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:: FEATURE :: @MrBrunoMajor’s second album 'To Let a Good Thing Die' is an open book of love and learning, growth a…
Music You Should Know: @OXBOWtheBAND’s ‘Thin Black Duke’ breathtakingly intimate outpouring of vulnerability, emotion, and truth, @zaiavibes’s stunning ‘VERY ALONE’ EP es… REVIEW :: The Fictional ’60s Nostalgia of @LesHayBabies’ ‘Boîte aux Lettres’ INTERVIEW :: @PrincessPiaMia Talks “Princess” and Perfecting Her Passions ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION :: A Review of @LadyGaga’s #Chromatica🥰 an interview which I manage to shriek about both one direction AND evelyn waugh, truly the range is unparalleled
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: TODAY'S SONG :: @SuperKnovaMusic Blends Sorrow and Catchiness on “LSD Heartbreak” with @MaisieHPeters: Sensational Songwriting, Book Clubs, Live Shows, & Lockdown spirited, soulful groove, @AlexLleoMusic's driving new song “4:05” is the kind of fresh inspiration we need right…
:: TODAY’S SONG :: Kathleen @chewingsound Hopes Anew with “Asking for Aspens” FEATURE :: @Zaiavibes Dwells in Intimate Depths on Extraordinary 'VERY ALONE' EP [10/10] ARTIST TO WATCH :: @AlexLleoMusic Rises with Radiant & Soulful Groove “4:05”
🙏 THANK YOU @CamdenWelles for joining us today! Check out Andy’s show on our Facebook page ❤️ @HeadAndTheHeart’s Jonathan Russell speaks to us about his path of self-discovery, the band’s renewal & rejuven… for hanging & ty @AtwoodMagazine for having me love you lots 🖤
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: PREMIERE :: @JamaicanJRM’s raw, timely, and achingly intimate debut single “America” paints a powerful, poignant… tender, aching outpouring, “As Leaders Fail to Lead” introduces singer/songwriter @AustinLeeMax with sweetly stun… INTERVIEW :: Meet @ZanskiMusic, a Talented Young EDM Producer Unafraid of Tackling Tough Topics💜
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: FEATURE :: London’s @Maya_Delilah Debuts with Sweet n’ Soulful EP ‘Oh Boy’
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: PREMIERE :: @CharlotteClark_ explores the numerous facets of an emotionally impactful break up with her astoundi… PREMIERE :: Austin Max Debuts with a Tender Heartache in “As Leaders Fail to Lead” TODAY'S SONG :: @IDLESband Provide a Sonic Punch to the Face with “GROUNDS” FEATURE :: @AJIMALmusic & Guy Massey Breathe Life into Breathtaking Album 'As It Grows Dark / Light' FEATURE :: London’s @Maya_Delilah Debuts with Sweet n’ Soulful EP ‘Oh Boy’"Rising out of the darkness with a buoyant burst of effervescent light, Maya Delilah’s debut EP ‘Oh Boy’ is a sweet…
Retweeted by Atwood MagazineHad a great chat with @Cian_ducrot for @AtwoodMagazine! We talked about how he’s utilizing TikTok, his latest singl…
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: INTERVIEW :: London's @Cian_Ducrot on Storytelling & His Unconventional Musical Journey
the wonderful folk at @AtwoodMagazine are premiering disarray riiiiiight now ahead of its release tomorrow 💕💕💕🕊 rea…
Retweeted by Atwood MagazineAn empowering reflection on deconstruction as a means of progress, @GracieAndRachel’s “Ideas” is a cerebral, intima… PREMIERE :: @GarrettOwenTX’s Spirited “These Modern Times” Breathes with Stormy & Seductive Folk you so much @AtwoodMagazine for premiering "These Modern Times" a day early! You can take a listen and read t…
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine“In Moments of Disruption, Art Will Always Thrive”: A Conversation with @Levvis Watson INTERVIEW :: Self-Discovery, Renewal, and the Magic of @HeadAndTheHeart's ‘Living Mirage’ REVIEW :: @MeadowTimesTwo's “Bonzo” & “Fireworks” Make for a Spellbinding Introduction first single, "America" is out tomorrow, friday! Thanks @AtwoodMagazine
Retweeted by Atwood MagazineAn intimate, stirring journey 7 long years in the making, @DenisonWitmer’s ‘American Foursquare’ is a breathtaking,… PREMIERE :: @jamaicanJRM's Stunning Debut Single Captures Life As a Black Man in "America"'ve been absolutely rinsing @jcstewart's latest single recently so I wrote some words about it for @AtwoodMagazine
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: ARTIST TO WATCH :: UK’s @CharlotteClark_ Astonishes with Debut Single “Disarray” the Record with @RoanYellowthorn, Part 21: Finding Balance TODAY'S SONG :: @JCStewart Energetically Returns with “I Need You to Hate Me”
one of my favorite guest articles I’ve ever written. ft ⁦@noahgundersen⁩ ⁦@boniver⁩ @the1975 ⁦@Japanesehouse⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: EDITORIAL :: @LeahCapelle’s Debut ‘triptych’ & the Sacrilege of Dismissing Full Length Albums TODAY'S SONG :: @BLOXXband’s “Lie Out Loud” Raises Spirits Through Infectious Rock Energy by coming-of-age encounters with romance, independence, longing, self-discovery and more, @EgoEllaMay's… PREMIERE :: @Buddie_band's Spirited "In Aquamarine" Offers a Fierce, Dynamic Helping Hand“An empowering reflection on deconstruction as a means of progress, @GracieandRachel’s “Ideas” is a cerebral, intim…
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: PREMIERE :: @GracieAndRachel Expand & Evolve Through Compelling “Ideas” you @AtwoodMagazine ♥️♥️♥️
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine
:: FEATURE :: @DenisonWitmer's Breathtaking 'American Foursquare' Is a Soundtrack to Life Lived trio #Dehd are making 2020 their year with tracks like “Loner” and “Flood” – songs full of depth and intima… EPISODE! Today we celebrate #PrideMonth with a wild new track by @arca1000000 and @rosalia paired with a rainbo…
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine.@MiniTreesBand Dives into Her Intimate, Sun-Kissed Sophomore EP 'Slip Away' buzzing over this article from @AtwoodMagazine ⚡️ #NewMusic #MusicReview #Lyricist #BestNewMusic #AlbumReview
Retweeted by Atwood MagazineSelf-Love That Leaves a Mark: A Conversation with @IsaacDunbar ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION :: A Review of @RunJewels’ ‘RTJ4’ TODAY'S SONG :: Delicate Ruminations on Harsh Realities with @rumdotgold’s “Fix Me” PREMIERE :: NYC’s @BELLTheBand Confront Loss with Tranquil, Stirring “Family Line”
Track-by-Track: Camille Delean’s Intimate Album ‘Cold House Burning’ Warms an Isolated Soul ARTIST TO WATCH :: Chicago Trio @DEHDDnB Dwell in Stirring Depths on New Songs “Loner” & “Flood” with @MidnightKids: Two Talented Youngsters Bring the Night Sky to Life on Vibrant Debut, ‘The Lost Youth’ INTERVIEW ::: Singer/Songwriter @JeffPianki Gets Intimate & Honest About New Album ‘Remember It Now’ TRACK-BY-TRACK :: Leeds Trailblazers @KOYOband Leave Their Mark with Feverish Sophomore Album 'You Said It' fans of @BettyWho, @Halsey, @HAIMtheband, @The1975: Summer has finally arrived in @LovietMusic’s debut EP ‘Eve… are so grateful to @MitchMosk and the lovely people over at @atwoodmagazine for premiering our new single ‘Adore…
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: PREMIERE :: UK Duo @SonnyElliotInfo Deliver an Ethereal Empathic Ache in "Adore You" TODAY'S SONG :: @Lindsay_Munroe Is Finding Answers and Acceptance in the Depth of the “River”"This is a protest. It's not clean, it's not pretty. It's confrontational, but this a revolution, and no one here i…
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"This is a protest. It's not clean, it's not pretty. It's confrontational, but this a revolution, and no one here i… an abruptly cancelled tour due to COVID-19, savvy blues singer @ZZWard uses her considerable talents to find…
.@atwoodmagazine's weekly roundup 🔥 🔥 ft. @EgoEllaMay, @GordiMusic, @savannah_conley,… a chat with @AtwoodMagazine about the new normal and building community, check it out!
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: ARTIST TO WATCH :: Ontario’s @BURSmusic Debut with Depth & Vulnerability in Stirring EP ‘Through Windows’ and raw, @EgoEllaMay’s intimate debut album ‘Honey for Wounds’ paints a powerful depiction of pain and suffe… PREMIERE :: Amsterdam’s @CutUnaderscore Captivate with Catchy & Tender “Cry”🏳️‍🌈 PRIDE PLAYLIST 2020 🏳️‍🌈 A Celebration of Pride with @ShamirBailey THIS JUST IN :: “When I’m All Alone” Celebrates @thisisPHANGS in the Glory of Solitude’s @BeachTigerMusic Shines Bright on Spirited Debut Album ‘Nostalgia Hot’ ARTIST TO WATCH :: Fever Dolls’ (@BEAVERCALLS) Epic “All The Best Debts” Is a Confessional Underdog Embrace FEATURE :: @EgoEllaMay Pours Her Soul Out on Debut Album ‘Honey for Wounds’ from dream-pop and shoegaze influences, @SunbatherMusic drive on passion with their debut EP ‘Brown Bread’,…
Summer has finally arrived in a ten-minute package of sweet, uninhibited indie pop effervescence: Peep our premier… 20 of my weekly column for @AtwoodMagazine is out today! This one is about... awakening.
Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: PREMIERE :: @PartyOfTheSun Take Solace in Traditionalism with ‘Goldenwood’ EP Black Lives Matter roundup ft. @RicWilson, @yseultofficiel, @arloparks, @themind, @noname, @toradifrance,…"The greatest part of life is actually living it, and being able to have joy and grief holding your hand at the sam…
Retweeted by Atwood MagazineThe Greatest Part of life is actually living it. Thank you @AtwoodMagazine
Retweeted by Atwood Magazinebig thank you for the lovely writeup 🌞
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Retweeted by Atwood Magazine:: PREMIERE :: @AustinWard_wav Trades Tech for Music in “Big Technology” PREMIERE :: “Honest” Marks a Sultry Debut into Music for MEIYI @AtwoodMagazine premiered my debut EP TODAY!!! Get the early look rn 🤘🤍🙌
Retweeted by Atwood MagazineA feverish outpouring of perseverance & staying power, @hiiamsam_i’s passionate “Don’t Give Up” ft. @Sia,…“‘The Greatest Part’ Of Life Is Actually Living It”: A Conversation with @BeccaMancari PREMIERE :: @LovietMusic Shines with Stunning Indie Pop on Debut 'Everyone Knows the Thrill When It’s Over' EP PREMIERE :: @hiiamsam_i Embraces Life with @Sia, @BustaRhymes & @VicMensa in Inspiring "Don't Give Up" Video ft.… PREMIERE :: @fordsounds’ Latest Lush Cut “Hold On” featuring @AyelleMusic TODAY'S SONG :: Manchester's @JackCurleyMusic Navigates Heartbreak with “Down”