mr_ekowo, @quabynaboateng,… @TonyiSenayah They would have gone for Messi without blinking. Imagine Jack Grealish is 100 million GBP @TonyiSenayah City is being silly with these type of spendingsPetition for the Cameroonian Government to #FreeRebecca @africatechie - Sign the Petition!